poomp is used in the movie home as a way to say something/someone is a fart, t-rd or a number 3. seeing as this is a definition for boov word used in a childrens movie. i figured it only made sense to think it meant a non dirty thing. rather than the british slang meaning air released from ones -n-s.
“my name is oh and caption smek is the greatest and anyone who does not think that is a poomp1.”
the noise a mario kart makes when it lands from a jump. ^-^
-kart power slides and jumps- poomp!
1)a womans front bottom.

2)a female.
that girl has got a tight poomps.
liam is a little poomps.
where’s all the poomps
a word used by scottish people when someone ‘lets one off’. someone who poomps often, becomes a poomper.
fiona “ooh, i just did a wee poomp!”

alan “och aye, you’re a lil poomper, you are”
a wet blanket (stick in the mud).
vanessa is a poomps.
skinny matchstick – someone who eats salad at someone else’s birthday. and shares it at that!
as in ‘sadia is a poomps’

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