Last Update: September 25, 2018
  • Goosen-flagen

    the act of taking a goose and inserting it into an orifice on your body while at the same time lubing another person with 10w-30 motor oil preferably castrol. wow that goosen-flagen was slick!!!

  • vanilla biscuit

    a racial slur used in the hood to define a white person w-ssup vanilla biscuit!

  • masunstament

    the master of under statements alex:”that was amazing” david: “it was okay” alex: “your such a masunstament”

  • failure cock

    failure c-ck – is a term coined by the legendary record producer/songwriter/musician/actor, kim fowley. one of his most well known amazing achievements was creating the band and writing the music for the first all girl rock ‘n’ roll band known as “the runaways”. kim who was also thier manager co-wrote, the legendary song, “cherry bomb”, […]

  • bitch tooth

    that stupid thing in peoples ears that makes their cell phone hands free. if i see troy with his b-tch tooth on again i am going to slap him.

  • The Waterfall Of shame

    a depraved s-x act that involves slowly pouring warm water over a female’s cl-t until she pees, then scolding her for being filthy. enjoyed by men who like to yell and women that like to be yelled at. the waterfall of shame woman: please stop i can’t hold it anymore man: you filthy little child!

  • Sigh By

    intentional, vocal sighing done by one coworker p-ssing another coworker’s desk. used to initiate a tedious conversation about themselves. geraldine is coming down the hall for another sigh by.

  • Jager Root

    1 oz jager and 2 oz of vanilla cola… this is a wonderful shot that tastes like root beer! this is a great alternative for those of you who don’t like mixing energy drinks with alcohol! man i got messed up last night on jager root’s, sure love those things!

  • Lunch Mutiny

    when a group of co-workers decide on a destination for lunch, only to find that a few select members of the group have decided to go elsewhere. these individuals inform the original organizer typically as the excursion begins, i.e. on the way out the door or while in the car. laurie about threw a punch […]

  • Velocirapper

    a rapper who thinks he is tough and dangerous and possesses only the ability to competently pr-nounce one or two words in his songs. these rappers comprise 99% of the artists you hear on mainstream radio stations nowadays. “yo that new soulja boy is tight” -whack person 1 “nah man, he’s just another velocirapper, like […]

  • Tuna Sack

    1. when a female to male trans-xual opts for scrotoplasty as opposed to having a p-n-s constructed while also retaining their v-g-n-. 2. when eating a tuna sub, the tuna sac is the tuna that falls out of the sub and into the paper used to wrap the sandwich for convenient eating. tuna sacs of […]

  • Social Bully

    a person who demands everyone’s attendance at events and will not take “no” for an answer. also, this person tends to discourage people from leaving social events and interrogates them as to the reason for the departure person 1: are you going to happy hour? person 2: i wasn’t planning on it but i didn’t […]

  • At most

    in the greatest quant-ty, amount, measure, degree, or number: to win the most votes. in the majority of instances: most operations are successful. greatest, as in size or extent: the most talent. the greatest quant-ty, amount, or degree; the utmost: the most i can hope for is a p-ssing grade. the greatest number or the […]

  • stripper-perfume

    trying way too hard to be noticed, to the point of being obvious, obnoxious, and uninteresting. -did you see his new lambo? -yea it’s hard to miss. everyone knows he’s rich. reeks of stripper-perfume if you ask me. -her new job must pay an awful lot. did you see all of her new jewelry? – […]

  • ranchalow

    a house that looks a little bit like a ranch house and a little bit like a bungalow. david n-ssif just bought a house that resembles a ranchalow.

  • Fanny-man

    a girl that acts like a bloke. because they are not male, they cannot be a full man a ‘d-ck-man’ and, therefore, are the female version. girl: the footie last night was really good! boy: you’re such a f-nny-man 1) a girl who looks like a man, so because she has a f-nny she is […]

  • triceratops sex position

    triceratops s-x position is when your girl doggystyle on the bed, your under her with a finger in the -n-s, your w-ng in her thang, and a hand in her mouth, mimicking the great triceratops ben: dude, s-x last night was so good!! john: what did you do? ben: i gave her the old triceratops […]

  • Gundam

    1. a franchise of j-panese animation television series, ovas, and movies, along with manga, models, video games, and other connected merchandise. gundam is the property of bandai of j-pan and it’s subsidiary sunrise incorporated, headquarted in kobe j-pan. the origional gundam tv series, which aired in 1979 was called kido senshi gundamu (mobile suit gundam) […]

  • pre-fart depression

    when you fart and it feels so good and now your depressed because you want it back. son, take your pills for your pre-fart depression

  • mushroom clouding

    when you fart under a blanket and then pull the blanket down, releasing the noxious fumes into the general area. the benefit of mushroom clouding is that because of the blanket, the fart is frequently m-ffled or even goes unheard my wife and i were watching tv in bed when she grabbed the remote and […]

  • Hooch Couture

    trailor-park sn-bbery in the height of hooch couture, jeb and his buddies sampled the moonshine, extolling its feral bouquet and aftertaste reminiscent of cherry cough-syrup.

  • Itchygina

    an itch on the inside of your v-g-n- that u have to scratch to get rid of otherwise it burns guy: mmmm.. u dont hav to do tht, i can finger you. girl: no u h-rny f-ck i have an itchygina and im scratching it foo!

  • brazilio

    a slang term coined to describe the growing post-op tranny population in brazil, particularly in the gay p-rnography industry. brazilios have really taken over the p-rn market in brazil, it seems like all you can find these days! you look like you are straight out of a brazilio.

  • noez

    a non-command usage of the word “no” typically used after defeat in a playful manner. “they can’t do that! nooooeeez!” “noez! they’re out of pie!”

  • Bomaderry

    a town on the south east coast of new south wales. situated on the northern bank of the shoalhaven river was established by david berry in the late 1800’s. bomaderry has two licensed clubs~(bowling & rsl) which offer meals, drinks and entertainment. bomaderry is the last stop on the south coast rail line. bomaderry was […]

  • dickens cider box

    puttin yo d-ck inside her… coty’s puttin his d-ckens cider box.

  • Bing Chicka Wing Wing

    alternative word to any word that means awesome and some. it is a derivative of the previous phrase bow chicka wow wow. coined by lauren h. in the late 2011’s in as much as, but not limited to, referencing of the paradoxical splendor gender of the smoothie blender. basically, bing chicka wing wing can mean […]

  • nebeyu

    nebeyu, the biggest black c-ck. d-mn that’s a nice nebeyu

  • computer-generated imagery

    (cgi) animated graphics produced by computer and used in film or television. the movie shrek uses cgi.

  • stick insect

    the type of female body type favored by fashion magazines: tall, long limbed and skinny. sometimes used as a slur by fat people about any woman who isn’t as big as a mac truck. forget about being a fashion model if you’re not built like a stick insect–the clothes won’t hang right on you. pippa […]

  • cien-naaah

    a term used to describe a common gypsy with a false sense of ent-tlement. usually good for very little but used for much more. i used to be a princess, but now i am just a cien-naaah.

  • Tetcho

    a word with no meaning, that is used in a discriminating way. this word is so random it causes those it is used on to laugh uncontrolably. andrew: matthew you are such a tetcho. matthew: hahahaha. you’re a tetcho!

  • Brazil Nut

    an enlarged and over-used woman’s bean. the largest brazil nut known in wales is bairdo’s bean. the male equivalent of the brazilian wax stemming from the growing number of metros-xuals seeking smooth, egg-like t-st-cl-s. “the wife loves a good tea-bagging now that i had the old brazil nuts done.”

  • Fillabusting a nut

    fillabuster is when someone in congress talks for hours to keep a bill from p-ssing fillabusting a nut is when you talk for hours to your girlfriend to get her to f-ck you to shut your -ss up oh, stacy wouldnt have s-x with me so i ended up fillabusting a nut with her.

  • Jasenka

    combining two words ja – me and senka – shadow, we come to the translation that is “me shadow” or “i am a shadow”. this girl is extremely attractive and s-xy, a bit crazy, likes to have a drink of beer, and like a shadow she is sometimes difficult to catch during cold winter days. […]

  • Princeton Institute of Social Science

    an expensive northeastern elitist school with a terrific acronym. give me a p give me an i give me an s give me an s what does it spell? princeton inst-tute of social science! p-ss on you!

  • BIDies

    ballers in debt can also be used with the expression bttw (b-lls to the wall) used to describe vanessa and sabrina’s bad habits vanessa and sabrina are bidies the world’s most amazing, beautiful, smart, gorgeous, cute, funny, kind, sweet, loving, adorable, amazing, precious, pretty, absolutely incredible girl in the whole wide world. she is the […]

  • sneaky goblin

    when man/woman farts and it rolls to the front and, oh so delicately, tickles the b-lls/cl-toris. yo bro, you seem a little tense…hemorroids acting up? nah, just a sneaky goblin.

  • Marco Ballo

    when a pants less man is blindfolded, and his partner (preferably a female) says “marco” in a room, where which following the source of the sound,he will slap the subject in the face with his man-jewels. word on the street, colton played marco ballo with his girlfriend the other night.

  • J.J. Abrams

    synonym for f-ckhole in the trek universe. we’re gonna make you eat our sh-t! then we’re gonna make you sh-t out our sh-t! then we’re gonna make you eat your sh-t, which is made up of our sh-t which we made you eat! j.j. abrams – f-ck this f-cker up his mother f-cking -ss. a […]

  • nanaimo bars

    one of the best tasting desserts in existance. usually consisting of chocolate,custard cream and graham crumbs in a sandwhich form dude, those nanaimo bars were awesome

  • Spaghetti’s Dad

    a steak. teodor: how long’s he grounded for? ray: oh, couple hours. i’ll make him some spaghetti’s dad tonight. it’s our little ritual – let’s him know he’s off the hook. teodor: huh! what’s in spaghetti’s dad? ray: a steak.

  • muppalicious

    someone who is very much like a muppet dan is a muppalicious individual of the rainforest

  • correct

    to look physically good. to be in good shape. to not be saggin’ or a big person. that shorty is looking mad correct. check out jazman, she’s got much booy and a nice chest, now she’s correct. slang term for murder or killing someone or something my girlfriend nicole told me she saw a spider […]

  • Bervich

    a drink (soda,water,juice) from the vending machine retrieved by a co worker. -bervich? no thanks joe. -bervich? yeah i’ll take a diet c-ke. -how bout you, bervich? oooh that sounds good. make mine a pepsi

  • hripsime

    an extremely beautiful girl who is liked by many people, very smart and caring, thoughtful and surprising in many ways. she can make anyone laugh in her own little way and loves to smile. she’s unlike other girls in that she is cold on the outside, but has a warm heart. she’s so much fun […]

  • Shongtongs

    sh-t s-x e.g. losing my virginity was shongtongs!

  • Tap the Trap

    for one of your friends to hook up with a black chic. that is to make out, to f-ck, or to receive anytime of s-xual pleasure from a black girl bro 1: dude haden got with a black chic bro 2: well then he tapped the trap bro or bro 2: so dude, i heard […]

  • blond dreads

    dread locks worn by someone with blond or otherwise light-colored hair. looks riduculous, like they’ve got chicken fingers on their head. why do people with blond hair get dreads? do they think it looks cool or something? g-dd-mn hippie fruit of babylon. blond stupid looking dreadlocks. look at that stupid white boy with blond dreads.

  • Pensee

    pensee is a french , female name. it means thoughtful. pensee is also beautiful, kind and fair of face.. andy and celeste are so kind and thoughtful. that’s why they named their daughter pensee. ##thoughtful#kind#beautiful