quality time with one’s self



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  • janine date

    a date in which the mother tags along but it is okay because she ends up paying for everything. yea bro her and her mom picked me up and we went out to see a show. it was a total janine date but i didn’t have to spend anything so it’s all good. when you […]

  • brayner

    a cool dude who’s pretty chill and wears gl-sses. he usually makes pretty funny jokes and has some spicy memes.he also has a pretty great taste in music. guy: hey did you see brayner’s new meme other guy: yeah it was pretty funny

  • s*x shakes

    withdrawal of s-xual intimacy i have been diagnosed with the s-x shakes. my girlfriend is on her period, so i’m slowly developing the s-x shakes!

  • canundrance

    and oldie version of confuffle or annoyance, or something that is not going to plan oh, the door won’t open, what a canundrance

  • zyheir

    zyheir can get anyone he wants.zyheir is also a bad influence,and a man wh-r-! don’t hang around zyheir

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