Last Update: August 7, 2022
  • scat riot

    when a riot breaks out involving fecal matter i caught some hooker having a scat riot with her pimp i entered my friends bedroom the other day. looked like a scat riot took place

  • Salem, Virginia

    a small town that seems hopelessly dull and dreary. in actuallity, it surp-sses anything b-n-rific that crosses your mind. don’t go into the southern vecinity, or you may loose your -sshole virginity. the town and its minions worship the art of football, and all it’s pothead players of greatness. no money goes into edjucation, causing […]

  • showerfoot

    an unpleasant condition affecting one’s feet after having taken a shower. when one fails to properly dry the bottoms of one’s feet and proceeds to walk across a carpeted area, dust, lint, and other tiny miscellaneous scr-ps will cling to the bottoms. this disgusting phenomenon is common in male dorm rooms, where vacuuming is infrequent […]

  • Craziness in a Box

    a term to describe something hugely exciting. it also describe an expression of surprise such as holy sh-t! even if it’s a thought that’s outside the box, it’s crazy enough to go inside of it. for example: “dude i just had an amazing chocolate fudge sunday it was craziness in a box!!!!

  • Luciferita

    satanic and/or mexican girl who is in to death metal. joe’s girlfriend is a luciferita.

  • aspur

    the smell of green and growing things, the smell of wet leaves. when trayvon came back from the woods, he smelled like aspur and -ss.

  • pilot harry

    this is what becomes of your hand if you j-ck-ff too much. your hand grows hair on it when you j-ck-ff more than 25 times a day. thats what happened to me so now i call my left hand pilot harry, i am left handed.

  • Papooey

    1.can me used like ahh fooey 2.another way to call some ones bullsh-t papooey i got hit with throwing knife at the last second.

  • Snacial

    giving a girl a facial while she’s relaxing in her favorite snuggie yo, man, you know beth? yeah i totally gave her a snacial bra sweet bradusky!

  • World Cyber Games

    an international event where countries all over the world compete in video games (much like the olympics). started in 2000 the wcg is a growing event. the wcg is a great event!

  • Dirty Abraham Lincoln

    similar to a dirty sanchez but you make a whole beard with sh-t that looks similar to abe lincoln’s. optional: put a top hat on the girl and c-m on the back of her head while screaming “sic semper tyrannus” think about the -ss-ssination of abe lincoln but with sh-t for a beard and c-m […]

  • kermit slip and slide

    commit suicide “hey you better kermit slip and slide”

  • sucked the kumara

    any circ-mstance in which the intended outcome has been subverted, or the original of whatever it is has broken wow – what happened to your car? it sucked the k-mara.

  • canadian gator

    when you -j-c-l-t- in her mouth so much she has to unhinge her jaw. “dude i just gave alyssa a canadian gator.”

  • shane middleton

    a tall, ugly guy that lives in the western part of western australia. he tells his friends he has the biggest p-n-s in the school, but really he has a tic tac. aoi look over there, that guy is such a shane middleton

  • hugh laurie

    a very talented english actor. he often collaborates with stephen fry, his best friend since they went to cambridge together. person 1: in the united states, hugh laurie is best known for his role in house m.d. person 2: those who live in england have his other works more readily available, the lucky barstads. person […]

  • Banter back-up

    when you have plans to pull a girl but invite a good mate who you can chat to if the plan fails. man 1: hey do you wanna go out tonight? i just got invited out by george, he says samantha and a few of her friends will be there. man 2: doesn’t he fancy […]

  • kaala-chashma

    to speak highly of one’s self. often done solely to have some fun or act cool. abc : i’m so smart, i know everything! xyz : oh, please, you’re such a kaala-chashma.

  • upside down longjohn

    when you hang upside down from a stripper pole and m-st-rb-t- i did an upside down longjohn in the firestation last night

  • Scroto baggins

    p-rn star son of the hard working draggons his baggins, cousin of well known frodo baggins and his lesser known brother douche baggins. grand son of old saggins and blue baggins. generally known as the black sheep of the afluente baggins family of the shire. married to wife and fellow p-rn start c-m baggins and […]

  • tsingle

    temporarily single my friend is tsingle this coming weekend since his girlfriend will be away on business.

  • intrapenis injection

    1. where a dude is administered a dose of meds by inserting a smooth-tipped syringe into his urethra. 2. where dude#1 j-zzes into a specially-designed syringe as described in definition #1, and then injects said j-zz into dude#2’s tallywacker so that his own sperm will be also released along with dude#2’s load during his next […]

  • Mmm Sauce

    mmm sauce, is what guys use to explain what they did with their girls. there are 3 types of sauce. sauce: making out (tounge) -must last longer than 5 minutes- mmm sauce: making out (tounge, groping, feeling up, dry hump) -must last longer than 15 minutes- mmm saucy sauce: s-x -must last way longer than […]

  • Clairedo

    a particularly magnifcent 80’s hairdo, complete with flick, big volume and long at the back. omg look at my clairedo – better get the straighteners out!

  • Tauk

    the most random puzzling word to say to people. get back in the car tauk!

  • Huxtabate

    to m-st-rb-t- using somebody else’s hand – either while the other party is unconscious, or unwilling to escalate s-xual proceedings rapidly enough to satisfy the huxtabator. synonym: cosbate. brian: how’d your date with angela go last night? kenneth: not too well. she wasn’t into me at all. brian: b-mmer bro. kenneth: well, she did drink […]

  • Doo Doo Jesus

    something you say when sh-t goes f-ck “i just dropped my iphone. doo doo jesus.”

  • shit-ton

    widely adaptable large unit of measure. generally speaking, take an amount of something that an average person may have and add a sh-tload more to it. this results in a sh-t-ton. kilby has a sh-t-ton of old nes games. a lot i have a sh-t ton of beers in my fridge. a sh-t-ton is equivalent […]

  • Mcbarnyard

    a mcbarnyard is a mcchicken + mcdouble. it was born in portland, or on the corner of 82nd and fremont. not to be confused with a mcg-ngb-ng which uses a spicy chicken sandwich and both sets of buns. mcbarnyard is a more pure form because it merely slips the chicken patty between the thin meat […]

  • BSAP

    when something happens a bit slower than asap. can you fix that asap, or bsap?

  • lazky

    and individual who plays counter strike and seems to own but noobies think he hax making them unleet to the unleetness of the haxzors uber f-gness of their nubness of the third power devided by 10 plus 4 multiplied by 100 divided by 1 lazky score is hacker status

  • nervous96

    an internet non sequitur. best known for posting google images in response to any comment in any thread, humourous postings about bodily functions, and ending posts with one word sentences ending in exclamation points. hilarious! nervous96 was going on about steve guttenberg again, and when i posted that tired, overused “cup of shut the f-ck […]

  • Cosplationship

    when two mutual friends consistently cosplay characters in romantic relationships, even if one or both of the friends is in a relationship with a significant other. a: so x and y are cosplaying hungary and prussia, eridan and feferi, sakura and sayoran, and faust and eliza? are you sure they’re not dating? b: nope, they’re […]

  • Ghatol

    a down to earth and hilarious girl. is the jack of all trades. has a amazing personality. loves life, friends, and family. gets annoyed easily but forgets about it easily. if your a ghatol, you are lucky! girl #1: who’s that new girl? girl #2: oh that’s just ghatol. girl #1: wow, i’m jealous.

  • paulikas

    lithuanian decent, meaning awesome family name, usually the coolest people you will know in your life also means from paul man i sure do love the paulikas family, they rock!

  • Alcohol shivers

    the sudden uncontrollable urge to shake when you have just taken a shot of vodka, whiskey. tequila, etc.. also from any other strong drink that you poured too much alcohol in. i just took a shot of jack daniels and got the alcohol shivers cuz it was so strong.

  • nerl

    bl-wj-b, head, oral s-x perfromed on a man somewhere other than his bedroom, maybe a street corner, a dark alley, or in a moving car on a major interstate highway, derived “hey b-tch, come over here and give me some nerl…now!!”

  • thoot

    a disrespectul term when used for said peron that dosen’t have an exact definition but rather uses the definition of other explicit terms depending on its desired use. like saying f-ck but much more versatile. 1. f-ck you, motherf-cking b-tch -ss thoot. 2. what the thoot? 3. yiggity yes its about to thootin happen. 4. […]

  • Amending

    to alter, modify, rephrase, or add to or subtract from (a motion, bill, const-tution, etc.) by formal procedure: congress may amend the proposed tax bill. to change for the better; improve: to amend one’s ways. synonyms: ameliorate, better. antonyms: worsen. to remove or correct faults in; rectify. to grow or become better by reforming oneself: […]

  • quanadre

    they have also been known the fattest duttneck in the sea. they are comp-ssionate and often clingy sometimes you need to block them for a week or so to get some sp-ce. his mom also g-y person 1:broo you see that duttneck person 2:yeah he’s quanadre(often called q) buy the domain for your foodie site

  • City Necks

    weak yankees from and raised in the north trynna act country. usually from the burbs, drives a truck and thinks he/ she, is a real redneck. ricky: d-mn! did you see that redneck beat the sh-t out of that n-gg-r and that cityneck boy! weak -ss city necks! johnny: yeah, that was joseph the rebel, […]

  • janeky

    an adjective used to most often describe a picture of a person on facebook or any other social website. its meaning can vary, but its most common use is describing a picture that has too much swaggg in it. (looking at picture) “whoa! janeky pic bro!”

  • Bombage

    this word really means ugly sl-t. most people think that it means awesome but that is not true. girl 1 :bennie is such bombage, did you hear what she did to charlotte? girl 2: yeah i heard, what f-cking bombage… the most bomb way to say bomb. broooooo, that party was so bombage!!!! urban more […]

  • baby prostitute

    a young girl who’s not old enough to be a sl-t, but she is one. janis: what is this smell? cady: oh, regina gave me some perfume. janis: you smell like a baby prost-tute. cady: thanks! 3 more definitions add your own prost-tutes who are still naive enough to think they can cover up their […]

  • Captain Obvious and the World of Yesterday

    someone who’s so dumb it’s frightening. in other words, a master of the obvious and old news. jake: did you know that crabs is spelled with a “c” and not a “k”? joe: thank you, captain obvious and the world of yesterday.

  • Shawshank Redumption

    when one is p–ping in a public bathroom, embar-ssed by -ss noises, one waits for others to make noise to allow for loud -ss explosions. similar to tim robbins in “shawshank redemption” waiting for the thunder so his banging on the pipe would go unheard. i had to wait for the other guy to flush […]

  • Chunky Moo-moo

    used for a chic/woman who is fat. what a chunky moo-moo!

  • Buddyhead

    a record label, sh-t talking website. who are d-mned funny even if i don’t always agree with them. buddyhead is for the children. the part of the male s-xual organ loosely refered to as the helmit big up di gyal dem weh love bruk arf buddy head this has to be the worst punk website […]

  • kolby baker

    this guy often has a twin and loves his girls blonde,you will find it extremely hard to make him mad your such a kolby baker

  • Crapinion

    someone’s sh-tty opinion. when someone states their opinion, everything goes silent, only to bash the person who said it g-d, dave is such a r-t-rd. never thinking before speaking, always throwing out a random cr-pinion