some one who is typically cute with a interesting lifestyle! also someone who is found to be quite strange within society.
have you seen my pinunu?

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    a coding website for kids. so much so that being honest gets you banned, ripping off others is allowed, the word cr-p can get you banned and so can fnaf. there are some legit great games and animations out there, but mostly attention wh-r-s and art thieves, not to mention people who get music and […]

  • sasheka

    sasheka is the name of the realist girl she tells you how shxt is, she don’t play no games always on her game, always there to listen and a shoulder to cry on, a mult-talented and a great friend and a ride and a die. a freak in the sheet and defiantly a lady in […]

  • writter

    a writer who can’t spell. i am a writter.

  • fame hungry

    kanye west kanye’s publicist knows people hate egotistical jerks. kanye is okay with it because he’s fame hungry. it’s the whole reason he has to boost his own ego to the extreme. his fame hunger has him fighting his way through life.

  • drejected

    a sense of sadness -ssociated with the feelings of being both rejected and dejected. after finding out that his friends went to the game without him, faris felt drejected

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