Last Update: December 6, 2017
  • quinston

    quinstont a name that also get confused with quinton or quinsy. a well put together soul that enjoy laughter and joy also a caring, lovable, s-xy, hot chocolate skin with a nice smile and kindhearted person you will ever meet. just dont cross him wrong are you will be sorry. (low key petty) quinston just […]

  • Ghini

    short for “lamborghini”; an italian sports car company. often used because people are too lazy to say lamborghini. look how fast that ghini’s going! the shaft in various mammals leading from the uterus to the v-lv-; v-g-n- hey yo man, check out that looks that girls gotta give me, i’m about to go over there […]

  • Fornever Alone

    someone who is afraid to be single. rather than just cutting it off, they’re willing to sit on a cr-ppy relationship till someone better comes along. that tay tay is destined to be fornever alone. #forneveralone

  • manslutty

    having the characteristics of a mansl-t. person #1: is that guy really seeing five different ladies at once, and none of them know about the others? person #2: yeah, he’s really mansl-tty, if you ask me.

  • Nick Ostrander

    born in the year 1296 and is well known throughout the andromeda galaxy as “king c-ckosaurus d-ck” (definition- the biggest p-n-s ever created in the existance of everything.) also he is known to be still alive today but hiding. he is a pimp and can do whatever the f-ck he wants whenever, where ever. personality […]

  • like sherman through atlanta

    to pursue something with such fierce determination and with the intention of succeeding with no thought of the consequences or a possibility of collateral damage kymberlie pursued that audition spot for lead guitarist with dyk illusion at the house of blues like sherman through atlanta.

  • Raleen

    an original, with cl-ssical origins that have defined the elite for centuries. raleen embodies a combination of many traits…southern belles, historical romance, uncanny intelligence, insightful

  • Rat Slut

    a girl who looks like a rat/mouse and who is a sl-t ali garrido is a rat sl-t a girl who dresses in a velour tracksuit, dyes her hair blonde but has dark roots, has a fake tan and has a face that looks like a rodent. see jersey sh-r-. bro 1: dude did you […]

  • left guard

    1. the guard positioned to the left of the center in a offensive football formation. usually the better guard because most quarterbacks are right handed therefore the better guard is protecting the quarterback’s back. 2. a guy’s best friend. people started using it in reference to the left guard position in football. 1. you play […]

  • Penile Rejection

    when you see a girl, and its like “oh.. im not h-rny anymore” oh.. im not h-rny anymore 1 more definition when a girl see’s your p-n-s and decides not to have s-x, either due to large or smallness, or perhaps warts or any other sign of vd. could be just that you are ugly! […]

  • madruga

    awesome men with giant weiners they are very pleasing to look at and super intelligent. best lovers, they often have muiltiple hot female lovers. the women however are b-tches. they are often very rich and live in the turlock and los angles area. they are of portugese decent. mainly from the azores islands oh man […]

  • Chyloe

    your name of chyloe creates a desire for -ssociation with people and new experiences. this name has given you a gregarious personality and a quick-thinking, creative, and versatile nature, but one that is very emotional. you desire change and travel and would enjoy opportunities that allowed you to be creative and to act independently, rather […]

  • Urban dic’d it

    when you refer to a word you looked up on urban dictionary. used as a verb, just like “googled”. julia: do you know what a ‘thot’ means? salma: yeah, i urban dic’d it.

  • astrospex

    similar to asian goggles where a man rests his testes in each eye socket of his partner (usually female). the difference with astrospex is the partner is on top and he/she slowly lowers her/his eyes onto the partners b-lls. i could barely see anything through my new astrospex

  • willforbesd

    the act of engaging in a s-xual act with an underage person, and or rape. person1: dude !! u know that girl from college? person2: the underage one? person1: yea, i totally willforbesd her !!!!!!

  • ask whore

    someone who asks for f-ck-ng everything. literally anything. even if they already have one. ex. ask wh-r-: can i borrow a pencil? you: you’re holding one. ask wh-r-: yeah but that one is prettier.

  • marital coma

    the years spent in a bad marriage. the time which was lost in marital h-ll. upon waking up out of a marital coma a woman behaves the age she was when she got married. marital comas contribute greatly to the cougar phenomenon. upon waking from her 14 year marital coma, maggie was fiercly attracted to […]

  • Nigward

    someone that’s of african american descent and is so annoying that they remind you of squidward from the tv show spongebob squarepants. that b-tch is such a nigward. they should kick her out of the bar.

  • Ace point

    the first point in backgammon.

  • Normons

    the normons are like the mormons …..but normal. normal being boring….. conforming with, adhering to, or const-tuting a norm, standard, or type. if this is you then you are a normon i am sorry you had to find out this way. you are evil just like the mormons. the normons believe an acient prophet complied […]

  • Joe 90

    american/british origin: the act of reneging from a sensible argument into a name calling/p-ssing match. i was having what seemed to be a sensible conversation, then he pulled a joe 90 on me and it descended into an uncultured, rude, p-ss-ng match.

  • Twat Scum

    someone with a nasty v-g-n-. stinky, smelly, crotch rot. latuna needs to wash herself because i can smell her tw-t sc-m from here!

  • Adam bede

    a novel (1859) by george eliot. historical examples george eliot, somewhere in adam bede, has a mot: when a donkey sets out to sing, everybody knows beforehand what the tune will be. the english novel sidney lanier my chief complaint with adam bede himself is that he is too good. the atlantic monthly, volume 18, […]

  • daah

    used by finnish p-ssis, eng. w00t? or woot? = what? term of exitement: -siiz daah? -w00t?

  • Ascertainable

    to find out definitely; learn with certainty or -ssurance; determine: to ascertain the facts. archaic. to make certain, clear, or definitely known. historical examples whether it rains, and whether i bring my umbrella, are each severally matters of atomic fact, ascertainable by observation. our knowledge of the external world as a field for scientific method […]

  • gina bae

    a girl who thinks is funny but isnt. watches to much anime, and always quotes it. no on ever knows what she is saying, because she talks to fast, and has a strong asian accent person: i watched way to much anime person 2: are you pulling a gina bae?

  • ioon

    (eey-yoon)the high pitched yet gentle coo of an asian woman making love. from their room i heard a soft “ioon”.

  • cartOOnman™

    a very highly skilled player in the medal of honor fps multiplayer online game. he knows all the tricks and mod’s and, will employ cheats, hacks, glitches ect… to dominate all noobs and vets alike. if you play moh online and cross cartoonman™’s path, your only option is to run, and likly, will not save […]

  • tediocre

    something which is both tedious and mediocre “jeez, i thought benjamin b-tton would never end… what a tediocre movie!”

  • zyka

    something that is sweet or an action that was amazing holy sh-t man, that was zyka!

  • steinered

    to be extremely tired; to have no energy left i got very little sleep last night and now i’m so steinered!

  • Walliloop

    a term for the moment you pick up a new card in cards against humanity that would have been perfect for the previous round. q: what am i giving up for lent? -puts card in pile- -picks up new card- greg- d-mn! tina- did you get wallilooped? greg- yeah this card is funny as sh-t.

  • inhabitant

    (n) a person or animal that lives in a particular place. 1.the first inhabitant of the farm was my great-grandfather, who built the house. 2.many of the immigrants have intermarried with the island’s original inhabitants.

  • Useless Crap for Crap

    another of strong bad’s favourite sayings. why you useless cr-p for cr-p!

  • the awkward dolphin

    a derivative of the “awkward turtle”. it is when one -ssumes a squatting position and then proceeds to make sounds familiar to that of a pregnant walrus (sounds something like this: “urgh urgh urgh urgh urgh!”), whilst waving their arms by their wast. unlike the turtle however, it is used to create socially awkward situations, […]

  • Hempn

    sometimes spelled ” hemping” is the act of driving to the worst part of town to look for the nearest drug dealer. usually looking for hemp. dude 1: i wanna smoke some bud. right f-ck-ng now! dude 2: sh-t, let’s go hempn or dude 1: d-mn, where’s alex, were supposed to be smokin right now. […]

  • K-Block

    the place where party magic happens every day. kimbark. “dude, are you going to fiji tonight?” “no way, i’m trying to get in to k-block!” the region of kirkland, a suburb of montreal, quebec, canada. referred to as “k-block” mostly by youth and young adults. nwk and swk are abbreviations for northwest k-block and southwest […]

  • Neuteronomy

    a book in the bible depicting an elderly man having his “package” ripped off by a pack of ravenous poodles timmy green was very concerned when his bible teacher decided to read a p-ssage from “mother gooch & her 10 f-cklings” to the cl-ss instead of the -ssigned p-ssage from neuteronomy

  • tyeson

    tyeson, he’s an altruistic individual, highly original and a p-ssionate lover if you’re lucky enough to have chance with him, he’s reserved and quiet but a prankster with his friends. people that know him consider him a friend, he’s empathetic and sensitive to other’s feelings and energy. he’s highly intuitive and some what of a […]

  • Errectum

    when you get a b-n-r by looking at -sses. usually female -sses. guy #1: did you see ______ lastnight? guy #2: yeah, man. _______ gives me an err-ct-m. guy #1: an err-ct-m? what’s that? guy #2: you know? an err-ct-m. where you get a b-n-r by looking at a smoking hot -ss.

  • NAIT Syndrome

    in reference to the northern alberta inst-tute of technology, or nait. the syndrome affects any and all students who attend the facility, and even some pedestrians walking by. common symptoms of nait syndrome are severe mental r-t-rdation, loss of bowel control, and loss of previous education. nait syndrome actually makes an individual lose their high […]

  • bosss

    being.. awsome it is a state of mind in which you are a gansta signs that someone is in their bosss stage is that spelling wont matter any more all u care about is to acomplish ur goal wheather its to pimp kill or juss be sweet to compliment something anything can be bosss exept […]


    1. ultimate street fighter move. 2. ryu when hungry. 3. ryu’s ultimate hurricane kick. 4. egoraptor’s view of street fighter. 5. ryu on drugs. 6. blanka’s cooking. 7. pound cake (no sh-t) 8. a punch line. 9. the only time ryu was ever funny. blanka: -roar!- would anybody like some pound cake!? ryu: (jumping out […]

  • hangworthy

    adjective. of or pertaining to a situation or action which warrants the tying of a noose around one’s neck. bernice’s behavior in pilates cl-ss today was particularly hangworthy, with the spandex and all.

  • Tampedo

    a tampon (used or otherwise) that has been propelled by some means, such as throwing or via a catapult. “oh cr-p, here comes a bombardment of tampedos. look out that ones been used!” another way of relating the menstrual cycle to random bursts of explosive b-tchy-ness derivatives tampon+ torpedo= tampedo fire all tampedos! but we […]

  • burger pants

    cody that guy named cody is such burger pants

  • Jerry’s Daughter

    intoxication to the point of physical r-t-rdation and/or mongoloid facial expressions. i was so wasted last night i looked like jerry’s daughter.

  • Amblivious

    being beautifully ignorant of what’s happening around you, or deliberately trying to act as though you don’t care or aren’t aware of what’s happening around you. gaddafi is amlibivious of the civil war in his country. he honked the horn to let her know her gas tank was open, but she was amblivious.

  • flamon

    a flaming monkey digimon. did you see that episode where takuya was a flamon? a flaming salmon. man sara you look flamon in that outfit.

  • shawkenaw

    the act of pummeling an opponent with extreme force, especially in self-defense they retaliated with unforgettable shawkenaw. 1. to pummel one with extreme force and at a great advantage 2. deliver the pain with ease 3. spread m-ss destruction on a drunken rampage we sure gave those 6 year olds the shawkenaw when they wouldn’t […]