something that consist of p-rn, a feeling you have.
i feel p-rnagraphul

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  • p*rn-fugue

    the state of delirium one experiences after too much contact with p-rnography. symptoms include imagining p-rn whilst blinking, hallucinating p-rn when the mind wanders and hearing moans and/or funk in the eind. “my girlfriend was away last week as part of her work, jeez i’ve got the p-rn-fugue bad. i nearly boiled my eggs dry […]

  • p*rn pain

    the pain in the reproductive organs a p-rn addict gets when he has been cut off of his supply weather this is psychosomatic or physical is yet to be seen by modern science mostly because the said person with this pain cant talk about it because if info got out of the addicts pain it […]

  • port-a-toad

    when you lick a toad that causes hallucinations and it “teleports” you to another place and time. usually the er of a hospital or a county jail cell. i need to get somewhere in a hurry! give me the port-a-toad!

  • portugese chopsticks

    the act of simultaneously penetrating a woman’s -ssh-l- and v-g-n- at the same time with ones p-n-s and a strapon in a way so that said accessories look like chopsticks. i was trying the “portugese chopsticks” with your mother the other day when she realized there was no deli meet in the fridge. thus explaining […]

  • pot burp

    when you accidentally swallow some of the smoke from a hit, and burp it out, leaving a terrible taste in your mouth. “dude! get me a soda, i just pot burped and now my mouth tastes like sh-t!”

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