Provo Float

when two people (usually mormons) have s-x. this is done when a male inserts his p-n-s into the female’s v-g-n-. no humping happens and he just sits there while inserted. he does not c-m therefore he technically didn’t have s-x so they don’t have to talk to the bishop.
tom: yo did you and carly do it last night?
brad: no man we just did the provo float!
tom: nice! now you don’t have to talk to the bishop!
the provo float is in-between the provo push and a provo soak. instead of having intercourse, your b-n-r only slides on the outside of the v-g-n- never entering it. after you get so chafed from doing the provo push you move to the next level which is the provo float. you don’t put it in, it just floats on top or she floats on top of you. also called outercourse. the verb is called floating.
guy: “bro you were with that freshman girl all night… did you have s-x?”

provo all star: “na man i have morals. we just did the provo float”

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