Last Update: October 20, 2019
  • Texas A&M

    texas a&m university, often referred to as a&m or tamu, is a coeducational public research university located in college station, texas. it is the flagship inst-tution of the texas a&m university system. the seventh-largest university in the united states, a&m enrolls over 48,000 students in ten academic colleges. texas a&m’s designation as a land, sea, […]

  • Holiday hungers

    when you eat your holiday cheers out with a b-ttload of food…. seriously put down the spoon b-tch, that stuffings going nowhere but your thighs mary: i gained 28 pounds over christmas bob: you got the holiday hungers b-tch

  • glecc

    the adjective “glecc” is commonly used as a derogatory term towards caucasian males in canada to signify your distaste for their whiteness and their “gleccy” demeanor. hey q, stop being such a f-cking glecc! c’mon man!

  • gangstaocity

    exhibiting symptoms or demonstrating the art and grind of being a gangster or the level of gangstaosity, one’s gangsta status 1. while jim jones is similar to al pacino in gangstaocity, the two are dissimilar in style. 2. frank: jessica, you f-cking wh-r-. i hate you, you b-tch. i just might kill you. timmy: he […]

  • fudruck

    when one is f-cking and slips out of the v-g-n- and slides into the -sshole i was hanging with this hot chick and we started banging, next thing i knew she slapped me after i accidently fudrucked her.

  • KASM

    initials for kelly, amy, scott and mich-lle. united the kasm family.

  • Drive-by-Shoeting

    shoeholics obsessed with taking photos of shoes in store windows without trying on or buying. a “oh wait! love those shoeboots! must get a photo!” b “is this just another drive-by-shoeting or do you want to go in and try them on?” a “no, i can’t afford them. just wanted to get a picture of […]

  • valassitude

    1. n. a usually circular plate or mat which is placed underneath a vessel in order to protect a tabletop surface. 2. n. a given situation. 3. n. the instance in which people say something or convey an idea which they don’t really veritably mean. 1. a drink val-ssitude; see synonym: coaster 2. the val-ssitude […]

  • Dork On

    to do something nerdy. to study. its about time i get my dork on a complete idiot, one that is more of a dork. that lobster was such a total dorkon! a phrase said when a friend or friends say or do something completely nerdy, i.e. admit to playing d&d or thinking any member of […]

  • Lee Khong

    former king of vietnam, “king khong”, this king was known for having the smallest p-n-s. did you see lee khong granny slam?

  • dirty lickens

    when someone gets beat up really bad. when someone gets their -ss kicked beyond repair. boy1: aww man i failed my bio test again! boy2: haha you’re moms gonna give you dirty lickens! girl1: haha you got dirty lickens last night from that big girl. girl2: yeah yeah f-ck you.

  • jaaron

    a small, brown t-rd. “aw, man my neighbors dog left a jaaron on my lawn!”

  • Queef Bag

    a bag that is traditionally p-ssed around a camp fire and queefed in. once the bag has reached all of the campers it is then recirculated and inhaled by all the producers.(mostly girls scouts) you freakin queef baggers. a bag full of queefs, (queefs are fart either from the vagins or the d-ck) ——-definition made […]

  • masel

    it is the shortend version of expressions like “may as well” or “might as well”. taylor: man you wanna go to the mall? champ: masel, nothing else to do. (maz-el) a man in possesion of great suits, but refuses to tell where he gets them from. maybe his mother makes them…

  • Torse

    a very smart girl, not shy or friget at all. can be social-ble and can be called a wh-r-. ” hey you wh-r- stop being a torse”

  • Spinner Mason

    spinner mason–born gavin mason–is the s-x machine of the canadian tv show degr-ssi. he has probably had s-x with every girl on the show. he is portrayed by the ever-so-s-xy shane kippel. he is remembered for having a b-n-r in cl-ss, getting t-st-c-l cancer, helping the paralysis of his best friend, and just being a […]

  • taking it to the face

    drinking something, normally alcoholic, quickly. in the game of beer pong drinking before you shoot this is what is referred to as taking it to the face. taking shots of liquor at a fast pace.

  • breakup hot

    when you break up with your boyfriend and are so depressed you don’t eat for weeks, then lose weight. suddenly you realize you’re looking better, which motivates you to start taking care of yourself. new clothes, new haircut, new body…and much hotter than when that loser broke i with you! his loss. “i heard ugly […]

  • Arabian Tongue Bath

    there is two versions of the arabian tongue bath, both end the same way. version 1: during a {rusty trombone}, you accidently, (or not) you shart in your significant others face, they in turn proceed to clean your -n-s and crack, thus turning a {rusty trombone} into an arabian tongue bath. version 2: similar to […]

  • flappydigger

    a girl who only dates men with high scores on flappy bird. “dude, did you hear about genevieve? she’s such a flappydigger” “yeah, i heard she only dates guys with a high score of 50 or more…”

  • Assembles

    to bring together or gather into one place, company, body, or whole. to put or fit together; put together the parts of: to -ssemble information for a report; to -ssemble a toy from a kit. computers. (def 4). to come together; gather; meet: we -ssembled in the auditorium. a jump in which the dancer throws […]

  • Squafa

    a word jack m. and cambray p. made up. squafa(n.)-when someone is a white loser or as a describing word. what up my squafa? man that’s squafa!

  • Bradley Neale

    a below average looking white male with poor hair bradley neale is okay i guess

  • delando

    is a kid that eats p–p and exposes kids in soccer you got delandod

  • jheidyn

    jheidyn is the type of girl who is annoying and will always bug you around. the way her name is spelt pretty much defines her personality. annoying, ugly, and just that one person who likes to think she is just so cool and amazing, but people around her are to nice to actually say that […]

  • Vacation Beard

    when a normally clean shaven fellow lets his facial hair grow the entire week he is on vacation in an attempt to see: a) how long it will grow b) how long he will last before it itches so much he has to shave it off a) ben was very proud of his vacation beard […]

  • qabacho

    cabbages on top of nachos did u guys try the qabacho??? man thats good eatin!!!!

  • Orton Out

    to drink jack & c-ke in m-ssive quant-ties like a champ. dude way to orton out last night!! you and brennan drank a 1.75 by yourselves!!!

  • Toolution

    the act of a tool going being toolish and spreading it everywhere. bob: have you heard the news? ron: no, i haven’t. what’s going on? bob: some tool is preading their toolish behavior everywhere and more people are being turned into tools. ron: oh, sounds like some toolution is happening.

  • crew bitch

    a person who never stops talking about crew, no matter how stupid, boring, or uninteresting their story is. a crew b-tch will talk to anyone who will listen to brag about how they row crew. no one cares about your erg time you crew b-tch.

  • dinglequeery

    to suck the dingleberries from a man’s -ss he loved it when his nasty girlfriend would dinglequeery him.

  • bitchcandie

    – n. – someone’s “b-tch”, prostetute” or “ho” don’t mess with her, she’s mah b-tchcandie

  • jbk

    jew berry krunch. the most un-jewish jewish person you know. most likely has blonde hair, blue eyes, and spends money like it grows on trees. their parents are authentic jews. “what’s up jbk?” “well i was gonna hit up some shiksas, but then i remembered, non-jewish girls are way hotter!”

  • mctooth

    someone who has one long tooth protruding from their face my friend is ugly, a proper mctooth

  • tweeter-totter

    an argument on twitter between two people, usually about something funny or pointless. those girls are on the tweeter-totter debating who is hotter… rob or taylor.

  • eye worms

    those kind of brownish transparent things floating on your eye b-lls. if you focus on them they keep moving and you can never make one stay still. its like they are floating all around your eye for no reason but when you look in the mirror you cant see them. when you try to turn […]

  • The Talladega Bench Press

    the crabcore move which consists of all guitar players (including b-ss) lifting their instruments behind their heads, then bringing them back down in synchronized fashion. most likely during a breakdown. you will be lucky to see more than one of these per show. –at concert– friend #1: “dude!! did you see what they just did […]

  • O.J. Nicholas J. Saint Crapper

    when you can’t hold your sh-t in anymore…. this is something you repeat to yourself as fast as you can while urgently trying to get to the nearest toilet, before you accidentally sh-t all over yourself. at work today…i had to super speed walk down the hall, while clinching my b-tt-checks together in order to […]

  • Gormandizer

    gormandizer usually means a ravenous eater of food, but according to unconfirmed sources it means a voracious eater of music. part of the name of the legendary cbgb club in nyc. hilly kristal: and what is a gormandizer? it’s a voracious eater of, in this case, music. it’s a voracious eater of something other than […]

  • thotoritous

    what you get after touching a thot. “yo did you mess around with sophia?” “yeah bro” “you need to get that checked out, you probably caught thotoritous.”

  • jagnormous

    an extremely large object, much bigger than enormous. hey cus, did you see the size of that bone your dog was munchin’ on? it was ‘jagnormous’!!!

  • youtube to mp3

    a place to go to pirate music off youtube. man: i’m gonna go buy the lil’ t alb-m. man 2: nah, just use youtube to mp3.

  • Hebrew Teacher

    a living joke, i flick off my hebrew teahcer, curse at her and yell f-ck and stuff, and she doesn’t notice. hebrew teachers are not teachers, they are just israelis the school hires for cheap. dr. lurya: when you have a question, you must raise your finger me: ok you dumb f-cking hebrew teacher -flicks […]

  • scammel

    fungus boy villiage idiot greasy hair 1 eybrow that a scammel and it has to be stupid scammel u know who i mean pps tall greasy hair with a unibrow and some fungus growing on his left ear stupid alex scammel the dam stupid

  • Lownt

    a bad, crazy, or bizzare situation, person, or thing. word can be use as adjective to describe or used as an actual noun. i went to this house party the other day and a large brawl broke out, it was so lownt.

  • Scatronomanator

    a small piece of equiptment used for stimulating a persons r-ct-m by using a flicking action. see also r-ct-m or vibrator or bifkin ohh i just love it when you scatronomonate me with that scatronomator. it makes my bifkin tingle

  • hermaphrabitch

    a hermaphrab-tch is a b-tchy hermaphrodite, or just a barely intelligible insult meant to confuse people. derp 1 shut up…-sshat bad-ss 1 -sshat? well you sir are a hermaphrab-tch derp 1+freinds “drool”

  • Buttbeam

    when you have -n-l s-x and stimulate the girl, a split second before she reaches her climax, you pull out and slap her as hard as you can on her loin causing the pain to be interpreted as pleasure by the brain and resulting in a total relaxation of the bladder and sphincter causing involuntary […]

  • mr wasp

    i stuck a wasp in my b-m and it made my b-m hole numb “mr wasp made my b-m numb” buy the domain for your foodie blog

  • john williams

    the best soundtrack composer/conductor of all time. he has created music for the star wars saga, jurrasic park trilogy, harry potter series, indiana jones movies, fiddler on the roof, and sh-tloads more. john williams is the best f-cking composer of all time. he is a golden machine that attracts even the most untouchable poon. he […]