Platinum Fag

a gay man who has never had s-x with a woman. also known as the gay male version of gold star lesbian, but even rarer (thereby platinum).
i’ve groped women, but never, you know, f-cked a girl (grimacing in disgust at the idea of s-x with a woman)…i’m a platinum f-g.

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  • Pleasure sweat

    the sticky liquid oozing from a v-g-n- while getting in the mood to get in on but far before the grand release as my fiancée fingered me, my pleasure sweat began to ooze and swelter.

  • prison turkey

    what the male -sshole is called while incarcerated; in jail, the male’s -sshole becomes the equivalent of the female v-g-n- “d-mn, tyrone. your prison turkey is feeling real d-mn good right now.” “is it thanksgiving? if so, then bend over. i’m feeling in the mood for some prison turkey.”

  • psychic-clearing

    psychic-clearing is the ability to ‘clear’ the mind of all false data so that only the information you want is in your mind. the psychic ability to rid the mind of all illusions {lies told to one’s self} and delusions {lies told you by others} so that one can think his own original thoughts. the […]

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    1:one who publically m-st-rb-t-s, then proceeds to f-ck horses. 2: an insult that will single-handedly catch off guard, and complealty shock the receiver of this insult. 1. some guy: look at that public-mastur….. oh no! no! no! no! now he’s f-cking a horse! that public-masturbating-horse-f-cker! 2. guy 1: you’re a douche-bag! guy 2: you’re a […]

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    to be successful in a sales capacity at work. derived from “punch her in the panties”, a reference to casual s-x. this version requires the person speaking it to make a fist an pump it lightly straightforward as if giving a succession of fistb-mps. marc: how did that proposal pitch go at the client. did […]

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