Pizza Slap

when you make some frozen pizzas and don’t tell your friend about it. he/ she got pizza slapped
yo this pizza is so good! martensen got pizza slapped!
to purposefully, publicly, indiscreetly disrespect someone whose face is not worthy for hands and soul not reputable enough for a pimp slap or b-tch slap, by humiliating this repugnant enemy with the swing of a pizza slice that connects with his/her/its face.

this demoralizing act is acutely difficult due to the size of the slapping device and the proximity to the person being slapped. the specific type of slap we are considering often takes place during an argument, at a table designated for eating, and/or when someone is not paying attention to you as in a sneak attack pizza slap (less difficult to complete). it is usually performed by someone who lacks the confidence to deliver a strong punch, or by someone whose confidence oozes out their ears and executes this smack of humility to prove how skilled he/she is.

remember, to complete a pizza slap, you must hold on to the slice of pizza through the connection with the face of your enemy. should you release the slice prior to its marriage with the cheek, it would const-tute a food fight. and you know that sh-t’s just juvenile. also, beware of your opponent’s potential reaction to this action. please be warned that he/she/it may be speechless, in awe, with a bright red face (from both rage and the pizza’s ingredients), or bawling in tears. once a pizza slap is finalized, you’ll realize that it’s a great way to end argument, and would be quite ironic if you pizza slap a pizza b-tch.
if you really hate your ex-girlfriend, you should ask her to dinner and pizza slap her in front of the entire restaurant.
slapping someone usually across the face with a slice of a pizza s b-tch slap but holding the pizza. can also be done with a hamburger and then becomes a patty slap. a pizza slap is very gross and much more powerful with hot greasy pizza as it not only does it hurt from the slap it burns from the grease.
john and chris were sitting in the cafeteria when a fight broke out and john laid down the pizza slap on chris with a hot greasy slice of cafeteria pizza.
to slap someone across the face with a slice of pizza. like a b-tch slap but with pizza, preferably with hot greasy pizza.
a fight broke out in the cafeteria and both kids laid down the pizza slap on each other and suffered burns to the face.
the act of hitting back-handing a woman’s breast while she is off guard.
“pizza slap!”

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