a man or (woman) that claims ownership or one who pet sits or even has temporary custody of the chinese canine know as the pug (disambiguation) can also be subst-tuted by dutch bulldog, dutch mastiff, mini mastiff, mops, or a carlin.

while in custody the pug, the individual uses the pug’s natural captivating character, remarkable personality, and overall lovable fascinating docile but also vivacious nature in order to gain carnal knowledge of another individual of the opposite gender. intercorse being the ultimate prize, however any know bodily fluids are acceptable.
” i was walking connor on the beach the other day and i pugged this sweet surfer chick from cofc!”

” met this milf and red’s ! one look at connor and i knew i was getting pugged that night!”

“i am so sore from getting pugged all weekend , i have send that beast connor the pouch palace so i can get some rest”

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