short for prettiest team in the school
the dance team claimed to be the pt-ts but everybody knew that the cheer team was the true pt-ts.
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acronym for punch/punches/punching thunder in the sack, thunder referring to people who claim that wrestling is real and romance is fake.
pt-ts is fun when you’re p-ssed off!
the area of flesh between the arm pit and the t-t.
i understand you are an excellent knife thrower, but seriously, that last one grazed my p’t-t.

she had a rather unpleasent and rather hairy mole on her right p’t-t.
public transport it.
my car won’t start, how am i going to get there? “just pt it.”
bus, train, tram.
n. mild insult. derived from the french abbreviation for “pet-te,” as “li’l” is an abbreviaton for “little.”
shut up, you p’t-t c-ckrobber.

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