Last Update: August 11, 2020
  • snøtt

    a norwegian term for the male genitalia. wow, that guy over there got a big snøtt! so not hott i know rigth, he is just like, snott. ewwwww…

  • Misty Woggish

    jovial term initially used to describe a man or woman of african origin, having just woken up and thus possessing a ‘misty’ look, with swollen lips, eyes, cheeks, and other effects on facial areas. also acting with short temper and irritation, probably from the annoyance of being woken up from a pleasant slumber. now used […]

  • tuba sex orgy

    the group of musicians in any marching band that play the sousaphone. the group can often be seen not practicing, getting drunk, or hitting on the twirler line. it should be noted that all members of the tuba s-x orgy are denoted “bros,” even female members. i wish i could be a member of the […]

  • sufentanyl

    medical grade -n-lgesic/anesthetic drug used prior to cardiothoracic surgical procedures (duragesic, actiq, and sufenta are just a few of the prescription names). marketed under the prescription name sufenta, sufentanyl is about 5-10 times more potent than regular fentanyl

  • New York punter

    when a girl gets a head start and slams the ball of her foot on the mans t-st-cl-s. the testis are then lodged in the -n-l cavity. my b-tthole is ticklish from yesterdays new york punter

  • getting the glass slipper

    when four people get together they take turns stuffing the neck of a gl-ss bottle in their -n-s. three people try to insert the neck of the bottle one at a time, while the fourth person runs full speed and kicks the legs out from under the person holding the bottle, so they fall on […]

  • twat garden

    a hairy and unkempt v-g-n-. that sarah has never shaved her p-ssy. she’s got a real tw-t garden growing.

  • sexual glassment

    when someone is having s-x and they do it in front of a window naked as f-ck i saw s-xual gl-ssment yesterday

  • songify

    1. to make stuff into a song 2. to make a song…out of stuff… that wasn’t originally intended to be a song. autotune the news rules. songify a term used to describe the act of taking a tv news report or any normal video featuring speech and turning it into a song using auto-tune. i’m […]

  • tele-coddle

    using cell phone or land line to comfort or remove age appropriate responsibility from another – generally a son or daughter who would benefit from learning to deal with adversity without parental intervention. similar in approach to e-coddle but more interactive and often involves the parent/coddler demanding to speak with another adult or organizational representative […]

  • The Poo

    nickname for mark philapoussis a great, if inconsistent, tennis champion on the world circuit. did you see the poo in the last set of that match? when something is cool that car is the poo

  • dickrigulous

    used by people in place of ridiculous (mostly people who are d-ckstracted]) you are being completely d-ckrigulous right now!

  • isky

    a bracket pick in march madness that you are leaning towards picking davidson is isky, but im gonna go with it

  • dubmass

    dubm-ss is the word you type then ur trying to type “dumb-ss” but u make a type and end up switching the b and m hence, “dubm-ss”. also know as dub-m-ss, which has no definition hey, ur a dubm-ss…i mean dumb-ss 2 more definitions a m-ss of dub. dub as an abbriviation for dubious, allowing […]

  • Creepy Uncle Syndrome

    where a person is really nice and outgoing, but you always have the feeling that he/she is a creeper/pedophile/ect. dude, my gym teacher last year had some bad creepy uncle syndrome!

  • shrumpi

    a shrumpi is a small d-ck on a belguim man jens his d-ck is shrumpi

  • prickly heat

    when you phene for some action i am in dire need of some pr-ckly heat! a less alarming way of saying ‘a rash’ leona: i knew i shouldn’t have worn those wet shorts! i’m chafing and i’ve got pr-ckly heat… jenna: d-mn. that sucks the meat

  • mingin

    a person (usually of the female gender) who is gross or disgusting to look at or touch. in other words, they are definitely not aesthetically pleasing. man, i can’t believe you hooked up with her!!! she’s absolutely mingin’!!! this is a glasgow slang word, for stinkin, terrible etc “the house was mingin” meaning it was […]

  • The Poppins

    the poppins is the pal that agrees to get the least trashed on any given college night (to prevent others from serious injury/arrest, to have various poppins rights). the role tends to become more desirable as the night goes on. confusion over who is the real poppins may ensue. name tags can help solve this […]

  • harraz

    is a kind off psychotic boy, he has lot of problems and refuse to share it with someone. a harraz is very good at wording. his thought might hurt one’s feeling even though its the truth, so he prefer to keep his thought to himself. since harraz has lots of problem, he tends to be […]

  • businessim

    a little kid tryin to say businessman but f-cks it up off that telecom ad (“and im a real fast businessim”) 4

  • Backdoor Butler

    1. the male head servant in a large or important household, with responsibilities that include overseeing the other staff, taking care of the wine and silverware, and sometimes receiving guests in secrecy or in a surrept-tious way, often through the rear entrance of the houshold. 2. h-m-s-xual. (slang)(often considered offensive) see -ss pirate little did […]

  • stomache job

    when a fat b-tch beats ya meat with her rolls of fat bro never again will i f-ck a fat b-tch she gave me a stomache job

  • hallmark

    a subsiduary of mills & boon, perpetuating the myth of love in order to create profits from bleeding hearts. ‘here my love, i bought you a hallmark valentines day card’ a conglomerate constructed entirely of cardstock, glitter, and keepsake ornaments. hallmark’s main goal is to perpetuate christmas year-round, so it’s four quarters are labeled as […]

  • Stolfi

    n. a delicious fruit c-cktail may also be used to describe and attractive woman adj. stolfilicious “say, what’d you get at the supermarket?” “oh, just a couple stolfi’s” “man did you see that shawty? she was bustin’ stolfilicious”

  • aldergrove

    a pretty small little town, where everyone knows your name. it’d be a hick town if it wasnt for abbotsford and langley on each side of it making is more populated! where’s aldergrove? we just went through it!

  • United States Marine Corps

    10 november 1775: i was born in a bomb crater. my mother was an m16 and my father was the devil. each moment that i live is an additional threat upon your life. i eat concertina, p-ss napalm, and i can shoot a round through a flea’s -ss at 300 meters. i am a rough […]

  • œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ

    when someone presses sticky keys and slides there finger across the front row oh nos œ∑´®†¥¨ˆøπ in not a command

  • Baumfauked

    any situation when said person is embarr-ssed or hurt during an activity. wow, you just got baumfauked

  • Doryism

    to say something random. normally results in been given strange looks and being called ‘dory’, even though the words sounded perfectly logical within the speakers head. “keep on swimming!” or “blah, blah, blah de blah. wow, squidgey.” “oh, dory!”

  • keep your shoes on

    a lack of commitment to any relationship preferably bad ones.also having no kids or no additional responsibilities besides your own whatsoever.a temporary state of being. yo! you going out on a date.alight kool have fun,but keep your shoes on.

  • master ass

    a person who is a cunning -ss of the comeback, who knows and can beat the sh-t out of u using just there words andrew is a master -ss,he can whip kevin with a simple number of words

  • Crotch Holster

    when you use your crotch to hold anything. driver:dude im driving and there aren’t anymore cup holders! shotgun:just use your crotch holster!

  • Speed Bang

    to get your rocks off quickly during s-x my wife hates it when i speed bang her, because she never gets a chance to reach her climax.

  • plastic soldier

    a plastic soldier is one who goes around acting tough ans bullying everyone smaller than him but has never been in a fight in his life man, he’s such a plastic soldier he won’t touch you.

  • sound machine

    a f-ckin kick -ss rock band in forney that owns all you stupid b-tches!!! kunt baller, layne, todd

  • HabberKnackle

    a person who is just plain mean, annoying, and/or just wants to debate on everything. also habberknackle also describes a person who is repulsive, ambitious, and rude to anyone. their once lived a young man; he disrespects everyone and is just a habberknackle. he is mean__in every way.

  • aquaphilia

    1.(n) a paraphilia 2. a s-xual act in water 3. the strong like/desire to preform s-xual acts in water note: a person who commits aquaphilia is called an aquaphile the woman comitted and act of aquaphilia with her husband at the beach. the aquaphile dreampt of s-xual intercourse in the pool, shower, lakes, streams, waterfalls, […]

  • Egonon

    a fan-made version of canon often consisting of personal perception of a film or other art form. most notable for its faithfulness to weak story devices. see also “fanon.” “the writer’s story seemed to be fueled by this writer’s preference to egonon, instead of the source material’s canon.”

  • Harping On

    to go on about something in a positive and sharing manner. the positive re-frame of old term usage. see harp on 1. “i can’t stop harping on about how awesome that band was last night”. 2. i can’t wait to harp on about this cake everyone is going to love it”.

  • Harry Potter Chub

    many men envy this elusive type of chub (erection). while attaining a 1/2 or even 3/4 chub is a well respected achievement, the harry potter chub is a holy grail in the eyes of a man. the reference to harry potter is a nod to the platform 9 and 3/4 as initially seen in the […]

  • Serbian -Jew Double Bluff

    also known as reverse phychology. made popular by cartman on southpark. kyle, being a jew, is accaused of using this tactic. “nice try kyle, but i see throught your serbian-jew double bluff” rod blagojevich’s failed appeal to the illinois state senate nice try rod, but we see through your serbian jew double bluff

  • Jordan van der Chys

    is attractive, cute, sweet, nice, hilarious. pretty much anything a girl could ask for! (: would be amazing to employ and is just all round the best thing that is going around today. person1: hey, what’s your name? person2: jordan van der chys. person1: i love you. forever!!!!!!!!!

  • Butt Slushies

    its what happens to your fecal matter after dining at a sh-tty thai food restaurant. you best be ready to paint your toilet bowl a light to medium shade of brown with a high possibility of solid corn and peanuts. “jesus mary f-cking christ dan! is that sh-t running down your leg?” “f-ck me runnin’ […]

  • Armed and Fabulous

    a person who is particularly fabulous armed with lots of makeup, ie. chazza b chazza b is armed and fabulous

  • fudgepumper

    the active h-m-s-xual male. chrithtopher, you’re thuch a hot fudgepumper!

  • Wallgaria

    the independent state of wallgaria, located near hemel hempstead, several miles from london. it’s attractions include the tomb of the tyrozets, shwan jalal and ben’s insults. a: shall we go to wallgaria? b: yep.

  • sour poon

    n./adj. a woman that is bitter toward s-xual activity. synonyms: ice queen, prude,frigid. fred didn’t get any because that girl he was trying to hookup with was a real sour poon.

  • reppin tuff

    to go all out no stopping, savin it out dam ag was reppin tuff last night as he drank that whole fith

  • lucky butt wipe

    when you wipe your b-tt and your finger breaks through and you get lucky i was using some cheap toilet paper and had a lucky b-tt wipe