russian for v-g-n-, c-nt, p-ssy. can also mean -ss in expressions like dat’ pizdy and poluchit’ pizdy “to kick (someone’s) -ss”.
written ïèçäà in cyrillic (view page in windows cyriilic encoding).
in romanian it means, literally, “c-nt”. the previous explanation referring to the other possible meaning in romanian (to f-ck, that is) is erroneaous.
pizda ma-tii = your mother’s c-nt !
s-o fut pe ma-ta-n pizda = f-ck your mother’s c-nt !
also polish for the word v-g-n-, as i found out when i told my polish boyfriend i wanted a “piece of pizda” thinking i was saying pizza in a cute way…
hey frank, i want a piece of pizda!
romanian word for v-g-n-
often used in

“pizda matii!”

which means “your mothers v-g-n-” and actually is the short form for

“dute-n pizda matii!”

which means “go into your mothers v-g-n-” or simply “go back where you came from”
p-ssy or c-nt in romanian. it defines the hole female reproduction organe (v-lv-, v-g-n-, l-b–, cl-toris)
also it means the female genre, a prost-tute or a cowred man.
there are 2 types of “pizde” (pl): harry and shaved.
sa te fut in pizda
f-ck you in your p-ssy

manca-mi-ai pizda
eat my p-ssy

linge-ma in pizda
lick my p-ssy

sugi pula fa pizdo
suck my d-ck you p-ssy.

pizda paroasa.
harry p-ssy
most commonly used curse word in the mongolian language. imported from russia, you’ll hear this word everywhere in mongolia. it’s basically the mongolian equivalent of f-ck, sh-t, motherf-cker, b-st-rd, idiot. there are other variations e.g. “pisda”, “pyaz”.
pizda! – f-ck!
pizda min alna shuu! – i’ll kill you motherf-cker!
pizda gej, ter pizda namaig hulihdsan. – f-ck, that f-cker cheated me.
muu teneg pizda – you stupid idiot.
chi yasan hogiin pizda ve – you’re a f-cking b-st-rd.
in russian, belorussian, ukrainian and other slavonic languadges it means ‘c-nt’.
it sounds like /pi:z’da:/ (peezdah)
poshel ty v pizdu! (russian) = f-ck you!
ya imel yeyo v pizdu. (russian) = i f-cked her.
kl-ssnaya u neyo pizda. (russian) = she’s got a good v-g-n-.

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