to have s-xual intercourse.
i have to pine that b-tch tonight.
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to smoke or toke the marijuana!
them boys be pine’n all niiiight boi
to really really want something or somebody. see synonyms at mwagala.
i pine for a bucket of chocolate sorbet.
a slang term for marijuana used mainly in the south eastern united states along the gulf coast.
“man im sick of smokin this f-ckin dookie -ss pine, lets get some kush.”

“dam that pine had me straight loaded last night.”
the word p-n-s with vowels places switched

forest speak for w-ng

something made of wood

fur pines are long hard hairy woods
just take the i and put it where the e goes. then take the e and put it where the i goes:

one of the most unique and beautiful creation that you will ever meet. pine is a truefriend that is always there, loyal and loves to party. they can throw a decent punch too.
like the tree they can been seen all over the world and have a strong desire to see it all.
pine is also known to have an exceptionally tasty face.
“my best friend pine is one of a kind”

“pine face is so tasty”
1. a large units of marijuana, usually in reference to a large distribution of them.
he’s hustling money moving pines.

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