Last Update: May 11, 2021
  • Americanized Asian FOB

    asian fob’s (fresh off the boat) primarily carry strong family values and are hard workers. they know the beauty and the importance of their culture and its ancestry. but sometimes fob’s fall victim to the worst ways of the american culture and life style rather than the good parts and become americanized, thus losing their […]

  • Lawsowned

    the act of being brutally and apathetically destroyed in 3 seconds or less by a rogue in world of warcraft. this expression is well known amongst horde players on the gorgonnash realm who have all, at one point or another, been helplessly obliterated by the alliance rogue lawson. level 60 cloth wearer, probably a warlock: […]

  • nstled

    a term used in the mobile phone industry to describe when you take something that is not broken and change it and in the process of changing it you break it because you are a giant dumb -ss! well he really nstled that project, thats why everyone is out of a job. well the pacemaker […]

  • P3|\|15

    the 1337sp33k way to say “p-n-s”. 5u(k |\/\y p3|\|15 |\|008!

  • dong juice

    -j-c-l-t- which does not contain mature sperm. my 13 year old son couldn’t have gotten her pregnant! he was just shootin dong juice!

  • yeeder

    yeeder is a term used when excited and as a replacement to “yeah”, “yes”, and especially “yee” (look it up). it was really born as just an add on to “yee”. yee-der “you at the party?” “yeeder”

  • Mawking

    the cowardly act of using roof tops as an advantage over opponents in online gaming. this term originated in star wars: battlefront 2 hero -ssault. mawking is usually done by arrogant players who are not very skillful. d-mn that mawking mawker! he won’t come down off his roof top and fight like a real man!

  • Platinum Fag

    a gay man who has never had s-x with a woman. also known as the gay male version of gold star lesbian, but even rarer (thereby platinum). i’ve groped women, but never, you know, f-cked a girl (grimacing in disgust at the idea of s-x with a woman)…i’m a platinum f-g.

  • Croatian Language

    the most d-ck wrenchingly difficult russian doll of all languages. just when you think that you’ve uncovered the key to understanding how to speak it there’s a new level of suffixes and word re-arrangements. there’s 87 common ways (excluding anomalies) of completing every single noun in this bullsh-t language, and at the end of it, […]

  • york maneuver

    elevating ones genitals above a toilet seat to avoid contact with the bowl. astronauts were taught the york maneuver to avoid having their scr-t-m sucked into the vacuum of a zero-gravity toilet.

  • rate rate

    used in the north to describe something that is really really good. alternatively “right right” the mighty boosh is rate rate!

  • Sowing Season

    sowing season can be described in one word…..”yeaaah!” -ever hear the song “sowing season” by brand new? yeah, after i lost all my friends

  • e-migo

    a friend from the internet, whom you have never seen in person. heard this from my e-migo chuck1984 : never play leapfrog with a unicorn.

  • Snaken

    acting fake, playing around,telling someone off. man you snaken with me.

  • misanthropology

    the scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of hatred in humans misanthropology-the opposite of optimistology

  • flabbywhalebarfalump

    stupib fat slob wow! did you see the size of the bingowingson that flabbywhalebarfalump!

  • Ingoldsby

    english. large family name. sarcastic humor and uncondiontal love are traits -ssociated with this name. filled with diversity and perfection an ingoldsby will bring anyone -ssociated with them fun times, pride, and happiness. it was an ingoldsby of a time at our family reunion!

  • In a beef lizard

    in short, translated means: “in a little while” “in a” – your bog standard meaning of in a. it could mean in a box but not in this case… it means “in a (insert time phrase here)” “beef” – beef meaning roast, raost rhyming with toast, toast you have with jam, jam is made from […]

  • meej

    to destroy or obliterate; usually -ssociated with board games. 1) “i just won at scrabble. i meejed you all in the face.” 2) “i think i might challenge rob to that game.” “no!, he’ll meej you.” 2 more definitions mary jane. marilucci. marijuana. let’s break from our corporate office work and ingest some meej through […]

  • dubani thumb piano

    a flicking motion of the p-ssy with two thumbs as if you were texting or playing a dubani thumb piano last night i gave my girl the best dubani thumb piano she’d ever had!

  • slapping pink

    female masturbation when i opened the bedroom door he saw her slapping pink.

  • Bong Spigget

    when a crack fiend wants to get a girls attention crack fiend says “bong spigget” girl runs away and says go for cover go for cover! crackfiendcrack headbonggirlssaystylertevongoodrochesteri hate youtiffanydestinyl-rs-nprestonnaggersmoke

  • Dashaun

    dashaun’s always aspire to be great in life, to be remembered throughout the ages for something great they have done. dashaun’s, however, tend to be challenged when it comes to communication, due to the fact that they think so fast but can’t put it into words, often creating uncomfortable miscommunications and strenuous situations. dashaun’s are […]

  • Calf Roping

    the occurrence when one inserts both hands and feet into another’s -n-s, looking like you are baby cow who was calf roped. dave: shane’s -n-s is the size a football. devin: why? dave: i was calf roping shane so hard last night!

  • Yukio

    hot australian with a great voice yukio rocks my sox

  • Petitza

    pro. pa-teet-za. a small piece of pizza. mac: who’d like a slice? mom: not much for me – just a pet-tza.

  • bearded salami

    a p-n-s – the salami being the p-n-s and the beard, the p-b-s. first mentioned in romanian profanity: “salam barbos” eat bearded salami with the -ss!

  • lurnt

    when you learn so much you feel turnt i studied so much today i feel lurnt

  • SWIF

    acronym for ‘so what its friday’ its an angry reply to tgif ( thank g-d its friday) used when you are having a cr-ppy friday in reply to all the tgif ken : tgif, its been a sh-tty week, time to party salivavic : wtf swif , i’m still working tomorrow. somebodies wife i’d f-ck, […]

  • Lowis Gang

    notorious pilipino gang !it started in east van.. lowis gang lang naman

  • belt dick

    a belt d-ck is the part of the belt that sticks out after it is fastened around ones waist. it is often because the belt is too short to reach the beltloop, therefore, you end up with a belt d-ck hard on. omg she must have gained ten pounds over the weekend. her belt is […]

  • Whizzend

    the feeling of your bones aching the morning after you’ve either taken to many drugs or drank too much. mate i feel well whizzend

  • culo cagao

    culo cagao is literally a sh-tty -ss. someone who hasn’t even learned how to wipe their -ss yet. it describes a person with lack of experience. that b-tch looks good as h-ll pero es un culo cagao, too young.

  • Reiquarium

    a reiquarium is a self-contained body of water containing rei ayanami and/or her clone(s), a character from the anime neon genesis evangelion — be it a hot tub, tank (see episode 23), swimming pool, pond, lake, sea, ocean, or water world. lengths of running water such as brooks, creeks, streams, and rivers containing rei ayanami […]

  • a rog

    the discharge of waste matter from the large intestine, a bowel movement, excrement, feces “don’t go into the bathroom, i just dropped a rog and it stinks in there”

  • rum jigger

    a person who is, has or does take part in activities that are illegal and filthy. also could be a person who is rough around the edges but essentially of good moral fibre. he’s a bit of a rum jigger. look at that rum jigger!

  • eterrible

    (adjective): describing a joke or innuendo made and/or perpetuated via online media; synonyms could include, but are not limited to, eawful, ehorrible, egross, etc. jeremy: i’ll give it to you in dc. wiiiiiink. maya: you’re eterrible!

  • The Bling

    a nickname for a person named tristin. “hey tristin…you nickname is gonna be the bling!!!!”

  • Fucked Lucille dead

    a gal that has multiple -rg-sm so intense that sometimes she faints after her final climax. after writhing about and hollering like a wild animal she suddenly fell limp and lay silent beneath me. i became concerned because i didn’t know if i’d f-cked lucille dead, or just unconscious.

  • Eternal Rivalment

    it’s more than rivalry. it’s more than ash and gary from pokemon. it’s more than ryu and ken from street fighter. it’s an aggressive clashing of eternal friends in a compet-tion which could nearly destroy the world but because of overusing it, the world is now used to get destroyed everytime so it takes less […]

  • Soul Roommate

    noun: a chosen or randomly -ssigned roommate that is completely compatible and who you quickly become best friends with. the platonic relationship epitomizes true friendship. jane and kelsey hadden’t met until the day they moved into college, but once they met they knew they were eachother’s soul roommate.

  • M.H.P

    a neighborhood that is called monroe heights,but m.h.p stands for monroe heights park! i stay in m.h.p with nokie music has power. people often use it when they believe music has changed their life and/or the world. mhp. 3dg saved my life.

  • Transveloquist

    a sh-m-l- or transvest-te that throws his/her voice with a puppet. dude – that transveloquist was really talented and really hung, too!

  • imbiznat

    a word that is a synonym to the phrase in buisness. use as slang aye pimp we be imbiznat

  • fat stack of tubbies

    a huge wad of the new $20 bill that depicts harriet tubman on the front. i just made a fat stack of tubbies.

  • Delirity

    the point of being so delirious that everything is so f-cking funny you slap your knees. jess: i’m laughing so hard right now john: why? jess: delirity!!!

  • Bona Fide

    legit, thorough, true yo, am bona fide when it comes to hustlin son! when someone is a mad truth speaker. incapable of telling a lie and trusted by all. when you vouch for someone. “nah thats my ace… that n-gg-s bonafide” ta b real or genuine “dayum girl, tha boi is bonafide” “tha girl lookin […]

  • wushka

    it means anything you want it to mean. two bikers came up with it….. rock on my fellow wushka!!! term used when a big hit is put on in sport or in a fight (fred gets a shoulder charge that puts him on his -rs-) wushka!

  • Sheep Boy Schep

    this is a name, for a person called jaws. she spends most of her time in her mother’s bedroom giving head to her dad. she also has a huge jaw that cant even be broken down with plastic surgery! she often eats giant jaw breakers, but even that doesnt help with the humungous jaw. she […]

  • yung avacado

    super savy rapper out of taunton, much clout. ayye yo n-gg- lookin like yung avacado wit all dat clout.