final ex stage of boredom when you type all the keys forward, backward then diagonally and reverse diagonally.

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  • posarca

    alcoholic drink used mostly in moldova made from random things, mostly is made from balega and spirt but sometimes it can be made from corn and other cereals. matei give me that poşârcă!!

  • bus humping

    it means humping fat people he’s gone bus humping

  • jimmy buffeting

    regular, and often painful, oscillation of the male gonads most often caused by s-xual intercourse. he was rogering her so hard, he got a severe case of jimmy buffeting.

  • glike

    someone who acts like a spastic or a psychopath stop punching me you glike

  • a recognize speech

    the explanation you provided to your love interest of why they should give you a chance. i can’t do it no more. it’s been 2 years of waiting. she needs to stop looking for mr. right when i’m right here. i’m about to drop a recognize speech on her and see what happens,

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