phillipa is a beautiful, proportionate, sophisticated, complicated, intelligent, mysterious, non-negotiable, unforgiving, cunning member of the female species.
however, phillipa is wonderful
a “good person”, with a love for drunken nudity and a very fun face!
omg did you see that girl do a total phillipa last night


aww, what a phillipa
a beautiful (inside and out), s-xy, intelligent, caring person, who all the boys would love to date!
phillipa is a beautiful person!

that phillipa is s-xy! i would totally date her!
the most beautiful girl in the whole world. kind and caring for all with a voice that so soothing i can hear it when i dream..she may seem like the serious working professional..9/5 but when she lets her hair down watch out…cuase your in for one crazy weeknd. she has an adventures fun spirit, and likes to push the boundaries. she has a love for fancy dress or should i say disguise 😉 the most amazing person i’ve met in my entire life! d-mn i gotta get that girl a plane !
wow! amazing how did we end up here! thats right, phillipa! man that girls wild

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