Last Update: November 14, 2019
  • afternoon skank

    usually an easy f-ck from a c-ked out party wh-r- or sk-nk who has been up all night doing god knows what till the wee hours of the morning. an afternoon sk-nk is ususally best around 12 noon after a few hits of g. bring a noseplug. wheres johnny? oh hes just upstairs with that […]

  • tooken

    a combination of the words took and taken. generally used in conversations when struggling with chit chat i thought this store was tooken over by the compet-tion alternative or ghetto form of “taken” dogg i got in a fight and got my shoes, coat, and hat tooken. 1. ghetto form of taken. 2. said usually […]

  • dreezy

    drinking to the point of getting drunk. let’s go out and get dreezy a nickname for the suzuki dr-z 400 sm motorcycle. that cager was envious when i lane split past him on my dreezy.

  • phone shot

    a shot of booze consumed with a friend over the phone when you just can’t be togther, especially if they are very far away. usually involves tequila and a count down so you know you are really drinking a the same time. person 1 in california: “dude, i just finished my last final today!” person […]

  • noobstain

    1.a new word for noob, for those who get bored of the typical noob insults. 2.a noob that is particularily annoying and wont leave you alone ever. “that guy just won’t go away, he’s such a noobstain.”

  • yest

    it’s when you take liquified cheesecake and put it in your girlfriends uterus and make a different women grab it out and put it in hers to take back home to her husband to eat it my wife brought home a yest last night. and it was fantastic!

  • maati

    maati means such a guy who has a really nice mind and good heart. hey look that person is such a maati.

  • air gun

    a gun used to fire bb’s or pellets at various velocities from 100fp/s to 1000fp/s. i just bought a air gun from wal-mart.

  • poononi

    the nicer way of saying c-nt vicki has the best tasting and nicest looking poononi i’ve ever gotten my w-ng on.

  • nigga piss

    an expression of frustration, like “f-ck, sh-t, or dammit”. expressing such the frustration you would feel if you found that one of your friends or “n-gg-s” had taken a p-ss on something of value. she cheated on me! n-gg- p-ss!

  • Cape-Flapping

    -verb 1. all flash, no function. expending all power but with little or no productivity derived from the movie “dark night”; in which we see our beloved batman riding his batmobike through gotham; notably the only time you’ll see our hero’s cape moving faster than him. 2. an excessive ruckus created with nothing to back […]

  • susej

    another way of saying sausage….. if you spell susej backward you get the word jesus. coincidence, i think not. ‘jesus would like a bit of susej, no? ah yes, you’re jewish aren’t you’. susej christ is jesus christ’s mildly r-t-rded twin brother. we don’t talk about him. isaiah: uh hey, jesus, who’s that guy next […]

  • Roshika

    one who’s shy and never ever says a word especially on social media like skype. recluse. man, don’t do a roshika. say something.

  • Attended

    to be present at: to attend a lecture; to attend church. to go with as a concomitant or result; accompany: fever may attend a cold. success attended her hard work. to take care of; minister to; devote one’s services to: the nurse attended the patient daily. to wait upon; accompany as a companion or servant: […]


    loud noises you make in the bathroom while having uncomfortably explosive diarrhea. archie: what’s all that noise? jughead: oh, phil’s been in the bathroom all night making a diarruckus. archie: i guess he never should’ve eaten mr. lodge’s cooking.

  • ehem

    an expression used when you try to clearly explain something in a manner and bring your confidence up when actually you’re feeling down. ehem , i didn’t mean to hurt you. 🙂 ehem, it’s for you. 1 more definition add your own word used when things are awkward,usely used when an unexpected rash breaks out, […]

  • Turbo Turtle

    a really fast turtle that is so fast you can bearly see him go past his name is turbo he loves sun bathing to charge him up and then going for a swim he eats shrimp like there is no tomorrow then when you put hime down on the ground zoom he’s gone. man 1: […]

  • ImageShack

    a free image hosting solution. guy 1: look at my pictures. guy 2: all i see is red x’s. next time upload at www.imageshack.us guy 3: oh snap. thanks! noun. imageshack.us. free image hosting verb. imageshack, imageshacking, imageshacks to upload an image to imageshack instead of directly sending the email with the image keeps bouncing. […]

  • Going All Caps Lock

    speaking in caps lock over the internet to show anger. me: i cannot believe you would that omg what the heck him: woah woah, why you going all caps lock on me.

  • Life Debt

    a life debt is when one person saves another persons life so they are forever in debt with their life until the other person repays the life debt by saving their life. stan smith owes rodger a life debt for saving his life.

  • Anal Shot

    when you take any type of alcohol, and then open your -n-s up & pour the shot in your -sshole. hey bro hook me up with an -n-l shot of jack daniels sure!!

  • arthur (art)

    unique, witty, funny and often handsome in a british way. likes to have fun. that arthur (art) is such a funny guy.

  • Ninjuice

    when you earn some street cred as a 90s style ninja fighting a minotaur in a flannel shirt. also a very painful beverage that tastes like a punch to the face. make sure you don’t get the ninjuice, it will knock you out. from “ask a ninja.” when you get some awesome ninja street cred […]

  • motlice

    a crabs or lice like condition of the pubic region. “that b-tch was so dirty – she had motlice!” a crabs or lice like condition of the pubic region. “that b-tch was so dirty – she had motlice!”

  • yaseerah

    a sweet person who is a immature time to time,shes always smilling and generally gets blamed for things she’s never done. she’s a person who is constantly fighting with a person she really cares about but doesnt want to admit it guy 1: hey who’s that girl that’s so pasive aggresive guy 2: oh that’s […]

  • wellington curse

    when something important happens but all video or photo evidence is awful quality. this saying started when a video of louis tomlinson and harry styles at a bar in wellington, new zealand was posted where louis can be heard shouting “boyfriend” and maybe leaning in about to kiss harry but harry turns louis around and […]

  • gaypparel

    what one has to wear when s/he is just too fabulous for some plain jane designer. their clothing, like their personality, has to be on the next level. gaypparel is like a walking billboard for pride all year long.

  • chewaggle

    during -n-l s-x the person farts on the d-ck. jody chewaggled on brents c-ck!

  • vetpenda

    somebody who has served in the military who now has veteran status, and their spouse is now in the military making the money. roy got disabled in afghanistan, but his wife is joining the air force. he’s just going to be a dependa now. no, he’s a vetpenda. the dependa you need.

  • multipeen

    refers the possessor of more than one male appendage. whereby each peen is fully grown and are all capable of holding an erection simultaneously. common speech: “i was watching a p-rn last night and the guy was a total multipeen. he had like seven b-n-rs at once!” “men who are multipeens make good polygamists.”

  • hit you with that k

    responding “k” to someone in a sign of agrivation. also meaning “whatever”. guy: im really sorry, i’ll talk to you later though. girl: k. guy 2: wow she hit you with that k.

  • Kell Yeah

    the hottest girl ever in any general setting. such as a party, or a cl-ss. dude, that girl is such a kell yeah. im totally going to ask for her number. im dating a kell yeah, how lucky am i? 1.kell yeah (adj.) 2.kell yeah (pr-noun) the kell yeah revolution started in 2005 at longwood […]

  • Night Sandwich

    any sandwich you enjoy while intoxicated and a sober friend drove your -ss to get it. my slampiece took me to wendys last night for a night sandwich. i was so drunk i ordered an arbys roast beef.

  • Mou-mou

    ludicrously fat person. usually stupid. too big for real clothes, more suited to tents. crocks are the footwear of choice for the mou-mou. “f-ck me that’s a mou-mou and a half!”

  • Facebook Parent

    a facebook friend, you may or may not know well, who gives parental advice on every update they read. you think about deleting them as a friend every time you see you have an update from them. -mary: having a bad day; wish i had more money. -facebook parent: mary i know a great financial […]

  • newscandy

    insufficient morsels of news meted out by journalists of tv and radio. often simply a headline and one paragraph’s worth word-count, so that they can pile on as many little anecdotes as possible between traffic reports, witty banter, and advertis-m-nts, and repeat them every half hour for the short-attention span crowd. watching cnn headline news […]

  • Nonsensicocamamirationarigamarole

    when someone in management makes poor decisions that are not based on any form of reasoning other than a “gut feeling”. the decisions cause unnecessary amounts of work while having a waterfall effect that can cause incredibly undesirable results. the lack of real knowledge about their decisions doesn’t prevent them from happening and it’s impossible […]

  • shakin’ in my boots

    1) scared of the events to come 2) sarcastic for “not intimidated at all” 1) he held the gun in my face: i was shakin’ in my boots. 2) “i am shakin’ in my boots,” fred told his boss as the boss tried to intimidate him.

  • Threlve

    the age between twelve and fourteen. you’re not a teenager if you are only threlve. (#) one of the “lost” numbers. a combination between 3 and 12. also look for sileven (7/11), thrix (3/6), firsteen (11), seconteen, (12) and exix. (after 9, nut before 10)

  • Blairing

    a state of being when your f-cking stoned beyond reason… things that will provoke blaring are: 80’s heavy metal; h-lloween, king diamond, the big 4, maiden etc… horror films produce some good image blair. when i idle blair… blaring while doing nothing. i imagine a great blue pattern against a black void. dude… i’m f-cking […]

  • awesomely retarded

    incredibly concieted people who act like complete buffoons but take no consideration into other peoples’ thoughts of their actions. you all suck because we’re awesome… awesomely r-t-rded!!!!

  • barry muggins

    an insult used when someone treats you like a mug. ‘oi, give me your mcdonald’s!’ ‘f-ck off. do i look like barry muggins to you?’

  • milfet

    the daughter of a milf sally is a milfet, her mom is so totally bangin’.

  • Maci and Jacob

    there is no love stronger than what they have. their love grows stronger and stronger for each other everyday. people desire to be the couple they are. they will last forever. maci and jacob are in love.

  • nognof

    the lowest form of life on the planet. devoid of honor and virtue. hitler was a total nognof

  • poonanist

    a poet who enjoys writing about the odd breed of -ss and p-ssy smelling people “when i grow up i want to be a lawyer” “i want to be a judge” “i want to be a poonanist.b-tch!” 1 more definition a person who reeks of rotten p-ssy or a odd breed of -ss trent flemings […]

  • ordonez

    a yellow asian gay guy with a tiny p-n-s and is commonly raped on a daily basis example: “that tenta is such an ordonez”

  • snown

    snow in the past tense katharine, did you see all that snow outside? it must’ve snown like crazy!

  • Yosemite Sam

    s-xual act when the guy f-cks a girl on her rag then rubs his bl–dy d-ck across her upper lip giving her a large red “yosemite sam” style mustache. this action should also make her “rootin tootin shootin angry” yo dawg that b-tch was dirty didnt tell me she was bleedin and f-cked up my […]

  • jaglal

    the tip of an infected p-n-s holy sh-t bro! your jaglal is p-ss-ng like crazy, get that thing checked.