the phobia of being scared. if you have it, you’re literary scared of being scared… it’s like, phobiception.
you’re scared that you’ll be scared, but then you realise you’re scared of being scared, so then you’re scared and then you’re even more scared, because you just realised you’re scared of being scared and that makes you even more scared which makes you so scared that you’re very very scared which completely scares you and you’re so scared of being scared that you can’t help being scared, but you’re scared that you are scared… that’s phobophobia for you :/
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a pathological condition whereby the sufferer fears those who fear pathologically.
remembering that his friend suffered from an acute case of phobophobia, timothy abstained from mentioning that hiding in grandma’s trunk made him feel claustrophobic.
being afraid of being afraid.

this is something you can really get worked up with.
a: don’t scare him. he has phobophobia.
b: aaaah! that was scary …. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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