Last Update: April 21, 2024
  • r and g

    random element in games. you can lose simply by r&g (r and g). gamer slang, means running and gunning i don’t have a plan, so let’s r and g

  • Colgate Dookie

    to have a paste-like bowel movement. much like colgate toothpaste. also, difficult to wipe away the messy aftermath. prepare to use the whole roll. brad: hey, connor! wanna come to haley’s party? connor: sorry bro i can’t. i’m stuck on the sh-tter with a wicked case of colgate dookie! brad: that chinese food tho…

  • Popular Killer

    someone who aims to kill off popular sn-b’s reputation. they can use force, rumors, or just beating the living sh-t out of them. they usually aim for the d-cky guys and girls who wear abercrombie & b-tch, hollisnerd, or aeropasta. popular: omg! a popular killer! sh-t me better run but not to fast or our […]

  • count your ducks

    1) to become aware of all the good in your life matt: “oh man, i failed my math exam!” susan: “well, count your ducks. you could be dead.”

  • no ending stick

    when 2 men place their p-n-s against each others proceed to jack off and j-zz “yo dude you wanna do a no ending stick?”

  • Beast it up

    to beast it up, is to engage in beastification, or do something that is beast. can also be a general phrase indicating thanks or acceptance. 1.you beasted that right up! 2.”have a beer!” “beast it up!” 3.”do you wanna beast up a beef?” “beast it up!” 4. i just beasted up a fat beefter and […]

  • Gatownage

    1. the action that occurs when cat casas scores a goal, makes a steal, or wins a sprint in a water polo game. 1. d-mn that fat b-tch goalie just took a hit of gatownage.

  • wall wart

    one of those large transformer blocks that usually comes with many consumer electronics, and usually takes up more than one plug, because it’s so big unplug that wall wart right now, before your mother sees you a giant plastic goober that sticks to the wall, most often near a power outlet. such a device is […]

  • Target Syndrome

    the unfortunate ailment that occurs when a minute case of swamp -ss leads to a specific case of road rash resembling a target. the -n-s forms the bulls eye of the target, and depending on the severity, one or more rash rings may form. these uncomfortable rings of pain force the affected person to walk […]

  • crook as a dog

    very unwell / sick as f-ck that f-cken damo c-nt chucked a sickie again aye. yeah true but i saw him yesterday arvo the c-nts crook as a dog looked like death warmed up

  • Liquid Nightmare

    1: an excessively violent s-xual dream or fantasy. often very unpleasant. 2: an up and coming dj “man, had a liquid nightmare last night, i dreamt i got mounted by a horse and pummelled until my -n-s bled.”

  • scubing

    dropping one or multiple sugar cubes down the back of a mans pants in an exposed b-tt crack in hopes the sweat and hair create a griddy, syrupy and scratchy mess. sometimes for recreation, can be used as a torture mechanism. haha, you should have seen when i went scubing on cory when he bent […]

  • Declan lycett

    a person which people think is an illegal immigrant. from “the turkish drug mule” 1995 look at that kid over there, hes a real declan lycett.

  • twittour

    log of each and every update of tour/ trip on twitter. i just checked twittour of your hawaii trip, you must have had great time there.

  • jabidoo

    this is the same as head or a bl-w j-b. it’s the greatest way to tell human resources or your boss to suck it without them knowing what you’re saying. made famous by an old fella i know. hey (insert name) why don’t you give me a jabidoo! what’s that? a gold star for adults!

  • liarexic

    someone that lies the amount of food they eat. jill: i had a big hamburger with lettuce and tomatoes. bob: you are such a liarexic. you had a ham sandwich. get back in the kitchen.

  • boto dragon

    the lowest species on the evolutionary chain, this squater will often sit around, smoke your b-tts, and jerk his gerkin at least 7 times a day. keep away from small children. steals meat right off of your plate at an all you can eat buffet, ouji-boo hey kids look at the boto dragon, keep your […]

  • twatarrazi

    it is the the act of papprazzi taking photos of celebrity private parts, mostly women. the tw-tarrazi has once again snapped footage of britney spear’s tw-t.

  • pumpkin greed

    (noun) the insatiable craving to find the biggest pumpkin in the lot, following the motto “bigger is better”, when shopping for a pumpkin to make into a jack-o-lantern; the rapid scramble to compete with other customers and sn-tch up the biggest pumpkin in the lot before someone else spots it. when we went picking pumpkins […]

  • Snatch Test

    the pregame warm up before you eat p-ssy. you have to reach down there with a finger or two, rub the beaver and then as you are kissing their neck, lets say your right side, you take the left hand and hook it around her neck around to the side you are kissing and check […]

  • halquo

    a man who has a fetish in b–st–lity but only to dogs im a halquo

  • Date zone

    two people who want to date and continue to date. opposite of friend zone. perry wanted a girl to keep him in the date zone because he’s tired of salty chicks.

  • Right me up

    to be treated with respect. “oh this friend today right me up”

  • yadadasayin

    yay slang for “you know wad i’m sayin’” also yadadab–boo, yadadamean, yadadimean… ghost ride the whip, yadadasayin?

  • Loot Day

    a holiday near the end of december when atheists and agnostics exchange gifts, or receive gifts from religious relatives. hey, are you doing anything for christmas this year? nah i’m agnostic, i don’t celebrate christmas, i am having a loot day party though. atheist children get presents day

  • oosmorrow

    an act of saying goodbye goodbye lydz…oosmorrow

  • Askari

    a really hot chick if shes an askari,i’d tap that


    when you getting head, and just as you are about to shoot your load, you pull out and shoot down the center of her head, making her look like a skunk. she needed hair conditioner so i skunked her during the s-xual act of oral s-x one or both partic-p-nts expell gas (“fart”). diana was […]

  • statty up

    update your status on facebook or twitter it’s time for me to statty up so my friends know the latest.

  • Jamie Greer

    when your phone autocorrects a word- you’ve been greered texter 1:”hey hoes you doing?” texter 1: ” i meant how you doing texter 2: “d-mn you’ve just been jamie greered”

  • Chuckler

    a person with the wits and humour and satirical mentality of a thousand people put together. this word is purely existent to compliment one with the characteristics of being a chuckler. opp: awsomo (see awsomo) oh that charlie, he’s a chuckler. that’s what he does. used to describe a person when they are acting a […]

  • Insulk

    it relates to specific form of sulking that is insulting. ” yeah, go on, insulk me” (in situations when a person royally sulks)

  • Edui

    known to be a fool quit being an edui

  • Alaska Governor

    1) a temporary worker. temp worker. temp. 2) a person who prefers part time work. 3) a temp worker who makes too many personal calls. 4) a temp worker who fills out job applications while on your time. that new temp is such an alaska governor, we’re going to have to call the temp agency […]

  • Agglutination test

    agglutination test agglutination test n. any of various tests in which blood serum causes agglutination of bacteria or blood cells of a foreign type, used to determine infection and to identify pathogens and blood types. historical examples having utilized the technic devised by teague, i have had no difficulty in performing the agglutination test in […]

  • huntsville

    possibly the most exciting place in alabama. first of all there is a hill there. second of all, there are giant rockets on it that you can see from miles away. also there are a zillion chain resturants and many mighty fine office parks. there is even (dun, dun, dunnn!) an art museum in downtown. […]

  • exoid

    a true f-g. that’s for sure. especially with a name like mirza. look at that “exoid.” or look at that “true f-g.” 1 more definition the one and only god, mirza. the one and only mighty god named exoid.

  • banuelos

    only the coolest motherf-cking last name on the planet. legendary. when no one is there for you, the banuelos will be there. we stick together and defend each other. banuelos are p-ssionate latin people. bro: ” you a banuelos? dude: h-ll yeah bro!

  • Simon Peters

    a word for faecal matter, poo, sh-t etc. i just did a simon peters on my grandmothers tv!

  • Cwite

    cwite: doesn’t have a definition it’s just a word which makes you laugh because it’s spelt wrong. if you were to say quite people would think your normal, however if you were to say cwite! it enters a whole new type gramma and language. cwite is the new quite. 1. if you have seem something […]

  • Mr. Pants

    a common term used for pulling the hood of someones sweater over their head. it’s mr. pants!

  • Judo-Christianity

    the combined term for the monotheistic faiths judaism and christianity. christianity is an off-shoot of judaism formed by followers of a man named jesus. judaism is an off-shoot of the now extinct polytheistic pagan religion of the canaanites. yewah (which became jahova) was mountain deity from canaan that seperated into its own cult which eventually […]

  • vasilika opari

    [definition removed]

  • Kundi Kam

    when you jump up and slap someone’s kundi (b-tt in tamil). you have to say kundi kam after. “kundi kam!” “did you just slap my -ss!?” “yeah!!!” 2 0

  • ironic bond

    what you call an ionic bond with iron in it. ironically, this isn’t actually ironic, but merely a bad pun. nonmetals and metals form a bit of an odd couple, especially when you’re dealing with iron, the roughest, hardest and s-xiest of known metals. professor said that fecl3 was an ionic bond, i thought it […]

  • cloud control

    usually refers to the buff man, the one who cleans up or paints over graffiti. the cloud is the background onto which the graffiti is painted, and when painted out, the guy erasing or covering the graffiti is exercising control of the cloud cloud control painted out or capped my piece.

  • buttdigger

    a b-ttdigger is a dude or dame who loves or digs b-tts. she is a b-ttdigger.

  • boob pants

    pants that go way too high. they usually stop about halfway up to one’s b–bs. “did you see that old woman’s b–b pants?” “yeah! she doesn’t need a bra if she’s gonna be wearing those hideous things!”

  • santal

    santal is a s-xy, beautiful, lovely lady who no-one can resist. excels in the bosoms department, french, and s-x – see marie. marie: sh-t. krys: what is it, ho? marie: ….i have obsessive santal disorder.

  • one dolla! one dolla!

    when chinese guys are selling you stuff you don’t want they always go: one dolla! getchar socks on’y one dolla! chinese guy: one dolla! one dolla! racist: (takes a gun and shoots the chinese guy) get of my f-cking country, you b-st-rd!