the view one has from between the thighs of a female human. poonscapes can be beautiful, when well maintained, much like an unspoiled moonscape, or with lack of maintenance can be quite disturbing much like finding corn under the foreskin of your uncirc-mcised p-n-s the morning after having drunken -n-l s-x.
after munching happily until samantha reached her 4th climax, charles gazed with a sense of awe and accomplishment at the poonscape he was about to conquer by planting his flag inside.
poonscape is the “1337” way of saying runescape and is often used by h4x0rs. it is often used on websites such as rscheatnet (alas no more) and rei-net. often involved with the word pwned!
did you know that the amazingly “1337” word “pwned” was created by a blizzard (the company that made warcraft iii) employee. he was designing a message that would come up when you die that said “ha ha ha owned” but he made a typo and it ended up as “ha ha ha pwned!” and since that fateful day the name has stuck.

thx do xmercherx for story

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