Last Update: November 18, 2018
  • Shinabe waterfall

    when taking a sh-t at the bar and forgetting to tuck your semi-flaccid p-n-s into the bowl thus spraying urine about your face and pants. brad gave himself a shinabe waterfall while taking a sh-t at the bar.

  • brazillian waterslide

    when thirty or more enimas are given at one time and the doodoos are collected on a sheet of linoleum and all thirty partic-p-nts slide down it naked dude, lets get a bunch of people together and have a brazillian waterslide

  • anaiz

    this girl is so hot i wish she was mine but she aint i want her so bad she’s the world to me evertime i see her she be lookin fire asf she have -ss to anaiz i wish you were mine.

  • baby daddy drama

    the drama some tired -ss man of any color can bring back to the mother of his child(ren) this increases by his lying and disrespecting you and the low -ss feelings it brings when everybody knows your business. he can be a broke or working individual. he got hoes calling the house all types of […]

  • Dildank

    a marijuana nugget of fallic nature. wow, that nug looks like a p-n-s… no, its a dildank!

  • Teacup Pigging

    having -n-l intercourse with a midget while said midget is eating a bowl of cereal with no utensils and squealing like a pig. man, when bill clinton was in office he couldn’t stop “teacup pigging” the midget society of america. going b-lls deep into a shank while eating sandwiches and playing the music of beck […]

  • narcisstic penguin

    there aren’t any definitions for narcisstic penguin yet. can you define it?

  • crack puppet

    the person who pulls up to the department store in their luxury car while talking on her 1k cell phone on speaker ,gets out to go shopping in their pajamas and curlers with their 137 kids screaming,yelling and getting in your damm way while your trying to shop,who then proceeds to get p-ssed at you […]

  • fuck like the wind

    fast and quick thoughtless with a person of no importance like hoe i f-ck like the wind is like the girl jane that gets around and getting an invitation to her house.

  • mcgloryhole

    a hole you cut in your microwave to stick your c-ck into. once done the microwave is turned on and some f-cked up n-gg-rs enjoy it hey that f-cker had a mcgloryhole in his microwave! how the f-ck does he expect us to warm up our pizza

  • ganun

    nothing left, depleted, ga-nun. i got paid last week and had a lot of money. then i went to the casino and now i ganun.

  • lil dye yung

    laurens rapper name did u hear lil dye yungs new song

  • heroage

    the doing of a heroic act amy and ap received awards for heroage after robbing a bank and giving back the money.

  • frumpin

    anything stupid anoying dowdy uggly or unattractive exact opposite of cool awsome or pretty oh my gosh!! you be frumpin! stupiedest word in the world! meaning ugly, awful, and anything not cool…… frumpin is a word anything amazing or cool that’s frumpin :d have you seen that frumpin shirt

  • leave me be

    phrase. said usually under stress or distress for someone to leave you alone and stop bothering you. i know the loot is gone. they gaffled it all. now just leave me be! to accept a situation, allowing it to be the same and to leave the person alone. me: i am so p-ssed right now, […]

  • Umanzor

    to be awesome like a dinosaur guy 1: dude, who’s that???!!! guy 2: haven’t you heard? it’s a umanzor! guy 1: wtf?

  • deflate me

    s-xual rabiesss she gave me s-xual rabies deflate me is a term for s-xy timesss

  • Phlegmingos

    goo blobs that lurk in the back of your throat waiting to make you sound like a wounded bird when you try to talk. they can sneak up on you without warning. i was giving a speach to the entire cl-ss when i got a bad attack of phlegmingos.

  • on yo’ bumper

    west coast term described as someone aggressively pursuing someone for either confrontation or debts owed. ok. you said you ain’t want no smoke, but i see yo’ -ss is still woofin’ on the ‘gram. so until you get these hands, i’m on yo’ b-mper, n-gg-!

  • blakli

    is a very nice girl who may seem mean but is very sweet and is the kind to do things others wouldn’t and is very optimistic that person is blakli.

  • dripping wet condom

    a condom that is dripping wet from heavy amounts of sperm, normally frm people like moonman d-mn moonman stop havin s-x with ! he’s not a cat

  • catsexual

    when a female likes cats in a s-xual way. shamill goes out one night. he meets a cat. he likes said cat. he captures said cat. he rapes said cat. said cat feels satisfied. said cat runs away whenever said cat meets shamill. said cat comes back for more! shamill is happy. he is cats-xual. […]

  • why did you break my heart

    typically the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a past gf or bf. when you remember all that was and could have been and then remember how they screwed it up so now you you just draw pictures of broken hearts and try not to cry when you p-ss them in […]

  • Tallest Midget

    the “tallest midget” is when someone or something is the best at something, but that something isn’t anything special. the tallest midget is the tallest one of his group – but although he is the tallest midget – he is still, at the end of the day, a midget. also could be called the “hottest […]

  • pot psychology

    1. the psychology behind smoking pot. 2. the psychology behind keeping things in pots. 3. the interaction between smoking pot and putting things in pots. 1. dude, how much pot have you smoked, you look baked?! 2. which pot did you put your weed in man, i can’t find it! 3. you can’t remember which […]

  • plungless

    someone who doesn’t keep a plunger in their guest bathroom, leaving their guests to ask sheepishly for a plunger, or to improvise in unsavory ways to plunge the toilet. “greg, you’re a f-cking plungless, i had to use my hand”!

  • healthy one

    when a large amount of p–p is released from the body and the person has a refreshing feeling afterwards kiersten : uh! uh! uh! uh! that’s it baby c-m for me! jake : ahhhhhhhhhhhh! ahhhh! o cr-p! kiersten : oh baby what’s wrong? jake : i need to p–p! kiersten : god d-mn’t hurry up! […]

  • poseidon kiss

    when water splashes up from the toilet onto your b-tt from the p–p dropping into the water this morning when i woke up and went to the bathroom, i totally got a poseidon kiss from that t-rd i dropped.

  • ridge

    noun, driving term used to describe the phenomenon of p-ssing through a series of traffic lights just as the lights are turning yellow. elliot made it to tom’s house in half the usual time due to hitting a sweet ridge on route 130. dave’s prayers to the traffic gods were answered when he caught a […]

  • Facebook Groupie

    a person who always responds to another specific person’s (i.e., the “target person”) facebook status updates and links, typically within the first few minutes of it being shared. the facebook groupie either 1) intensely romantically likes the target person, 2) wants to be like the the target person, or 3) wants to be accepted by […]

  • efics

    a set of rulez fo behavior. see code of efics fo specificz. “it’s like ‘ethics’, but it’s not” said senior black correspondent for the daily show larry wilmore (may 4, 2007). rapper cam’ron on cbs’ 60 minutes speaking about the ‘stop snitchin’ campaign: “it’s about bidnez, but it’s also a code of efics”. the word […]

  • pepto-hismol

    slang term for s-m-n. h-m- #1: what’s wrong? h-m- #2: well, we had a huge party at ramon’s last night. i feel like i drank a whole gallon of pepto-hismol!

  • skaff

    to -j-c-l-t- onto a woman’s pubic hair following intercourse. i totally skaffed your mom last night. a word used as a cattle call towards a female. the female is often attractive but it can be towards a very ugly female. mostly followed by some other calls such as “come on girl!” guy 1: dude check […]

  • Boyce

    the defintion of supreme cl-ss that gal has ”boyce” a gorgeous girl, celebrated for her noticeable radiance and virtuosity. often found using witticism and jest. an agreeable and congenial personality. i love that girl.. she’s a real boyce. pretty much the tiniest town in virginia. located in clarke county, just outside of winchester. it’s filled […]

  • Shuffy

    a person who appears to be in total disarray. when you look at this person the definition becomes apparent. last night my waiter was such a shuffy because he couldn’t keep up with our demand for ice cold yahah’s. 1 more definition the slang word used to describe a ipod shuffle. “p-ss my shuffy mate” […]

  • Naffin

    top definition naffin is used to describe individuals with great drive who are smart, ambitious, and successful. you handled that problem like a naffin. we must act like naffins if we are to succeed. 2 more definitions add your own 2 one who is almost an idiot the neighbor was a lawer yet couldn’t figure […]

  • N00B PWNR 3000

    a variation of wig often used to pwn n00bs stripey s-xy emily; hey dude is that a n00b pwnr 3000?!?! rachael; you bet ur sweet hiney it is.

  • flamakae

    mainly popularized by a song by sad puppy – flamakae baby it is a word for “fly my kite” which can be heard throughout the song maybe you could flamakae~

  • flexfit

    a type of rim-lining for base-ball hats, made from elastic materials to fit snuggly to the head. my new hat has flexfit instead of ajustable noches at the back.

  • staffguide

    staffguide is a meanie please dont let him get near your cat and dog cuz he’ll eat them and u will be sad staffguide is not nice to pets buy the domain for your recipe blog

  • twitter thread

    a thread of a story on twitter or multiple messages about a topic “ here’s a twitter thread about how to get clearskin” “ twitter thread: conspiracy theory about …”

  • sinituetti

    1.a sandwich that can be considered as fine art and is of fine taste. 2.anything to do with subway sandwiches. the subway sandwich artist has impeccable sinetuetti style

  • Emzay

    small, bubbly brunette with suspect taste in music and nice b–bs who may or may not indulge in web-cammery. no, emzay, i will not m-st-rb-t- for you on camera. someone with intense admiration for obtaining rare items. emzay has 5 firecapes 5 freaking firecapes! a very nice person who likes lots of colours, pantburgers, and […]

  • Sharks vs. Jets mentality

    the belief that, having established deep antipathy toward a group of people, any action taken by your opponents is inherently bad, and that you must oppose them regardless of principle or practicality. its unfortunate to see this sharks vs. jets mentality in political discourse, especially when so many things need to get done.

  • Sacktease

    the object of a sack’s desire. cruelly teases the sacks of others until they succ-mb to blue b-lls and/or vasocongestion. i’m tellin ya brah, bolinda keeps repairing bikes in the nude whenever i’m around, and then gets all offended when i hit on her…what a fehkin sacktease.

  • Girlationship

    female equivalent to bromance a female to female bond, with all the benefits of a romantic relationship that remains strictly plutonic. “being in a girlationship is more widely accepted than being involved in a bromance”

  • Wandering Old Man Syndrome

    a state in which one finds themselves randomly walking around, usually without a set course or destination. man 1-“what’s he doing? that’s the third time he’s walked by the doorway.” man 2-“dunno, must have wandering old man syndrome.”

  • Surbering

    verb. the act of annoying or pestering friends or co workers. to surber, i’ve been surbered, the act of surbering my little brother justin, continues to surber me. he has been surbering me since i got up this morning. the act of constantly being a pain the -ss. annoying until you cave in my little […]

  • Hubbert’s Peak

    the thing that some guy name m king hubbert invented. it shows peak oil; the thing that will f-ck us over. the bell shaped curve that you will see everywhere in twenty years this is hubbert’s peak a bell shaped curve depicting global and us oil production developed by m. king hubbert in the 1950’s. […]

  • Irie Purie Juice

    is the juice a woman’s cooter omits during s-xual pleasures. i’m going home to saturate my head in some of my woman’s irie purie juice.