when your b-tchy girlfriends with 3 other b-tchy friends, form a qunt.
a) your mom and three b-tches = a qunt.

b) a quad of c-nts.
an alternative spelling for “c-nt”, great for those times of chatroom moderation.
you fat qunt!
noun/adjective: description of haggard female. said female exceeds criteria of a regular c-nt…therefore qunt instead of c-nt.
she is a major qunt (with a q).
the male version of a c-nt.
person 1(male): “i hate babies and happiness.”
person 2: “stop being such a qunt.”
read – {kwunt}

someone who asks a long winded question in the dying minutes of a lecture or cl-ss. they are trying to seem engaged but, in doing so, hold everyone else up for an extra ten minutes while the lecturer rambles on.

it originates from ‘question asking c-nt’ – qunt
i’m going to be late for my next cl-ss because of that f-cking qunt.
a lazy tech monkey with no visible genitalia.
dan’s a right qunt.
(n.)- one who uses clearly bullsh-t spellings and/or entirely made-up words in the game of bananagrams, then attempts to p-ss them off as legitimate.
don’t be a qunt, take that sh-t down.
a queer c-nt
that queen is a qunt.

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