Last Update: September 28, 2023
  • Operationally Attractive

    ugly people mingers who become attractive only because there is no other choice. after a while the hormones adjust to the ambient level of ugliness and you can find these people ‘operationally attractive’. all is fine until you return from the ‘area of operations’ to your usual life. see also beer goggles eg:1 you’re from […]

  • jumping ships

    when someone decides to switch sides just because the side they were originally on was losing. that douche was jumping ships just because they suck f-ckin’ drunk on any mult-tude of rums — more distinct, captain morgan or sailor jerry. vince, “jumping ship,” ran aground last night on sailor jerry when a chick dropped anchor […]

  • wet cloth

    -ss eating i like to wet cloth that b-tch

  • Codling

    a man picks up a -ss rapes fat girls the sick f-ck hangs about outside the liposuction clinic just to get some codling

  • Get drippy

    the name of a new dance that is from the song ‘i get the drip from my walk’. ryan: bro, do you know how to get drippy it’s so hard !! dustin: yea bro, i’ll teach you

  • kasing

    means that something is incredibly beautiful d-mn, that girl is extremely kasing

  • Navvy Gravvy

    unlike itsy bitsy and teeny weeny, navvy gravvy doesn’t refer to just a small size but to a small amount. a navvy gravy is a very small amount, a little tiny bit, a very fine shaving. in common use within the royal dockyards where very small adjustments have to be made, by shipwrights and shipfitters, […]

  • The Cyclops Touch

    the act of two men touching the eye’s of their p-n-ses together while also staring lovingly into each others eyes the other day while i was a bit intoxicated, ben and i performed the cyclops touch it was both romantic and informative.

  • swedish milkshake

    a s-xual act similar to t-tty f-cking, but with the additional element of erotic lactation. particularly popular in the nordic and scandinavian countries, it involves a woman who is currently nursing, or is otherwise able to lactate, stimulating a man’s p-n-s between her br–sts by squeezing them together around the shaft. at the same time […]

  • LHC

    stands for the large hadron collider a huge partical accelerator located in europe dude1: “omg we are going to die tomorrow!!” dude2: “what the h-ll are you talking about??” dude1: “the lhc is going to be switched on.” dude2: “stfu stupid idiot face.” the name of a very very famous band located in china. n-body […]

  • dweezildork

    a person who is the epidemy of dorkiness. what are you doing hangin out with that dweezildork?

  • coinciGod

    a noun which suggests that an event which could be attributed to a coincidence could have benefited from unseen, possibly divine -ssistance. the source of the divine -ssistance is undefined. it could be from the cosmos itself (destiny) or from a deity (i.e., g-d, g-ddess, all that is, krisna, shiva, the one mind, the tao, […]

  • FBMO

    finger bang, make out – describing a distance one has achieved in intimacy with a girl. “did you who-bang it all the way to slime town?” “nah bruh just fbmo”

  • lt dub

    the nick name of a ledgendary gymnast that means- lord of the water, because he never failed to get his team water. there’s lt dub and he’s back with the water again! what an awsome team mate!

  • Promspect

    a peer that you intend on asking to prom; a prospective prom date dude, it’s april already and i still have no promspects.

  • sacara

    she is a beautiful girl .that is loyal to any guy ,sometimes .she doesn’t let anyone get to her, she will treat her friend the way she wants to be treated, she is someone you want to be around ,she the most u look like a sacara a person who is loved with a lot […]

  • All hail

    a salutation of greeting or welcome. interjection an archaic greeting or salutation

  • Skin-on-it

    when a females genitalia has unattractively large l-b– minora. man #1 “how was her minge?” man #2 “she had pyay skin-on-it! she had to hold it all back so i could fingerbang her” or kelly waters

  • Fizzy Bollocks

    a sensation of tingling in the testes which persists after the cessation of the stimulus. originally attributed to the pilots of hovercraft; sometimes used by skateboarders after skating for a prolonged period on an unusually rough surface. similar to the medical condition ‘vibration white finger’. the channel is so rough today that dover to calais […]

  • gomer pile

    a pile of gomer. a weirdo. a silly and awkward person. look at that gomer pile with the goofy raincoat! to suck at river falls baseball. eric resch: d-mn gomer pile dropped another fly ball, now we hit the 10 run rule.

  • latter-day saint

    a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, sometimes called the “mormons”. believes in the literal resurrection of jesus christ, christ’s visit to the americas; christ’s visit to joseph smith; baptism by immersion; morality, truth and justice; avoids coffee, tea, drugs, alcohol and tobacco. the church has a living prophet, a spokesman […]

  • Denay

    a crazy fun girl who lives life to the fullest and truly enjoys every minute of it. shes loyal to her friends and family, and occasionally cackles like “the joker”. a “denay” is full of spirit and very beautiful, but never vain. oh that denay, she is too cool… a s-xy -ss beast that is […]

  • Blue Collar Poetry

    the phrase refers to the inter-song banter of the lead singer of a band where he or she panders to the working cl-ss folk with lines such as: “who here has been beaten down by life and wants to throw it all away!” “f-ck it all, lets get hammered!” “that son of a b-tch boss […]

  • Mmcha

    the short, quick repetive humping of either a person or object. “dude, john just mmcha’ed that table lamp!” “eric and rose did the mmcha last night.”

  • beard water

    water that collects on a man’s facial hair that is imparted to a woman’s cheek when he kisses her. the amount of water collected increases with the awesomeness of the beard. “ugh, gross, beard water! did you wipe your face?”

  • tsy

    is really loving and cute! she deserves the best and deserves a generous loyal man! she is a very humble girl and always tries to make her friends laugh the most! she loves kids and loves making people smile! tsy is the cutest and really beautiful! tsy: i’m always here for you!

  • Squabo

    nickname for a fiesty asian-american girl. stacy is the original squabo. another word used for a cigarette. transformation of the word “square” with the suffix -abo. yo i’m about to go smoke a f-ckin squabo kid whattup.

  • struck stupid

    a lighting bolt names stupid that ony strikes people that are dumb as sh-t “dude we better get home before the storm moves in” -i agree, we don’t want to get struck stupid by the stupid lightening


    everyday word for any situation. typically builds up e.g. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! and is usually accompanied by an overall shaking with arms raised and head back. can represent frustration, enlightenment, joy, excitement, outrage and relief. example 1 person 1: “hey so you’re greek, do you speak italian??” person 2: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!” example 2 person 1: “yeah i can’t […]

  • opapter

    -n-l exploration equipment. oh my god! look at the size of that opapter!

  • butla

    an unit of measurement for large amounts of wieght used in lynn m-ss. is roughly 275 pounds (125 kilos). cotys porch can hold about one butla. a really fat boy who likes to wack off yo u kno that dude chris yea hes a one of a kind…hes a butla the term butla means you […]

  • bare back king

    that one lad who always goes bare back no matter what he’s hanging out of. yo! catalin man, you are the bare back king!

  • street value

    the average price a drug goes for “on the street”, or from most dealers. street value for a gram of chronic is 15 bucks.

  • prosthetic asspointers

    artificial limbs that attach to the shoulders of an armless person, that point with index fingers towards the -n-s while in a doggy-style position. i can’t wait to b-tt f-ck my armless old lady tonight, i just bought her a new pair of prosthetic -sspointers.

  • deviance

    anything different from the norm or “outside of the box.” in sociology, deviance is not necessarily considered a bad thing, it is just simply breaking away from what is considered normal in a certain context. many people remain in the closet because they know that society does not accept their behavior. h-m-s-xuality is a form […]

  • peripheral hoe

    peripheral hoe is a woman with which one has no real contact but sees them on a regular basis at work or in public aka. in the periphery of ones social circle. the relationship to this person is entirely hypothetical, one imagines what a relationship would be like without ever speaking to them in order […]

  • We Deceive You Believe

    instead of the standard faux news line “we report, you decide” this is closer to what they actually do. fox news – we deceive you believe – the standard operating procedure at fox news.

  • terevebeelik

    one giant super-word constructed from four smaller words. h-ll if i know what it means. “cause terevebeelik 8 others”

  • Jaeness

    an exclamatory remark used in place of the word “gayness” a person will normally use this word when they have just be gayed x 100. the term originates from a boy named jae who likes little boys and is also referred to as jaesha. yo! i just lost in fantasy by a point. thats f-ckin […]

  • Goreshit

    something so utterly disgusting and horrible it can only be compared to gore and sh-t, but combined. thus goresh-t is formed. yeah, that guy looked worse than goresh-t!

  • Groupless

    a sad and lonely picture taken of yourself, jim was home drinking alone again, so he took a groupless, which no one saw, due to him having no friends.

  • youder

    the act of sitting on your partners lap while they reach around you’re waist jacking you off with both hands until you shoot you’re hot b-tter. youder i heard martha performed a youder on jeramiah last night at the barn raising until he spilled his hot b-tter all over the hay !!

  • Stearns County Syndrome

    resulting from people never leaving stearns county, minnesota. inbreeding to this severity results in adults teaching biology for way too long to a cl-ss full of inbred stearns county children, drinking too much german beer, and dating your first cousin. common last names include schramel, mueller, schmitz, schmitt, gerken, or any other german last name. […]

  • ordained

    to be used instead of “legit” because lets face it, legit is wayyy over used dude, that was totally ordained!

  • Inverted Anteater

    the act of getting your d-ck sucked from the back side. “last night my girlfriend was licking my -sshole and she totally gave me an inverted anteater”

  • Shevangi

    a large but fearless goat often found following the sun or other stars. said to be a princess of merry mermaids. usually heard yelling waaaaait (like baaahhh). goat sunshine princess shevangi

  • Clunko

    a word used in english cl-ss to describe when a character dies in a piece of literature. dumbledore goes “clunko” -make crushing hand motion-, and so that’s the end of dumbledore. death dead rip gone english school 0 0

  • catch a square

    to engage in a fight. originated from the fact that boxing rings, where fights occur, are shaped squarely. it is just a matter of minutes before the fish in the cellblock has to prove hes bout it and catch a square.

  • shit full of fuck

    phrase used to describe something that is really bad or undesirable. mike: dude, can you believe this game? james: no, it’s such a sh-t full of f-ck!

  • googlused

    when your boss, co-worker or friend (all of whom are sitting at a computer with internet access) ask you for something they could just as easily look up on google. friend: hey, what are you doing? you: finding out the distance between rio and são paulo for my boss. friend: how dumb! can’t he look […]