Last Update: July 17, 2019
  • farmer society

    the society for farmers in ireland. it’s very hard to get access into this society, as the leaders are very strict he’s in the farmer society, he must be a really good farmer

  • kennankles

    extreme kankles or very large ankles; ankles that are high in fat content look at the wiggles on those kennankles, get some lipo on that.

  • Chicktache

    when a girl grows a mustache and completely ignores it until it is pointed out ryan: oh my god, i can’t even see her smile through that chicktache!

  • dirty milk

    to spoil a girl like milk, and then f-ck her b–bs. one might say it looks like the male is making cottage cheese or churning b-tter. man i gave my girlfriend the dirty milk last night.

  • fiav

    a really bad lie “my friend john keeps telling me fiavs… i can’t believe him”

  • Hyebneh

    1. interjection: used to express extreme disapproval of a girl’s appearance. 2. noun: an unattractive woman antonym: hyebeh 1. “oh sh-t look at that babe, shes fine.” “wtf. hyebneh” 2. “dude, that girl shreshthkna is a f-ckin hyebneh. barf”

  • long dong ping pong

    having a stiff c-ck and your pants pulled down, then having a ping pong match in order to prove that you have the superior family gems. done usually when you are beyond wasted and/or high at a party to entertain those around you for petty compliments and rewards. dude #1: “dude, did you see zach’s […]

  • gaytor

    some one who isn’t h-m-phobic but just a h-m-s-xual hater. jake is such a gaytor, he cannot even be next to a gay man. 0 0 student at the university of florida at gainesville (uf-g) all gaytors wear jhorts 210 125 a person who goes to that m-ssively overrated dump of a school called uf. […]

  • Misconception

    when a girl has a baby and finds out the father is someone she originally thought it was not. a woman thinks her baby was conceived by someone else. my friend thought he was the father of her baby, but when the baby was born we found out she had a misconception, because the baby […]

  • Documentary

    p-rn, what you watch when you m-st-rb-t- hey man, don’t come into my room for a bit, i’m going to be watching a doc-mentary. kthxbai it’s like a regular movie except it has ugly people. guy 1: man that movie had some ugly people in it guy 2: are you suprised it was a doc-mentary […]

  • dictionary server

    someone who uses this site to slander individuals that he or she is simply jealous of people who post to try to make other people feel bad are useless dictionary_server ‘s.

  • Antonaut

    the antonym of “juggernaut”. the proverbial nickname of the “big brother” type ent-ty that was surrept-tiously halted as “deus ex machina”, or “act of god”, in the early part of the 21st century earth history. alternate definitions include: a) grasp-44 – an exacerbated “catch-22”. b) the arbitrarily appearing gunman paradox – unilateral “suicidality” upward momentum. […]

  • Gapchi

    it’s the sp-ce between the inner thigh and the groins. where the tighties usually sneak in… my gapchi hurts, due to the “wedgies” during ragging. or anything to do w/ guch as well…

  • bait snatcher

    a guy who takes all the girls from the rest of the civilized population bait sn-tcher is james kim

  • Manilapede

    a creature who calls the small, northern california beach side community of manila home. a totally awesome dune metal art concept band there’s a manilapede at the party. the enigmatic messages of manilapede.

  • Fumey

    a fumey is a guy which is easily rencognizable with the cloches he wears. his favorite coulours are pink (so gay), green and orange ! oh come on, it’s funerals, get the f-ck out with this orange shirt ans this green pants, you’re like a fumey !

  • Action Quake

    old school mod for quake 1 and quake 2. very fun giving the game modern guns and a cops versus robbers feel. it is toted as being the original counter-strike. the m4 is the best gun in action quake

  • Rooms For Rent

    codename for shrooms “hey man, do you hace any rooms for rent?”

  • cranktastic

    used as an adjective crankstastic is used to describe a feeling of euphoria. coming from the root words of crank and bombtastic it combines the joy of using crank, a drug, with elements of bombtasticity, greatness. man, that crank was the most cranktastic crank i ever cranked. pshhhh!

  • Tenticulate

    tenticulate (verb) to wrap, cover or tangle in a network of tentacles or tentacle-like items or appendages. 1. due to steve’s carelessness, the computer became tenticulated in a mess of wires, cables and cords. 2. david’s hugs were so aggressive that kathy felt tenticulated, smothered in his arms and other body parts like a small […]

  • Shaanu

    the goddess of the realm of food and beauty. none match upto the rare mixture of beauty and brains she possesses. her personality is rather bubbly and envigorating. a great lover and a good companion, these creatures very rare to find in the milky way. another quality that she possesses is her effortless ability to […]

  • trina vega

    an idiot off of the nickelodeon show victorious wow i would hate to be her, trina vega

  • The tation

    lanky b-ll-nd of inbred country origins who is partial to farmyard animals and the like. oh god, its the tation!!!

  • Baltimore Slide

    when a car in the left lane of the highway suddenly slides over three lanes and takes the exit. usually no signal. “christ where did he come from, he must be from baltimore.” that s the baltimore slide. i’d recognize it anywhere

  • equitom

    the recognition of obscure emotion (appreciation, l-st) usually registered whilst recieving golf tees or intricately shaped notes. tiger expressed ‘equitom” towards prysayus. tiger loves prysayus, prysayus loves tiger.

  • lindsey pussy

    the best p-ssy you’ll ever have. lindsey p-ssy is so good.

  • farmers’ market

    a girl with two very different sized br–sts. her chest was a farmers market, but she only wanted me to enjoy the grapefruit on the right, not the poor lonely left lemon. (v)–to penetrate someone -n-lly in an environment in which organic and/or animal-friendly goods are sold for a reasonable price from canvas or hemp […]

  • Brondale

    the most amazing man on this earth! he is sweet, loving, s-xy, respectful, and an amazing lover! he knows how to pleasure a women. brondale is so s-xy.

  • jizzmonger

    1. a devourer of j-zz (s-m-n). 2. a demonic monster much like an incubus that rather than devouring young children devours j-zz. you j-zzmonger, stop f-cking sucking my j-zz out. a person who’s gagging for sperm. kathy is such a j-zzmonger, she just can’t get enough! it’s like a j-zzwhale’s appet-te for sp-nkton. a receptacle […]

  • mennella

    anyone who has this last name is a complete god at fortnite mennella’s are just too godly

  • jerming

    when you jam out to a day to remember. i’m jerming out!

  • Bible fight

    when you and at least one other person fight,using bibles as weapons. “hey you kids stop defacing the bible!” kids:”we were just bible fighting…”

  • nixus

    large south african irc network nixus.org “i’m bored! lets go admire the nixus irc opers”

  • Stenosed

    dissed; put in one’s place b-tch you just got stenosed!

  • tape scraper

    a manager who is obsessed with the trivial, while completely unconcerned with the substantial issues of the working environment. the reference comes from a boss who would prefer that you’d scr-pe the scotch tape off the break room table than actually complete a work project. sara’s boss is such a tape scr-per. she insisted that […]

  • thumbtext

    form of shorthand used when sending text messages on cell phones. thumbtext is critical in order to efficiently communicate with someone when trying to type words on a keypad that uses 8 keys to sum up the entire alphabet. when you’re driving on the freeway, there just isn’t time to type out all the letters […]

  • Zavannah

    a gr-ssy plain from the future or a girl’s name girl of the future zavannah, get your -ss over here.

  • adisa

    someone with a mysterious split personality,one whom next actions cant be predicted you are turning into an adisa

  • shawntrica

    is a name for a ‘down for you’ type chick. most people call her ‘trica’ she is hood, but sweet. she gets her hair done as much as possible, and loves southern rap. she is friends with mostly neighborhood people and has one friend from ” up north shawty”. shawntrica has great b–bs and loves […]

  • poop snatchet

    a smelly kid who goes by bob and litterally eats children and also sn-tches the farts from kaleboi p–p sn-tchet sn-tchs p–p

  • smeef

    queef + sm-gm-. when you have s-x with a cheesy d-ck and feel the g-ssy aftermath. i banged a hobo and now i feel a smeef coming on. noun: 1. a nonsense word that just sounds funny a. a pet’s name b. a modern name for a child c. a tourette’s syndrome outburst. 2. a […]

  • AOkaholik

    an aokaholik is someone that has a constant connection to ao and finds it to drink em, buy em even steal em. it is overwhelming for them to try to go without ao! it is characterized by compulsive and uncontrolled action towards ao! its postive effects on the users health, relationships, and social standing can […]

  • slippy gurn

    when your jaw senselessly loses control and moves side to side without you being aware of it: under the effects of ecstasy. yooo check mikey’s slippy gurn! man that pills giving you a slippy gurn bro woah that guys gone all the way to spangladesh, slippy gurn for days

  • stretch top hat

    the act of intercourse using a condom. upon completion of -j-c-l-t–n into the condom, the male takes the comdo filled with sperm and stretches it over the female counterparts head. the female then blows air into the condom with her nose until it pops. i gave rachel a stretch top hat last night and when […]

  • tarfuckshlitz

    the simple combination of a r-t-rd piece of f-cking shlitz. many of these tarf-ckslhitz exist in modern day society. beware of the virus they spread though, tarf-ckshlitz is the only existing disease that can penetrate any mind; this sucks more c-ck than elton john….this can be -ssociated with my sibling andrew. this species will kill […]

  • Ripe Tits

    when a girl exercises wearing a sports bra, afterwards her t-ts become extremely firm and enjoyable. therefore they are ripe, or good for the picking! i just biked 40 miles.. when i got home in the shower i had a serious case of ripe t-ts!

  • Twattic

    a wizards sleeve that was once filled with many things but has now become dusty, dilapidated and mouldy through disuse. “oh mildred, a young man came round the other day to clear out my attic. afterwards he cleaned out my tw-ttic free of charge.” “can i have his number ethel?”

  • Colombian Sex Change

    when you go into a rusty old van and get your c-ck chopped off with a weed whacker or a chain saw. you are given two thin napkins to stop the bleeding. yo, vazquez just got a colombian s-x change.

  • Taco cloud

    a fermented gas released from the -n-s of a mexican fast food patron, that causes a stench unmatched by anything else in the world. i was about 15 feet away in a well ventilated area, but that taco cloud still hit me, and i threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Addlepated

    1: befuddled; confused 2: eccentric; peculiar 3: senseless; mad; insane jafar: soon i will be sultan, not that addlepated twit. kaylee: like to get addlepated ourselves, we stay on this boat much longer.