publicity cunt

a female celebrity who achieved her social status and fame by capitalizing on her appearance in, and the distribution of, a highly publicized s-x tape.
paris hilton and kim kardashian are the richest and most famous publicity c-nts in america.
a person who is famous only for the sake of being famous.

often gains initial fame for one of the following reasons:
1. appearance on reality television shows.
2. appearance in a s-x tape/s-x video.
3. -ssociation with famous people.
4. extreme stupidity.
5. extremely unusual circ-mstances in their life.

maintains fame through the repeated use of publicity stunts or because of media obsession, rather than because of talent.
paris hilton and kim kardashian are publicity c-nts.

paris hilton became famous for being in a reality television show and putting out a s-x tape. then kim kardashian became famous for being a friend of paris hilton and putting out a s-x tape.
patented by celebutantes such as paris hilton and britney spears, a “publicity c-nt”, is a public display of tw-t… usually seen when exiting a vehicle while wearing a mini-skirt. of course, they act as if they are completely shocked by this “unintended display(wink wink)”…but in reality it is a publicity “stunt”…and since the main focus lies down under… i’ve decided to call it a publicity c-nt. it could also be called a “publicity stunt c-nt.” lmao, where to i come up with this sh-t???
“lookout paris, britney just one-upped you with a brand new publicity c-nt!”

“i sure hope the next publicity c-nt is angelina jolie; paris and britney got nothin’ on her.”

“meg ryan is getting a bit old, she’d probably need a publicity stunt c-nt.”

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