the behavioral or physical state commonly seen in young, adolescents prior to, or during p-b-rty wherein their choice of s-xual preference begins to lean or give future tendencies toward h-m-s-xuality.
“last year i took patrick to a hockey game for his birthday and this year when picking him up for the playoffs,he shows up wearing pink skinny jeans and asked to go see cats the musical instead. what the h-ll happened? did he decide to become gay?”

“looks like he’s planning on it. he’s clearly pre-gay right now.”
partic-p-ting in gay activities before the big gay event.

a good excuse for gays to encourage their straight friends to “try” gay.

similar to “pre-game”, but with acts of gayness.
make out with that girl…. you have to pre-gay before the pride parade!!!

where are we going to pre-gay? let’s go to castro!
the time before everything turned gay.
“the 90’s were pre-gay, because that’s when you had good music and cool television shows. the 2000’s are gay, because you have the jonas queers and scene kids.”
the time before everything turned gay.
“the 90’s were pre gay. the 2000’s were gay, cause they had emo cr-p and the stupid kiddies who vote for obama.”

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