Last Update: July 4, 2020
  • War Mem

    1 – noun – a building located on the university of guelph campus where students come to take notes, but really fall asleep. 2 – noun – a mental breakdown -ssociated with frightening economics professors who, it has been speculated, will breakdown if their students decided to applaud their entrace into the room. note: see […]

  • Fasincrap

    v. the act of cr-ping ones self when they see something fascinating. guy 1: “dude did you see that!” guy 2: “yea i just fasincr-pped myself!”

  • Cranked Dat Roosevelt

    to f-ck a girl so hard you put her in a wheelchair like franklin roosevelt you-“dude you see that girl over there?” friend-“the one in the wheelchair?” you-“ya, last night she wasnt in a wheelchair” friend-“dude, you cranked dat roosevelt”

  • disurp

    a 1-2 combo of burping accompanied with the act of discharging. just hope it never happens to you! wow! she just disurped- what a talented b-tch!

  • doeh

    someone who has no music talent yet insist on being a cr-p oxford based dj. doeh sucks

  • Ganja Ogre

    one is large who smokes the devils lettuce in great amounts dude, i watched jana smoke a whole lot of ganja this weekend she’s a total ganja ogre

  • Mangla

    feared gang in tarpon springs, florida. also known for getting booty holes wet look at that gangsta over there… he must be a mangla!!!

  • zatang

    noun. unusually flashy, gaudy dude, those pants of yours are too zatang! you want to dance with the country dude with those zatang gl-sses??!!

  • You gonna learn today

    pr-nounced “yoo gohn lurn duhdey!” (sometimes the “you” is eliminated), a viral catchphrase by kevin hart during his ‘alright, alright, alright!’ segment of “laugh at my pain”. kevin hart explains that his father ‘legitamately’ walks in during his spelling bee, being outrageously loud—along with the dog on drugs—and repeating the phrase “alright, alright, alriiiiiiiiiiiiiight!”. the […]

  • Saxmei

    [definition removed]

  • Lamwoc

    lamwoc means the adorable one , a beautiful person , too adorable for normal words did you see that cat from “shrek” with the cute face ? yeah man it was a proper “lamwoc”

  • pudding cake

    pudding squeezed inside a slice of cake in a small clear container, sitting on your local kroger’s clearance food rack. i want some pudding cake goodness.

  • person lucky charm

    someone that brings you luck in your life, wether it be winning the lottery or winning your heart by making you happy 25/8. every time they are around you instantly are a better person and without them you would die…die. so they are a lucky charm because you won’t die. ta da! without my person […]

  • Hotspice

    extreamly hot girl j’vaani;” omg did you see that girl she was a hotspice jeeeeze. ” a hot woman. used exclusively for referring to women, never men. has origins in jamaican patois, and is used predominantly in the uk deshaun: ay yo you seen that shequan chick porter: nah cuz deshaun: yo she one true […]

  • scratch your dirty neck

    this term dates back to the early 80’s. the original phrase was “scratch your neck”. etymology: a common practice among sophisticated women after being proven wrong is to scratch their necks, while looking off or away. this action is rarely done by arrogant people when proven wrong. because of that, this phrase is used to […]

  • Viagro

    the name the impotency drug should be called v–gr- should be called viagro, after all growing is what its all about

  • Translation Proof

    the maximum alcohol blood level that you could still manage to work under its influence, or tolerate translating doc-ments. a: have you finished this half jd alone?! b: and i’m still working. i have a high translation proof.

  • carrier mass

    the equivalent of an instant win. you must build additional pylons! the carrier has arrived!

  • Poety

    a descriptive word that involves a poetic nature krysten said, “im poety sometimes”

  • Sandominium

    (noun) a dwelling on a beach. usually, by a homeless person living in a tent or in the bushes. did you hear kevin got kicked out of his house? yeah, he moved into a sweet sandominium at the beach.

  • arbiscartuary

    the misuse of the word ironic (a situation that isn’t really ironic) “dude that is so ironic” “no it’s not, stop saying arbiscartuary things

  • 8450

    hardware a serial io chip with a one-byte fifo. the 8450 was introduced with the intel 8080. (2004-03-21)

  • coax

    to persuade someone into giving you something; cajole. to obtain by continous persuasion. try to salvage something so the situation doesn’t worsen. evosquall tried to coax lingo into changing her name to joywawa, which she did, and regretted very much to this very day.

  • Commiserbrate

    to mark an occasion that is worthy of celebrating yet also feels like you are due commiserations. birthdays that make you far older than you want to be, or to mark the end of a relationsh-t sad that it’s over, but glad that you’re single. we should really go out & commiserbrate your birthday. forty […]

  • Snocks

    the free pair of fuzzy sock like snocks that comes with a snuggie. samantha got a free pair of pink snocks with her snuggie! to hit forcefully in the head. joy was going to snock mike into next week. a snowball with a rock in it that gnomes throw at children. that garden gnome just […]

  • jacneil

    jacneil is a person who is loving. jacneil will tell you i love you if you’re having a bad day. he is hilarious and often has many friends because of this. i’m friends with a kid named jacneil he’s one h-ll of a kid and i wouldn’t trade him for the world. is that jacneil? […]

  • Glarfnerd

    a black guy named kingsley. can also be used to describe random or amusing situations which can not otherwise be explained with logic. – “why did you just punch that innocent midget in the face??” – “glarfnerd!”

  • blanket janker

    of a person who steals all the blanks in bed. yo adrian you cant stay the night anymore, yous a blanket janker.

  • financial assrape

    when you lose money or capital to price gouging, inflation or fraud shopping at this store is financial -ssrape because everything is $10 to $20 more than other stores on the same items.

  • Ben Out

    to be really high on weed a term popularized by a prominent member of the skater/graffiti artist community in the neighborhood of ndg in montreal. yoooo, i’m so ben out right now

  • unilobstercuck

    the ancient phonicien erotic dance the phonicens would unilobstercuck

  • sosher lapaca

    spicy turtles that’s a sosher lapaca

  • redonkeydonk

    adj. a shortened, more humourous form of “redonkulous,” meaning utterly ridiculous. see redonkulous, or redonk joe: “i heard that her brother was caught smuggling play-doh into thier bas-m-nt.” donald: “that’s rediculous… no, it’s redonkeydonk!”

  • fused picard

    holding p-n-s tips together until the c-m dries. it took 20 minutes to complete the fused picard.

  • Poodah

    a term of endearment that can be used in place of corny words such as “babe” or “honey.” origin a mix of panda and buddha and can be referred to anyone exhibiting these two words in any form. a poodah is someone you love, someone who is cuter than cute, and sweet. poodah, i love […]

  • Wisin

    one of reggaeton’s leadin pioneer along with his partner yandel they’ve made hits like, “pistoleros”, and “aventura”. wisin made hits like “saoco” with daddy yankee and “la gitana”. wisin is part of the duo wisin y yandel

  • sea hoe

    a sea hoe is a mermaid that has s-x with every fish she sees sea hoe

  • bitch what

    1. a reaction to a statement in which you highly disagree with; ususually occurs between 2 nappy headed hoes. i.e. sista n-gg-s. 2.pr-nounced “biiitch whuuuut?”. verbal form of dappin off. 1. sista 1.i f-cked yo man! sista 2: b-tch what?!! 2. n-gg-1: i f-cked all dem hos. n-gg- 2: biiiitch whuuuut?

  • C-listing

    creating a top 100 list of any concept, idea or group of things. to c-list is a verb and the c-list is a noun. the c can be a capital or a small c. i am c-listing my 100th word on urban dictionary today.

  • dudenigga

    (n.) upon greeting a friend or foe you simply state this word as you would “whats up?” or “hows it going?” it’s the best of both worlds! -answers the phone- “duden-gg-!”

  • dank sideways

    slang for going sideways really well and on purpose in a car, as in; drifting/rallying on dirt, pavement, snow, or gravel. dude i just got dank sideways for days on the way here.

  • spalm

    to apply ointment or lubricant to the undercarraige of ones self to prevent chafing and or sores before going running, penelope spalmed her nether regions to avoid chafing from her -ss cheeks rubbing together,

  • elvis sideburns

    back in the 70’s, hairy tw-ts were the in thing. when at the beach, a hot chick in a bikini with much pubic hairs coming out of the bikini bottom. just like the big elvis sideburns fat elvis rocked with. hey ,let’s go to heath beach and have a few brews and dubies. we can […]

  • Tenga

    tenga is a j-panese made masturbator made specifically for men. the flagship products is a series of 5 onacup that mimic different s-xual positions and sensations for the user. released in 2006 in j-pan, the founder and inventor, mr. matsumoto, wants to create a male s-x toy by incorporating ergonomically and anatomically-correct designs for precise […]

  • Kazaa it

    to look for any file on the internet. often used much like imdb.com to resolve disputes. guy 1: there is more than one acoustic version of foo fighters’ everlong out there. guy 2: no, there isn’t. guy 1: kazaa it. note: also used to resolve p-rn star cameo questions.

  • Sonnenberg

    its german for big d-ck coach says: songbird? sonnenberg says: no coach its sonnenberg german for big d-ck

  • American salamander

    when a male sticks his p-n-s in a female before his p-n-s is ready for s-x he stuck it in like an american salamander

  • the ol’ angry spider

    a man stands on all 4s facing their partner who lies flat on their back underneath them. the man on all 4s then drools on their parnters face until they -j-c-l-t-. hey baby wanna get the ol’ angry spider tonight? i’m gonna tie you down and give you the ol angry spider b-tch here c-ms […]

  • wheatpasting

    using the wheatpaste medium to adhere artwork, political posters, fliers, etc. to outdoor surfaces. much cheaper than wallpaper paste and easy to make. “max and i went wheatpasting last night, five oh came past and we tossed the bucket in the bag.”

  • blogstress

    a condition of stress or anxiety -ssociated with blogging. particularly for writers of blogs requiring frequent updates, but also for readers who feel the need to comment frequently. my blogstress has turned my hobby into a nightmare.