Raisin Bran

raisin bran is a version of the scoop, but done with both hands; hence 2 scoops of raisin bran.
“john walked around the corner and i raisin brand’d his -ss!”
cereal made out of raisins and bran. if you eat a lot, you’ll cr-p a whole ton.
i ate a whole ton of raisin bran one time and was in the washroom for six hours after that.
a word to describe someone with an ugly att-tude and a soggy appearance.
girl 1: “look at him over there lookin’ soggy like some raisin bran.”
girl 2: “ain’t that the truth?”
any kind of -j-c-l-t–n(spooge,c-m,j-zz,s-m-n,white sticky stuff) that is in your mouth.
harry: “did you see that new raisin bran commercial?”
charles: “yea, it’s a mouthful of awesome!”
a black asian
bob: oh wow look at jim go isn’t he a black?

bill: i thought he was asian?

hes both hes like a bowl of raisin bran
a delicious and nutritious brand of cereal. or so it says. it is actually a disgusting excuse for a “cereal” where the shriveled up raisens from california are put into it to make a breakfast that you may as well just throw away as soon as you got home from the grocery store and sue the company for false advertis-m-nt.
jimmy- “my, teresa! you sure look hungry!! how about you eat some of my raisin bran?”
teresa- -hurls all over the table-
a very bad s-xually transmitted disease
man: yo dog i just got some rough raisin bran from my girl.
man’s friend: ahh thats not cool broo

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