the white, frothy liquid that acc-mulates around the v-g-n- during intercourse.
i went down on this girl last night; there was so much prem, it looked like i ate a powdered doughnut.
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where is the prem in my heart?
a male who attracts many females, also knows as a stud or a g
look at that prem over there with those girls
‎’prem’ is a shortened version of the word ‘premature’ in reference to girl’s bodies which have not yet matured, due to the fact their under the age of legal consent. many late teenage males are s-xual predators, who mainly prey on underage women. therefore- the term prem-hunter was born to give these sc-mbags a t-tle. variations include ‘premtastic’ and ‘prem dé lá prém’. prime examples of ‘prem’ are miley cyrus, jamie-lynn spears & madelline mccann.
insert name here is prem dé lá prém” – she is the créme dé lá créme of underage girls
a renowned person in dhaka, bangladesh. known for being very hot and good at football. studied from greenherald. a general nice guy but hated by many envious people.
prem, mvp?
french slang word.
to claim something. a claim expressing priority over an have the rights to something, to own something.
in english: dibs

prem’s is a short word for “premier” (1er) in english: “first” (1st)

you call prem’s on a object,means you be the first to use it.
dude:hey les gars,je me suis acheté une nouvelle voiture,qui veut l’essayer?
me: prem’s!

dude:hey guys,i got myself a brand new car,who wants to try it?
me: dibs!
short for the english premiership
when d-cks older, he will play in the prem

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