Last Update: April 5, 2020
  • rylee smith

    rylee smith is an amazing person with s-ss and saltiness but loves getting hugs from behind her and is a very loyal friend. she loves her lone brown hair and can sing like an angel. she’s a fragile person so be careful with her feelings you don’t know what she’s been through. if you have […]

  • the caufield

    when one sticks a dogs nose into their -n-s and has the dog lick the prostate inducing -rg-sm the dogs face smells so bad because tristan has been doing the caufield with it all day and he had tacos last night

  • Stripper’s Diet

    cocaine and water. candy asks tabitha how to lose a few pounds. she slyly recommends the stripper’s diet: cocaine and water, that’s all it takes.

  • Hold The Devil Accountable

    to blame a non-existent ent-ty for all of your actions or failures. example 1) jim: “who is bob going to making a scapegoat for being 5 weeks behind on the project that he’s been ignoring?” sarah: “no idea but i’m sure he’ll hold the devil accountable.” example 2) bill: “tiger woods really held the devil […]

  • the memeyork times

    the memeyork times is a popular youtube channel of memes “hey have you watched the memeyork times?”

  • Akeyl

    is the most caring and loving guy ever born. so incredibly handsome, once you took a glance of him you can’t close your eyes. he will be there..!! akeyl

  • Monroe Muffler

    in order to give someone a monroe m-ffler, one must have a sufficiently large potato and one or more willing or unwilling -n-ses in which to insert aforementioned potato into. dayuuuummm! i was just up at r.i.t. partying and this one b-tch was just begging for me to give her a monroe m-ffler!

  • Dehoify

    to remove a female from your group of friends. (much like debroification) “jeff decided that after the debroification of george (the guy who was always really into pirate stuff) that it was about time to dehoify his good friend katherine as well. goodbye katherine, jeff’s x-ho” to dehoify oneself, one must have a process of […]

  • sure buddy

    a term used to express a minor form of sarcasim on an agreeable level 2. used as a response when no other comment is usable 3. used on some levels of annoyance you: im so hot, i make ice melt other: sure budy -_- or you: (jokingly) your so ugly go die other: sure buddy

  • Gook cunt

    an asian wh-r- who no one likes and uses wow that girl is such a gook c-nt look at the ch-nk she is such a gook c-nt

  • Trampoline Toe

    when you mess up your toe while jumping on a trampoline. this could include stubbing, spraining, or hyperextending your toe. extremely painful and lasts for months before going away. “man i’ve only been working at xtreme trampolines for 2 days and i already have trampoline toe” man 1 “that sucks” man 2 “i know right, […]

  • kodei

    a person who is a major anime fan or has an interest in them. you are such a kodei.

  • bum a smoke

    to “borrow” a cigarette from someone. “hey bro can i b-m a smoke from ya?” “why certainly, good sir, you may indeed have a cigarette this fine evening.” “sweet thanks weirdo.” to get a cigarette from someone for free. girl 1: hey can i b-m a smoke? girl 2: sure. here, have fun getting cancer […]

  • Hobo Runover

    a male puts his b-lls into a womans mouth and slaps her cheeks. the night the whole city got a hobo runover.

  • small milk

    a person who is gay…. large 600ml milks are for men while the 375ml milks are for the f-gs especialy if it is strawberry that guy is small milk

  • Inaugural ball

    first instance of intercourse in a fledgling relationship. o, man. i totally put on t. rex and gave her the inaugural ball last night!

  • paedonecrozoophilia

    someone who has an unhealthy liking and gains s-xual gratification from dead baby animals that dirty zoo keeper b-st-rd’s a right paedonecrozoophile

  • Jalili

    an inherently handsome young man that gets all the ladies, is very cool, a gentleman, and has excellent taste in music: generally country. his favorite terms to use may include: booyaaah! git er done let er buck cowboy yeehaaaw jesus mary and josef man! ur such jalili. i wish i was a jalili just look […]

  • head your move

    to have total control over your next move. you can’t keep asking others to show you the way, you need to head your move.

  • cyouth

    a word used to describe a young person that is also very stunning. a combination of “cute” and “youth.” you and a friend walk by a group of kids skateboarding on the street. you both notice one of them is particularly hot, yet still illegal to touch. you both look at each other and say […]

  • Wreccabear

    a girl that wrecks d-ck like a motherf-cking bear. dang. she is f-cking wreccabear.

  • Bad Bromance

    1). a bromance that is unhealthy for either party causing emotional or physical pain. 2). when bromance turns into something more. 1). “hey, you know the way john and david have been bromancing?” “yeah?” “well..don’t you think it’s turned david into a jack-ss?” “yeah man, total bad bromance!” 2). “hey man guess what?” “what is […]

  • PAKing

    to skip more than half of the hours you are scheduled to work in a given day. “man f-ck this job, i’m paking, be back in 5 hours.” a group of students are at a lecture at west virginia university. when the students realized that this lecture is of no importance, they say to themselves, […]

  • Cheze

    cali’s african friend. he delivers pizza. “cheze, dominoes is coming?”

  • Chilligraphy

    v: the act of lovingly writing someones name in the snow. dave: “hey cheryl, come check out this chilligraphy… i wrote your name.” cheryl: “ewww… why is it brown?”

  • perpdar

    the ability to detect who is a crime perpetrator based upon scant data. lieutenant kenda has great perpdar for murderers.

  • douchelicous

    some1 so much of a douchebag they are a f-cking douchebag hes douchelicous

  • hole made brownie

    another term for dump, p–p, take a poo, burn a mule, t-rd, drop a deuce, pinch a loaf, number 2… and so on i just made some hole made brownies in the toilet.

  • STGO

    abbreviation for santiago, the capital of chile. metropolitan city of stgo. stop trying to get on. mat:aye your sister looks nice today phil:stgo

  • One Up Johnny

    johnny is one of a select group of people who think they contain a vast well of knowledge on all subjects. like cliff clavin the character on the old tv show cheers, he pretends to know intimate details about everything—from the best region for the manufacture of shoe polish to the calibration of gene splicing […]

  • gumkin

    receiving a blumkin from an old woman with no teeth the prost-tute was so old that when she took out her false teeth i had no choice but to tell her to give me a gumkin or get the f-ck out

  • penitarian

    person that has a diet consisting mostly of p-n-s and sperm. my girlfriend is a huge penitarian. also the same as penivore and opposite to vagitarian.

  • energy suck

    a person who sucks the energy out of your life or conversation; similar to how appliances suck energy even when they’re turned off. also: vampire suck. sara was such an energy suck because she was always creating so much drama.

  • football tits

    gloriously full female br–sts that when viewed in the nude are smaller at their point of attachment on the woman’s chest than at their fullest point, making them somewhat football shaped. football t-ts is not a derogatory term. when sandra shucked off her bra to go skinny dipping, all the guys marveled at her huge […]

  • white sign

    when two people sign a doc-ment and both parties benefit from it’s contents. “joe. i’m glad we could do business. this is such a white sign situation. this one is actually helping both of us!” “i know. i think this is going to be a long and happy working relationship.”

  • Franklin, Ohio

    a sh-tty town . a nasty box board company makes the whole town smell like -ss . filled with half priced prost-tutes , wanna be country boys tryin to ride bulls , drunks , teen-aged mothers , and walmart workers . fun for the kids is smokin pot and goin to the local walmart . […]

  • chubba wubba

    an extremely chubby baby. fat-rolls cover most of the arms and legs. parents visit chiropractor a lot. laura: wow, she’s a real chubba wubba! steve: just like you used to be hahahah.

  • Colloportus

    the fictional spell in harry potter to lock doors magically. it was a little past midnight when i heard someone aloh-m-ra the door open. “colloportus” said hermione and the door swung shut and locked.

  • giggle’n shits

    the state of laughing so hard you sh-t your self mom: whats wrong jimmie? jimmie: dad told a joke and it gave me the giggle’n sh-ts

  • thisari

    this means “the girl with big b–bies”. thisari is a sinhalese language term for milky. obviously this means big b–bs. this term usually uses for s-xy and feminine girls. wow, you are a thisari.

  • Debby Ryan

    a pretty hot star of the suite life on deck. i predict debby ryan will be disney’s next amateur singer. debby ryan seduced cody in the last episode of the suite life on deck

  • stiz sweeney

    someone who is lazy and sits next to a guy in science that jacks off in cl-ss. she was sitting on her -ss and talking about the guy who sits next to her jacking off in cl-ss.

  • keayri

    kiara spelled completely wrong. her mother didn’t love her enough to learn how to spell her name. she loves children and normally has bad eye sight. keayri can’t see a car in the garage until she’s in it also .

  • AC-Schnitzer

    a reputable tuner of bmw motorcars ac-schnitzer will transform your plebian 5 series wagon into a fly sleeper for a mere $10gs a short stubby incompetent midget midget stubby incompetent short a stubby incompetent midget. he is a ac-schnitzer. a guy with a f-cking large p-n-s that is like 1000 meters long omg that guy […]

  • fnck

    to f-ck a chick in the c-nt who is upside down. last night i dragged this suburban mom behind an alley, beat the sh-t out of her, and fncked her because her head was too bl–dy to look at.

  • Penis Puffing

    a term for a cheap-shot in the world of wrestling, p-n-s puffing occurs when one wrestler provides a powerful blow to the crotch of an opponent, and the impact causes swelling of the genitalia. fan 1: “did you see justin’s match last night? some guy was p-n-s puffing him the whole round.” fan 2: “yeah, […]

  • mixed persuasion

    to persuade a girl to have oral s-x with you or to have s-x with you for your own personal pleasures because your mixed and your basically cool. if you are not mixed you cannot preform this task. mixed kid:hey face. do you want to have a mixed secret(mixed persuasion) hot girl: yes! your mixed.

  • straight ear

    the straight ear is the left ear that you would pierce if you are straight man that guy is probably g-y he didn’t pierce the straight ear

  • Sea World Kiss

    similar to the san diego kiss(or san diego thank you), this act is when you kiss someone while taking a leak. my wife gave me a sea world kiss while i urinated my nightly supply.

  • Soccer molesting

    soccer players that grab and feel up players of the opposing team to provoke them to shove, punch or kick them back, so the referee will pull a yellow or red card on the opposing player. i can’t believe that brazillian player grabbed the b-tt of the american player to provoke him to elbow him […]