Last Update: March 25, 2019
  • The lag is real

    a term used by people on online gameplay, which is used to counter the fact they messed up or are losing. john: the lag is real man! dylan: why, cause you got killed? john: what!?!? dylan: you were standing in the open. john: no way man i was behind the rock! john: common man! the […]

  • molecular seperator

    technology that will be used in the future to enable most fuel cell powered vehicles to be fueled up with water instead of pure hydrogen. scientist- as you can see the molecular seperator is what enables the vehicle to fuel up with earths most common element, water.

  • on the roll

    when the bottom in a gay relationship has diarrhea “d-mn, bruce, why are you so angry?” “well, i haven’t gotten any -ss in days; kevin’s on the roll.”

  • blacktie

    tuxedo or black suit. josh wore a tuxedo to the blacktie coctail party.

  • Knuckle Joe

    knuckle joe, probably known as joey, or joesph. (a) knuckle joe would be a common fighter, using such moves as, risen break, smash punch, bulken jab, spin kick, and more.. knuckle joe would be described as a short elf with a large temper. a different side though to a fighter would be that joe has […]

  • Elyonfire

    someone who is of low intelligence, and believes everyone likes her. she takes plenty of photos thinking they’re appealing, when really, they’re just pathetic. elyonfire derived from a young “scene” girl. “omg i luk so pretty today. i am so popular.” “c’mon, don’t be like elyonfire.”

  • lerke

    lerke – a famous bird in germany. people with lerke are the shizznit! that sums it up. you are the lerke! you are the sizznit. (sh*t)

  • That’s pretty chill, i guess

    a phrase created by pharaoh that positively refers to a situation or series of events in a reluctant manner. “why does he feel the need to do the clapping thing after winning a game?” “it’s because he thinks congratulating himself is cool.” “that’s pretty chill, i guess.”

  • colpolingus

    another term for c-nn-l-ng-s. colpolingus is an execrable act.

  • Text and Tell

    the act of telling your friends about something important or personal that somebody shared with you via text messaging fred: “dude, i told john about how i banged kevin’s mom over text last night, and now everybody including kevin knows about it!” d’avante: “d-mn that fool done did text and tell on yo -ss”

  • Good suck

    something a male needs (usually one who is innocent or bizzare) to make them socially acceptable timmy is being weird! he needs a good suck from cathy or someone to get him back on his feet.

  • Homothugual

    simply put, the gayness in all thugs. when one thug feels gay for another, they become h-m-thuguals where they will then engage in rough thug intercourse, and they thought we didn’t know. “man look at that raging h-m-thugual!” a thug walks into a bar where his eyes meet another thug, they then make love with […]

  • throwck

    to chock someone while you throw them simotaniously by the neck my roommate was talking sh-t, so to shut him up i was forced to throwck him

  • Squeaky Eel

    when you’re getting a handjob, and you run out of lube, so you have to use wd-40 instead. after meeting on farmer’s meet, and dating for 2 weeks, jenny finally gave timothy a squeaky eel behind the barn.

  • gawh

    aother word for god or gosh. usually first word in a sentence. shelby totally made up the word gawh. gawh he’s so cute. gawh d-mn it!

  • Vagtastic

    adj. describing something with qualities not unlife that of a v-g-n-; being feminine in quality while being supremely fantastic; powerful and s-xy freida was a totally vagtastic film. 11 more definitions adj.- amazing, cool, all together wonderful. “dude that movie was totally vagtastic!” posessing the wonderfullness of a v-g-n-… shaven or otherwise…. if its not […]

  • Trucker Nugget

    when a person sharts while driving. dude!!…i totally just dropped a trucker nugget in your p-ssenger seat.

  • Cherry Trough

    a s-xual position favored for oral s-x from behind whereby one partner (giver) sits with legs spread out, while the other partner (receiver) rests on all fours in front of him with her nether regions near his face. her head is by his feet while her calves rest on his thighs, her feet behind his […]

  • a cold rush of blood

    when you pinch somewhere to remove your erection. i had to pinch my arm to get rid of that b-n-r. it was a cold rush of blood.

  • toilet tongue

    a phrase that means cussing — like “potty mouth”, “garbage mouth”, or “gutter mouth”. don’t drop that coffeepot on your foot, or you’ll develop a case of toilet tongue so severe, the casting director for national lampoon’s new movie “@-$%! you and @-$%! the @-$%ing @-$%! too!” might call and want you to play the […]

  • Swampy Peach

    when you dip your b-lls in sh-t and you get your 5 closest friends to lick/rub the sh-t off. dude, i was so drunk last night that i almost swampy peached at the bar.

  • treap

    someone who is h-m-, but strongly denies it. it is obvious that he/she is gay but they continue saying there not “omg ur sucha a treap” “for the last time, im not!” “yeah sure….”

  • costrophobia

    the fear, anxiety and heavy-sweating -ssociated with thoughts of spending large sums of money. when pondering his monthly budget, the dude had an episode of costrophobia!

  • Disaster Dump

    describing a messy sh-t in a more polite way. billy: “dude you were on the toilet for over an hour!” nick: “ya, sorry man, i had to sort out a disaster dump.” billy: “oh ok, cool.”

  • eldritch

    weird, eerie, but with connotations of being unearthly and perhaps evil or mysteriously sinister “night would soon fall, and it was then that the mountainous blasphemy lumbered upon its eldritch course.” (from h.p. lovecraft’s “the dunwich horror”)


    a kick-ss place that takes gamefaqs to the next level with features like image posting, a currency that’s actually useful for something, and a customizable experience that never gets old. sign up and see what it’s all about ^_^ gamefaqsascii kicks -ss. gamefaqsascii is teh place to be.

  • kris jenner

    a fame hungry control freak who wishes she was 25. her fame hungry, talentless daughter’s, (the kardashians) take up the airwaves and poison the minds of children. only concerned about $ and fame, even though she can’t do sh-t. kris jenner: omg, those stupid housewives are taking up my tv time. i need money now. […]

  • Hollywood Shower

    long time in the shower (royal navy slang) jack: i’m going for a shower. jenny: we have not got much water. no “hollywood showers” please. jerking off in the shower why were u in the shower so long? o i was taking a hollywood shower

  • Hispan-a-holic

    a drunk hispanic or latin woman (in this case) that falls down, starts fights, loses her memory, dances crazy by herself, p-sses out in the car on the way home, or otherwise makes a fool of herself. dude, did you see that drunken -ss latin chick scott was out with last night? she drank more […]

  • surrogate girl/boyfriend

    also called a pseudo-girl/boy friend a close friend of the opposite s-x that you spend a lot of time with and talk to often much the same as you would with a girl/boyfriend, though they never will become your girl/boyfriend due to factors such as, but not limited to: age difference, the other person being […]

  • PPO(Partying Purposes Only)

    ppo or partying purposes only – is a phrase or acronym used when you do something in order to throw the most bad-ss party or keeping the party flowing. ex: person 1: hey man, i just downloaded the best 100 rap songs ever. person 2: you would. person 1: i like to have the best […]

  • anesthesiologist

    expert drug dealer or drug user who provides quality info about drug use. a go-to-person for drugs and usage instructions; one who is especially good at maximizing fun and ensuring safety. the black market equivalent of a real anesthesiologist. “i never do hard drugs without first consulting my anesthesiologist.” “i thought the pill was a […]

  • Who Wants to Be a Moronionaire

    a game show parody hosted by david zinkin on alt.tv.game-shows from february to august of 2000 to combat the idiots of the group. it is a satire of the hit abc quiz show who wants to be a millionaire. spoofs of many cl-ssic game shows were part of this satire. keep feeding trolls and posting […]

  • Asian Salad

    when a man -j-c-l-t-s on a hairy asian woman’s v-g-n- and then proceeds to eat her out. sam had the best asian salad last night at the party.

  • southern plumpkin

    the act of getting a plumpkin (head while taking a sh-t) whilst packing a huge lip flanagan just got a southern plumpkin. the kid got head while taking a dip sh-t!

  • leochan

    supa troll also known as g-yl-rd dude leochan is actually a supa troll

  • lockport water balloon

    to insert your p-n-s into a r-ct-m and urinate. jon gave sally a lockport water balloon last night !!!! she came runnin’ out of his apartment screaming bl–dy murder!!!!!

  • liberalia

    an autonomous region located in the united states where the liberals were mostly sent because of their terroristic behavior, radical ideology, and criminal activities. liberalia shall be guarded at all times!

  • chinatown original

    the name given to anything bought in chinatown (dvds, clothes, electronics) that is supposed to be the real deal but is quite obviously a knock off. jay:man, this dvd is f-cked up it won’t even start playing. joe:that’s what you happens when you buy a chinatown original.


    a group or a gang but not just any gang the best of the best hard core sh-t. did you see that guy,”ya he must be in san clan” for shure dont look at him he will kill you.

  • hugglesmith

    a world created on aim to describe someone who constantly gives out e-hugs (-hugs-) or simple just used for the description of hugging someone a lot. can also be used as hugsmith. chatter 1: i’m a total hugglesmith! -hugs- chatter 2: stop sounding like a 3 year old.

  • Glothing

    glothing™:dance fashions to glow your mind; the sickest rave clothing made from neon fabric and glow sticks (that are easily replaceable) merging fashion, dancing, and music for crazy nights and better memories “what are you gonna wear to the concert tonight?” “glothing!” “f-ck. yes.” 1 more definition all the bad-ss clothing, gloves, hats, shirts, etc… […]

  • liquid diversion

    a t-ss-r on xbox live, who enjoys insulting yanks and female xbox players dude stop being a liquid diversion

  • burrito butthole

    a phenomenon wherein the tortilla is so tightly wrapped around a burrito’s filling that a structural weakness develops. eventually, the burrito’s innards begin protruding from a thin point in the tortilla, causing the mixed juices of the burrito to seep out. the juices typically mimic a brown color and thin viscosity that resembles -n-l leakage. […]

  • pillander

    the act of medding up in game. i’m just taking a sec to pillander as i got knocked hard by that sniper.

  • Stephas

    to be an extremely piece of hot -ss. to make boys want to “tap that” 1. i’d only have s-x with her if she was a stephas.

  • chunkychize

    to be a chunkychize is to be someone who is the largest waste of oxygen to ever exist. he or her (most likely a her) has the largest br–sts in australia and with the slightest gust of wind can topple mountains with ones thighs. f-ck mate chunkychize just ruptured my cavatives last night. thank god […]

  • Toastponcho

    noun. ascending from shoalin and the ruling alliance system of toast, this member posesses the skills and virtue to bend minds through the use of panama red, peruvian gunpowder, and lucy. toastponcho is on the toast team, he rode in on the hurricane!!!!! over

  • male genital mutilation

    term for male circ-mcision. some feminist have used the term female genital mutilation to imply that male circ-mcision is okay.but female circ-mcision is not okay. some people think this is a double standard and use the term male genital mutilation. male genital mutilation is also not okay. any form of act involving permanent and irreversible […]

  • Nikita

    courageous, outgoing girl, who loves attention. likes parties, boys, and anything that let’s her have as much fun as she can. despite her good qualities, she tends to be a heartbreaker, a c-cktease, and a friendship killer. she’ll be your friend until she finds someone who you love and crushes your relationship. girl 1: that […]