pillow fucker

a person who engages in s-xual activity with a pillow, often their own pillow, imagining it as the person they fantasize about. typical behavior of young boys with unmet s-xual desires, in their early stages of exploring the bees and the birds.
in the middle of the night
dad: whats that noise coming from juniors bedroom?
mom: its our little pillow f-cker in action!
someone who has consensual s-x with a pillow
that craig sure seems like a pillow f-cker
some one who f-cks a pillow
“i heard that james lorraine f-cked his pillow last night”
a person who has s-x with a pillow. generally these people are virgin males who can’t “score” with an actual woman. so, he must make do with his pillow.
gah…i can’t believe i’m thirty years old and still a pillow f-cker.
imagine you’re having missionary s-x with a guy and he’s not kissing you or paying any attention to you whatsoever. rather, he’s got his grunting face buried into a pillow while he uses you for a f-ck bag.
ew, i feel so cheap after having s-x with that pillow f-cker last night.
when all the service users pillows went missing there was an enquiry & it was decided….there must be a pillow f-cker amongst us. it was noticed that someone with the initial l became suspicious looking!!!
did u see the guilt on ls face? ithink she confirmed that she was the pillow f-cker as she was seen later in the supermarket with her trolley piled high with pillows…it was buy one get one free!!! an adrenalin rush to a pillow f-cker!
a person whom often seems extraordinarily h-rny all the time.
also see kyle
also you can see kyle

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