pindown nipple nibble

an erotic ‘tease’ game which can be played during intercourse or as part of general s-x play. the female partner sits astride the man, who places his arms above his head or on either side of his torso. the female partner then leans forward, gripping his wrists to restrict movement of his arms. her position places her br–sts tantalisingly close to the man’s face and chest. she then brushes her nipples across his chest and occasionally moves up to allow them to brush across his face. she can choose whether to permit him to suckle her br–sts or to move them away as he attempts to take them in his mouth in an almost instinctive reaction to their proximity.

this game is sometimes used to encourage an erection for a ‘second round’ of intercourse – the combination of the sensations in the p-n-s as it is covered by the female’s v-lv- and the sight and touch of the female’s br–sts often boosts the flow of blood to the p-n-s and allows a resumption of s-xual congress.
“you have such amazing br–sts baby, i love them.”
“you’re gonna see them close up greg – we’re gonna play pindown nipple nibble…”
“oh baby make it slow – i’m a real hungry man.”

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