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  • profesh refresh

    profesh refresh (n.) a reminder or series of reminders to an employee about appropriate dress, behavior, or activities for the workplace. can also be used to describe reminders about expected quality of product, though this is a less common usage. the woman down the hall wearing uggs and a blanket needs a profesh refresh.

  • a-bagging

    dipping your b-lls into a willing females b-tthole. lauren isn’t a big fan of tea – bagging but will spread her cheeks wide for a good a-bagging. b-tt dog in the bathtub s-x moves

  • p*ss bottom

    when one doesn’t have a gooch, instead its one wide v-g-n- starting from the cl-torous and ending at the top of the b-ttcrack you don’t want that girl, she has a puss bottom

  • p*ssy ring

    vertical cl-toral hood piercing aka cl-t ring or p-ssy ring ray played with jennifer’s p-ssy ring while she talked on the phone to her boyfriend dale dodge

  • ramenification

    the effect of spending all your time and money on school to the point that the only thing you can afford to eat is ramen. taking a lower paying job to go back to school. the ramenification has been affecting my health since i started going back to college.

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