the only beacon of hope in a world full of intertwining xbots who pay tribute to their devils known only as micro and soft
-finally i signed up for psn

-wait i dont have to pay?

p–p. shower. nap.

if gtl (gym. tan. laundry.) is the optimal routine before going out, then psn is the optimal routine the day after.
oh man, i feel so sick after drinking a bottle of jager last night. thank god for psn.
prep school negro commonly spotted around the campuses of st. paul’s, middles-x and deerfield, etc. while some may actually be from the ghetto, they use the spending money from their diversity scholarships to purchase clothing that is preppy, but slightly off from ordinary prep school style.

this term is not racist. it derives from the video “prep school negro” which was written by and is about an african-american man. google it
6th former: hey man, who’s the kid decked out in argyle trying to spit over yonkers?
4th former: foster’s newest prep school negro.
6th former: jesus, admissions loves bringing in psn’s.
stands for p-ssy spreading nails.

mostly found in the cosmetics section of your local wal mart. these nails have the faux french manicure.
oh snap, that b-tch has got some p.s.n.’s to die for!

yeah, those cajun shrimp colored nails ain’t jokin’.
short for pwn station network. used to stand for play station network until it was hacked for the 12th time.
quit playing psn and xbox live and get a real gaming machine – a computer.
psn (play station network) is an world wide fail designed by sony…. 77 million people’s sensitive information was stolen because they couldn’t take the time to update their security….

now “psn” can be used as a subst-tute for the phrase “epic-fail”
dude, have you watched the sound of music?” “kinda… it was such a psn that i had to turn it off after a half hour
when you’re mult-tasking msn messenger, and a psp/ps1/ps2/ps3
-dude, stop psning and talk to me!

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