(n.) 1. the excrement that descends down a gay man’s b-lls (a.k.a. mudflaps) when engaging in doggy-style h-m-s-xual sodomy.
2. sh-t on one’s d-ck after engaging in -n-l s-x (a.k.a. tootsie roll).
3. the unfortunate situation produced when one’s nuclear diarrhea causes splash back that hits one’s p-n-s.
“dirty dan just p–ped on his own wiener. he’s got a p–pwiener, folks!”
(jimmy fallon from snl)

“holy sh-t dude, my boyfriend was railing me so hard he gave me a p–pwiener last night.”
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a wiener or p-n-s or dong or shlong or dingyhoogle that has fecal matter otherwise known as p–p or dookie or cacaz or sh-t or feces or baby mice on it from acts such as -n-l s-x or messy sh-tting or p–ping out of your mouth and sucking your p-n-s simultaneously. also running with your birthday suit on and falling face…p-n-s first into a hot streaming corny thronging pile of horse manure. the p–py may get all over the weiner and possibly the urethra or peehole. when p–p occurs in the peehole, it is then called “p–py-peehole.” this may result in a “p–py-peehole infection,” or “b-mb-m rash.”
this usually occurs within the jew population, since jews are too stupid and cheap to afford toilet paper, plumbing, and even a toilet. certain medications can help treat and prevent this from occurring.
“i got p–p all over my wiener and now i have a p–p wiener”, said dan after getting p–p all over his weiner.

“oh b-lls, i fell in p–p and now its on my wiener……. and my b-lls.” john said.

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