to describe someone or something which is bad or negative
“i just broke up with jenny”
“good on ya,she was pretty rancor
while this word also refers to the beast in star wars that lived underneath jaba the hut’s palace and ate jedi’s, it also happens to be a derogatory term for people who have large appet-tes, are abnormally cranky, are scared of doors, and are named courtney.
1) did you eat that whole pizza!? you’re such a rancor!

2) stop over reacting! bad rancor!

3) watch out for that door, you rancor!
the beast under jaba’s palace in star wars. this is also used as a term used to describe girls that are lesbian, fat, ugly and/or have more hair on their face than the average teenager.
“look at that girl… ewww!”
“wasn’t she in shane’s summer school”
“rancor!!!!!” -runs away screaming and gets gored to bits-
a rowdy s-x position where a naked bro is being chased by a naked babe. in order to stop the chase the bro has to force his bone down her throat, choking her until she moans like a dying rancor.
hey man, i totally did the rancor with this chick last night!” -high fives- “that’s tight, is she okay?” “nah man, the trials actually next week.” “ah.
a huge monster in return of the jedithat lives in a cave in jabba’s palace.
jabba ordered luke to be killed by the rancor.
noun- bitterness or hatred (towards).
a bully tease your fat -ss and you’re filled with rancor towards him.
teh ubar awesome giant beast in return of the jedi that pwns n00bs.
that rancor ate my cousin.
the rancor killed a d00d in return of the jedi.
a kick -ss magic card from one of the urza’s sets
wow!!!!!!! i don’t know how i’m gonna deal w/ rancor. it just keeps coming back!

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