[ah-meel-kah-re] /ɑˈmil kɑ rɛ/ (show ipa), 1834–86, italian composer.
historical examples

for composition he was put, shortly after his entrance, with ponchielli, the composer of la gioconda.
giacomo puccini wakeling dry

of them all ponchielli owed him most; his best opera is la gioconda.
woman’s club work and programs caroline french benton

morning after the bazaar dance when may’s band played ponchielli’s dance of the hours.
ulysses james joyce

these two, who may be linked up with reason with boto and ponchielli, present many features of resemblance.
giacomo puccini wakeling dry

he studied under ponchielli at the conservatory in his native city.
the complete opera book gustav kobb

in front of it is a statue of the composer amilcare ponchielli, who was a native of cremona.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 7, slice 6 various

at the rival house ponchielli’s la gioconda attracted a large but not a crowded audience on the opening night.
the mapleson memoirs, vol ii james h. mapleson

ponchielli’s opera overflows with melody of a rather commonplace description.
the opera r.a. streatfeild

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