stands for prove people wrong.

“not good enough. not fast enough. not smart enough. too old, too slow, just not ready.” – skeptics and doubt are everywhere you look. it doesn’t matter what other people say, it’s about what you believe. prove people wrong isn’t just a brand. it’s a way to live life. #ppw

everyone is doubting my ability, time to ppw and show everyone what i’m made of.
more commonly known as perfect pampered whiteboy syndrome.
is the typical rich whiteboy, whom has had everything on a golden platter. money is the way he got through high school, and college. through some intensive bribing. usually drove a porsche to high school, was quarterback, and had the hottest girls in school, generally tall, blonde, big breasted, 5’9″ captain cheerleader.
guy 1: “hey dude check out check out summer wheatly!”

guy 2: “don’t even bother, she likes boys with ppws.”

guy 3: “eet’s troo, she deedn’t even accept the cake i build for her.”
a picture on facebook or any other scocial networking site that is worthy of being someones profile picture- noun

profile picture worthy
omg stacy thats soooo ppw.
dude no h-m-, but that one with your shirt off is ppw.
brit u can like see the carbs she ate that is so not ppw.
portable/personal p-n-s warmer
“girls like jen are good for one thing, ppws, g-d knows we need ’em.”

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