Last Update: December 17, 2018
  • Benzoxy-

    a combining form used in the names of chemical compounds in which the benzoyl group is present: benzoxyacetanilide.

  • mkoonce

    j-paneseb s-x goddesses that attach chains to eachothers cl-ts, feed it through thier -rs-, out thier mouth and get jollies.. nisha mkoonced tiff last night

  • boobie sandwich

    1.when you put your head between a girls b–bs and yell b–bie sandwich 2. a dumb -ss person omg tyson totally gave me a b–bie sandwich shut up tiana your such a b–bie sandwich

  • Puerto Rican Sneak

    this is where you are sitting at a stop light waiting to turn left and there is traffic in the other lanes waiting as well. when the light turns green if you have successfully turned left before any of the other cars in the opposing traffic go straight through the light you have successfully completed […]

  • Power Tiger Stripe

    the name of the effect the sun has on people with fair skin who instead of burning, have freckled more… as the ‘stripe’ has similar effects of the power tan ( causes great boosts in confidence, strength and virility ) it is reffered to as a power tiger stripe… 1- holy sh-t i’ve burnt instead […]

  • Dangerously Thin Celebrities

    the greatest band in the entire world. american rock band who got their start in northern italy. term used when refering to the greatest band of all time. person 1: i’m going to a concert tonight. person 2: who are you going to see? person 1: the dangerously thin celebrities! person 2: no way! aren’t […]

  • You blew it

    meaning that you messed up you literally told her i said she gotta nice -ss bruh? mane you blew it.

  • switzerland surrender

    spooning with your significant other with a b-n-r, kowing it’s going nowhere we had a fight so i’m going in for a switzerland surrender

  • alex lange

    alex lange is an original member of team 10. he is very cute, humble and he is an energetic boy. he usually make carpool karaoke videos on his channel. he likes to travel the world with his girlfriend, bailee madison. he also help people fight cancer by selling lemonades and the money that him and […]

  • Hippo hockey

    a very popular north american sport introduced in the late 20th century which is played very often by average-weight wal-mart shoppers.upon entering an aisle,which is crowded by anywhere from ten to fifteen 300-pound human hippos,the average-size shopper uses their cart to knock the huge -sses out of their way. “if you have to shop at […]

  • face to pillow

    when a girl plants her face into the pillow so it’s easier to f-ck her from behind. she went face to pillow for me last night

  • Icy Mascara

    an icy mascara is when you unleash a huge load of freshly brewed seamen over a girl’s eye lash (when her eyes are closed) you then tell her to keep her eyes shut for a couple minutes, when she tries to open them, they will be stuck shut. jack: did you see tiffany today? rick: […]

  • Slay [cambodian]

    a “slay” person is a really brown cambodian that looks rugged like they have just woken up. often seen smoking, drinking beer or talking really loud. the words origin came from the sound that it makes ‘slay hay slay hay’ when they are having a good time. “haha, look at him he looks like a […]

  • Jewel Jose

    a rude hoe, she needs jesus 25/8. don’t go near her or you might become triggered and catch lilb-tchness. rip fam! wow, she’s so rude! what a jewel jose! #triggered #jewel #jose #hoe #jesus #lol #jk #nice #ily

  • makevelli

    tupac’s second name he was inspired by an italian prince and changed his name to the prices name he was inspired by an italian prince and changed his name to the prices name makevelli

  • netty face

    the most captivating of all faces. a beauty. as unique as a snowflake. look at that netty face. she’s beautiful.

  • Vroute

    pet du vagin french word for a p-ssy fart elle a fait un vroute she did a vroute

  • elhama

    the persian name elhama means good news, warrior and the messenger of god originating from the ancient egyptians. some one with the name elhama is a born leader aswell as a very charming and loveable person who is known for being understanding, impatient, childish,honest and blunt. “i pray that elhama may send us good news”

  • Necrofireapheliac

    a person of s-d-stic and psychotic nature who engages in s-xual activity with dead people while on fire in a tree dude jordan is such a necrofireapheliac

  • Ladouceur

    a french name coming from the noun “douceur” meaning softness; smoothness; mildness, mellowness, gentleness; sweetness. in fact, the name does not just come from the word, it is the word with “la” in front, marking the word as feminine. people with the surname ladouceur tend to come from french backgrounds. fancy that. a last name […]

  • Otter Fodder

    1. s-xual reference of infinite implications 2. otterfodder/ottr fddr: an experimental electronica/rap group consisting of bawdy solod and fawdy lynch. 1. otter fodder: “i’ll fodder your otter.” 2. http://www.mysp-ce.com/otterfodder

  • San Fransisco Saddlebags

    the act of straddling someone’s p-n-s with your t-st-c-ls. garen watched in amus-m-nt as adam gave mike “san fransisco saddlebags”

  • Kohlie

    a former shopper of kohl’s before president mansell took away the mvc card holder free shipping…..one who never paid more than 90% of the ticket price at kohl’s….one who now shops amazon and all other retailers who offer free shipping…..one that has cut up their kohl’s mvc card….one that has been blocked on kohl’s facebook […]

  • toma tomon key

    literally: “i love vicky.” it could mean: vicky is bomb; (set of words expressing ones affection or love towards a person named vicky.) dude! toma tomon key! she is so awesome… and my girlfriend 😉

  • dail-up

    -to be or act slow -to criticize someone for not getting something right away my internet is dail-up you are so dail-up! 1 more definition “dailup” is referred to when someone does not get a joke as quick as they thought they would. often -ssociated with slow internet, meaning the people are slow. user 1: […]

  • sometiming

    the scandalous act of only occasionally makin time for someone guy1: you talked to old babe? guy2: nah man, that ho be sometiming.

  • aminatun

    aminatun is the word from arabic and the real word is “amin”, it means honesty and truth , believe in each other but sometimes weird.. she’s shy but shyshyton but still nice, just show her trueself infront of the people that comfortable with, she so cool and relax, always do the task last minute but […]

  • clamsnacker supreme

    the mack who likes to snack the clams man, he munches so much rug, he’s the clamsnacker supreme!

  • akorede

    a very strong willed person. once he wants to do something he always does it. loving and caring. oh a very good kisser akorede is a good boyfriend

  • bandalena

    bad-ss b-tch lady that is bad-ss; bandalena

  • skillet juice

    adj. a male or female who, in there state of being is clearly p.i.m.p. and knows how to “if you got it, flaunt it” what’s up skillet juice?

  • zausten

    has an extreme lil chub an is also a f-g hes a real zausten he’s a f-g!

  • foyshie

    one who acts like a sl-t wow zohal is such a foyshie!

  • resetting

    the term used to describe the act of curling up into a ball after an embarrsing or painfull events. it’s primary function is to block out reality untill the event has been forgotten by the people who witnessed it. a state of resetting can last any length of time as usually makes the situation alot […]

  • cop goggles

    when you drive p-ssed a cop and your focus turns from driving to keeping your eye on where the cop is going. “i get freaked out around cops, man. everytime i see one when i’m driving i get cop goggles. i almost hit another car this morning because of it.”

  • White Russian Wednesday

    the first day of the working week. comes between sunday and tuesday. most widely used day for sipping on ice cool white russians with or without a cherry on top. i love going back to work on a white russian wednesday. what a perfect way to start the week.

  • knuffel

    the dutch word for hug or cuddle person 1: “give me a knuffel pwease” person 2: “awwwww sure, since you have gone to the trouble of speaking dutch and all”

  • anecdolt

    when your idiot friend tells you about the dumb stuff (s)he does. “aw man, you shoulda seen it. i got drunk and fell off the roof and totally broke my arms.” “bob, i love hearing your anecdolts”

  • sosa

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  • shoe fein

    some one who is driven by the idea of having the latest most fashionable kicks. usually having multiple colors or rarest or rare shoes mike went down to self conscious in the morning and waited hours before they open to get the de la soul dunks, hes a true shoe fein

  • namastay

    voicing one’s decision to not go out for the evening. not to be confused with the overused and misunderstood “namaste.” “you going to dave’s party tonight? should be a good one.” “namastay.got netflix and pizza.”

  • namasayin’

    when you hood but still spiritual as f-ck a cross between “namaste” and know what i’m saying? namasayin’ my n-gg-?

  • Akiva Catch

    when someone makes an impossible catch. can be used either to describe it or shouted when the catch is made. mr. friedman walked into cl-ss and an angry black girl threw a desk at him. as he caught it his cl-ss shouted “akiva catch”.

  • cheeky chicquita

    the act of employing a banana, or similarly shaped vegetable as a primer for -n-l penetration. lee said his girl let him give her a cheeky chicquita.

  • Taco tits

    sagging breast shaped like a taco sh-ll often seen on obese children. if jr. doesn’t lay off the happy meals he’ll develop a serious case of taco t-ts.

  • jason mask

    a hockey mask, which is used by jason voorhees, a fictional character from the friday the 13th series of slasher films. the hockey mask is one of the most recognizable images in popular culture, and is presumed to be worn by a lunatic killer. dude! stop playing with that jason mask, it’s f—n frightening!

  • The Miley Cyrus

    the new std for 2015, (1) gonorrhea, herpes, and chlamydia mixed together, (3) twerking may or may not give temporary relief of symptoms, joe: you don’t wanna mess around with that girl! tom: man she is hot, i want me some of that. joe: oh no you don’t, she gots the miley cyrus 1 more […]

  • Fixpensive

    an object that is so battered and trashed that it would cost one more to fix it than to go out and buy a replacement. person 1: man, your car is lookin pretty ragged… person 2: tell me about it! the radiator is busted, the transmission is blown, and the windshield and doors are gone…this […]

  • planet head

    a person with a oversized abnormal head, a head that is not in proportion to the rest of the body. some will think there is existence on there. this planet head can usualy be seen from outer sp-ce by the naked eye. a planet head usualy thinks he is right and is the most boring […]

  • dingus hole

    the hole that one makes in his friends shirt by forcing his c-ck into the shirt so hard it rips. my buddy had his d-ck out when he tripped and riped me a new dingus hole.