to get your pun on with no remorse
man that guy punes like no other

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  • pure p*ssy syndrome (pps)

    a common condition suffered among most men ages 16 and over characterized by: immature behavior, acting like a scared little b-tch, and crying because of lack of game. girl 1: wow…dan only invited me to this party so he could attempt to get in my pants and proceed to cry because he’s an -ssh-l- and […]

  • purgasm

    a common occurence in which normally 2 or more cats find themselves in a purr infested orgy. often times causing a chain reaction of cuteness mixed with questionability. not to be taken with alcohol. my kitten is suckling from her momma atm… purgasm going on behind me.

  • purple p*ssion

    purple p-ssion is a grape alcoholic beverage made with everclear. it used to be sold in the 1980’s in a 2 liter bottle. other than everclear, purple p-ssion had another prominant ingredient: “substandard grapes”. closely related beverages are tropical p-ssion and pink p-ssion. i didnt know purple p-ssion had everclear. i probably shouldn’t have drank […]

  • purselley

    the man the myth the legend. purselley is capable of taking the most simple of task and turning it into a calculus finals problem at stanford university. im talking about this man is capable of f-ck-ng up boiling water. to know purselley or “jp” as he is known to his peers, is to understand and […]

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    a variation on the drink “dark and stormy.” the drink consists of the same ingredients as a dark and stormy but with one crucial ingredient added. ginger beer, rum, and red bull. and so the raging stormy was born. it shall be sipped by generations and generations to come. matt: hey bro, i’m trying to […]

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