short abbreviation for previous.

a language developed by mostly teenagers and youth called turbo language, makes use of shortened words.

it not only allows them to feel cool, but also allows them to say more in a shorter time by doing less effort.
‘sup, ha y’all doin’?

prev (previous),
nigg (n-gg-r),

pos (piece of sh-t)
f-g (f-ggot)
m-f- (motherf-cker)
ver (version)
reg (regular)
prem (premium)
prev, the ultra cool abbreviated word, stemming from previa, represents the toyota previa van, as driven by someone who is able to have fun with it.
holy sh-t?! did you just see that prev sliding at 60 miles an hour around that corner!?
the way cool people say “previews”
gotta get to the theater before i miss my prevs
1. n. a person who would be considered a pervert

originated from the word pervert. pervert was shortened to perv. the word perv was mistyped hence the word prev.
man, kyle is such a prev!
an inaudible mumbler whose speech only becomes coherent with inebriation.
what was that, prev? i can’t understand a word you’re saying. have a drink. amazing! now i can understand you perfectly.
a rare breed of sri lankan spider monkey that moisturizes itself 6-8 times daily while thinking about sweaty, hairy men.
hey phil, why does that prev keep rubbing rob reiner every time he looks at you?
a funny little sri lankan male who creates imaginary relatives just to back out of plans that would require him to leave his house.
is prev coming to play basketball? no, he has to help his cousin’s sister’s husband fifth-removed move into his new place.

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