Last Update: December 3, 2020
  • gleebation

    1. the guilty pleasure of watching glee that equals the guilty pleasure feeling of masturbation. 2. being erotically turned on by glee to the point of wanting to m-st-rb-t-. oh my god! when will schuester dances i get myself so wet i could gleebate right now! i could go for some gleebation right about now. […]

  • Wussbag

    someone who is very afraid to do something. more than just a plain old “wuss” or “wussy”. there is so much wuss to go around, that you need a bag to fill it up with. this person is a bag worth of wuss, hence the term wussbag. guy #1: hey, are you gonna come egg […]

  • weiner mouth

    a human who loves the taste of p-n-s in her/his mouth and equally enjoys giving oral s-x to a male. sophia called cay a weiner mouth because of her reputaion, atleast she is not a c-ck tw-t.

  • Hookiao

    a sl-tty woman who is obviously a hooker, but for some reason has a good life ( husband, kids, house etc.) she has a life so she is hookiao

  • slager

    the word, “butcher” in dutch that slager is an excellent surgeon.

  • drug with a plug

    any form of electronic entertainment, especially a computer and an hdtv, that requires an ac power connection to work and/or charge batteries. nothing good on the tube to watch, so i’ll use the other drug with a plug: my mac.

  • on a scale of 1-10

    a scale used to rate someone’s attractiveness. 1 being ugly as all h-ll and 10 being perfectly amazing ( although that’s not possible, it’s on the scale and whoever you see fit can be placed there ) on a scale of 1-10 desiigner is a 1. cuz he looks like a f-cking donkey.

  • livestock

    commonly used in plural to indicate working women like hookers, or even wh-r-s and sl-ts. …while he m-st-rb-t-s to photos of livestock, he does the “silence of the lambs” dance to christian rock… (the lyrics from bloodhound gang song) a person who does not put things it in the right place. livestock is a tool. […]

  • wawacle

    any debacle or mishap occurring at wawa chris- “i specifically ordered and paid extra for the chicken strips with the mac and cheese bed, but clearly i only got chicken strips” amanda- “that’s tragic!!!” chris- “complete wawacle”

  • Yuggs

    another word for juggs. big -ss t-ties. look at those yuggs!

  • bend and spread

    1. verb – the act of bending over and spreading your b-tt cheeks in someone’s face (usually for a rectal visual exam) dude, at meps i had to do the bend and spread. it was mortifying because the doc was like 70.

  • nielis

    a person who is great in every single way wow that person is nielis!! i wish i was a nielis buy the domain for your cat vlog

  • apernaper

    somone or something that wakes you up, bothers or annoys you on purpose or not when you are tying to take a nap. every time i lay down my husband knocks on my door with some stupid question. he is such an apernaper. the neighbors dog is an apernaper. he barks at precisely 5:00pm everyday […]

  • what a mug

    when sum 1 does sumthin stupid cam fell over so i shouted what a mug at him

  • teleswap

    v. to text or call someone who has just given you their phone number, for the purposes of giving him/her your phone number/contact information. note: the practice of speaking the first phone number aloud is also a key facet in the process of teleswapping. n. the practice of texting/calling someone to exchange numbers/contact information. sifl: […]

  • damn anthem

    a specific song which reigns supreme over all other musical compositions, and/or invokes particular emotional significance for the listener. “the brady brunch theme song is a d-mn anthem!”

  • don’t kill yourself

    just kidding! go for it! guy: hey, i like justin beiber! other guy: same. don’t kill yourself, you’re actually cool. guy: really? other guy: sike! you’re trash!

  • fart in a spacesuit

    one more perfectly descriptive means of stating the utter uselessness of a thing or individual, or to some extent, it’s unwelcome status within a given situation, for the most part……see also concrete parachute chocolate kettle ashtray on a motorcycle fart in an elevator he’s hopeless, about as useful & as welcome as a fart in […]

  • cane ridgians

    a person that goes to cane ridge f-ck cane ridgians.

  • Hercules High School

    if auschwitz and the gulag had a mentally impaired american baby, then this would be that baby grown up if it were abused its whole childhood. a place where those unfortunate enough aren’t even allowed to feel the sweet embrace of death, but instead, forced to labor throughout the entirety of their youth for a […]

  • Terance

    terance is a guy that when you first meet you fall head over heels for. everyone loves him. he is very social, caring, fun to be around, he can always make you laugh, he is amazing in bed etc… but while you are with him you always feel as if he is hiding something from […]

  • fwebla

    a fat man who can play sports surprisingly well i was embarr-ssed when i lost a 1 on 1 basketball game to a fwebla.

  • lulcats

    something you say to someone after they have completed a non funny joke. guy1: what did the thesaurus say to the dictionary? guy2: what guy1: i gots cinnamon! guy2: lulcats.

  • yipp

    a common greeting among canid furries. not to be confused with yiff. yipp, how are you? aka c-ke im mad yipped up buy the domain for your travel vlog a small blue pill, can be crushed or taken raw, with milk accompaniment. these pills make the user far better than anyone else around them ready […]

  • stubern

    a word close to stubborn but with a country accint quit being so stubern misty.

  • sandy jewels

    when ur b-lls get sandy after u go to the beach jeeze after going the beach i got some major sandy jewels

  • ruthba

    1.a word to descripe a beautiful asain 2.also used to descripe a m-ssakistic person or saddist (someone that likes to be involved in violence) although ruthbas are rare every society needs them 1.wow look at her shes so ruthba 2. omg what a f-cking ruthba

  • secondhand smell

    when a person smells (good or bad) and you stand near said person or make any physical contact with said person and then you smell like them -“man that hobo over there smells bad” -“i know, i went over to give him spare change and i got secondhand smell.

  • Spartan Style

    the act of having s-x whilst utilizing the exact sequence of positions which king leonidas and queen gorgo use in the movie 300 it is extremely important that each position consists of a single powerful thrust, followed by an immediate change in position. the sequence may be repeated as many times as desired. “yo gurrl…. […]

  • wad up doe

    slang used in detroit, meaning what up dawg or dude. used by all detroiters. rapper tone tone made a song about it. random person- wad up doe? his friend- wat up, what you doing today

  • bugner’s eye

    bugner’s eye (n). flapless female genitalia, resembling joe bugner’s closed-up eye in any fight he’s ever had. that f-nny i was with last night had a bugner’s eye

  • Subversive Desensitization

    subversive desensitization, refers to a process which covertly alters or changes a persons mind set, consequently transforming his or her perception of reality with regards to either social, political or religious matters. whereby rendering a person incapable of understanding or viewing a situation presented before them in a clear and rational manner. subversive desensitization, is […]

  • eh bud

    canadian slang 1; a way of saying hey to your friend/buddy. 2; being irritated by someone and trying to show it. 3; not as common, but being sarcastic to someone or imitating/mocking them. 1; “eh bud! how’s it going? haven’t seen you in a while, let’s get d-ckered tonight…” 2;”eeeeehhhhhhhh bud. watch where you’re going.” […]

  • july 28th

    a truly historic date. on this day, the emoji movie, an iconic work of cinematography, finally comes to theaters. erin: hey jack, i planned our honeymoon. we’re leaving on july 28th. jack: sorry, can’t come. i’ve got three back-to-back tickets for the emoji movie.

  • Eau Le DUET

    sound it out… you’ll get it wacka yeahh eau le duet

  • zombiefied

    to have turned into a zombie by being bitten. “oh dear now another person has been zombiefied! “

  • krunkcore

    a form of metal with the sound or feel of techno. static x has the sound of krunkcore. a genre of music that combines screamo, or metal with hip hop and electronic beats yo bro, that krunkcore band was unreal!

  • omni-inappropriate

    adj. a word or phrase that should never be used, regardless of circ-mstances. the opposite of omnipropriate, a word or phrase that is appropriate for use in all situations. brian: i really wish i could waffle stomp while reading twilight. that would be so much fun. bobby: why would anyone want to do that? that […]

  • torrent warrior

    n. 1. one that has control. poster: tpb never took it down i removed it because this is a 100 times better copy leecher: i was like 95% done lol, happy you put up a better copy before i watched. you are superb torrent warrior.

  • no hands

    performing an activity without the use of the hands why does rover keep licking himself? because he has no hands. no hands kinda like noscoping in a game but you get oral and when your ready to c-m you stand up scream no hands take it out and let the c-m find its own path […]

  • kayley smiley

    awesome awesome awesome. has a show. the kayley and ashley show on youtube. they are great oh my gosh kayley smiley is awesome

  • Yawn and Jerk

    when your with a girl(that youu know or don’t shouldnt matter) pretend to do the cheesy yawn and put your arm around when she looks at you at the last second whip out your c-ck and yell something such as ” im crazy b-tch!!” i was with my best gal when i pulled a yawn […]

  • dirty talia

    when a man -j-c-l-t-s on a woman’s toe then she proceeds to finger his b-tt with her big toe mary dirty taliaed john

  • intuplet

    intupet is loosely based off of the prefixes such as “s-xtuplet” however “in” means infinite, or however big/small it gets, and “tuplet” means family members not twins. it’s a really broad turm but in a nutsh-ll an intuplet is a personal unique venacular family, but not a gang. n-body f-cks with my intuplet, n-body f-cks […]

  • anal conflagration

    a mythical occurrence in which one’s -n-s spontaneously combusts, and the fire refuses to go out. i hope you get -n-l conflagration!!!!

  • ballshake

    ball shake :- to shake b-lls in a manner that requires a sutible pair of baggy trousers hence creating the b-llshake examples of b-llshake:- 1) johny walked pasted the monton house hotel swinging his b-lls between his legs.. 2) mike giggled at the sight of johny’s swinging b-lls

  • oh lalà

    a french phrase indicating surprise, excitement, disappointment , distress or annoyance. a moderately strong reaction to something that was just said or done… him:

  • California diamond

    a gorgeous beautiful girl who was born raised and has lived in california her entire life she specifically lives in los angeles and like i said she’s beautiful girls from other parts can’t compare to girls who live in california californian girls are the most gorgeous girls i have ever seen and will always be […]

  • wrestle your eel

    to m-st-rb-t-, that simple guy: im so h-rny! girl: go home and wrestle your eel 0 0

  • PacNoWe

    abbreviation of the pacific northwest. this is to make it more edgy, more appealing, more hip, more appealing to new transplants into the pacnowe. people local to the pacnowe hate this term. to that, i say, drink your coffee or local brewery beer and get over it! origins: pac – as in pacsun (pacific sunwear), […]