it is of old germen origin, and it’s meaning is deciding warrior, although serious-minded, responsible, and stable.

you have the gift of tact and diplomacy, and possess a charming, easy-going nature which endears you to others.

you have a serious desire to understand the heart and mind of everyone, and could be very effective in a career or in volunteer work where you are handling people and serving in a humanitarian way.

this name also gives you a love of home and family, and as a parent you would likely be fair and understanding.
although the name rainier creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes procrastination, lack of confidence, and the inability to realize your goals and ambitions.
prince rainier of monaco, and the poet rainer maria rilke
(pr-noun); a small hicktown east of clatskanie, oregon; south of longview, washington; west of st. helens, oregon. ususally populated with illiterate humans that love to go out drinking and mudding, occasionally at the same time. the teenage populace tends to ‘chill’ at the local gas station.
officer:”do you know how fast you were going back there?”

teen:”no officer, i couldn’t read the sign, i’m from rainier.”

officer:”oh, alright then. carry on.”
the popular yellow beer in northwest states including washington, oregon and alaska. it is most popular in tall boy form (16oz.), but is also available in standard cans and bottles. a high strength version, rainier ale, is available in a 40oz. bottle but is considerably less popular.

when ordering it is important to pr-nounce the name correctly. mispr-nunciations, including but not limited to “ron-yah” and “rainer” are easily mistaken for another local term meaning “punch me in the throat now.”

rainier has come under criticism for the fact that production has been moved from seattle to california, which is the sworn enemy (and vacation destination) of all northwesterners. it has also come under attack from those tasteless few who find oprah’s comic mispr-nunciation of target (tar-jay) funny and wish to apply the same treatment to other things.
i’ll have a ron-yeah.
(imagine throat punch here)
you asked for a punch in the throat, right?
no, i asked for a rainier!
that’s not what you said the first time.
the feeling of being worth more than g-d or jesus himself. similar to selfishness.
i am feeling rainier.

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