when something is ugly but also cute at the same time, like a pug. (adjective)
val: do you think nick on new girl is cute?
alexa: he’s a pug. he’s cute but in an ugly kinda way.


my pugs


my dog wiley. he is not a pick up game

pug, black

the fawn pug
pickup group; used commonly in wow and other mmorpgs. basically means a group that isn’t formed by people you know; instead, it’s formed up of random, possible noobs that will completely wreck whatever experience you are getting the group for.
dude, that rogue totally ninja’d that blue boe helm that dropped in brd. this is why i hate pugs!
a very funny, loving, and cute little dog that is very people friendly. pugs are mostly inside dogs because of their sensitivity to heat, cold, and sunlight. they tend to snore a lot but that only makes them more endearing to those of us who are owned by them.
pugs kick -ss and those who say they are ugly don’t know wtf they are talking about.
a chinese toy dog breed that comes in 2 colors, fawn and black. the breed seems to be more popular than it used to be, especially the fawn pug. milo and frank are the 2 most famous pugs.
napoleon’s wife is said to have owned a pug.
a great animal that will always brighten your day. pugs usually enjoy riding in baskets on your bike, or running behind them. not for too long though because they can’t breath that well. my pug has been in a basket, a pug in a lake, a pug in a bucket, a pug in a blanket, a pug in a boat, a pug in a many of bars, a pug in a backpack, a pug on the ski mountain, a pug in a sling, pug in a hat,
“hey, that’s a pug in a basket!”
the most friendly, intelligent and cute dog known to man. those with anything negative to say about them has obviously never came in contact with one in their lives.
pugs rule.
pugs are a small to medium sized dog that has a smooshed face and snorts a lot, and has a cute little curly pig tail. they come in fawn, black, apricot, and silver colorings. they are very loving and are great with kids. they love meeting new people, and are never mean. they like to be treated like a human because they think they are human. they also have a wonderful personality and are fun and a joy to have!
my dog, scr-ppy, is the cutest pug in the world.
pug means pick up game. pug is a place where u can doing clan match on an multiplayer game without joining a clan, the basic concept of a pug is to playing as a team with random people to gain more skills. the game that use this definition a lot is counter-strike

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