Last Update: May 27, 2020
  • radnocular

    1. the state of being extremely cool to an almost supernatural level 2. something unbelievably fantastic until seen 3. almost impossible yet awesome that 360 wall flip was radnocular man! that was radnocular how that karate master dodged those bullets from point blank range.

  • Dimism

    dimism: noun. dim’-ism. etymology: dim – greek slang for dimworth. ism – applying a particular trait of… definition: to scrounge, blag, or be unbelievably tight–rs-d and be proud to tell people about it. usage: “have you heard the latest dimism” “even i can’t believe this dimism he told me the other day” 1. he blagged […]

  • shit, what the fuck!?

    when you f-ck up on something so badly but you’re a bit confused on how it all came down to it. is used when you don’t know what the h-ll is going on or you are confused on how you f-cked up really bad in something. *plays doki doki literature club and all the waifus […]

  • the angry avalanche

    the act of a man blowing his load into a womans mouth then her unleashing the fury into another unsuspecting victims mouth jack blew his load into jills mouth then jill went and kissed bill and bill felt the angry avalanche in his mouth

  • Krooshe

    a teenaged youtuber who regularly posts videos to popular video sharing site youtube.com. he started out with a partner(eddie bolivar) but since then has gone solo,though regularly posting collaboration videos with other popular youtubers. his videos are very different,alot being down right weird. though his videos are unusual,he is still very popular and funny in […]

  • R the R and the Rs

    the name of a group of vampire rapists. based around a fanfiction about twilight. it stands for riley the raper and the rapists. the characters from twilight, with riley at the lead, formed this group and terrorize people by raping and then biting them. it is fictional, not actually happening in the twilight books, just […]

  • burget

    regional slang, far north dallas and carrollton texas, meaning a sandwich made from cooked ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes pickles and onions i went to the gold rush cafe to eat a burget.

  • hardshaw

    this is usually used in a derogatory sense actually, although hardshaw used to mean you were tough or fearless etc etc, these days its used to challenge old fashioned ideals of rugged alpha manliness. awwwwww locko not payin onta the bus ye f-kin hardshaw ye (heckling in the bacground) wrestling with cows would lead to […]

  • humming tea bag

    the act of performing a standard tea bag while the person giving the tea bagging hums their favorite song. this resonates a -rg-smatic stimulus to the recipient. popular songs and nursery rhymes are always a favorite. after a night of drinking sally came over to my place and she gave the best humming tea bag […]

  • Popcorn Chicken

    little tastes of heaven, in a magnificent theater-style box. popcorn chicken at kfc! what a black man takes to the movie theater, in subst-tute of popcorn. d-mn n-gg-, i hate these white people movie theaters not selling some good old fashioned popcorn chicken. 1. a phrase to tell someone to get off of you when […]

  • tomas king

    c-nt that n-body likes. will never get laid oh, he is such a f-cking tomas king

  • Mizast

    short for master; derived from mizasta. i am da great mizasta! the cross between a mizug and a dreamcast. sheeyit, i dun whooped yo -ss on dis mizast!

  • sweeky

    when your “swag” is “on fleek”. bernie was so sweeky he could get into any retirement home he wanted.

  • Muddy Canyon

    a male achieving an -rg-sm by using his own feces as lubricant and breast f-cking a female. muddy canyons smell bad 🙁 when a girl spreads her t-ts, a guy sh-ts between them, the girl presses her t-ts together and he t-tf-cks her. my best gal pal heard about the muddy canyon online, then had […]

  • Belligerante

    a loud, obnoxious, opinionated individual who tries to dominate all conversations. it’s hard to get in a word, when talking to a belligerante.

  • smash a cone

    smoke a bowl “it’s perfectly fine, tylenol and cannabis are both pain relievers. ” “i downed two valium’s and smashed three cones – and i’m chillin’” “i just smashed a cone” “let’s smash a cone or two my friend.”

  • Mut-Rag

    small hand towel used to cool/warm/clean/disinfect ones v-g-n-, aka: mut. “sometimes, when i get a little bit itchy down there, all i need is a gl-ss of ice water, and my mut-rag.” – andy “i just can’t wait to go home to my warm mut-rag.” – andy

  • Finntana

    the ship name for the most realistic relationship on the show ‘glee’ because of the character’s opposites in personality. a merged mash-up name for the characters: finn + santana = finntana. the “finn” in finntana is for the shy, innocent and kind part of the relationship while the “santana” part of “finntana” represents the daring, […]

  • Iben Hjejle

    noun, proper, (pr-nounced ‘e-ben he-luh’) is a danish model and actress, starring in the movie high fidelity (1999) with john cusack, jack black and joan cusack. she has long, blond hair and speaks fluent english. iben hjejle’s character name in the referenced movie is “laura”.

  • Hammerpig

    someone with a face so ugly it resembles a pig thats had its face caved in with a sledge hammer. “see that girl over there, she’s such a hammerpig i wouldn’t touch her with yours let alone mine!!!”

  • Shelmet

    basically a sh-tty helmet. yo holly, i came back from that shiznit bioch’s house last night. she was on the blob so i bent her over and gave myself a shelmet

  • Hypocritical oath

    the oath that anyone running or volunteering for the dnc takes in order to receive financial backing from the dnc or being allowed to volunteer has to commit to. even though bernie sanders’ and jill stein’s platform was more aligned with that of the dnc, the dnc decided to railroad his chances and coronate the […]

  • Ughrp

    uh-rup 1. an interjection derving from being sniped in the head in the game halo 2 2. an expression of pain or surprise usually in the form of an interjection 3. a euphemism for an accident, such as death 4. a word used by some teenagers in la mesa and lemon grove that has multiple […]

  • parablozza

    a derogatory slang term for a paralegal, insinuating that the individual’s work is comparable in worth to that of a prost-tute. the phrase originated on rollonfriday, a popular website and messageboard for london lawyers vicky isn’t a qualified lawyer, she’s only a parablozza so give her some photocopying to do

  • Mafalda

    most amazing friend ever. she is loyal, drop dead gorgeous,has a smile that will brighten the darkest day and sings like an angel. family and friends are incredibly important to her. she will always be there for you. is interested, curious, creative and super talented. so fun, spontaneous and confident that she will dance in […]

  • Cracker Soup

    1. a jacuzzi full of white people. 2. when you are at a pool party, and you are the only black/latino/asian/etc. person there. chick: how was the pool party? dude: it was okay, but mostly it was cracker soup.

  • Knobweb

    the v-g-n-l equivalent to ‘cobwebs’. dust, webs, debris that accrues in the v-g-n- after an extended period of s-xual inactivity. “that b-tch hasn’t been banged in so long she’s got kn-bwebs.” “get in there and dust out her kn-bwebs.” 2 more definitions the clinging, silky mesh-like motif produced following phallic discharge upon the female facial […]

  • indifferentiation

    to be unmotivated to do homework and necessary studying involved in being successful in first year integral calculus. due to my severe indifferentiation, i will watch many hours of long island medium instead of studying for my midterm.

  • asshat

    one who has their head up their -ss. thus wearing their -ss as a hat. #xaviermunrogreen “you sir are an -sshat!” “wait, i’m no xavier green” one who has their head up their -ss. thus wearing their -ss as a hat. -sshat a person, of either gender, whose behavior displays such ignorance/obnoxiousness that you would […]

  • pregnant silence

    the sort of silence you get when someone’s f-cked. alice: okay, our final project’s due tomorrow. can i see your half? bob: …i didn’t do it. -pregnant silence-

  • chicken broth

    whenever a woman urinates on a guys genitals then puts her feces in her hand and rubs it up and down his shaft is chicken broth on the menu tonight diherra that has everything that you ate for dinner in it. my trip to the bathroom had chicken broth involved.

  • Fuchanupa

    1. an ugly chalupa with no friends 2. the waiter at tacobell that always gives you the disgusting chalupas 3. the editors at urban dictionary that always deny words because they have no life 1. dude, that idiot gave me a fuchanupa! 2. im gona kill that fuchanupa 3. dude! the fuchanupa eats sh-t!


    to be sly, dishonest, devious in a cowardly nasty fashion. usually with the intention to either physically harm, swindle, short change, or victimize an individual or business organization. hey jack, this lawyer i hired is skull creep!

  • urbdictiomoron

    someone who invents r-t-rded words for urban dictionary and writes moronic definitions for them. — look! the guy who added this r-t-rded word and wrote this moronic definition thinks he is a genius philologist! — jesus! if he knew that he in reality is nothing more than an urbdictiomoron…

  • Academic Prostitute

    a person who does academic work (i.e. writing papers, completing homework, etc.) for others, for money in return. person 1: wanna hang out tonight? person 2: can’t. i have to write that entire english paper tonight. person 1: why not just hire ben, that academic prost-tute, to do it for you?

  • penance

    a noun used to describe the act of atonement for a crime or a sin. penance usually involves corporeal punishment or demeaning tasks. when rhiannon’s daughter was missing, it was believed that rhiannon ate her. as penance for this act, rhiannon was to carry visitors to the castle on her back. the most bad-ss of […]

  • Wentzing

    the modern wentzing began on twitter, summer 2013; it became a huge fad in the fall out boy fandom. wentzing is when someone tweets a misleading caption with a photo attached, and when the victim opens that tweet, they get an eyeful of pete wentz’s (leaked) nudes. the meaning of this is to not only […]

  • Too Δ for this.

    δ = hipster, so essentially too hipster for this. used on tumblr a lot. -chatroom- person: hey, have you heard? lady gaga’s doing a tour! wanna come? hipster: ugh, i’m too δ for this.

  • Dykabilly

    a hillbilly lesbian. dyk- + hillbilly that singer definitely is a dykabilly.

  • Xun-zi

    noun original name hsun kuang. c. 300 bc–c. 230 bc, chinese philosopher, who systematized confucian teaching

  • Disbarrassing

    it is when some one is embarr-ssing and disappointing at the same time. mom: do you gals want to see ciara’s baby pictures? ciara’s friend: you mom is so disbarr-ssing! ciara: tell me about it!!!!!

  • vajaz

    a ladys genatalia omg look at her vajaz my vajaz is like really itchy ya know rite?? omg last nite a tbagged a girl and i was ooooooh she hada a fit vajaz ahhhhhhhhhhhh she touched my vajazzzzzz

  • government shitdown

    in a sh-thole (sh-thouse) country under one party rule, but where the ruling party somehow can’t avoid a government shutdown. to celebrate the first anniversary of of the trump presidency, the republicans led the us to a government sh-tdown. the shutdown of a cr-ppy country that has become a sh-t-hole. the government sh-tdown could have […]

  • Bashi

    a horrible animator from youtube that hangs out with more popular animators and also goes by the name of ‘tuluzsrebrov’ my god, bashi is so horrible! o:

  • Cyiclo

    common term used for ddosing. yeah, that guy found out my ip address and totally cyicloed it.

  • soleimy

    soleimy is really pretty . soleimy is a very loyal person . when you first meet her she really quiet. when you get to know her she the loudest person ever. when shes in a relationship shes commited to that person only . she gets deppressed at times but shes really beautiful inside and out […]

  • hastmaithun

    the act of holding the external male genetilia (p-n-s) firmly and acquiring to and fro motion to release a gelatinous white feminine attracting fluid his pants seem to be partially wet and partially stiff , he must have been doing “hastmaithun”

  • CRT Certified

    a funny way of describing non hd tv’s or dvd’s or cable boxes etc. josue: jonathan my crt certified exploded! jonathan: just purchase a sony bravia hdtv duh!


    top definition it stands for “sissy boys are back in town” and originated from “c m” when he heard some sort of commercial or something. to him and his friends it is used to refer to a couple of losers that they know but it may be used freely to describe anything that lame people […]

  • throw a pineapple at a wall

    to -j-c-l-t- on a wall i’m going to go throw a pineapple at a wall real quick.