a s-xual act that is considered outrageously dirty such as water spots, defecation, male on male bondage, group-s-x and b-st–lity
he is into pig-s-x alway wanting to get hemself ditrty in the act of fun loving safe s-x.
a s-xual act that is considered outrageous or outside the norms of societal s-xual behaviors such as water spots, defecation, bondage, d-ld-‘s, group-s-x and b-st–lity.
do you like vanila-s-x or pig-s-x?
pig s-x is s-x without limits, making hit hard to define. it involves one or more pigs that have wild s-x that defies limits.

pig s-x is purely carnal. it has nothing to do with emotions and those partic-p-ting in pig s-x are just concerned with pushing physical limits and extending their s-xual experience to maximize physical pleasure.

pig s-x avoids rules or labels or guidelines like who is “top” or “bottom” or what you can/can’t do. all options are on the table and nothing is completely off limits in pig s-x. this is why pig s-x is often confused for s-x involving feces or urine. this is not a requirement of pig s-x though they may not necessarily deter a real pig from s-x.

pig s-x is s-x without pretense. it involves a deeper understanding that s-x is primal. carnal, and should be celebrated without reservation
john is a bear, but loves him some pig s-x.

just cause i like pig-s-x doesn’t mean i like feces.
pig s-x is a fairly common but rarely discussed fetish where the fetish object is someone who the individual finds grossly unattractive, perhaps even repulsive.

a pig s-x fetish is different from the tendency for unders-xed or hypers-xual individuals to select unattractive partners who represent the easiest opportunity to engage in s-xual intercourse. people interested in pig s-x actively fetishize and pursue s-xual experiences with others they subjectively feel are very ugly, it is the very ugliness which is the turn on for these individuals. pig s-x fetishists are often capable of having an active s-x life with people they consider more attractive and tend to indulge their fetish every now and then.

both heteros-xual and h-m-s-xual males and females are known to indulge and a p-rnographic sub-genre has a presence on the web, usually prefixed as ‘nasty’ or ‘ugly.’

the taboo nature of pig s-x is probably a combination of two factors.

1. people in friend groups tend to judge each other by the attractiveness or personality of each other’s casual or longterm partners. openly indulging in or admitting to feeling intrigued by pig s-x is likely to draw explicit and/or implicit criticism in all but the most open minded of friend groups.

2. actually admitting to a partner that you wanted to have intercourse with them because they are the target of a pig s-x fetish is unlikely to be considered as a positive affirmation by them. this is the case of course for a partner who represents an object of any kind of fetish, e.g the morbidly obese, a member of another ethnicity, people with disabilities etc. however i hope most readers with a consideration of other people’s self-esteem would see what was especially wrong with saying that “i wanted to have s-x with you in particular because i am fascinated with how repulsive i find you.”
“you what, you actually sh-gged that fat lorry driver with the ear hair!?!”

“sometimes i just want to have pig s-x.”
the act of having s-x after eating a feast at the popular gastro pub, the spotted pig.
“yo, i had the craziest pigs-x last night. i had the burger and the chicken liver and the pig ears. then i rocked out with my pig out.
1) the act of making a woman feel like a pig during s-xual intercourse. at any point whilst taking the woman from behind, the man must wrap his arm around to the woman’s face and pull her nose upwards by her nostrils using his forefinger and middle-finger. the man then has the option of either squealing like a pig or yelling the word ‘oink!’ repeatedly. or continuing in silence.

2) the act of making a woman feel like a pig at any time other than during s-xual intercourse. a man must approach any woman, at any time from behind; forcefully grasp her with his left arm so she cannot get away; with all his body weight, he must force her down so she is bent over; and then he must pull her head back towards him by her nostrils using the forefinger and middlefinger of his right hand.
yo, you see that girl i brought home last night? i had serious pig s-x with her!

oh my god, did you see me try and have pig s-x with that girl in ocean? she wasn’t having any of it!

eurgh, she is so ugly. her face is in a permenant state of pig s-x.

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