proud white man
a person who is proud of being white.
“clint eastwood is a pwm”
“eminem is not a pwm”
“calvin candie is the ultimate pwm”
pulse width modulation, referring to an oscillation or modulation of the width of the pulse waveform, causing an audible movement to the sound produced. this form of synthesis was present on various early synthesizers, and is still used today.
the moog modular synthesizer had a pwm module attached to the vco.
acronym used in personal ads meaning professional white male.
seeking pwm. – w4m
a poem that is so epic, it pwns.
homer’s poem the odyssey was among the greatest of all literature mankind had ever seen. it completely pwned all that was before and after it. in other words, it was a pwm.
an acronym for ‘playing with myself’
chumkid:whuz ^?
chumkid: pwm pwm pwm
it means that you have a pwm in the an english exam…
lisa has got a pwm.
lisa has got a p-ss with merit.

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