Pulling a Britney

to flash your crotch at someone. especially like britney spears has when she made the mistake of not wearing underwear whenever she goes out and flashed her v-g-n- at the paparazzi more than 5 times already.
omg…that girl was just pulling a britney a second ago! she flashed her cootch at me!
2 more definitions
marry some back up dancer
having 2 kids within the same year
showing your vag
then shaving ones head
and being sent to an insane asylum
and going into a mental breakdown
wow, she’s pulling a britney. she seemed so normal
1. to flash your nether regions, often when getting out of a car.
2. to not wear shoes to a public bathroom.
3. to (god forbid) marry k-fed. eeew…
“ugh… yesterday, i caught my third hour teacher pulling a britney in the faculty parking lot. eeew…”

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