having a really good t-rd. the satisfaction of having a memorable bowel movement
man! that cr-p was ploptastic!

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  • Spider Juice

    occasional as of when a girl is giving a bl-wj-b, and stops to take a breath, but faces the dreaded strings of saliva/”pre–j-c-l-t–n fluid” that remain stuck between her mouth and the p-n-s she is sucking. so called because it resembles a spider web with morning dew on it. “i was enjoying being sucked off […]

  • chocolate man

    a slightly racist term to describe a black male. someone stole your bike? what did he look like? well uh, he was a chocolate man.

  • Russian Diaper

    when a woman has copius amounts of p-b-s that travel from front, down past the vag, then back up past the -ss giving the illusion that they are wearing a hairy diaper. mostly promenant with russian woman, hence the name. john: “dude, i wouldn’t go down on jane” mark: “why man, she’s smokin hot” john: […]

  • Chocolate Prodder

    a h-m-s-xual man. elton john is a right chocolate prodder.

  • Gabberjaws

    a term used for a postwh-r-. hey now, dont pull a gabberjaws on us.

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