Last Update: January 23, 2021
  • Encampment Syndrome

    when at an long encampment, normally a cap one, this sydrome often develops in people. it causes normally average looking girls to become beautiful and very tapable by the end of a week. right when i got to arlington, all these girls where icky, but now that i got encampment syndrome, all these girls are […]

  • erection injector

    someone who overcompensated for the size of their truck and tries to redeem themselves jeff bought too big of a truck and now has to get an erection injector.

  • Cyganov

    defines someone who is stupid, but nice. he is a bit of a dip-sh-t but is still likeable until a point. “wow… what a cyganov…” -shakes head-

  • twepper

    someone who is good at making marijuana cigarettes jonah! my man you’re a good twepper fix me up a sick joint!

  • Whoopastomp

    verb to completely dominate someone/something. the next degree after pwn (aka its better than pwn) originated on world of warcraft (blackhand server), by writhe and sawachika during raiding. “i’m going to whoopastomp you for doing that” “g-d, that boss whoopastomped us”

  • Mashdra

    the name of a b-tchy car! when the car alarm beeps telling you to put on your seat belt you say “shut up mashdra”

  • Awesomedary

    the ability to become awesome and legendary at the same time. a level beyond legendary second only to g-d. person 1: barney is awesome and legendary at the same time. person 2: i know. he’s ‘awesomedary’.

  • i spiili i

    a famous runescape pker with 60 attack and 99 strength. he belongs to the clan mayhem makers … i spiili i -.- i don’t know if an example exists for such a definition :/

  • yupdate

    when family or friends asks a series of questions, but you don’t want to get into too much detail, so you just answer “yup.” this is especially common around the holidays and with extended family members you don’t see regularly. q: so works going well? a: yup i didn’t want to get into it with […]

  • tarrare

    a man born in france with many abnormalities he could eat a eel with bones and everything could eat 1/4 of a cow carcus in a day only weighed about 100 pounds and even ate people and on one occasion ate a baby i’m not joking this guy was f-cked up. and when the doctors […]

  • can counter

    a pain in the -ss (usually female) who constantly reminds you of how many drinks you have had. ho#1: jeff you are way too drunk, you’ve had 8 shots and 5 heinekens. jeff: stop being a can counter!

  • Yeskey

    – noun an impressive, unexpected demonstration of energy and speed while on a bicycle. man, i thought we left that guy back at lunch but he just p-ssed us doing about 50. yeah, he really pulled a yeskey.

  • rouching

    taking your left hand, make a cup with it, cradle your b-lls and m-ssage your right nut with your thumb and index finger. pr-nouced rooshing the man went rouching under the table

  • Lies, All Lies!

    everything you think you know. the earth is round it tastes like chicken 1+1 is 4

  • Fight With Tools

    an alb-m by the oh-so talented band flobots. it is a reference to finding your qualities that are located within you and using them to build a new america. i just bought fight with tools today, and you were right. best alb-m ever!

  • Diggity Chops

    noun 1. extreme skill or ability with regard to a particular action or activity. 2. chicken cooked in the style of pork chops; roasting, grilling, or frying, but there are also recipes of stuffed diggity chops. the cut includes the miniature chicken t-bone. it is then deep fried. informally known as ohio u chitlin legs. […]

  • Jahsana

    jahhhhhhh man my roommate who smokes a lot of weed and makes bomb food she’s a dope cook so eat it all up oh and she’s a dime me: i’m hungry jahsana: i made you cheesy brocolli me: jahsanas such a good cook

  • marijuanacorn

    a mystical, pot smoking creature named juan. john: did you see that marijuanacorn? sam: yes, john, i did. it was magical.

  • tcg

    stands for ‘trading card game’. “i play the pokémon tcg.” tongan crip gang tha illest gang going from tha lbc to la to east palo alto these crazi -ss thugs are the hardest as thay come and have been said to be the strongest.there pacific islanders look at ken thinking he a t.c.g. means trading […]

  • Abator

    to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish: to abate a tax; to abate one’s enthusiasm. law. to put an end to or suppress (a nuisance). to suspend or extinguish (an action). to annul (a writ). to deduct or subtract: to abate part of the cost. to omit: to abate all mention of names. […]

  • Bulgarian Gasbag

    when a dude places his n-ts-ck on his woman’s forhead with his -ss pointed towards her nose. then he breaks wind while forcing his -ss downward onto her face. laura p-ssed out and shaun lowered his -ss onto her face and p-ssed a bulgarian gasbag to end the evening.

  • aquascum

    an aquarium filter that fish trying to escape from said aquarium dislike, as it cannot be stopped by shoving a rock in it. curse you aquasc-m!!! 1 more definition add your own aqua sc-ms are non-religious friends that go to youth group to hit on the hot christain emo kids. aqua sc-ms are friends that […]

  • fanny fart

    expulsion of air made by the v-g-n-/l-b– when the pelvic floor muscles relax. sue was talking to her mother about keith, and her p-ssy gave an innocent f-nny fart. the downside of a actively dilating v-g-n-…f-nny fart or farts. the most amazin sound we have the pleasure of creating following sh-gging, especially doggy style. the […]

  • Figgle juice

    a mixture of different men’s s-m-n in one. man- “dude, last night me and that girl from the club did it twice, great day!” friend- “thats disgusting, i heard shes a sl-t, you just added yourself into some d-mn figgle juice” man- “ew….”

  • Cockteasian

    a fairly common race of girl who will invite you back to their place after a party, and despite what it may seem, have no intentions of fondling your c-ck. the c-ckteasian cleverly outwitted the drunken boy, and left him sore and disappointed in the morning.

  • Final Stand

    a deathstreak in modern warfare 2 which is obtained by dying 4 times in a row (3 with hardline pro). similar to last stand but with the ability to use any gun and get back up -ssuming you are downed long enough without dying. final stand lets you magically survive a bleedout and use an […]

  • the death cure

    the third book in the maze runner series. home to the infamous page 250 fan: oh, yeah, what book are you reading reader: the death cure fan: it’s a good book… i recommend skipping page 250 reader: why fan:(sobs hysterically)

  • Trollina

    a female “troll” man1: “she commented on my photo, it was f-cking funny.” man2: “she’s such a trollina”

  • Rainbow Unicorn

    “rainbow unicorn” a term that means the heavenly aroma of a deep cleaned house. the scent of the freshly cleaned house is so rare and uplifting that it could be compared to a beautiful, mythical creature, such as a rainbow-colored unicorn. i just spent 4 hours nonstop cleaning my house, and now it smells like […]

  • Ron’s Creamy Surprise

    reciving c-m from the famous ron jeremy. it was also a burger name from mcdonald’s create your taste. i was in a p-rno with ron jeremy. he j-zzed on my face so i got “ron’s creamy surprise.”

  • tl;ds

    tl;ds means too lazy; didn’t see. peson1: hey, did you see that youtube video i sent you ? person2: nah, tl;ds man, what’s it about?

  • Plethoremotion

    the feeling of having every emotion known to man, simultaneously occurring inside you, happiness to sadness to fear, the whole shebang. originates from the feeling one has after watching an episode of doctor who. the most common facial expression that can be used to identify pleth-r-motion is the ” 😮 ” face and at times, […]

  • scesing

    the act of deceiving someone your in the dan cortese fan club. are you scesing me?

  • AK Wasted

    the epitome of wasted. so drunk where u just “f-ck sh-t man” and when everyone gets f-cked……..up. let’s get ak wasted!!!

  • fuck ur steak

    have s-x with the s-xiest thickest girl ever go f-ck ur steak dude she is h-rny i will bro

  • Grasseschi

    (vb) to gr-sseschi is to keep an absolutely straight face while doing something such as going on a roller coaster or having an -rg-sm. hey man i went on bizarro yesterday and gr-sseschied the whole time

  • OTL

    on the low-something that’s a secret or supposed to be kept a secret “tom do you have a girlfriend?” “no but i like tatiana otl” korean emoticon expressing desperation /disappointment. (an image of a man kneeling down with both hands to the ground) o = head t = arms to the ground l = legs […]

  • art barnum

    the chicago tribune reporter from 1993-1994 that reported on the subject that became the archetype for a creepypasta. in 2002 as the writer that penned the story played it up as a much harder successor of edgar allan poe the tell-tale heart as he relates aspects that took place before the story first broke and […]

  • fuck me stupid

    a come-on, or chat-up line, indicating that the person saying it wants to have s-xual relations until his or her mind is rendered incapable of the simplest thought or speech. only considered “hot” when a very, very smart person says it, since you know that he or she is looking for a long, hot ride. […]

  • banditsbones

    a person who makes videos on youtube. all though he’s made several videos, he still puts a smile on your face. he has a steam account. he’s not really how old he says he is. he will charge you off a building and throw a jockey on your back if you meet him in person. […]

  • Abstract class

    abstract cl-ss programming in object-oriented programming, a cl-ss designed only as a parent from which sub-cl-sses may be derived, but which is not itself suitable for instantiation. often used to “abstract out” incomplete sets of features which may then be shared by a group of sibling sub-cl-sses which add different variations of the missing pieces. […]

  • Wouldent pay 10 cents to see a hotdog fart

    the cheapest -ss person alive ! phil: hey is luke gonna get in on the office lottery ticket ? brad: naw he wouldent pay 10 cents to see a hotdog fart ! phil: what a loser

  • Pseudo-SubAquaticCoolification​

    the sensation of enjoyment you get when you walk into a grocery store out of the heat into it’s air conditioned freshness and you feel so good you go and lay down under the misters in the produce section. wearing only my snoopy boxers and a propellorcap, i rollerbladed into the store for a refreshing […]

  • ilavia

    a s-xy black queen really thick has no gag reflexz look at ilavia the black queen

  • Lemon Party Politics

    defines a style of political rule which insists on tricking the public and leaving a group of old men who are ‘in bed’ with each other and corporate lemons imposing their style of governance. this is usually coupled with an intense desire to make a grotesque mockery of their const-tuents and/or humanity. lemon party politicians […]

  • be tha bomb

    be the man and kick it old-schoolio. have it all goin. be the man with the bang. -yo i’s the bomb f00 -i’s gets thats -i’s be tha bomb also -yessir

  • Arabian Blizzard

    (v) the act of inserting an ice cube into your partners -n-s and then putting the ice cube in your mouth, chewing it up, and spitting it in your partners face. ty: i performed an arabian blizzard on linda last night. she loved it! when you throw sand in a girls eye and then f-ck […]

  • Chuck Bass’d

    you’ve chuck b-ss’d someone when you’ve had s-x with a girl and dumped her the following morning or even the same night. inspired by the womanizing character named chuck b-ss from the television series named gossip girl. sandy: “he dumped me just after we had s-x!” joey: “looks like you got chuck b-ss’d. did you […]

  • fobnormal

    it’s when u look ugly and can’t pr-nounce sh-t mr truong said ditributib instead of distributive and when he say 1 time 2 time 3 time 4 time 5

  • feiph

    the coolest guy ever also likes potatoes dude did you see that f-g eating a potato yeah that was totally fieph. feiph a huge f-g