Last Update: August 20, 2019
  • resumé-collage

    resumé: a summary of education and employment experience. collage: a composite object or collection (abstract or concrete) created by the -ssemblage of various media; especially for a work of art such as text, film, etc. resumé-collage: an artwork created by the -ssemblage of various media; especially resumés. “as an artist, i use my resumés to […]

  • bruce jennered

    a man becoming a woman jack bruce jennered hisself and became ashley!

  • lap lasagna

    a derogatory term for a woman’s v-g-n-, more so if said woman is suffering from a yeast infection and her period at the same time. tim: “d-mn, lemme get a piece of that lap lasagna, girl”.

  • Ahlatki

    the word ahlatki is norally used as an insult, when calling someone an “ahlatki” you are basically calling them a vile rude person or thing this is either a noun or used as an adj why are you acting ahlatki?!

  • The CMM Effect

    the cmm effect is an effect which is transmitted online over the chat client gtalk . it is initiated with ms coming online which is followed by a number of her lovers popping online from their various previous states (busy, offline, idle etc.). it displays the lightning speed of transfer of information, joblessness and reeks […]

  • Dukakis

    what you say in agreement or realization of something often in a sarcastic tone you: “woah i just realized the earth is round” me: “ah, dukakis” when many guys take a collective sh-t on a girls face. “yo, last night was awesome. this crazy girl loved to get sh-t on!” said dave “i can’t believe […]

  • Teddy Bear Vision

    1. to have a narrow minded view on global occurences, or the current state of the world; lacking philosophical insight; unable to gain new understandings from bad experience. 2. a mind that replaces the truth with pleasing images in order to go throughout life without a worry even when a worry is justified. ex: “some […]

  • Ryan Mayer

    a godlike being who has the most swag on earth. he can also be referred to as “count swagula” daddy who has the most swag in the world ryan mayer aka count swagula

  • Blipples

    when a girl’s nipples over shadow her areolas she ceases to have nipples. she has blipples. her blipples made it look as if two big -ss prunes were accurately thrown at her chest. when one flatulates s-m-n out of ones -n-s. d-mnit gary, i should have never ate those beans last night before you f-cked […]

  • joe “splitting” “etc” dimarzo

    a stupid f-cking ginger who has a lot of nicknames that guy is a joe “splitting” “etc” dimarzo he is called a lot of names and has no soul

  • Club Hoppin’

    to go clubbing- usually at a variety of clubs throughout the night; to go to different clubs during a period of time. the night we went club hoppin’, we left at twilight and didn’t come back ’till dawn.

  • poor ass

    a person who is so poor they have to take the bus or have a friend or relative drive them around because they lack the skills to get a license or the money to buy a car. all you can do is call em a poor -ss and feel sorry for em. look at sonny, […]

  • schnock

    an adjective that applys to anything “go schnock yourself” “schnock schnock” ” that teacher is a d-mn schnock, i was so sick last night , i coughed up schnock” “she gave me a good schnock job!” slang term for “v-g-n-” “her skirt was so short, you could totally see her schnock.” see also “schnock blocking” […]

  • mosanesus

    1. exclamation 2. a combination of moses and jesus mosanesus! that truck almost hit rover!

  • use dem n loose dem

    highly used sayin by playa’s.to use ho’s n loose dem.use them for s-x/something and loose them by either dumping them,kicking them out,ignoring them etc… playa;use dem ho’s n loose dem ho’s! playa 2: u rite der use dem n loose dem!

  • belgranoed

    can have a number of reasons including: 1: being extremly wet. 2: being sunk, as in someone being put back in their place. is synonymous with the word “owned” in this context. 3: knocked unconcious (not usually used). etymology: comes from the sinking of the belgrano in the falklands war in 1982, leadng to the […]

  • pornutopia

    an idealised world inhabited only by p-rn freaks . the top shelf of the magazine shop is where p-rnutopia is located .

  • Potribution

    whether you smoke, grow, sell, etc. marijuana, your making contribution to society this way. dude: i jus sold a dime to that guy. other dude: you jus made a potribution.

  • biafra indigenous people

    biafra indigenous people bip is an entire people of biafra that survived nigeria international war from 1967 the entire biafra indigenous people dislike the nigeria government marginalization in 1966 buy the domain for your diy site

  • termaine

    a lil boy that goes to kipp and is in love with a girl that is giving up on him termaine isn’t that the girl that don’t want you no more

  • Element

    a sucessful skateboard company with multiple pros under the belt such as: bam margera, mike vallely, tosh townend, jake rupp and many more. did you see that element video?! if you people actually took ap chemistry, you’d know what an element really is. hydrogen, helium, lithium, berillium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, neon, ect. a) […]

  • Visti

    there’s only one visti and it is the cutest, most adorable, lovely, kind, pink, fluffy being in the whole world. it collects diamonds in order to get people happy. visti collects diamonds to get people happy.

  • Complete utter bullshit

    articles that are found in facebook but thought to be true by millions of people guy 1: hey do you know they finally caught bigfoot? guy 2: did you read that in facebook? guy 1: yes. guy 2: that’s complete utter bullsh-t!

  • side eye

    a facial expression expressing one’s criticism, disapproval, animosity, or scorn of varying levels of intensity towards another person. defined by one person looking at the other out of the corner of their eye(s) with a scowl, as their head is turned in a different direction. often an invitation for a fight or confrontation of some […]

  • mexican tree war

    a gang bang of chodes. we should not be involved in this mexican tree war. a gang bang of chodes at once. we should have a mexican tree war.

  • sunscreen

    means you got straight up burned by the sun; crispy -ss guy if you ever see someone that has sun burn or is dark as h-ll, you refer to them as “sunscreen” instead of like “crispy” kris: d-mn, you so sunscreen man shaaban: yeah man, i forgot my sunblock and that sun burned the sh-t […]

  • Meterosexual Magikarp

    one who’s hindquarters may sway more freely then most. courtney: jay is such a meteros-xual magikarp. jarred: i know! he needs to stop shaking his -ss!! jay” owch…

  • boog-juice

    any type of beverage that is frequently consumed by african americans grape drink, orange drink, fruit punch, and pineapple soda are all examples of boog-juice

  • T- Money Trav

    a boy who has many manly features that will fool you into falling for his sneaky smirk and his good guy att-tude at all the while will choose his freinds over you, drink over you, lie about everything he does, and in the end will get with your sister as if the rest wasnt enough, […]

  • stir the crock

    a slang term for female masturbation. “i totally caught her stirring the crock.”, “she was so s-xually stimulated she had to stir the crock.”

  • horribler

    worst than. i though juelz santana was a bad rapper, but d-mn jim jones is horribler.

  • lesbianish

    a word describes items of clothing or phrases which apply to everyday dyk-s. ann: those boots are so lesbianish!

  • Amashai

    amashai the son of azareel, appointed by nehemiah to reside at jerusalem and do the work of the temple (neh. 11:13).

  • Ultimate Chotch

    a person, usually male, who must always be number one, by any means necessary, such as in sports, s-xual relationships, bad-ss things. the ultimate chotch is usually bullsh-tting, is terrible at lying, and if caught in a lie, will only lie their way out to try to cover it up. they are usually very insecure […]

  • picking up change

    when someone is ‘hardcore dancing’, between all the windmills and spin kicks, another move is usually done which involves touching the ground with each hand in an alternating pattern. similar to the ‘floor punch’. if you were to go to a terror or a norma jean gig, you would see many ‘scene kids’ doing this. […]

  • wekk

    a word from the native language of canada, canadian. synonyms: cool, awesome, really neato. billy: hey, look at my new skateboard. jimmy: whoa billy, that’s a wekk skateboard. to do something you dont wany anyone else to see you do pepsichick#: sorry..i was wekkin t- z-: well at least you did it in the privacy […]

  • emily huynh

    pokemon master, may scream “fight me” when confronted or enraged, highly likely to scream ceaselessly if a baby possum crawls into her house dang that girl is so emily huynh, i wouldn’t mess with her

  • choochkins

    a word for b-tt ow! you hit my choochkins

  • Bronly

    short for “bros only” when only male counterparts are invited to hang out. bronly night tonight. bring beer and a controller.

  • Frosting a Deuce

    jacking off on your sh-t after you take a dump. steve, you need to tell jake that frosting a deuce at your friends house is totally not cool! the act of taking a dump and sculpting it in some desired fashion that, once frozen, can be used as a s-x toy. i caught her frosting […]

  • Low-Low Rackley

    a dance often used by red-heads at concerts, dance clubs,ect. dude check that guy out breakin down the low-low rackley

  • badillac

    (adj) 1;bad -ss cadillac 2; a car usually an older model cadillac that is tricked out with dubs, candy paint, and hydrolics. 3; name given to an ol’ skool caddy that was too old for the government’s ‘cash for clunkers’ program, but the smoke beltchin’ gas guzzeling rust bucket still at least gets you around. […]

  • dad’s hand

    big stank hulking knuckle. charlie’s father has a definite dad’s hand for, sure!

  • A j balfour

    [bal-foo r, -fer] /ˈbæl fʊər, -fər/ noun arthur james (1st earl of balfour) 1848–1930, british statesman and writer: prime minister 1902–05. balfour /ˈbælfɔː; -fə; -fʊə/ noun arthur james, 1st earl of balfour. 1848–1930, british conservative statesman: prime minister (1902–05); foreign secretary (1916–19) balfour bal·four (bāl’fur’, -fôr’), francis maitland. 1851-1882. scottish embryologist and zoologist noted for […]

  • FHGA

    f-ck hookers get aids guy 1: bro i’m so screwed i just fhga’ed guy 2: i’d go to a gynocologist to make sure

  • schwindoodle-popped

    1. excessively drunk, to the point of blacking out. 2. f-cked up. 3. sh-t-faced dude, i was so schwindoodle-popped last night i don’t remember anything after 9:30.

  • Balks

    to stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed or to do something specified (usually followed by at): he balked at making the speech. (of a horse, mule, etc.) to stop short and stubbornly refuse to go on. baseball. to commit a balk. to place an obstacle in the way of; hinder; thwart: a […]

  • spanker

    one who spanks, as in, administering corporal punishment to the backside of a subordinate and/or s-xual partner, either for discipline or pleasure. spanker/spankee is one of the more common forms of s&m roleplay. someone who claims to know something about anything but in reality is only a half-witted chronic masturbator who wishes to impress with […]


    usually used when someone is p-ssed as sh-t! utterf-ck is also a word describing when someone is t-tty-f-cking a cow. this originated when wolfgang amadeus mozart was preforming an extremely bad -ss concert which the queen of england was attending. mozart decided he wanted to make his performance the best he had for the queen. […]

  • thavone

    a loyal person likes big bootys kind person thavone is a kind peson that like big bootys and is very loyal