Last Update: August 19, 2018
  • bull scare

    a very strong bluff “you see the fake f–got, he aint sh-t … he’s just frontn’ its nothing but a bull scare.”

  • Keelian

    a complete stoner, who never goes to cl-ss because he is too busy dating twelvies with no b–bs. my friend is a keelian

  • uncultured swine

    donald trump donald trump is the uncultured swine. a member of society which is seen as an outcast, knows nothing, and lives under a rock. often this person is seen as stupid and is almost always ignorant as to what goes on in the world. they have little to no knowledge of how to interact […]

  • Now I Can Die

    a phrase used when you have accomplished everything you’ve set out to do. by uttering this phrase, you are implying that there is nothing else left for you to do except die. and yes… it’s just a figure of speech “dude, i just asked marjorie out and she said yes! now i can die.”

  • bernaly

    1.shy misunderstood girl when you first meet her she may be quiet but once she gets comfortable she’s like a whole new person it may take time to see this side of her but once you do you won’t regret it 2. when it comes to relationships/work she puts in her all doesn’t like to […]

  • waive

    not insist on (sth) in a particular case; forego. we have decided to waive the age-limit for applicants in your case.

  • Antoniette

    antoniette means priceless, worth is far above rubies. name is derived from the tower of antonia, in biblical times … antoniette is pr-nounced: an-twah-net because in france, it is spelled with an “oi” thus producing the -wah- sound. although the most famous person in history who bears this name wore a blonde wig, most antoniettes […]

  • coconut ghost

    the hallucinations you get after too many pina coladas. adam lambert: it’s poetry guys. it’s abstract. it’s purpose is for the reader to find their own message in it. 🙂 ulrikae: coconut ghost = the hallucinations you get after too many pina coladas? adam lambert: hahaha clever girl

  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Stranger

    the act of wearing a toy power ranger glove on ones hand, causing said hand to become numb, and masturbating using that hand. lubrication not required, but strongly recommended. after growing tired of giving himself regular strangers, chuck slipped on his pink power ranger glove and gave himself a mighty morphin’ power stranger.

  • Went For A Burton

    to shamefully fall over in an embarr-ssing fashion whilst sprinting to glory. stefan never got his bus, he went for a burton instead. british ww2 expression for aircrew killed he went for a burton last night to shamefully fall over in an embarr-ssing fashion whilst sprinting to glory. stefan never got his bus, he went […]

  • G-Boss

    menu the greatest rapper of all time. often regarded as a god/deity. a true visionary, g boss is the voice of a generation. also known as g-daddy chrome. bystander: yo g-boss be killin that sh-t! g-boss- im such a bro getting dough mad flow this you know im out

  • Rall

    reply to all via email in a corporate setting. often used incessantly by sycophants and self important losers who think they are way cooler than they are. such people were most likely spit on while riding the school bus in elementary school. i can’t believe that loser john doe just ralled the whole company again. […]

  • Buck House

    an establishment one solicits in order to “buck”, which is a san francisco term for f-ck-ng asian prost-tutes. buck houses are plentiful in san francisco, where for $200 you will get rubbed, tugged, suckled, and eventually perform stinkfish penetration. the women at buck houses are generally vietnamese indentured slave servants who are permanently confined to […]

  • Wafey

    pr-nounced (way-fee) used as an adjective a person who is arrogant, egotistical, or annoying. most commonly found on the internet in youtube videos or in rants. you’re a wafey b-st-rd. (as used in the gentlemen’s rant) that guy is a wafey loser.

  • yazmiah

    smart, very adventurous, talented, beautiful, loyal, comp-ssionate, very social, unique yazmiah is a unique name.

  • treif-jew

    a treif-jew it’s a term of derision or insult, usually used by jews against other jews, to define 1) a jew who behaves and acts like a goy or 2) a jew who has converted out of judaism into another monotheistic religion. two jews meet on the street and one of them is eating a […]

  • Dick lean

    d-ck lean is a condition caused by only w-nking with one hand. for some reason the hand position with which you can generate most speed and power (which is also the most comfortable position) pushes your d-ck out to one side. eventually your d-ck becomes noticeably lopsided. look at that the masturbatone in his left […]


    dawft, an acronym for dat -ss was fat tho, is what is said between two homies who notice that shawty’s -ss was fat and need to verbally express their content. homie 1: yo g, look at shawty over there. dawft straight ahead. homie 2: she dawft as h-ll

  • seyon

    there aren’t any definitions for seyon yet. can you define it?

  • punch of david

    when you j-zz a star of david on a girls back, and then punch her in the back of the head. “lol i woke up last night and there was a star of david nut stain on my back, but i cant remember who gave it to me…” “i was bored of reading the torah […]

  • bafflecumber

    the pile of books beside your bed. my bafflec-mber collapsed and trapped a small child.

  • Crocker Park

    located in westlake ohio where the little girls roam in shorts shorter than your underwear, and guys travel in big groups pushing each other around rachel: i went to crocker park sat-rday, there were so many people there. austin:i know, i went and was run down by a group of rowdy boys.

  • Possession is nine-tenths of the law

    1. if you actually possess something, you have a stronger legal claim to owning it than someone who merely says it belongs to him or her. 2. something that you say which means that if you have something, it is difficult for other people to take it away from you. 1. dana may say he […]

  • mftrtfm

    my failure to read the f-cking manual. a common, nicely palindromic expansion of rtfm, useful when apologizing for missing something you should have read. oh, that was in the docs, apologies for mftrtfm.

  • Mike Rotch

    a man subjected to phone calls in bars. however, this man doesn’t exist! (and if he does, i’d like to shake his hand. well, if i wanted to do that, i’d just shake my d-ck, wouldn’t i.) hey, is mike rotch here? has anyone seen mike rotch lately? the person that anyone who makes a […]

  • Ni Huyah

    “ni huyah” is a common phrase used in international language (especially slavic and chineese). sometimes mistaken for “ni hao”, but it’s meaning is rather different: 1. something is impossible, however hard you’d try. 2. absolutely nothing, zero, null. 3. also used as a rejection with meaning similar to “no way” or “that’s not true”. 1. […]

  • Reunion Run

    going into combat recklessly, knowing full well your likelyness to die is high, hoping to die in combat to be reunited with love ones who have p-ssed on. mike’s on a reunion run. how can you tell? he’s running directly at the machine gun emplacement.

  • Trespoo

    to deficate in an area in which you have obtained unlawful access. the lady walked out the cinema and left a trespoo on the stairs.

  • Geneseo IL

    geneseo is a small town of about 6,000 people. most outsiders believe that it is just a rich stuck up town, but in reality, it is full of drugs. football is huge and if you don’t like it, consider yourself an outsider. geneseo is also very diverse. there are very rich people and then there […]

  • Granolatude

    a word to describe the “holier than thou” att-tude of people who feel they make healthier lifestyle and dietary choices than the majority of people. most often seen in vegan and vegetarian people. i just went to the store to buy some burgers, and the hippie cashier gave me major granolatude about the unfair treatment […]

  • popping your pinkberry

    taking someone to pinkberry for the first time. this may or may not be followed by trying to take the person home. “how was your date in los feliz last night? did he end up popping your pinkberry?” “yes, and i’ll never forget it.”

  • Dr. England

    a man who craves you to use your s-xy intimate voice. person 1: the teacher made me whisper into his ear instead of just talking to him! person 2: sounds like he must’ve been a dr. england!

  • quetto

    white, nerdy, and ghetto. you have to follow your spelling rules and therefore always put a u after any q. pr-nounced kweh-toe. dude, she smokes weed and does her homework. she is so quetto.

  • Adrayneus

    a disney channel original gangster straight out of the bay area. a person who murks others for pure enjoyment. must not think things through, just pulls the trigger. d’rell: a yo’ 11, what it look like mah pahtnah? john wall: bruh, i don’t know you. (pulls out his glock and caps the fool) d’rell: breh […]

  • Asian Effect

    the theory that if an asian kid fail a test all the kids around the asian will too shall fail. “hey, nguyen just failed the calculus test” “i know adrian,raymond,john,heidi,and lilly failed too” “asian effect man.”

  • Kenaf

    p–p, t-rd, sh-t, cr-p, deuce; just another way of saying it to add to the list… i took the best kenaf of my life yesterday or don’t go to detroit it’s such a kenaf-hole

  • rautious

    i am so keen to go and lie on the beach and smoke a bong person 1 (verb) : ‘wow i am so rautious right now’ person 2 (adjective) : ‘ what a rautious weekend!! ‘

  • Michisk

    aboriginal canadian woodland cree word for -rs- “michisk awa mana” translates as “you are such an -rs-”

  • Alescandro

    a b-st-rdization of the name alejandro. it’s a name to give to any hispanic person that embodies any mexican stereotypes, or just anyone who smells like menudo. however, this cannot be thrown around lightly. it must become the person’s name. it’s not a term, it’s a name. it must be pr-nounced “al – ee – […]

  • The Gauntlet

    the gauntlet is a student rental house in mt. pleasant mi. it is famous for great college parties, and is considered the most popular student house at central michigan university are there any parties this weekend at cmu? yea, i hear the the gauntlet is having a party. an epic event, in which you and […]


    running out f-cking lazy trans when you extremely need help you can scream roflt and people will understand and give you a nice word.

  • weed shower

    when you emerse your head completely into a recently purchased bag of fresh chronic. (ie: diesel, kush, haze) to complete this action one must have an air-tight seal and inhale until all air has left the weed bag. hold the hit in like a regular hit of the ol’ bong then exhale – outside the […]

  • Sonora, CA

    a small town in the foothills of the sierra nevada mountains in northern california. a place where people are born, raised, and never leave because they’re dreams are the size of bird brains. a place where the only thing to do for fun, is go to wal mart and see how long it takes to […]

  • Thugnificient

    prolific rap artist of the hit “booty, b-tt cheeks.” thugnificient: “what’s really hood n-gg-?!”

  • georgecastells

    a kind hearted man who’s a very talented musician. he plays both the guitar and b-ss and is very eye catching to watch on stage. he’s one of the sweetest and kindest guys and never take him for granted. “georgecastells? yeah i’ve heard of that guy! he’s a fantastic b-ssist!”

  • lacass

    mean heartless woman that don’t care about hurting others as long as she gets d-ck that girl is such a lac-ss

  • Weedmergency

    an occurrence or state of being when a person is in need of marijuana; any time or situation when marijuana is urgently required dude, can you please loan me some bud?! this is a weedmergency!!!!

  • Aoi

    the guitarist of the j-panese visual-kei band, gazette. i am strangely jealous of aoi’s hair. 6 more definitions add your own the color blue. specifically, the adjectival form; the noun is ao. sora wa aoi. “ahh-oh-eee” the color blue. the sky is aoi. the apartment of irony, a hilarious and unfortunately discontinued web comic. hay […]

  • colton james

    awesssssssssome oh snap colton james

  • disfunctional

    someone who is known as gardiners or overally emotional alcoholics. with this in mind gardiners tend to drool and spit when they talk, cry over everything or in other cases try to fight the closest object to them! that kid shaking that sign for no reason seems to be so gardiner(disfunctional)