a condition commonly found in hipsters stemming from the constant need to be “ironic” and “vintage” at the same time, “polarrhoids” is characterized by such a person purchasing a cl-ssic instant-film camera from a thrift shop for $5, and then proceeding to spend upwards of $2.00 per exposure in order to capture photographs and print them instantly. said hipster will often dismiss the poor quality of the exposures when compared with sub-$50 no-name brand digital cameras (which have an operating cost of $free.00 per exposure) as irrelevant and then cite “the experience” as their primary reasoning for using a bulky, outdated, sh-tty camera.
“it looks like stephaghn has whipped out his polaroid at a restaurant again, so i guess we can look forward to him taking pictures of his food with it, then taking pictures of the films with his phone camera, and then instagraming them. he’s got a pretty severe case of polarrhoids.”

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