Last Update: December 12, 2019
  • GB2AC

    gb2ac is short for go back to avatar chat. this is commonly used on the battledome chat board on neopets as an insult. this is generally only used when a troll or mindless attention seeker comes to ask stupid questions on the bdc (battledome chat.) avatar chatters hate it when people from the bdc say […]

  • queen ant

    a p-n-s with a unusually small helmet that grows wider towards the base. dude, you should have seen the queen ant this guy had. i thought it was a parking cone.

  • cuz joe

    bronx, new york term for a tall, good looking, trustable friend i need a wing man tonight, you gonna be my cuz joe?

  • khakzad

    an iranian mada facka who is famous for his nice cielo in special color.his father was born in blarus and he betrayed on honarestan street last year and he went to ladan street. like a little light you became a star.it is sung ba khakzad during the way of baam in cielo. an iranian mada […]

  • brentany

    bad -ss mother f-cker woah look there’s brentany! she’s a bad -ss mother f-cker

  • go dankey

    pooing out your d-ck o god, i gotta go dankey!! this is worse than kidney stones

  • Hamcrab

    a small leperous crab found mainly in auckland, new zealand. often found to be both drunk and naked at the same time, often removing its soft exo-skeleton after dark. see burning sands rings beach known mainly for its ability to get naked, drunk and fornicate, often at the same time, and very often at innappropriate […]

  • tube jacked

    downloading videos from video web sites lyk youtube, google vid etc using widgets, softwares….. max: i got the new underground “the game” video.. sazz: how did u get dat ? max: i tube jacked it…

  • Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

    a curse that happens after a sports personality appears on the cover of sports ill-strated. after they appear on the cover, they have a bad performance. i just hope our team isn’t the latest victim of the sports ill-strated cover jinx

  • Wolfy

    to be s-xy; to be considered the ultimatum of physical attraction – wolvie17 is the wolfy of women a man, usually around the age of 25. covered with back, front and facial hair and has a receding hairline. very caring to those he holds near but can easily become annoyed with people around him. wolfy […]

  • n00bz00r

    1. someone who is such an umbelievable fu

  • Rumsfailed

    common nickname for us defense secretary donald rumsfeld (because he failed, get it?). somehow this man set the world’s most powerful military against a bunch of starving neighborhood thugs with counterfeit aks and homemade bombs, and lost. rumsfailed was able to achieve this fabulous result because he is a civilian businessman with no military experience, […]

  • HomoNate

    an off shoot of the h-m-sapien race. he is an akward creature with large feet, enormous hands, and a large cranial cavity. if found in the future in a tar pit, archaeologist will believe to have found the next evolutionary step of humans. when digging in a tar pit in 2100 ad, scientists made a […]

  • Ahtivah

    a girl that is usually denied; has many diiferent personalities and often misunderstood; emotional, not so much sensitive but does care about people who care about themself. usually underestimated by others but comes out on top when having a love for a craft, they pursue it to the full love the arts and love moderate […]

  • roquelaure

    pennsylvainian s-x goddess. usually drunk. i’d like to get in roquelaure’s pants

  • magnea

    a stubborn ogor. it’s really ugly and very mean. if you come to paths with one you better run away because it will hurt you with it’s big claws. guy1: man that guy is such a magnea!! guy2: ah man i feel you bro, those magneas are hard to deal with

  • Nanner Snatch

    the act of stealing something from another person. nanner sn-tching is usually referred to steal another’s boyfriend or girlfriend, however, it can also be used for thieving in general. i don’t have a girlfriend anymore because this guy nanner sn-tched her from me.

  • bolado

    to be annoyed by something or someone else. term usually used in portuguese. i’m really bolado because miguel’s mom kicked me out of her house.

  • I can’t believe it’s not butter!

    the exact opposite of a b-tter face. a girl who has a great face but not a good body. i diagnosed myself with i can’t believe it’s not b-tter! i so need to start working out! is when you see an ugly person that has some how made themself look attractive through clothes, make-up or […]

  • Bobby Bitch Tits

    bobby b-tch t-ts is a man suffering from the scientific term gynecomastia, the development of abnormally large mammary glands in males or laymans terms “man b–bs” look at the bobby b-tch t-ts on that one! i feel so bad for bobby b-tch t-ts! a man with abnormally saggy breast. other characteristics may include a hog-like […]

  • Hack the game

    where you are doing so good at something, the only excuse that seems reasonable is that you have somehow hacked it. guy1: hey i just got 3 nukes in 1 game on mw2 guy2: dude, you hack the game.

  • Bisexual Ballsex

    this is the only word in the english language that no one knows the actual definition for. -you’re in an argument. you’re getting beat. you say- “well at least i don’t engage in bis-xual b-lls-x.” noone has an answer to this. it catches them offguard.

  • amandaly

    the most beautiful girl ever, she loves to play games with papo and endrog-rs- full, sebu es su bebu y tiene 50 pistolas un poco amandaly is here!

  • wintu

    an amazing girl who usually gets all the guys. is amazing at sports and is really smart and creative. “d-mn have you seen that girl?!” “yup that’s wintu”

  • gurnaz

    gurnaz is a name of an indian girl. this type of girl normally has a unibrow or is overweight as they are not allowed to shave and indian parents like their children to be fat. “that indian is so hairy and fat her name must be gurnaz.” a gurnaz is a sweet indian girl who […]

  • jizz tornado

    when a man gets a timely pullout and celebrates by violently shaking his p-n-s in an upward circular motion while ejaculating. dude1: bro how’d it go with sydney last night? dude2: dude, it was a perfect j-zz tornado!

  • Stalkered

    being hunted down and hip-checked in an online racing game by someone who seeks vengeance. to be incapacitated by another racing opponent by means of them crashing into you intentionally. da beaitch jacked me up! i got ‘stalkered’ by dat somb-tch! to be intentionally wrecked out of a race by another player in an online […]

  • Saveboy

    a male, obtaining slippery smooth and sweaty characteristics similar to that of a saveloy sausage. the male of this sort tends to be covered in sweat and salt. be quiet you sweaty saveboy.

  • wordstipation

    (n.) a condition suffered by writers when what they want to write is all there in the writer’s head, but the words just won’t come out onto the page. jen: how’s the new book coming along? rod: i have wordstipation. the story’s all there in my head, but it just won’t come out onto the […]

  • rejected corn pop

    an ugly -ss motha f-cka d-mn that n-gg- look like a rejected corn pop. he aint even got no shoes. he even think he got beef wif me.

  • Showank

    when one m-st-rb-t-s in the shower. matt: “i’m gonna have a show-nk now. ttyl!”

  • bug drop

    when one is asleep and someone else who has swamp -ss sits on their face. guy my face was all wet and nasty when i woke up, then i figured out that joe bug dropped me last night.

  • ReRe Brophy

    re is the most amazing friend ever. she can be a b-tch, as she loves to abuse me but all the same she is the air i breathe and i could not survive without her. she is very funny. fick her. but i loooove her…wow this sucks. re is my wooooooorrrrrlllllllddddd.

  • Slow Flow Acachello

    used when living life at a slow, but productive pace. when everything is done smoothly, showing a unique sense of confidence and swagger; relates to the slow sound of a ch-llo. person a: yo, i woulda spazzed man. i don’t know how you do it. person b: nah, can’t bug out, dude. sometimes the best […]

  • Trollarch

    a “company” started by youtuber minnesotaburns created for the purpose of trolling hackers, children, and ragers on xbox live, in particular, on call of duty. while trolling, he will claim to be the ceo of trollarch as jon trollsten. usually, he will inform the player (who is usually a hacker who is no older than […]

  • Celeste Greene

    this biggest sl-t you will ever meet she seems nice and great but she will sh-t all over you and make you f-cking hate yourself. one day: “celeste greene”:i love you. you:i love you. next day: “celeste greene”: hey i love you your so hot. other guy:i love you to. “celeste greene”:let me kiss you […]

  • Fapstack

    a pile of (usually adult) magazines in a man’s bathroom. man, mike has one of the most epic fapstacks i’ve ever seen. didn’t want to leave the sh-tter for an hour!

  • Juan and Lauren

    the coolest relationship there can be, usually lauren is amazing, and juan sometimes is a complete -sshole to lauren, sometimes but not most cause he is always sweet to her. juan and lauren =

  • Cocklovious

    ancient roman g-d, lover of the c-ck. andrew ruble worships c-cklovious.

  • rebecca black day

    the day after thursday and before sat-rday (where sunday comes afterwards) on rebecca black day it is, for unknown reasons, more difficult than on any other day to pick a seat on the bus person 1: hey bro, when will you be celebrating your b-day party? person 2: sup bro, it will be on rebecca […]

  • Tofa Loaf

    a male who eats dragonflys wings and sucks toes. tom: “yo man last night me and my girl had wicked fun. i sucked her toes and them we went to the swap and ate some dragonflys wings.” hank: “dude, your such a tofa loaf.”

  • Broul Mate

    a fellow heteros-xual man with whom one has an intimate relationship and is usually destined to spend one’s life with. similar to soul mate, except of the same s-x. i found my broul mate today. he’s everything i’be ever wanted. we will be best friends forever. two men with an epic bromance. (based on the […]

  • leggid

    an extreme emotion as in really really good or really really bad….you can tell by the way it is used 🙂 ‘omgggg that is so leggid :)’ ‘grrrrrr thats so leggid :(‘

  • dumb boyfriend

    1.)gets high and/or drunk and flirts with other girls almost breaking up with their gfs 2.)doesn’t introduce himself to his gf’s parents 3.)say stuff like i love you boo boo kitty f-ck instead of sweet things 4.)is dumb to the extreme “wow kiwi has a dumb boyfriend”

  • becic

    an amazing name for people that are warmhearted, sporty, smart, and absoloutely beautiful. they are extremely compet-tve, but in the best way. they are stunning and fun to hang out with. the are also very sweet and can make a dark day seem bright! sometimes shy though as well. i spent time with a real […]

  • king tut

    the pose a female strikes when accidentally caught naked. an attempt to cover the br–sts by crossing the arms in front of them. often used in risque celebrity photography or on the cover of p-rno mags. also refers to the same position during s-x in an attempt to keep the br–sts from bouncing excessively. i […]

  • vdaim

    adj. 1. departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern. n. 1. an individual who deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd or unconventional behavior. 2. physics. an oblong solid m-ss that has properties somewhat defiant of gravity; similar to a gyroscope. mary: “have you seen frank?” jessi: “nah […]

  • CYVR

    the most kick-ss airport in the world. vancouver, b.c., international airport. also called the “gateway to the pacific” as it has more trans-pacific flight than any other west coast airport. cyvr is the second busiest canadian airport with 17.5 million p-ssengers and 326,026 movements in 2007, behind cyyz, toronto pearson. continuously named “best north american […]

  • Tard Botch

    r-t-rded b-tch man, that chick is such a tard botch!

  • Ranbull

    random bull sh-t me and the bros where just here talking some ranbull