korean “manhwa” character. “pucca, funny love” is about the only daughter of a guy who ownes a chinese resturant. her favorite food is a chinese dish called “jajamyung” which is very popular in korea. she is madly in love with garu.
pucca pucca pucca!!! ^.^
good, great, amazing

‘dude, your shoes are pucca!’
‘wow,that smells pucca!’
a person who puts on blush on that resembles that of the cartoon character “pucca”.

a person who is so dumb that she does not even know how to blend her blush on well. simply put, an imbicile who wears too much blush on.

a person who uses cheek tint and applies it with her index and middle finger resulting to two parallel lines (=) on both cheeks, in which case can also be called “super pucca”.
sometimes this person also puts on eyeliner on top of her eyelids way above the acceptable distance, not outlining but drawing another eyelid.
lola: “hey, have you seen our office pucca today?”

lolo: “yes, i must say she looks super pucca today!”
a j-panese snack that is shaped like a fish and tastes like a pretzel on the outside. on the inside it has a chocolate kind of frosting… i don’t even know how to describe it but it’s good.
pucca is friggin’ awesome and it only cost me two dollars for a big pack at the local asian mart.
1. a strange, often very random chick with super magicks in the game battlefield: vietnam.

2. appearing to be a very cute version of dracula. but of course, not.

3. an orangie fiend.

4. obscene and very loud vietnamese profanity.

see nice -ss and fhqwhgads.
1. omfg pucca killed me again.
2. wtf pucca bit me!
3. rofl pucca.
4. “ang cho may chet”…said the pucca.
my name for pizza
because i am lazy
and did not want to retype what i had already written
“i think i’m going to make a pizza tonight and then i’m going to eat it!”
“mmm homemade pucca sounds good”

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