Pink Bubble

the female bubble that the green/blue bubble wants to be with at all times. she is sooooooo0oo0o0o0ooo0 cute.
i miss you, pink bubble!

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    items of clothing requiring sophisticated laundering techniques (e.g., hand wash, gentle cycle, cold water only, lay flat to dry, dry clean only) that tend to remain unlaundered for long periods of time and are often worn infrequently. examples: lingerie, items made from wool, silk, or linen fabric. the adjective “pink” hints at their delicate nature. […]

  • pink starburst

    turning a woman’s -ssh-l- inside out during -n-l i f-ck-d her -ss so much i gave her a pink starburst

  • pit check

    1. (verb) smelling your armpits to make sure they don’t smell bad. 2. (noun) an instance of pit checking. 1. -sniff- what’s that smell? pit checking time! 2. man, i just did a pit check, my pits stink!

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    a very uncommon last name, with an irish/scotish background. also made this so pitchke would be in the dictionary.

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