to have a w-nk with a condom on. also see poshi.
i had a poshie last night.
to m-st-rb-t- with a condom on. also known as… poshie, posh w-nk, jimmp cap special, and as dan sez…’a royal w-nk’
ere, last nite i had a poshy
a colorful haired fierce b-tch who doesn’t care about what anyone else has to say. always talking about anime or fashion. hurt feelings and crushes hearts. everyone loves her, she’s kinda cute and bubbly but don’t get on her bad side.
man that girl is a poshie
a female townie who dresses like a sl-t…
poshie: wat r u lookin’ at u f-ckin’ goff!!??
goth: a stupid wh-r- with no self-respect, so please just die.

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