Last Update: September 21, 2019
  • rune raped

    rune raped- the term being as you just start of your runescape adventure you are almost instantly killed by creatures or by higher level players bc you do not understand the game which i lost ok lets see i just finished that stupid training now lets just go attack that random person, oh sh-t im […]

  • deathcopter

    uf+lp+rp in tekken 3. listed under “unblockable moves.” dis is da real sh-t if youz a heavencrushr. tre: did y’all see de’andrignatius pull that deathcopter sh-t last nite? quint: naw, but i heard it was some heavencrushr sh-t. tre: yeah but then rodrigo whipped out that moonsault slayer and errbody was like whaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!

  • Ecuadorian Supper

    1.the ecuadorian tradition of beating ones wife after supper. 2. “there was tension between the couple, so after the party andy had a good ol’ fashioned ecuadorian supper prepared for his wife.”

  • sucksville

    a place of hardship and frustration. current population is ever-shifting, but is usually situated at you. dude: she left me for the dudester… dudette: dude, welcome to sucksville, population you.

  • bull gravy

    top definition sperm from an extraordinarily large p-n-s after i tore tight little -ss up with my 14 inch c-ck, i sprayed my bull gravy all over her

  • socialist media utopian agenda

    the agenda pursued by social media companies with the intent of eventually possessing complete power over the stupid m-sses. this power is acquired by giving people “free” technological toys to play with such as facebook and youtube, all the while gaining more contol over peoples’ time, information, and attention. the eventual result of the socialist […]

  • Laikyn

    a delightful person. who is sometimes a m-ssive b-tch. you are such a laikyn

  • goshadze

    a last name for someone who loves the fact that farts have sounds and smells… usually lazy and a b-m must people with this last name are dependent on others to sail through life… see “dachi” or goshadze is a cr-ppy form of life if your born with it

  • whoopain

    sensation of extreme pain in upper jar, forehead, and facial area from eating extremely cold foods such as ice cream, etc… ouch! i’ve got a whoopain!

  • Matt Parry

    someone who makes his friend, also known as matt, tie the top strings of his jacket together. making him look like a d-ck. ‘he’s had a matt parry done to him’

  • Feet-Acne

    where a mini feet grows out of your face and spreads all through-out your face. boy on the phone: “dude, i have this type of acne on my face and the pimples are shaped like feet, its nasty.” other boy on the line: “thats pretty nasty, feet-acne.”

  • man from the mountain

    someone who searches for the truth at all times. usually your father. “i know you didn’t just get home. don’t try to fool the man from the mountain”

  • bomb china

    the act of defecating. plainly – having to sh-t. sometimes in an urgent manner. rose:”that taco bell hit the spot” aubry:”yeah, my stomach hurts, i need to go bomb china” rose:”think of me.”

  • shmung

    basically the same thing as munging. but instead of jumping normally on the deceased corpse, the partner jumping must be a male. here’s why: he must get a big w-lly, then jump on the deceased corpse with his p-n-s first, thus landing on the corpse with your p-n-s. this must take a great amount of […]

  • Mocha Marks

    a line of fecal matter in your underwear that varies in thickness from thin to meaty. usually a result of poor -sswiping skills. i farted and left mocha marks in my drawers.

  • katenka

    silken, soft, pleasant to touch, caressable. this skin is so katenka.

  • chlorophyl

    variant of chlorophyll chlorophyl is a green subsatnce which is present in the leaf which makes it green. when you rub a leaf to a whiyte paper a greenish color will c-m out .. that will be the chlorophyl

  • Lower Case Boobs

    female mammary glands that hang down to the belly b-tton or point south. lower case b–bs are fun to f-ck but not look at.

  • nargh

    like argh, but suggests a certian amount of laziness. often pointing out a problem/task that the user either won’t or will not enjoy correcting/doing. related words include argh (obviously), dargh and zargh per 1: go to the shop and get me food. per 2: nargh! per 1: does that mean that you won’t go or […]

  • The PRP

    a music website containing news, reviews, a forum community, and more. the website concentrates on genres such as metal, hardcore, and generally hard music. a great place for getting the latest on your favorite bands. warning: contains many varieties of douchebag and metal elitist, mostly the latter. be careful when stating your opinion here, as […]

  • minky beave

    a pungent smelling v-g-n-. ando chowed down on the girl. she hadn’t looked clean to begin with and alas, she did have a minky beave!

  • phantomisle

    a channel found on youtube that has a bunch of stickfigure videos. he is best known for his intense stick -ssault and stick death maze series. hey, did you check out phantomisle’s channel? it has cool videos!

  • Gasway

    that mood you get late at night when you don’t feel like doing anything, but still don’t feel like sleeping. urgh i am in such a gasway mood right now

  • stank mullet

    a state the hair on the back of ones head becomes somewhat long and looses cleanliness, making the hair hard to part or comb. “oh jeez my hair is too long and i have a stank mullet, i should get a hair cut”

  • memery

    the act of intentionally confusing individuals by using obscure references to internet memes. jack committed memery when he posted ‘all your base are belong to us’ on a pet care forum, as none of the users had any idea what he was talking about. the act of quickly sharing a packaged thought or opinion without […]

  • alvirfrankenstien

    this is a chic that looks like frankenstien and she doesnt know she has bolts in her neck. hey alvirasfrankenstien how are you? who you taking to? also see fugly

  • Franticism

    the word franticism became popular in 2012 due to the overwhelming frantic state of women. it is a hyped up state of worriedness and stress that is often not necessary. the word was first used by a dallasite who has been known to unexpectedly go into a whirlwind of over thinking and pre planning for […]

  • sharpei

    a p-n-s with an excessive amount of foreskin; usually in triangular form. wow, brian sure does have a sharpei! noun. the word derives from the winkled oriental dog of the same name and refers to a p-n-s with excess foreskin to the extent that, when erect, the entire p-n-s is still covered with skin to […]

  • broadview

    a neighborhood in seattle, broadview isn’t particularly dangerous or anything, it’s just not very nice. boring residential area with lots of cheap single-level homes. some nice houses as you get closer to the water. has the whole “gross” feeling like most of north seattle. not many businesses; a few cr-ppy ones along greenwood ave and […]

  • butler college

    butler college is located within the butker area and is well known, for its p-ssy f-ck students who think they’re top kunts and the sl-ts and the big puntas within it, also for the sloppy seconds that have been taken inside the school toilets for years. domenico : ” hey bro, i go to butler […]

  • Scottish Goodbye

    when you announce your intention to depart from a party and start saying goodbye to people, and you also try to get your friends to leave with you, but are ultimately unsuccessful and end up staying. randy began a scottish goodbye – he’s been telling people he’s leaving for the last three hours and he’s […]

  • Nacko

    doing something that nacko would do, that the entire world population wouldn’t do so i pulled a nacko last night with this chick i went nacko on his -ss. i nacko’d that sh-t its nackolicious

  • Synowhim

    when an educated person makes a common synonym error, such as switching they’re for their, due to a cognitive mistake and not their ignorance of grammar. gentlemanly scholar: i just finished making a finely worded point and your foolish. other guy: you’re- gentlemanly scholar: sorry dog, that was a synowhim.

  • TsGh Nicks

    a f-ggot that runs around and trys to steal everyones unixs and bots. a very hated person, but strong ddoser but still a f-ggot d-ck rides of members of tsgh. tsgh nicks: hey let me on your teamviewer i can show you a cool flood command. random: sure! tsgh nicks: pull up your irc random: […]

  • Pegnipple

    mark left by a clothes peg, usually in a very obvious spot like on top of shoulders. mike hung out the clothing and put pegnipples on the sleeves of my blouses again.

  • kawshan

    a dumb f-ck with no p-n-s omg is that kawshan the d-ck less clown

  • mrremockz

    he is from egypt, he likes to eat a lot, he plays creative destruction, roblox, fnaf, and some other if your cool with him, he cool with you. someone : hi mrremockz : hi someone : how are you mrremockz : bad someone : nice mrremockz : thanks

  • natre

    the want to f-ck your cousins mother “wow, chris natres clover’s mom” the want to f-ck your cousins mother “wow, chris natres clover’s mom”

  • pokeular

    always having at least 10 pokes when you log onto facebook. guy #1: “whoa, i always log onto facebook and today i have 12 pokes!” guy #2: “duuuudeee you are pokeular!!!!”

  • melee

    may-lay -hand-to-hand combat. -combat involving non-projectile battle, particularly with fists, club, etc. -verb : to inflict a physical attack on someone, usually with a non-sharp weapon like a club or a rifle-b-tt. “in socom i ran up to that guy and meleed his sorry -ss.” hand to hand combat. those melee units with swords and […]

  • dumpster drop

    a first generation freefall amus-m-nt ride built by intamin. very popular during the 80s, they are now obsolete – although a few examples of this still exist at parks across the usa. basically, the ride consists of a 4-across car, which is hauled up a vertical shaft about 50 feet, scoots forward a few feet, […]

  • is best

    this word means why are you getting all up in my sauce for?!? or it could mean i don’t care. girl 1: ew, you are so ugly. girl 2: stfu, is best. 0 0

  • Gay Button

    when people of the same s-x are talking, one of them starts talking or acting gay. (an alternative for “no-h-m-“) dude 1: whats up? dude 2: nothin… just finishing my math homework.. dude 1: oh yeah, it was really hard. dude 2: someone just pressed the gay b-tton … slang for a man’s prostate gland […]

  • candykaine

    an idiot who is so desperate for any girl he’d f-ck a dead body 16 and in love with a candykaine

  • brooke o’shithead

    dylan o’briens wife // brooke the o’ sh-thead 🙂 heyo i’m dylans’ wife brooke o’sh-thead nice to meet you 😉

  • 5 mile babe

    a girl who looks good from a distance, but is fugly up close. i was cruising by the club, but i kept going because they were all 5 mile babes. man, that sucked.

  • So, how’s School?

    something older folks often say to try to get to know you, or to keep a conversation going when there is nothing left to say. this will usually happen during every conversation, and is commonly used on people ages 15-22. older gentleman: “so that’s all i really needed to talk to you about…” young man: […]

  • concert picnic

    (verb) a practice where people sit outside of an outdoor concert so they can listen gratis to the performance. this may be done because they do not want to pay, the show is sold out, or it involves less engagement from them. a: did you guys go to the jay-z concert? b: yeah, but we […]

  • Faggot dog

    redneck term used to define any small breed of dog such as the pomeranian that, because of its small stature, couldn’t possibly be owned by a manly redneck. on a trip through monatana my mom lets her pomeranian out to pee. some rednecks tells her that her dog looks like a “f-ggot dog.”

  • Babenicty

    the scientific term used to determine the properties of one’s babe-ness. the basic formula is x+/- the squared root of pier2 / b in which the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides. if we let c be the length of the hypotenuse and a […]