Last Update: May 17, 2022
  • wind tunnel

    this “s-x” position requires 8 males, doesn’t matter if gay or not. first guy: on hands and knees with -ss hanging out (nude) second guy: holding first guy’s -ss crack open (preferably not touching the inside of the b-m. third guy: doing the same thing as the first guy, yet on top of him fourth: […]

  • will to win

    the ability to do whatever is necessary in life to achieve your goals in life, sports, or any endeavor you undertake. the will to win is a phrase held by only those who truly believe in the will to do something that others believe one cannot do. person who needs to believe should rely on […]

  • Long-Booty-Swamp Ass

    1. when mexican women, or “mexican” women wear jeans with no back pockets and they’re jeans are so tight that their -ss folds over their jeans. 2. when old women have long -sses and wear granny panties and its saggy as h-ll. look-a-dat lady righ der she got long-booty-swamp -ss

  • godspouse

    modern (possibly revived), heathen, devotional, spiritual practice. usually has incredibly liberal lifestyle and political leanings. man, that godspouse might be mad as a hatter for his god, but he makes the best mead on the planet. 1) the generally female, mortal love interest/consort/bestie of a deity; 2) a delusion, possibly related to schizophrenia, dissociative ident-ty […]

  • nut city

    another term for jerking off after you see something that gets you going. dude i’m about to go to nut city after seeing that pic.

  • Human Fire Extingusher

    when a midget dresses up in a red outfit and foams out the mouth due to drinking too much alka-seltzer. “for halloween im dressing up as a human fire extingusher”

  • 420juice

    term that originated in calico rock, arkansas. slang for weed, bud, or resin. “ok man i’ma get the 420juice you get the booze”

  • Brandon Holmes

    a really cool guy who used to know a cool kid named troy but troy f-cked him over and thats not cool that kid brandon holmes is really cool.

  • Fart Symbol

    the fart symbol is an underground hand motion that one uses to secretly warn approaching friends that a fart has just been released into a very crowded room by the claimer who has symbold the warning. the symbol is most often used in loud atmospheres where code words are not legible within a safe distance. […]

  • Pullin’ a Davis

    this is when, you get sooo sh-t-faced (drunk) that you have s-x with a lesbian and do not remember the next morning. this often happens when you drink a twosix in less than ten minutes. adam: guys, i f-cked up! jordan: what happened? adam: i pulled a davis!!! jordan: holy sh-t you better hope she […]

  • zero germs

    means when you never hook up with someone..never kissed someone man he has zero germs

  • Todd Bertuzzi

    right winger for the anaheim mighty ducks, but more commonly known as an act of drinking two beers at one time, also known as double-fisting….fisting, tee hee. d-mn, you should have seen brandon last night. that idiot puked in my fish tank because he was pulling a todd bertuzzi all night. a. the best hockey […]

  • ratchet mouth

    when you wake up in the morning after a long night of hard core drinking and smoking and you get up and don’t brush your teeth as an example, giggles woke up from a crazy night of drinking and smoking at a friends house (without brushing her teeth when she woke up). when she woke […]

  • Vandermaas

    generally good as packing lots of things into small bags. collectors. their houses are full of large collections because they do not know when to stop. luckily, they are good at fitting it all into little or no sp-ce at all. look at how much she packed into that tiny purse, she’s so vandermaas !

  • Pryz

    abbreviation for “pryzbala center”. the cafeteria at the catholic university of america. the food sucks and you get hit on by “little wayne”, who makes grilled cheezies. dude i’m so stoned, let’s go eat at the pryz.

  • poopsucka

    one who proceeds to swallow entire t-rds whole and love it. dillon, you are a p–psucka!

  • uphill horticulturalist

    1.giver of -n-l s-x whilst standing up2. vertical sh-t shoveller drop your pants you are about to experience the wonderful power of me, an uphill horticulturalist.

  • smack wylin

    1.to talk real crazy; not making any sense. 2.a false statement; something ludicrous. girl 1: i know you gotta a weave! girl 2: girl you smack wylin i don’t do weaves!

  • chick-fil-itis

    that feeling you get when you’re craving chick-fil-a on a sunday but it’s closed. *on a sunday* person 1: “bro, i’m craving chick-fil-a.” person 2: *hits blunt* “it’s not open bro, it’s sunday. you got chick-fil-itis man.”

  • carmelo capocasale

    a random 50 year old who is getting randomly added on social media. once you friend him he posts “welcome” to your timeline and shares a photo of you onto his timeline. do any of us know who he is? no, but he is a friend all facebook users must have. “i have a new […]

  • eskimoing

    laying in bed all day and occasionally thinking about having s-x but it is too cold. dude did you do her? no, i was totally eskimoing.

  • landun

    landun’s are kind and nice but like intimacy to much they are great kisser and have really dreamy eyes and they are also really beautiful hey do u see landun over there he’s a beauty

  • boneritus

    you have a b-n-r from something…it won’t go down!!! your sister gives me such b-n-ritus!

  • swatsika

    incorrect spelling of swastika spelling be spell swastika kid:s-w-a-t-s-i-k-a the juden spelt it wrong!

  • budgment

    one’s ability to differentiate between good and bad bud/weed. newb smokers often suffer from this affliction and get ripped off. “yo bro, lend me some money and i’ll get you some dank green, i promise” -“nah dude, i don’t trust your budgment.” “shiiiiit, my budgment is better than yours! last week you bought some schwag […]

  • Hippie mac and cheese

    mac and cheese made with only b-tter, no milk and of course the cheese that comes with. some hippies put extra b-tter in their milkless mac and cheese. historical note: my wife was “in another state of mind” (she’s a hippie) and forgot to add the milk in our mac and cheese one night after […]

  • Brown and Crouppen

    not just a law office but something you cough up in a hot steamy shower in the morning. after a long night of smoking blunts. i had to get up early this mornin for a job interview after staying up all night smoking blunts wit the homies and during my hot shower, i was hacken […]


    members of the inner circle. pr-nounced mo-tic. a collective of individuals whose widely spread talents has brought them together in a close knit, mighty unit similar in both strength and numbers to the lesser known a-team. the main aim of this troop of remarkable men is to live whatever length lives they inhabit with the […]

  • shubbup

    a cute way to say shutup without actually meaning it in a harsh way . i love you richard = richy : your so beautiful nikki : no you are richy : noo you are nikki : shubbup … your are !

  • Caracus

    1. something bad. said upon hearing bad news or for an outward show of dislike. 2. an unknown hunk of brown/black glob that has solidified. 3. dirty, smelly. similar to an animal carcas. sh-t. -pr-nounced kuh-rah-cus not the capital of venezuela. “turns out that -ssignment is due today” “caracus” “what’s that all over your text […]

  • exhaust brake

    a flap in the exhaust just after the turbo that the drive can engage manually to slow down the exhaust gas flow, thus slowing the engine down and in turn, slowing the transmission and drivetrain down, to -ssist the actual brakes. the brakes started to fade when we were tankin it down the estate so […]

  • Rapist Glasses

    large gl-sses, often with a bifocal, worn by rapists. can be accompanied by a pedophile beard and a public masturbator trench coat! “did you watch the news tonight?” “yeah, that guy is so guilty, he had those rapist gl-sses and everything!”

  • jossop

    sauce or gravy – usually savoury do you want some jossop from the stew over your rice?

  • Skeamo

    (or skeemo, like screamo) a mix between the popular types of music, ska and emo. it recently errupted onto a local radio station and came to my attention. “i heard this skeamo on the radio, it totally sucks -ss, its a disgrace to ska.”

  • kelly time

    a time zone that is 1 hour behind everything else friend a: he said he would be here at 9 and is 9:45 where is he? friend b: you forgot he runs on kelly time

  • lnarb

    random whats an lnarb, n-body knows

  • putty nose

    a nose with cancer that looks like a piece of f-cking putty lol look at your f-cking putty nose you puss

  • corporate hug

    a hug that is formal, light, and brief in nature while making as little contact as possible. she gave the bankers a corporate hug to welcome them to the office.

  • GG Pwned

    used in online gaming, usually after killing or fragging an enemy, stands for “good game owned”. meaning good game, but i am better than you, therefore i ‘owned’ you. variations include gg newb, gg nub, and other misspellings of the word ‘newb’ or ‘owned’. can also be used when someone else disses/kills/frags another person/player, as […]

  • scarlatude

    the chronic demeanor or behaviors of a person who scars the psyche of people around him or her (more typically seen in fat women). this word is a combination of the words scar and att-tude. well meaning people befriend these individuals only to find themselves in an abusive relationship. i needed to be away from […]

  • Nubian

    a formerly heteros-xual woman who is now in a lesbian relationship. the opposite of a hasbian. the groom was surprised and intruiged when he discovered that his fiance had run away with her maid of honor and decided she was a nubian. term used by black people who try to trace their roots to some […]

  • Combustication

    synonymous with combustion, just a lot more enthusiastic. invented by julius sumner miller during a physics demonstration in 1969. i don’t like combustion. it’s too quiet. i have some stuff in a state of combustication. -julius sumner miller bursting sudenly into flames comes from the song “pardon me” by incubus in which brandon boyd uses […]

  • boozedudes

    people that like to get drunk as f-ck. especially frat kids. those boozedudes are drunk out of their minds.

  • niminipop

    a word meaning an array of things including in addition to, on the contrary, to change one’s mind, jk used by only the most elite of our race. “sara is such a wh-r-.” said michaela. “oh niminipop. a sk-nky-wh-r- more like it.” replied austin.

  • Eric Lawrence

    eric lawrence is also known as a jewish man. this man is a dedicated jew and he also typically likes men. he is also a very nerdy man who has very little friends. that man was wearing a yamika, he must be a eric lawrence

  • skagrat

    a skagrat is a person who is suffering from a huge outbreak of impetigo and it has taken over their whole face till the point they cant open their eyes or open their mouth to eat. everything that they come in contact with should be burned immediately or at least boil washed. kiki “what’s that […]

  • Gusgasm

    an epic call by gus johnson, the best sportscaster today. brandon stokley’s catch was awesome, but gus johnson’s gusgasm made it epic.

  • comflicted

    how conflicted is meant to be spelled at 8am when you are still half asleep. i’m sooooo comflicted, fo shizzle.

  • butterbox

    offensive term for dutch people serge was a filthy b-tterbox that worked in tulip factory similar to a b-tter face. a female that you would not touch while wearing rubber gloves. not because of her looks, but because everyone and everything has been up in her box. some worn out v-g-n-… guy1: hey man that […]

  • Coolsmith

    when someone thinks they look well cool, but there not! guy driving a peugeot 106 zest rolling on 13 inch steelies wearing aviators smoking a consulate menthol….. look at that coolsmith!!!!!