Last Update: April 12, 2021
  • ham stamp

    (v.) when a female slaps her wet v-g-n- on a mans face; female equivalent of a mushroom stamp (n.) the wet residue remnants of a ham on a mans face w-lly was reading a book on the couch when danielle jumped onto his face and gave him a ham stamp

  • Paradise

    a version of the afterlife simular to heaven minus the clouds, harps and angels. typically seen as an ideal place of beauty, a m-ssive lush enclosed garden with every known exotic plant, animal, and bird. lucy thought when she’d die, she’d go to paradise. 6 more definitions absaloute heaven love life so much with the […]

  • Sensitive Guy

    the type of person a significant portion, probably the majority, of women are attracted to. the are women who tend her go for jerks but those women tend to suffer from co-dependency issues. sensitive guys make better boyfriends than macho insensitive pigs. sarah went with tom, a sensitive guy because he treated her well. her […]

  • Financial Freedom

    the act of removing your swimsuit in a public swim area. q: why are your swim shorts around your arm? a: because i am enjoying financial freedom.

  • Its Cashcard Outside!!

    when you are having such a late night that when you are on your way home it is getting light outside and the sky is the same colour as a halifax cashcard. leaving your mate alans house at 5am and the sky is getting light, you say ‘its cashcard outside!!’

  • Genital Gymnastics

    alternate name for s-x, s-xual intercourse hey girl, lets go back to my place and do some genital gymnastics!

  • Worzel Cumidge

    a dirty old scarecrow that wanders farmers fields looking for fly by w-nk victims. i got worzel c-midged in the park the other day.

  • sassy salamander

    an amazing friend,who uses sarcasm and who is the s-ssiest of them all . and the breath fire ! 1. wow dude your such a s-ssy salamander!

  • cock nobbler

    c-ck n-bbler. (adjective), (a c-ck sucker or wannabe c-ck sucker, i.e. bad driver must be distracted sucking c-ck) san jose slang for a terrible driver who in traffic insists on honking his horn when he or she knows there are five cars in front of him or her and the light ahead is red, like […]

  • Purple City Byrd Gang

    a rap group on the rise from harlem, the purple city byrd gang consists of shiest bub, un kasa and agallah also members of the harlem diplomats, cam’ron, jim jones, and juelz santana sold over 80,000 mixtapes on the street. “that’s us that purple city byrd gang!”

  • Schmenk

    a p-ssive-aggressive s-xually frustrated, penguin-shaped ho. synonymous with sloth and/ or glutton. makes you want to slit your wrists through the art of literature. makes inappropriate s-xual comments to minors. mumbles to self. dude, that was so schmenk. there’s some schmenk on the bottom of my shoe. (after committing statutory rape) “i just schmenked.”

  • Crunky B. Rock

    slang for my roommate jim. i had this dream where i called him crunky b. rock and thought it was hilarious. yo, crunky b. get over here, we’re about to donkey.

  • lenny pate’

    a tweaknut that went to cardozo. often hangs with supergreg. lenny pate’ looks like jordan but has furrier eyebrows.

  • greek guy

    some one who is kinda like zeus and has a huge c-ck nick is a greek guy

  • lads fc

    a bunch of cl-ss lads who play football with great banter. that team is cl-ss, must be lads fc.

  • Pappa Maffu

    pappa maffu is the god of all, he has a music taste that is superior. and his hair feels like s-x. he shows no mercy to anyone who starts on his chums. he treats all friends like family. he has an obsession with the heavy metal band iron maiden and drinks guava flavoured rockstars like […]

  • Seven Hells

    a popular subst-tution for “bl–dy h-ll”, “god dammit, or “motherf-cker” used when faced with a particularly troublesome or preposterous obstacle. a reference to one of the curses in game of thrones. you can tell whoever uses this term probably needs to stop watching game of thrones and go outside more. i told joey that his […]

  • tornado shot

    when a group of five or more men or women stand around in a circle around one girl and -j-c-l-t- into that girls wide open mouth and she gargles all of the -j-c-l-t- spits it into a shot gl-ss and then drinks it i helped give that girl the best tornado shot shes ever had

  • Dindian

    a dirty indian. f-cking dindian! stop noobtubing me.

  • Chino colours

    when a scene in a movie or tv show is set at a very sad, depressing, gloomy place there is often a blue-ish og red-ish glow to everything. this gives a pretty dark feeling and underlines the sad/scary suspense. the name comes from the episodes the o.c. when the setting is chino, wether the characters […]

  • 7-7

    noun the 7th of july 2005, the day on which a series of suicide bombings were carried out on the london public transport system by islamic fundamentalists word origin c21: by -n-logy with nine-eleven

  • etastic

    1. a piece of media that is designed for an individual or group to trip on while rolling on ecstacy. extreme sprilaling and flashing video along with euphoric audio. 2. possibly something someone wouldn’t want to see on lsd because it is too heavy or intense which could cause a bad trip. a) the animatrix […]

  • immaculant

    derived from the word immaculate meaning free from flaws or mistakes; perfect… immaculant is the adjective form of immaculate also used to describe anyone by the name of kazim or raza kazim posse’s a very immaculant mitsubishi lancer evolution, which can survive erika’s death grip on any mountain road.

  • second-hand rap

    phenomenon created when some idiot with a loud car stereo believes the entire community would like to have their own music, conversations, or inner peace drowned out by the cacophony created by some angry black man shouting about b-tches, a sampled b-ssline, and the sound of a car being vibrated apart. our day at the […]

  • A Rhianna

    when one makes a colossal f-ck up person 1. sh-t my over sized hands just caused me to hangup on someone! awesome guy 2. you just pulled a rhianna

  • mammy chops

    something you’d say to a friend that’s close, and someone who likes lamb chops i guess? hey “mammy chops”, what’s up?

  • Red-Righter

    people who turn right and then make a u turn and turn right again to continue back on the road they were avoiding the long queue at the red light. d-mn, i hate this intersection, if i wasn’t a red-righter today, i would have been waiting for the signal for ages.

  • errwoomaha

    sound puffins make errwoomaha!!!!!!! chuckled da puffin

  • American Greed Vacation

    this is the type of vacation that rich people take. they do not go to see the sights of the place they are visiting but to “relax” (except maybe to golf) and spend most of the vacation stuffing their faces with fancy food or drinking gallons of wine and lounging around the hotel or possibly […]

  • Adelais

    ‘a bunch of lousy hippocrates.’ adelais is a high ranking clan in runescape originating from a clan called phobia. adelais literally means ‘of n-ble born’ and is a name popular globally. yo the clan just got whopped by adelais gaelic for “becoming one with the hippo tank”. this has become a widely used phrase in […]

  • Life’s a Bitch

    1) a phrase used after an unpleasant or unfortunate event. used to describe the way that life jumps out and bites you in the -ss at an inconvenient time. usually many negative events have happened in a short amount of time to make the user say this phrase. 2) also used to show sympathy to […]

  • Derek Rot

    a surfer/skater, who looks like a rhat but is in fact not a raht. some common signs that one is a derek rot include: beenie, flannel, high socks, obey sweatshirt, vans, plasic cheap fake raybans, and long curly thin hair. warning: be careful calling a derek rot a raht, he will take offence. derek rot; […]

  • mike money

    money to use on/for strippers and at the strip club dave: yo man i brought some mike money for after we leave jake’s house! tyler: h-ll yeah.

  • Moosetafa02

    a pwnage runescape player, rumoured to play 24/7, although we have no actual proof. zomg! there goes moosetafa02!!!

  • Summer Vicious

    a heartless scene b-tch who has a sh-tty att-tude,an oversized ego,an -sshole group of friends, whom stresses vanity and perfection just to make others feel like sh-t. hey look! is that summer vicious, from mysp-ce?? extremely sizzlin hot. dude: “hey do you see that girl over there?” dude 2: “h-ll yea,lookin summer vicious in that […]

  • tree people

    originated circa early may, 2006 by one lone idiot from concord, nh while down in boston for the red sox game. despite the common stereotype that those living in new hampshire, or “the south of the north”, are nascar fans and rednecks, it has been brought to our attention that new hampshire residents like to […]

  • schmanvas

    (shman-vuss)n. 1. unecessary and irritating clutter or att-tude did you finish packing your suitcase? yeah but it took forever because i had to clean all the schmanvas out from my last trip. i tried to get my package at the post office but they gave me all this schmanvas about having my id.

  • labia lounge

    a woman’s c-nt. kiara’s mum kept looking at me like she wanted me to park my pork sword in her l-b– lounge.

  • Achromatism

    freedom from color. freedom from chromatic aberration, as in an . historical examples thus examined, the departure of the eye from achromatism appears very gross indeed. six lectures on light john tyndall the achromatism of prisms depends upon the same principles, and it is effected in the same way as that of lenses. cooley’s cyclopdia […]

  • what a clown

    means to someone who is making a joke or is just r-t-rded guy(1): you really think donald trump is goin to be presisent? he is stupid af guy(2): yeah what a clown

  • codriffic

    adj. atlantic canadian expression meaning excellent. used by fishermen, schooner builders and itinerant organ grinders. ………………………………………………………………………….. that boat there be codriffic! ye hear me now there. i’d sail her down the mouth of an atlantic moisturizer, and no mistake. you lying mahone bay, nova scotia lobster roll! you don’t know a schooner from an anch-r-d […]

  • muckmeyer

    a combination of cuss words, d-mn,sh-t, son of a b-tch, mother f-ckin -sshole. what you say when you want to cuss in the presence of children or elders. muckmeyer!! why did you drop that brick on my foot?

  • toephamine

    it’s that thing when u put your toes in a plastic bag filled with water and get suuuupppeeerrr hiiiiggghh “hey, man, i don’t know if i should drive i got toephamine bags on, man.”

  • ibrahim sarkis

    better than you ibrahim sarkis is better than u

  • do an Amir

    to con money out of someone, lie or be otherwise dishonest, only to face ritual humiliation on a worldwide scale. “i just sent a broken laptop to someone for £375, with all my data on!” “dude, way to do an amir.” 2 more definitions to con money out of someone, lie or be otherwise dishonest, […]

  • hailey hebert

    she will ruin your life! if you ever meet her. you will be cursed forever and you will want to run away. be warned ugh, what an idiot, nah, shes just a hailey hebert

  • fizzed

    1. to break or destroy something beyond belief 2. to take something un-breakable and defy physics by some how managing to break it 3. being clumsy in a amazing fashion history: with origins in a group of friends from east melbourne, australia from long ago, fizzed has quickly become one of the most used words […]

  • Bong Cider

    an amber colored mixture consisting of 2/3 month old bong water that had been used 3 times daily, and 1/3 p-ss with a cigarette b-tt floating in the bottom usually put into an empty tea bottle like a good tequilla, bong cider’s cigarette b-tt in the bottom is the worm “that’s not tea, it’s a […]

  • bottle episode

    a tv episode made using the least amount of money or whatever’s left in the budget of a tv show. tv noob: why did the charaters stay in one set the entire episode? tv guru: duh its the bottle episode they don’t have alot of money left so they are staying in one place to […]

  • ramenthusiast

    1. a food enthusiast who particularly enjoys j-panese ramen. if outside j-pan, they are often driven by the quest to find the most authentic ramen closest in preparation, ingredients and flavor to that as found in j-pan. 2. a ramen connouisseur that does not consider so-called “instant” or packaged ramen an acceptable subst-tute for “real” […]