Public affairs

different name for “pubic hairs” more often used in dundee scotland when talking about things of a s-xual nature
hera ma public affairs itches

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  • Puffyman

    a man with a very puffy jacket. very mature and loves to play tennis. will fail at trying to trick somebody into thinking they are in trouble. puffyman cannot kill zombies!

  • pull a bolton

    when a small and unfasionable football team take a scalp from one of the ‘big boys’ such as manchester united, -rs-nal, chelsea and liverpool. look at little burnley…i think they may pull a bolton if they carry on playing like this against manchester united.

  • Pull A Kimmie

    1. to have s-x with multiple partners while still in a relationship. 2. an older woman to get intoxicated and have s-x with significantly younger men. 3. premeditated rape 1. did she pull a kimmie last night with that 21-yr old? 2. look at that guy, i am going to f-ck him by the end […]

  • pull a PSP

    to fail at the sales, value and quality of a media device (mostly video game related), although the product had a seemingly good initial reaction. named after the psp, sony’s unsuccessful console and media device. many nintendo and microsoft fanboys believe that sony will pull a psp with their new home console, the ps3.

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