Last Update: September 24, 2017
  • star tipping

    this game must be performed at night and stars must be visible. person “a” looks up into the night sky and finds a star. once the star has been found “a” keeps their eye focused on the star and begins to spin quickly as they can while staying focused on said star. person “b” stands […]

  • glier

    glier-someone who is thought to be a homes-xual and also a lier brads gay and lies soo much,hes a glier

  • unroastable

    someone who just can’t be roasted! mark parsons ward is so unroastable

  • Liliya

    a hot russian girl that is not only s-xy but is ridiculously smart. she has a ph.d. in chemistry and an awesome career. girls want to be her, and guys want to be with her. there is no one better. congratulations, you are such a liliya! a girl who can not be stopped. even if […]

  • Happy Deathday

    a “happy deathday” is when a man or woman is made to down a dirty pint through a party funnel on the day of their birthday, usually to a chorus of their friends singing “happy deathday.” if the victim still hasn’t finished by the time the song is over then their friends may count to […]

  • Zayleen

    a beautiful woman who is perfect and is considered one of a kind for her personality and good looks. wow, ur such a zayleen a chick that i wish was mine. shes got a sweet personality , a great -ss and eyes that i could stare into forever.its also known that she has nice big […]

  • Dustan

    one of the funniest people you will ever meet. but is always average, a dustan usually doesn’t stand out except for possibly being slightly overweight. a dustan is extremely flirtatious and is a genleman but he also have a goofy side too. he is always up to something whether it be a practical joke or […]

  • Pickshat

    similar to pickaxe, pickshat is using a pickaxe to mine sh-t out of someone’s -sshole. dude, i just pickshat your mom!

  • gangis conn

    one cold harted son of a b-tch. see also facebook. he gangis conned her.

  • Ping and Pong

    a dumb blonde with a brain of a four year old’s way to say the term “ying and yang”. person #1 – “hey” person #2 – “hey best buddy” person #1 – “you and me are like ping and pong!” person #2 – “you mean ying and yang?” person #1 – “um…yeah. that’s it!”

  • trumped it

    1) double downing on a position that offends large swaths of people while simultaneusly being pressured to retract said position, and subsequently making it clear that you don’t give a f-ck. when asked to retract his statement that all muslims should be banned from the united states, donald trump trumped it like a boss and […]

  • Martin O’Malley

    what you call of person who has zero accountability, nor does he expect it from the people around them. able to blame 60 years of problems on a governor who has not served even one term. i was elected mayor of a sh-t-hole of a city in 1999, and a i pulled a martin o’malley […]

  • Rusty Motorboat

    when someone places their lips in the recently used/dirty b-tt crack of someone else, makes the “brrrrr” sound of a motorboat, and shakes their head back and forth very quickly. sean p–ped himself a work and didn’t have any toilet paper so kelly gave him a rusty motorboat to clean him up.

  • Got Sack

    like got b-lls only using sack. it sounds a f-ck-load cooler though. “man did you hear jimmy-jimmy ate $60 worth of lsd ?” “yeah man, he’s got sack.” “he f-ckin’ did.” “what? why the use of past-tense?” “well he od’d” “gay…oh well”

  • under there

    something you say to trick someone into saying underwear. “hey, what’s that under there! “under where?” “i just made you say underwear!”

  • jagwire

    the (mis)pr-nunciation of the word “jaguar” when said by a pittsburgh native. the steelers got beat by the jagwires (jacksonville jaguars) in the playoffs. the way you pr-nounce “jaguars” i love jagwires so much.

  • Pantasshole

    when your pants have a hole in them right in the -ss, thus showing your -sshole. “hey, you have a pant-sshole showing.” “don’t bend over too far, or you’ll get a pant-sshole.”

  • stuing

    doing anything that involves pot man, i got so stued yesterday, i started dry humping the floor and i thought my dog was breathing fire. wanna go stuing today at the train tracks?

  • De hado me

    fate of me “de hado me, un poquito mas, now baby de hado me, my love, un poquito mas” flc, sleepyhead

  • Farm Job

    f-cking a cow then getting a bl-w j-b from a chicken i was on my uncles farm and i got a f-ck-ng sweet farm job! dude!

  • I’m very proud of you

    a statement made to show overt indifference child: “mom, i got an ‘a+’ on my test!” disgusted mother: “did ya? well i’m very proud of you”

  • Zeursh!!

    the sound a v-g-n- makes when it emits fluid, very forcefully, from climaxing, aka “squirting”. zeursh! is particular to a rather audible and loud, intense squirt. she zeurshed… everywhere. linens destroyed – i’m not complaining! her v-g-n- said zeursh!!

  • pshitt

    a french lemonade that has a very funny name. bob: i drank psh-tt during my holiday. fred: ewww bob: no not like that you c-nt!

  • finlandia university

    abbreviated f.u. located in the upper peninsula of michigan near michigan tech. ghetto as f-ck, dumb as f-ck, and usually where the men from tech go to find p-ssy. also known as a brothal. guy 1: we hangin at finlandia university this weekend? guy 2: of course! it’s a sausage fest here at michigan tech […]

  • silky spewage

    -j-c-l-t-. the feel and consistency of male -j-c-l-t-, slang. silky defining soft, and spew/spewage relating to discharge the rough and tumble rub of bodies produced one lad’s silky spewage upon their bellies.

  • amagadz

    it’s just like saying ‘omg’ (oh my g-d) but in a more mocking way. and if your saying out loud, its usually shouted, or energy is put into it. 1) amagadz j00 skemmed ma frenizzz!! 2) amagadz 0wn3d pls

  • supercalafukaliscious

    as a way to describe a mind blowing situation; when the thirst is real. god d-mn,, that chicken noodle soup was supercalaf-kaliscious.

  • hanging the hose

    exhibiting a flacid p-n-s for all to see. usually -ssociated with older males simon came out of the steam room with out a towel, just hanging the hose.

  • Helpdesk fishing

    were you log a call and -ssign it to a group not knowing whether it should of gone there in the first place (due to lack of knowledge/total guess). you log the call and cast it into the 2nd line group waiting for a bite (for them to kick up a fuss)… hmm just put […]

  • toilet cloud

    when you take a p–p and leave it then later when you gotta p-ss you aim for the toilet paper it will spread like a cloud dude next time you sh-t flush the d-mn toilet we got toilet clouds rolling in!

  • sucaminchia

    sucaminchia is a sicilian term that means “c-cksucker”. tu ‘si nu gran tirapompini e sucaminchia! (you are a dirty c-cksucker!)

  • Plymouthed Sun

    a phenomenon common in coastal regions where a pattern of cloud building just inland with clear skies out to sea can divide a major city in two for hours, with one half in constant sunshine and one half in constant shade. first noticed in plymouth. can also refer to fog related microclimates where the coast […]

  • cyst bag

    1. fun name to call someone. another way of saying sis bag. 2. a bag full of cyst’s. 1. shut up johnny, you are just a little cyst bag. 2. cut your cyst off and throw it in this disgusting bag full of cyst’s.

  • preston fox

    awesome poon-slayer that is always the lst one up at a party and never stops being a crazy b-st-rd preston fox just f-cked ur b-tch last night at that party once everyone past out

  • Uhuhgh

    1. unknown sayings between retarted people. 2. something to say when your hummer gets stolen. 3. something to say to give props to a s-xual joke. 1. (r-t-rd1): uhuhgh! (r-t-rd2): uuuugh! 2. (friend): hey someone just took off in your new hummer! (you): uhuhgh! 3. (you): man, i was sore from work last night. (friend): […]

  • kemuel

    a person who is many positive things: goodlooking, loving, kind, honest, sweet, sensitive, encouraging, funny, loves god, hard working, thankful, outgoing, supportive, and doesn’t give up. “kemuel he is one of a kind.”

  • too kanye

    to last long during s-x, usually more than 30 minutes he lasted so long it was a little too kanye


    a common religion amongst black jamaicans that look up to the past ethiopian emperor haile sel-ssie. one of their most famous acts is to smoke marijuana as a symbol of religious practice. to be rastafarian one doesn’t have to be black in fact to be rastafarian it has to come from the heart. another famous […]

  • Lelouchebag

    a portmanteau of douchebag and lelouch, as in lelouch lamperouge of the anime code ge-ss. refers to someone who is evil and manipulative while dismissing any harm done as being for the “greater good”, however the person may define it. that guy really doesn’t care who he hurts as long as things go his way. […]

  • mesn

    a s-xy -ss hippie boy that smokes mad weed. will steal your girlfriend with his charming soul. very gift giving, and dedicated when challenged. a go getter ready to work hard towards what he wants in life. once a mesn has a lover he will treat her like a goddess. mesn is a god. go […]

  • precexactly

    mix between precisely and exactly; meaning that a statement is super true and exactly precise! ana: “omg! kali has 5 boyfriends?!? she’s such a sl-t!” kayla: “precexactly”

  • Ricebilly

    noun also rice billy. it is derived from the irish term, hillbilly, ricebilly describes a person of asian descent that renounces their geneological culture for that of the american hillbilly. a ricebilly identifies with southern accent infused song, bovine americans, and denim outerwear worn in close proximity to the epidermis. a ricebilly can be recognized […]

  • cunt wrapper

    something to wrap your v-g-n- in. “i put my c-nt wrapper on before i go to school.”

  • Cold Shadow

    supreme douchebag of douchebagginess. wishes he was as cool as the people he tries to make fun of. you: dude, you’re such a cold shadow. other guy: ohh sh-t, son! i’m gonna commit suicide now.

  • Got real bad

    the act of getting intoxicated and performing an act that you would not normally do. hausman got real bad last night at bot’s and hooked up with harvey wallbanger. last time we saw him he was washing the gay off his p-n-s. a term used to reference a previous night’s state of drunkeness. drunk to […]

  • bellve

    a slight curve in the road, a line, or hallway. not a complete turn but not a straight line. my house is located just around the first bellve

  • Gabble

    when someone is going on about a load of rubbish, and aren’t fully making any sense, they are in turn speaking a load of “gabble”. you’re going on about a load of gabble boy! slang for gobble she likes to gabble the cack a gabble is a guy who witters on and on and on, […]

  • aquiyla deboise

    female.the most s-xy human being ever. doesn’t have much -ss but can twerk better than 85% of the world. pretty & smart. she is also the funniest female alive. follow her @doitbigdeboise on twitter. she’s also jimmy’s bae. she’s got a delicious red streak. its her real hair. aquiyla deboise is the one for jimmy.

  • nook

    b-tthole nice going, nookwhiff. 29 more definitions p-ssy i want her nook. s-x so did you nooks her? friendly term for buddy i’ll talk to you later! peace nooks! something cool, great, awesome, sweet “hey look 20$!” “nooks!!” “hey your invited to my party this weekend” “nooks” a hilarious nickname given to cheap dirty russians. […]

  • qaf

    popular gay tv show, “queer as folk” did you see the last episode of qaf? a totally rocking drama about gay life in the pitts i wish i got showtime so i could watch qaf without downloading it from kazaa stands for queer as folk, a tv show originally aired on showtime, but now equally […]