Last Update: November 19, 2017
  • caedmon

    charming, makes any girl smile. very protective, do not make him jealous. easygoing, however fights for what he believes is right. if you have a caedmon, he’s a keeper! you’re dating caedmon?! so lucky!


    laughing so hard i’ve prolapsed oh! that is funny, lship! laughed so hard i pooted i got tickled after about twelve bong hits. next thing i know lship. oops! pr-nounced l-ship. an acronym that stands for laugh so hard i puke. d-mn! thats hilarious!!! –barf– aw man, i lship’ed! laughed so hard i pee’d mostly […]

  • lusband

    lesbian husband. what a woman married to or partnered with another woman might call her better half. i’ve been with my lusband for thirty years, but for some reason we still can’t get family health insurance or a tax break.

  • urban cock

    the feeling of your p-n-s after have s-x with an indian. d-mn, that was great but now i have an urban c-ck

  • hood chick

    a woman who is independent makes her own money but is stereotyped because she wears nice clothes. well educated but also is streetwise and is also intellectual. she can be very standoffish at times if she approached ill-mannered. can articulate well about many different subjects. although alia is considered sn-bby, she very well cultured and […]

  • webaqoof

    “a *_webaqoof_* is one who believes every word or information on the internet and social media is true..” 😆 new word in the urban dictionary.. *_webaqoof_* – “a *_webaqoof_* is one who believes every word or information on the internet and social media is true..” 😆

  • give me your taste

    the taste that is tasted, must first be asked for, and then given. (v-g-n-l) guy or girl: (in the club) give me your taste. girl: my what? guy or girl: your v-g-n-. girl: okay 😉

  • FoCo

    short for fort collins, a city in northern colorado. if you’re ever there stop by blue hall, it will change your life. what’s going on in foco tonight? cristal meth smoked in a light bulb. heavy use of this drug can make you very agressive, schizoid and paranoid. other spanish slangs we use he in […]

  • asmiscmasscism

    a man made concept, -n-logy or unit, that explains something that truly doesn’t exist. for instance, energy is not a real thing, but a concept that humans have created in order to create physical laws about energetic processes. another example would be the number 0, which is not real (as it is nothing) yet we […]

  • jewkob

    a jewish person with the name jakob. he normally owes people money, but is very rich himself. the nickname “jewkob” can also refer to a non jewish person with the name jakob, but shows stereotypical jewish traits and owe people money. jewkob owes me £10 from when i brought him lunch. my friend jewkob is […]

  • itchb

    1. alternative for b-tch. 2. a person who behaves stupidly. joe: hey ryan, when are you going to make it to the party? ryan: oh, sorry i’m saying this two hours late but i cannot make it. joe: you itchb.

  • lodsys

    to attempt to f-ck someone in the -ss by threatening to sue them if they don’t accept said -ssf-ck, and even though you have absolutely no legitimate legal standing to sue, you know the person will likely accept said -ssf-ck because it’s much cheaper than him hiring a lawyer, who may or may not be […]

  • shalay

    presumably local term given to meth pipe around atlanta georgia. usually made out of a lightbulb. dude, you don’t even know how to get the shalay rocking right. a shalay is one of the best things to smoke meth from.. people at the gas stations call them “incense burners”. if you but a shalay at […]

  • Cheesy Bitch Slap

    when the cheese comes off a slice of pizza and hits your face. bill was eating his slice of pizza when he got a cheesy b-tch slap.

  • black snail

    tall skinny white dude who is on probation and addicted to coffee creamer and copenhagen. likes to take plane rides over austin i like to take me a big ole dip of copenhagen cause i’m the black snail

  • Stomach ESP

    when you are able to look at portions of food and fortell how full it would make you feel if you did eat it. this allows you to gauge the amount you eat. dude, i was totally going to scarf on that huge plate of fries, then i had stomach esp and decided not to.

  • meritrocity

    a case of achievement without merit the fact that she was named department director above several more qualified candidates was a meritrocity.

  • Nuke juice

    when having s-x with your girl before you have an -rg-sm you pull your d-ck out of your girls v-g-n-, c-ck slap her 25 times in the face then j-zz on her face. duuuude i just nuke juiced you!

  • tivolicious

    someone or something so hot you want to see it again. rewind the tv, that girl is tivolicious.

  • Fredsell

    amazing person who is smart and sporty!!! the fredsell family was sprinkletastic

  • norhead

    an unfortunate anatomical feature, where nose blends seamlessly into forehead without interruption from the brow line. exceedingly rare, but quite remarkable when you see one. holy cr-p, check out the norhead on that girl!

  • SOAGed

    the negative snowball effect felt by an individual, group, or an organization that occurs when your boss wants to change things merely to make themself look good to their superiors and justify their job position. also see f-cked over. did you hear that bob wants to change our organizational structure and focus? wow, we are […]

  • Inuraika

    small pink dog. what a gay inuraika o.o

  • Project V Distillery and Sausage Co.

    the best distillery in the north west! home of single silo chi vodka, the single tastiest beverage on the face of the earth. it and its quirky, volkswagen/lamborghini driving makers are loved by all, from the new york times and columbia tower club to dive bars biker gangs. does not actually make sausage. random thirsty […]

  • ambrowdextrous

    n: someone who can raise either eyebrow in a quizzical expression. adj: describing the expression in which one raises one eyebrow at someone and then lowers it and raises the other. when jonah said something silly and barely believable, noah looked at him with an ambrowdextrous expression. (note to editors: this is true of my […]

  • wet trumpet

    getting urinated on during the act of s-x either as foreplay or post s-x. she gave me a hot wet trumpet before we f-cked

  • heronimous

    an unruly and curly hairstyle, also known as the brandon berry. with an oddly shaped head. that man has an awesome heronimous.

  • allyyXcore

    the state of being awesome, cool, hot, and everything good. nothing can compare to allyyxcore. that girl is so allyyxcore that when she walks down the street.. people stare in awe.

  • eavespeeking

    casually look at someone’s computer screen to see what they’re up to i was eavespeeking my coworker’s screen only to see he was working on getting reddit karma

  • fuck me up the ass and call me your bitch

    when someone bamboozles you, being bamboozled when someone makes a fool out of you declan: i told you dave, she sent nudes to five other guys. you owe me five bucks! dave: well f-ck me up the -ss and call me your b-tch! dave: -hands over a crisp 5 dollar bill

  • trail knuckle

    flatulence released as you walk leaving a trail of stench that hits one in the face like a fist. often used while hiking. someone just left a trail knuckle. watch out for that trail knuckle.

  • Ruski

    definition: slang for russian. (not racist because russians are not a race) hi ruski uk based artist / musician / photographer / graphic designer / exhibitionist ruski !!! this is a mispr-nounced russian word for “russian”. at list that is what i hear in the hollywood movies. it should be spelt “rooskii” to sound right […]

  • Dufret

    a pubic hair style that men may sometimes have. this word naming the pubic style consists of d-ck-p-b-s-afro-mullet. was known to be more popular in the 70’s disco era. jane: i dated this guy who was completely hairless once kelly: well that’s not as bad as this guy i dated who had a dufret.

  • crout bastard

    a slur for germans, used usually in the context of world war ii. i’m going to kill those n-z- crout b-st-rds!

  • slow news day virus

    a simple and minor issue that is blown way out of porportion by the media when there is nothing else to report. the public becomes deathly worried about something that is no more dangerous than the common flu. ie. sars, bird flu, mad cow, killer bees, etc. person a: “did you hear about the sars […]

  • zuaneth

    a beautiful girl and friend she’s the realist of them all she will beat someone’s -ss if she has to. ”hey zuaneth you want to go out.”

  • Whoopsy Christ

    a stronger form of whoopsy daisy: an exclamation expressing surprise at a somewhat larger than minor accident. whoopsy christ! i didn’t mean to hit that pedestrian. is everyone in the car ok?

  • Tent-Farggler

    a sp-ce term for a ur-n-s land rover ” yep, that tent farggler has just landed! congrats, the tent-farggler has landed!!!”

  • chezzing

    when somebody continuously lies about their life and experiences in order to look cool and help cover up other lies bill : im a firefighter/emt in a small town near boston adam: oh please…quit chezzing me bill when you tell a sh-tty joke that doesnt have a punch line, but you make out that it […]

  • whore list

    a list made by mildly promiscuous teenaged girls comprised of their potential conquests. names are crossed off as the s-x act is completed. they are posted in the bedroom of whichever friend is in the least danger of the list-owner’s boyfriend viewing it. “he’s f-ck-ng hot, he is so on my wh-r- list.” “so i […]

  • club couple

    a couple that begins their relationship with drunken s-x after meeting at a club, then awkwardly attempts to make a go of things in the non-club world. these couples typically find that they only feel comfortable going on more club dates and simply can’t function in other scenarios. estimated time to expiration: 1-2 weeks. very, […]

  • dmk

    a dutch abbreviation meaning ”that’s pretty f-ck-d up” in dutch (das mooi klote). mainly used in the east of the netherlands. person 1: my dog died. person 2: dmk mate. abbreviations for dirty mexican kid speaker 1: gee that guy is a f-g speacker 2:whatta dmk abbreviation for die murder kill. also see 187 dirty […]

  • bibblies

    br–sts “stop lookin at my bibblies”

  • grassball

    the game of soccer, without any rules. let’s play gr-ssball during recess!

  • banoodles

    crazy for. crazy, trippin’, wack, off the hook, k fizzle, off the heezy, tyte, b-tchin’ andrea chen is banoodles for linkin park. the girls went banoodles after they heard the hott guy in their math cl-ss had dropped out. insane, to go insane “this season’s going to be banoodles!!!” -mia michaels insane, crazy, awesome “this […]

  • herpette

    same as herpina. meta name for a female in comix on memebase and reddit. origin is feminized form of “herp” i derped the herpette after herpina turned me down.

  • Empty compliment

    saying a compliment without really meaning it and just to make the other person feel good. bill: hey phil you are really beautiful. phil: no, i’m not. even my grandma calls me ugly. bill: stop being so hard on yourself. phil: well then stop giving me empty compliments.

  • Spam celery

    a term used to describe a vegetarian meal that secretly contains traces of meat. the vegetarian has no idea that he/she has totally gone against the rules of vegetarianism. man: oh my god you so just ate some spam celery, not feeling so vegetarian now are you! vegetarian: -cries and hides from all humanity-

  • Barking and dagenham

    noun a borough of e greater london. pop: 165 900 (2003 est). area: 34 sq km (13 sq miles)

  • sleep sex

    the act of sleeping naked next to your best friend and he/she is also naked and you wake up in the morning and find her or him on top of u with the p-n-s inserted into the p-ssy. i woke up with my best friends d-ck in me and we dont know how it got […]