Last Update: October 29, 2020
  • solulated

    a word used to describe the process of cooking kettle cooked potato chips when high you can see through the chip so its solulated with the oil.

  • Pycha

    one who loves dogs that bark all day long. one who loves talking more than dogs that bark all day long. one that loves telling pointless stories more than talking. one that love being a worthless pile more than telling pointless stories. “no but i forgot to tell you about apollo 18 it is a […]

  • overall wizard

    the act of doing every s-x act known to man we’re getting the electric chair tommorrow, let’s do the overall wizard.

  • Milwaukee Broiler

    attempting to and successfully taking a sh-t in another person’s oven and leaving it there for that person to find the next day. turning the oven on and backing the sh-t is optional. tim was so drunk last night that he tried to give you a milwaukee broiler but sh-t his pants before he got […]

  • daddy dack

    p-n-s i need some daddy dack in my life

  • Powder Ratz

    1) a group of outdoor enthusiasts that ski and ride their bikes all over natural vistas in search of a muskrat’s s-m-n. 2) bros that shred hard and do stupid tricks like “rat grabs” while they yell “i’m a powder rat, check me out!” 3) monks that brew a special energy drink made up of […]

  • ICW

    in cyber world as opposed to irl he was jonin on me icw, but irl he never even says hi. i.c.w. stands for, or is an abbreviated form of “in connection with”. please would you also try add some content i.c.w. the cycling group on the website.

  • Cludge

    a quick and dirty computer program cludged together to perform a temperory task, it is the usually thrown away afterwards. bills program was a cludge to send email while the main smtp server was down for maintainence. not sure if this applies to windows ladies intimate area. you have a fierce “cludge”. it’s like a […]

  • Slamdog

    a man that is found, by women of all sorts, s-xually arousing. man, that brian ma sure is quite a slamdog! the male equivalent of a “slam pig.” this would apply to nearly all men, but the slam dog is one of a kind, looking for nothing but dirty wh-r-s. ` girl 1: what is […]

  • Bell Pocket

    the pocket which your banjo string and the end of your p-n-s creates once the foreskin is rolled back. oh dayum! i have enough cheese in my bell pocket to re-invent the wheel!

  • uru sei

    means “shut up” in j-panese uru sei baka!

  • fistameanor

    accidentally 4 fingering f-cking a lady i gotta rape charge for putting too many fingers in her sn-tch an got a fistameanor

  • squatrack

    a work out machine that works you tricepticles and shoulder extentions, the weights are usually tape rolls or a jumprope on either side. one roll of scotch tape is usually enough for me. “yo, you want to squatrack.” “sure man! idk if i can my abcepticalipses been hurting, i just want a roll of the […]

  • Peter Shot

    “a petershot is the action of donkey punching a dude so hard his mouth ends up on top of his own d-ck resulting in a self-inflicted happy ending.” my boyfriend wanted a reach around, but i gave him a peter shot instead. he promptly folded right over into a self satisfying autoblow.

  • Streasel

    to strategically weasel. the act of shirking responsibility for ones actions while simultanesouly appearing cool and in control. to red herring with mal intent. commonly used in corproate settings. “man, jerry sure streaseled his way to the top with that new promotion. i don’t know what that guy does all day long except throw people […]

  • prawn porn

    s-xual games involving elements of sicilian traditional seafood cuisine, mainly slimy creatures. cristian got into prawn p-rn when he first met betty the s-xy calamari.

  • hightower trail middle school

    a school with sn-bby rich kids, asians, “emos”, and probably 2 black people. it’s a school where to be popular, you have to have uggs, vineyard vines, and a white boyfriend who thinks he’s black. the teachers overload you with homework, and it’s probably the most stressed you’ll ever be. the dress code is probably […]

  • rando dimes

    a contemptful designation of a thing or situation bearing little or no significance in the present conversation or within the cosmos. “i think the government should return to the gold standard so that the pound can reach a level that would keep our exports compet-tive.” “jar jar binks.” “that was rando dimes.”

  • Admiral’s Chair

    a s-xual act involving a male standing behind a female with the female bent at a 90 degree angle at the hip. the female puts her arms behind her and the male then grabs the female by the wrists. as the male is banging the female he is also steering her around the room, preferrable […]

  • Urine Swap

    the act of urinating inside your partners v-g-n- while she’s simultaneously urinating on your p-n-s jake and his girl p-ssed on each other’s genitals last night completing a urine swap

  • ahe

    adv. give sligh ackowledgement to a statement, action or just about anything you feel like. really … is that so … wow … sigh … ahe to ahe someone. by yelling (ah-he) or screeching ahe for no reason dont touch me or i’ll ahe you… -touch- aheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • New York NES

    when s-x isn’t working as well anymore…you take your p-n-s out, blow on it and stick it back in. i love giving girls the ol’ new york nes

  • la’quadria

    a ghetto-fabulous african-american female that loves the number four! la’quadria failed to check-in with her po. she will now spend up to four years in prison. however, she is “cool wit dat”.

  • Austin Powers’d

    to become stuck within a small area, the name coming from a scene in austin powers: international man of mystery when, after dropping vanessa kensington off near a ladder within dr. evil’s lair, austin promptly becomes stuck in the hallway, lodging his trolley between two walls. i ran out into the hallway with my pursuers […]

  • 9thSF

    the 9thsf (9th special forces) is a gaming clan dedicated to whooping but in all games. they play multiple game like call of duty united offensive, battlefield 2, a bunch of real time strategy games, and a lot more. if you cross a player with a 9thsf tage in from of your name, you will […]

  • snogging withdrawal

    when you have a very strong desire or urge to snog someone because you haven’t done so in a while. i haven’t snogged anyone in ages, i may have snogging withdrawal because my lips are puckering on there own. i may have forgotten how to snog!

  • all my days

    a british term expressing one’s shock over an event “all my days!”

  • samantha callahan

    prom?? samantha callahan will you go to prom with me??

  • sarcastgay

    when your friend is being “sarcastic” but you’re tired of his sh-t so you call him out and let him know he’s a tw-t. “quit trying to be witty and act normal, you sarcastg-y boy,” timmy replied to javi.

  • Jigniff

    urban dictionary: j a brand new christmas song. invented by us! jingle chavs, jingle chavs, can you see their bling? oh what fun it is for them in a ford escort, hey! (to the tune of jingle bells) igniff

  • the second to last ascii character. someone: ■. someone else: neat square. someone: thanks.

  • hour bitch

    a slang word for a mid range prost-tute that chick’s all up on ugly dwane; i wonder if he realizes she’s an hour b-tch.

  • Danyeli

    always excited (bubbley) also a very energetic person who is really down to earth, a person who always there to help you, very smart, pretty gorgueus, usually have huge lips and smal feet and big b-tt they can be annoying at times but sweet all the time hi, i’m danyeliugly nice shoes

  • stankwang

    a name that you call someone to subtly insinuate that they are a b-ttf-g and have gay -n-l intercourse, thereby getting feces on their c-ck thus, giving the name combination of “stank” (for the doodoo) and “w-ng” (for their gay p-n-s) me: jimmy dude, you’re such a stankw-ng. jimmy: i’m just a fragile little girl, […]

  • Hamadick

    a person who receives strikes to the d-ck on a daily basis. afterschool in the parking lot we all took turns punching hamad-ck in the c-ck.

  • steatopygia

    an excessive amount of fat on the b-ttocks. a fat -ss. h-llo charlotte. you’re looking quite steatopygic today.

  • frank bruno’s big toe

    when the need to go to have a dump is overwhelming and it is coming close to touching the cloth my god if i don’t go soon i’ll have frank bruno’s big toe

  • Mad tv

    madtv is a sketch comedy show on fox. the show started in 1995, and is currently on it’s 10th season. it is fast paced, wild and crazy humor, lots of fun and funny cast members. the cast members write most of their sketches which is very cool. they have reccuring characters, they parodie music vieos, […]

  • Reliable sauce

    (reliable sauces). ejaculatory material; s-m-n. i’m worried i may be pregnant, doctor: my boyfriend mis-timed his withdrawal and instead of giving me a pearl necklace, he doused my hairy kebab with his reliable sauce.

  • Ishaan Sharma

    possibly the hottest indian alive, also the smartest indian alive. all the chicks go for him…he’s just that good. ishaan sharma is hot

  • White On White

    white on white describes the interior as well as the exterior of a car, an airpalne or any other vehichle for that matter. the paint job being white (usually candy paint for a car), and the interior being white (which is almost always leather on any vehichle). in a plane, eveything else is also leather, […]

  • freggo

    a woman who is so fat that you can’t tell if she’s pregnant or fat. preggo + fat = freggo “is that woman fat or pregnant? i can’t tell.” “she’s a freggo.”

  • broske

    d-ck suckers who like to streak through town and take p-rno videos broske was starring that p-rno video and was awful.

  • IRWA

    i’d rather walk alone – a reference to “you’ll never walk alone” which is sung by many football clubs worldwide such as liverpool fc. irwa states that a solitary walk would be more pleasant than being -ssociated with the club. liverpool fc supporter – you’ll never walk alone every other football supporter – irwa

  • john crane

    someone who opens a beer, drinks half of it and leaves it to open another one hey frank, don’t be a john crane. finish your d-mn beer buy the domain for your cat vlog

  • buddy lee

    indestructible doll who wears blue jeans. one who is lucky to come out on top pimpin sh-t got on everyone , look buddy lee is a clean as a whissle. the #1 b-tch smacking, laid back mack ever. think otherwise he will burn down your house when ur sleeping in it and think whatever. “zomg” […]

  • Cathey

    a man whose p-n-s is is so large that it forms a shadow that often gives it the appearance of an african anaconda. hey man, why does it look like you have a watermelon stuffed in your pants? i have a cathey. sh-t no way! yeah. i wish i had a cathey too. well your […]

  • technodouche

    a person who has to buy first run tech gadgets just to get bragging rights to own one of the first. they tend to lose interest in their own purchase after the hype dies down and they are mocked because they didn’t wait like the rest of us for the price to go down and […]

  • the black mages

    the completely awesome band that does almost all the music for all the final fantasy games. kevin: did you listen to “those who fight further” by the black mages? me: yea, it rocked!

  • blanket bake

    smoking an excessive amount of marijuana underneath a held down blanket creating a hotbox effect. guy 1: last night i got really high in my bed guy 2: really? how? guy 1: i blanket baked. all the smoke was chilling right by my face. guy 2: d-mn, that must have been an insane hotbox.