Punk Card

when someone calls you out and dares you to step up, usually in front of a lot of people. if you say no, you just got labeled a punk.
person 1:dude, you gonna pick that up?
person 2: pick what up?
person 1: that punk card he just laid down in front of your -ss.
(noun). an imaginary “membership” card to the punk subculture. punk cards are often referred to by others than the “holder” of said “card,’ for presentation and review. also used to reflect “punk points” – merits and demerits reflecting the actions of the holder, based on others’ scrutiny.
person 1: “i really think capitalism is super cool”

person 2: “alright, let’s see your punk card – yep that’s minus 2 points”
when some one is starting with you and they say thatone thing that sets you over the edge.
hey what was i supposed todo he pulled my”punkcard”
an imaginary card authorizing one to “punk” someone (see punk for a better definition). punk card is normally referred to when someone stalls another individuals attempt to punk them.
“my mom was slipping into bipolar mode and about to b-tch me out again, but this time i pulled her punk card and she said she was ‘only joking.'”

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