Pump her full of [name]

expression used for the act of s-x.
“i’m gonna pump her full of frank.”

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    1 (verb) to pinch someones nipple really hard then twist untill the victim starts screaming for their mother 2 (noun) the result of a purple nerple. just like the word says, your nipple turns purple “yo man you a peice of peice im gonna give you a purple nerple” “not the nipples!….. ooooooowwwwww!!!” sneaking up […]

  • purple sheen

    the hardest erection one can achieve. an erection so hard the head of the p-n-s goes from a velvety matt to a high gloss finish, so red and full of rage that its almost purple, those creating a purple sheen off the head of the p-n-s. tommy woke up with a purple sheen, his d-ck […]

  • p*ssy jar

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