putney high school

putney high school aka sl-tney high. a school full of rich s-xy b-tchez, where in order to be cool you need to a) have a boyfriend in your usually d-ck free life b) roll your skirt up at least twice ( having both of these things usually makes you the leader of the b-tch tribe).

p-ssy overdose is a real problem in putney;therefore, girls spend their lives crushing over the australian biology teacher.

even though there are literally no guys around girls feel the need to not eat and often appear in the cafeteria for the whole of 2 seconds and then leave with an apple and possibly one piece of bread.

of course some girls would do anything to not fall into the stereotypical rich girl category, so there are often groups -ssembled where they will wear as much black as possible, listen to music that no one has heard of and wear doc martins to school.
oh look at those girls walking down putney hill , holding three lacrosse sticks, a bag (usually american apparel or eastpak) weighing twice their size, a ponytail as high as it could possibly be and their skirts rolled so high i can see their pants! they must be putney high school girls.

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