arthur, 1867–1939, english ill-strator and painter.
historical examples

during many voyages anne sailed with captain rackham, and wherever there was pirate’s work to do, she was on deck to do it.
buccaneers and pirates of our coasts frank richard stockton

rackham wouldn’t clinch it with his oath unless i told him your name.
blackbeard: buccaneer ralph d. paine

the library at rackham park was a small, oblong room, with a big window upon the garden.
the summons a.e.w. mason

luttrell told me you were both off to rackham park this week for gatwick.
the summons a.e.w. mason

it was in the years of the rackham craze, and she had just discovered a reproduction of the midsummer helen.
regiment of women clemence dane

the news had reached rackham, as it had reached every other house in the country-side.
the summons a.e.w. mason

she went up to her room rejoicing that she had chosen that week to visit rackham park.
the summons a.e.w. mason

it was at this juncture that rackham brought word of a contrary turn in the affairs of denis.
denis dent ernest w. hornung

it was, in fact, ten o’clock when hillyard returned to rackham park.
the summons a.e.w. mason

“he’s not got his license, and he’s going to the logs,” says rackham, showing his white teeth in the sun.
denis dent ernest w. hornung

arthur. 1867–1939, english artist, noted for his book ill-strations, esp of fairy tales

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