Premo Kid

a kid who shares the qualities of an emo kid and a prep.

like emo kids, they have little problem showing their true emotion. guys have long messy black hair, same with the girls but with the accasional highlights and listen to emo/punk/pop/post-harcore music (bands such as fall out boy, my chemical romance, rufio, taking back sunday, the starting line, etc.) some also like to write poetry, which are the ones that might play a musical instrument and vice-versa.

however, premo kids seem to have a balance between happiness and depression instead of seeming depressed the majority of the time like emo kids. typically they are in an upbeat mood, but are not afraid of letting out their emotions when they feel sad or angry. premo kids are not stuck up like preps.

like preps, premo kids where clothes from abercrombie and fitch, american eagle, hollister, etc. girls wear makeup similar to that of preppy girls while guys wear guy pants instead of girl pants. however, their wardrobes are clashed with jewelry and accessories to that of an emo kid (studded belts, emo bracelets, sometimes a tie etc.); an interesting contrast.

premo kids are pretty unique, but seem to be growing in number compared to emo kids. i am not personally a premo kid, but know several of them.
girl 1: “wow, he’s pretty upbeat for an emo kid. also that clashed outfit on him is the s-x!”

girl 2: “yeah, that’s because he’s a premo kid.”
a ‘premo’ kid is just another, slightly more creative word for a ‘scene kid’.

it derives from the words ‘prep’ and ’emo’ which is what most people use to describe so called ‘scenesters’.

they are usually obnoxious, loud, annoying and full of themselves.
girl1: look at that premo kid! what a froob!
girl2: yah, their hair looks like a dead cat.

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