practice wood

the male in the relationship when a female “virgin” has s-xual intercourse with a male but the female does not count it against her virginity.
a girl who had practice wood often wears a purity ring. this is used to make others believe she is still a virgin, and help her to believe it herself.

ron wanted to be rebecca’s practice wood . he proclaimed himself a christian and joined the local young republican’s group. when around her, he would say “praise jesus” whenever anything remotely good happened. after 3 days, ron became rebecca’s practice wood. ron also discovered he wasn’t her first practice wood, even though she was “still a virgin.”

when a girl is “still a virgin” because she wants to wait until she is married before having s-x, she will engage in s-xual intercourse with a male (the practice wood), but not count it and still proclaim her virginity.

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