Last Update: September 17, 2020
  • cheeseburger attack

    the intense urge that strikes one to get a cheeseburger regardless of the trials and tribulations one may face to obtain it’s juicy goodness. we need to get to mcdonalds asap, because i am having a cheeseburger attack!!

  • hangdog

    verb. to slowly work one’s way up a climb, bolt by bolt, resting repeatedly and spending significant time hanging on the rope rather than climbing from deck to anchors without a rest or fall. he hangdogged all day on that route. 4 more definitions hang dog can have a variety of definitions. it’s most popular […]

  • Ellie Chiurco

    ellie chiurco is ellie chiurco. no one else is like her and no one ever will be. funny. creative. s-xy. smart. and always observant. anyone who will ever know this one girl is very lucky. once you got her, man. don’t let her go. she is also spontaneous, curious, talented to all h-ll, and way […]

  • Cum Candle

    instead of using sh-tty febreeze, try out c-m candle. first give yourself a pleasuring -j-c-l-t–n, then store it in a candle holder. put it in the freezer for 24 hours with a wick in it. afterwards, burn the wick and have the sweet smell of c-m fill your house! good for family gatherings. or party […]

  • ooja booja

    while in mid-f-ck, a heavily accented scottish girl asking her man if he’d like a bl-w j-b. she’s asking….”wouldja like a bl-wj-b?” she: uh uh oh oh ah ah, b-st-rd, b-st-rd! he: ya baby, ya, ah that feels good baby… she: uh uh oh oh, ….ooja booja! he: oooh oooh uh oh……..what? she: uh uh […]

  • amnimal

    an animal. an over acheiver. (makes the noise nar) he’s an amnimal when it comes to work.

  • farocknock

    a word used to describe anything or place that is dirty, sticky or plan nasty. yuck! there is farocknock on that door kn-b.

  • reswizzle

    to rearrange or reorganize or restructure something in a useful, relevant way. lets start with this list of names that make absolutely no sense, then we reswizzle it so that it makes sense and we can use it!

  • braccified

    1. to have gotten the greatest s-x of your life. 2. means something amazing happened to you, and now your better for it to of happened. 3. to get really drunk 1. at the party i got braccified all night. im still seeing stars. 2. i felt braccified after winning the lotto 3. i was […]

  • Participye

    participye (part-is-a-pie) the plural form of partic-p-nt. there will be lots of participye at the running event.

  • magic office ride

    unlike a magic carpet ride, the magic office ride sucks. it is a sarcastic term for being called into your boss’ office and repremanded. kate: gdi this is the third time this week i took the magic office ride. i’m about to quit this job >:(

  • bedwork

    a self-defining term to be used with your intimate friends come over to my house for some bedwork. i love bedwork with you.

  • Bastard’s Dozen

    eleven of the same item. as in: i ordered twelve donuts but those b-st-rds only gave me eleven! larry ordered a dozen bagels, but after eating one himself, brought the b-st-rd’s dozen to the party.

  • Meat Lovers Deluxe

    the act of ordering or “paying” an italian man to have s-x with you. i can’t wait to get off of work and have a “meat lovers deluxe”

  • mbuh

    a laugh when something is not funny; a sound made when a joke or sarcasm is a flop; a laugh you can use after someone tells a joke they think is funny when its not; a response to a comment made by a douchebag, d-ck, or b-tch. can be pr-nounced differently in different situations; for […]

  • twiddlybonk

    the use of ebonics or slang in text message. it’s like when you text the youths and they respond with some twiddlybonk .

  • drunk detector

    a drunk detector is usually an obscenely brightly coloured or neon outfit or article of clothing. said article of clothing is to be worn only at multi-day evnts where the majority of people drink themselves senseless, and only on the morning s of all but the first day of the event. the drunk detector is, […]

  • Afternoons

    in or during any or every : he slept late and worked afternoons. the time from until evening. the latter part: the afternoon of life. pertaining to the latter part of the day. contemporary examples but in the next instant, all the other timepieces ticked on into the first of the sunny afternoons the boy […]

  • snutting

    giving it to someone using your nose. usually in the -rs-, but not necessarily. “i got snutted so hard last night my b-m was dribbling for weeks.” “james snutted too often and now he gets spontaneous nose bleeds. his friends are worried he’s on the cocaine.” “he wanted to snut but i said no so […]

  • nignore

    to purposely ignore a comment made by someone based solely on the fact that they are black “uh oh, here comes shaniqua if you talk to her she wont leave all night, lets nignore her” to ignore someone while showing at-tude in doing it, usually with hand gestures. d-mn, shirley, when chantel nignored you, she […]

  • BoyFoe

    boyfoe is your ex boyfriend similar to wifefoe for your ex girl, hoefoe for a girl you dont like! and nofoe for your best friend! custusy of shireen and charlotte! yezzuuurrrr i saw ma boyfoe with his nofoe checking out this hoefoe in town today!

  • dipshittery

    severe stupidity. usually refering to someone acting like those idiots on jack-ss. my g-d, enough of this dipsh-ttery.

  • sluntard

    a person who is a sl-t a c-nt and a r-t-rd. a r-t-rded acting slunt. don’t go near susan, she is a sluntard.

  • spofo

    a forum in craig’s list where sports are discussed. it is open forum where there is trolling and many examples of h-m-erotic writings. i heard it on spofo the josh gave mike a “reach-around”

  • blogsnobbery

    one that puts down another for the content of their blog, blogging platform, or lack of domain name. “one is that to be a “serious” blogger you have to own your own domain. that’s nonsense. there is no “pay to play” requirement for blogging. it’s like saying you’re not a serious writer unless you’re jotting […]

  • Steiner

    a piece of fecal matter that feels and/or looks like scott steiner’s arm exiting the -sshole bicep first while clenching a solid fist at the end. also known as a big poppa dump. i try not to take immodium for fear of the m-ssive steiner i will have to deal with days later. a character […]

  • nose hedge

    nose hairs so plentiful and or long that they can been seen outside the nose. honey, it’s time to use your nose hair trimmer on your nose hedge!

  • ghost cock

    the elusive feeling of a c-ck being brushed against ones face and then fading away just as quickly. george: you look confused. sup? nelly: i think i just got ghost c-cked! max zips up pants. “huh?” ghost c-ck, the sensation of still being full of c-ck days or weeks after a thorough pounding……… my man […]

  • chad emmons

    a c-cky d-ck headed teacher chad emmons was a real d-ck head in cl-ss today

  • Bel and the dragon

    a book of the apocrypha that is included as chapter 14 of daniel in the douay bible.

  • dirty chink

    a very dirty chinese man, who is an sm fanatic. sarah and julie went to the park with their two young children. “you better keep your kids away from that dirty ch-nk over there.”

  • running before the catch

    acting as if something good will definitely happen, without it happening yet, and then paying for such optimism. derived from football, where the wide receiver starts thinking about what he is going to do after the catch, before the ball gets to him. inevitably the wide receiver drops the ball. i swore i was going […]

  • Biffen

    the small stretch of skin between a males -n-s and his ball sack. “there is a place between your crack and your sack called your biffen, that’s the place you don’t want to be a sniffin’.

  • renma

    a pretty girl with a good heart she is funny,lit,cool,hot,and sometimes she is crazy oh!!renma she was slaying last night

  • gucci slap

    after being f-cked out of the gucci flip flops that you threw on to f-ck another man’s b-tch and as a result of the tremendous -ss throwing skills of said b-tch, its the act of enthusiastically striking either of the thot’s b-ttocks with the intention of both congratulating her efforts and leaving the word gucci […]

  • sidi

    acronym for spark ignition direct injection it’s the gasoline form of direct injection originally used only on diesel engines, now being used on some gasoline engines. improves efficiency and power output. fuel injectors used in direct injection systems are more expensive than standard fuel injectors due to requiring more durable materials to withstand higher temperatures […]

  • Tina or tommy turbine

    when a guy takes a girl/guy’s head while she is giving him head and shakes her head in a clockwise way. that girl was not giving me the knowledge that i wanted. so i gave he -ss a tina or tommy turbine! he said that he does not like to eating out girls. so, i […]

  • slipping dog

    yoga pose performed while intoxicated that incorporates a wide stance. mia didn’t need that last jameson. she’s in slipping dog pose at the end of the bar.

  • Skankyslut

    a girl who sleeps around with many men. lisa toma = sk-nkysl-t

  • colin park

    a small s-xy lady that gets all the guys in the world and is really g-y because hes a man. colin park licks the paws of big d

  • Gianno

    d-ck head italian who will dump you and date your bestfriend and lie to her saying you’re trying to get with him friend: remember when you dated gianno? me: yeah he was a douche

  • Smuse-juice

    alcohol i drank a boat-load of smuse-juice and now i’m tanked!

  • ihfy

    i’m hot for you i’m h-rny for you did you know ihfy at the moment. tbh ihfy

  • Spoon-zilla

    a mini spoon often seen in mouths, found in winco when serving free samples. karah, “oh look free samples,” amber,”awww, mini spoon,” karah, “thems are spoon-zillas.”

  • bait raped

    when someone is raped as a result of falling for a rapists bait. such as money, jewels, fancy cars, etc. “its my own fault for getting bait raped, he had a lamborghini murcielago.”

  • Speedy Gongazales

    when someone nips to the loo and is back in less than a minute. “12:07: im just popping to the loo! 12:07: im back! wow, now that was speedy gongazales!

  • moore-als

    when you’re a good christian man, don’t like the g-ys, and oppose abortion, but are totally cool with child molester ion. jim, who are you voting for in the primaries? i’m voting for this guy. he is un-sinful unlike the other candidate and he has good moore-als

  • dactylolalia

    the tendency to run off at the keyboard. you: -long string of chatter- me: uh, u kno im on my fone, rite? u need to do st about ur dactylolalia cos i cant keep up.

  • Complimentary Tap

    noun. complimentary tap can be defined as having s-x with a women that would not normally suit your scale of standards. alright dude, i’ll give her the complimentary tap so you could get some nice poonani.

  • Cleveland Browntrout

    the act of sh-tting in one’s fishtank. usually done as revenge that b-tch gave me an std, so i left her a cleveland browntrout