Racist Close Minded Cuban

have never traveled outside miami or nyc metro region besides their cuba.

can’t comprehend that in this 21st century, there are many others who are more sophisticated, much richer in wealth than themselves such as jewish americans, germans, j-panese, koreans, rich mexicans and middle cl-ss and wealthy mexican americans.

are shocked to b-mp into rich j-panese, koreans, mexicans, brazilians buying up the town.

if they are forced to travel to china, korea, or j-pan, they have difficulty accepting the superiority of chinese, korean, j-panese technology, sophistication or wealth.

can become very envious of all those ethnic groups who become much more successful then them.

like to make racist and stereotypical comments against all other latin americans that are not cubans, argentines, uruguyans, or from spain–that they are a bunch of dumb indians, mestizos. when in reality there is an increasing blooming middle cl-ss/wealthy cl-ss of indigenous & mestizo latin americans that are easier to approach than these arrogant cubans.
“racist close minded cuban” to non-cuban mexican-american professor:

somos blancos y no puedo comprender como es que los j-poneses y los coreanos estan comprando mucho tereno aqui. de donde llega ese dinero. no que todos son pobre aya.

mexican american professor: ay, dios mio…ustedes los cubanos deveras son idiotas y deveras no saben nada fuera de cuba y miami. j-pon y corea son paises ricos ahora porque sus gobiernos si han invertido en su pueblo. por eso tu eres un “racist close minded cuban.”

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