the best and s-xiest surname ever
dam prideaux

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  • statue b*tch

    a girl that has the exact same facial and body pose in every single one of her photos. usually a girl who always has a duckface and/or arches her back to show off her b-tt in every photo. “i’m so tired of seeing karen’s photos. she’s a statue b-tch, always having the same stupid duck […]

  • nuttin b*tter

    when giving a girl -n-l s-x the coating that covers your p-n-s hit it so hard from the back she covered me in nuttin b-tter

  • white people dancin

    when white people dance as if they have an epilepsy or otherwise defined as r-t-rded dancing. they do too much hand waving and little legwork. yo that is white people dancin’ in the club

  • dodged a hillary

    originating form the phrase “dodged a bullet” the phrase dodged a hillary did better justice to the sentiment of the expression. “man we really dodged a hillary with that one”

  • pulling a xander

    exclamation 1. the act of disappearing for an indeterminate amount of time with little to no warning. 2. disappearing without a trace and possibly not returning. person 1: where did just go? person 2: ehhh, they’re probably pulling a xander.

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