Last Update: May 21, 2019
  • slumcunt

    a girl so easy it would make playdoh look hard. usually riddled with vd, often -ssociated with b-tterface. hey man, check out that ghetto -ss sl-t over there. no way man, she’s a slumc-nt, i ain’t goin no where near that ho

  • dinner with connie

    someone farts in a social setting. this can be heard, smelled, or both. a fine way to draw red cheeks from the offending guest is to casually mention that someone has had dinner with connie. connie is a name -ssociated with a person unwilling ever to admit that she ever farts. a telltale noise goes […]

  • executive time

    time better spent by stable geniuses, such as watching fox tv or tweeting. had to reschedule world peace initiatives, as they conflicted with my executive time.

  • eddyville

    of or having to do with the town of eddyville, kentucky. 1.) wearing a church shirt while drinking a beer at the bar is so eddyville. 2.) getting stoned and hanging out on the lake is straight eddyville. 3.) i’m going to eddyville to eat at lic’s.

  • kelsex

    the s-xy version of kelsey “kels-x is love, kels-x is life”

  • british scrub

    scrubbing/brushing your teeth with a towel to clean the plaque off your teeth. known as british due to the stereotype of english folks having yellow/white teeth which is the usual result of a british scrub. nigel your teeth are mighty yellow, perform a quick british scrub in the bathroom before your meeting in a few […]

  • jayvario

    a bunny -ss n-gg- who is always begging for everyone’s sh-t. he’s ugly buy somehow always has all of the girls around him. he has a big family and lots of friends but they just keep him around so they can get some if his how’s. bruh we should go hang out with jayvario sober […]

  • Saddidy

    uptight. acting superior. chek that hoe, shes so saddidy

  • lib witted

    a chronically hypocritical person, or group of people, that are incapable of discerning right and wrong, have little or no moral comp-ss, are generally easily misguided due to their propensity to be gullible, and are existing only to satiate themselves and their irrational self-serving opinions. me: that 25 year old girl is acting like a […]

  • Sadpuss

    a person who is anti social or generally lame and sad. they may sit at home on new year’s and mope in their own sadness even if they have been invited out “merwyn is such a sadpuss sitting at home on new year’s” “fine then be a new year’s sadpuss like merwyn”

  • main nigga

    slang term for; best friend. yo, meet my main n-gg- thompson.

  • Andrew McDowell

    a completely unaskable person. some one whom it is impossible to ask a question of any kind. andrew mcdowell – hot naked cheerleaders: “hey do you want to rub lo…” andrew: “lalallalalaalla i cant hear you, i’m unaskable”

  • half-shpee

    half-speak, meaning to only say half of a word. originated in hmb, ca “wuzshuh” = what up “shluh” = sl-t “lickamuhnuh” = lick my nuts “ohwuhluh” = oh, late! etc.

  • juicy dong

    some one who has an amazing looking d-ck man, all girls say he has a juicy dong

  • donkey humpin lama loose

    or(dhll) a name from some one that was named on a mmorpg, so i came up with this name “donkey humping lama loose” most of my buddies use it for a insult, which infact its a great insult because most have have no f-cking clue to what your talking about here are a few examples […]

  • ultimate pantsing

    when somebody pantses somebody else by pulling down their underwear and pants. danny gave me an ultimate pantsing today, and exposed my pennis.

  • polish bicycle

    while engaged in rear entry (doggy style) s-x picking up your partner from under her thighs like a wheel barrow and then kicking her in the br–sts. last night jim was doggy-ing me and then his punk–ss picked my legs up and gave me a polish bicycle. my t-ts are still black and blue.

  • leg hound

    1. a male dog the humps your leg 2. a young man with a powerful s-x drive that will f-ck anybody, anything, anytime, anywhere. 1. what could be more awkward than meeting your girlfriends parents with their d-mned leg hound humping and nutting on your shin. 2. jesus shawn! i can understand f-cking an f-g-hag […]

  • Dirty Ricardo Houseparty

    when someone hosts a large party of men of latin descent (preferably 10 or more) and have all of them -j-c-l-t- inside a jar. this jar can be used for the house party. the guests are then treated with drinks from said jar. guy 1:hey man what’s in this beer it tastes digusting! guy 2:it’s […]

  • soccl

    spinning on computer chair laughing i soccl’d and hit my knee on the desk.

  • lalar

    mongolian curse word that is used to define a “b-st-rd”, and an “-sshole”. can be used to call “cheapskates” in a negative way as well. ” chi bol teneg lalar” – you’re an idiotic b-st-rd. ” uh lalaraa” – die -sshole. ” chi yostoi lalariin nohoi yumaa” – you’re a f-cking cheapskate mutt.

  • Penarck

    one of the last known places in the world to have the famed penarck bird. the penarck bird is famous for its ability to totally f-ck over anyone who touches it, by slamming its skull repeatedly into their cranium. m-ssive internal bleeding ensures, the victim suffers brain damage, and the penarck, satisfied, goes off into […]

  • petite menu

    menu for people who have small stomachs or have had stomach surgery. can i please see your pet-te menu please, i have had gastric sleeve surgery.

  • carpin all those diems

    making the most of your time “only losers look stuff up while the rest of us are carpin all those diems.” -summer

  • my nipple

    when a person twist or squeezes your nipple in a violent manner which leads you to yell my nipple. my nipple ooooh oooooh my nipple!

  • Danky Claus

    every dankmas or danky morning, day, evening or night father cannabis defends his bong of joy to deliver vast quant-ties of illicit substances to unexpecting but welcoming individuals. man of few words, danky claus appears, jeers the crowd, lights his spliff and has to dip, if you trip he’ll help you quick, blowing smoke “oh, […]

  • Piddly-diddly room

    loo, restroom, bathroom, cr-proom, ladiesroom, mens room, sh-troom, pooroom, a place 2 hide dead bodies, where heather sleeps mooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! help i’m being attacked by cows! mooo! cant u hear them?!mooo!!! mooo-meee!!!

  • linted

    confused or in a daze after being under the influence “i’m linted’

  • oreo techinque

    when two african american males (or just black males) “spit roast” a white chick mario and ricardo both showed kelly their oreo techinque kelly – wow now i know what the white stuff in the oreo feels like :p

  • ceser

    a great person and meme lord. in love with bananas and pizza. wears a banana suit consistently. did you hear about our lord and savior ceser?

  • eagarian

    the language spoken by the eaganites see also eaganites, eager the eaganite race speaks eagarian

  • freakocity

    the state of freaky awesomeness. i am experiancing total freakocity freak cool crazy stupidly happy feeling lit

  • love me hard

    when you love someone so much that every time you see them you hug them and never let them go boy: love me hard and don’t let go girl: okay baby

  • Klaara

    klaara is not your ordinary beauty queen. while having large intelligent eyes and a perfect body, it is her interest and personality that is extraordinary. from a distance, you would believe a klaara to be shallow and naive, but once you get to know her you will see so much more. she is adventurous, fun […]

  • gustavo and emily

    two people who will always stay with one another. even if things don’t go their way, they will still stick by each others side. no matter what. even if people try to tear them apart… they will be next to each other with a great smile on their face knowing nothing can stop them from […]

  • scrwn

    supreme, complete rwnage or domination. sometimes s-xual. often used by itself as an exclamation. scrwn! i found five bucks. you got scrwned. i totally scrwned your little sister last night.

  • Subject Lined

    the act of sending an email with a highly inappropriate subject line to a friend as a prank. typically this is done in jest in hopes of causing mild to moderate panic for the recipient at his or her workplace. when composed correctly, the email– which is always sent to the recipient’s work email address […]

  • Radiful

    combination of the words rad and wonderful. the skater girls at the sports action tour were most radiful.

  • Beccas duck

    an amazing, f-cking funny dipsh-t who likes to quack and ships peaches and tomatoes together. “sarah, you’re beccas duck!” said becca.

  • half-mile scare

    the uncertainty of whether or not you sharted while running. “we have to take a break. just got a half-mile scare.”

  • feetsubishi

    an act of pedestrial walk due to lack of public or private transportation dude: my car is at the mechanics dudet: so whats the plan dude: we can always use the feetsubishi

  • Fat Face Syndrome

    ffs is when you’re on the telephone and your fat face dials a number, hang the phone up or presses the volume keys. “… and she was being a b-tch so i told her -beep- sorry, fat face syndrome.”

  • Mary Baldwin

    a tight-knit, all-female, former seminary in southwestern virginia (emphasis on -former-). home of the b-tches on the hill (mbc overlooks staunton – a perfect position to reign). vwil (virginia women’s insit-tute for leadership), trads (traditional students) and the occasional peg (program for the exceptionally gifted) are notorious within the southern va community… alcohol is consumed […]

  • cat teeth

    someone with mostly sharp teeth, like a cat would normally have, or like how a omnivore would usually have guy : i cut my tongue with my teeth girl : yes, with your cute cat teeth

  • Anterior focal point

    anterior focal point anterior focal point n. the point where light rays starting parallel from the retina become focused.

  • horizontal shower

    the phenomena experienced when you are abruptly woken in stranger’s tub; usually by the owner of said tub, after a party you won’t remember, with the water on cold. that -sshole gave me a horizontal shower. harsh buddy, you were just drunk and threw up everywhere but in the toilet, wtf’s his problem…

  • coke & palmer

    a mix of c-ke, lemonade, and ice tea. a mixture of ice tea and lemonade is known as an arnold palmer. add some c-ke into the mix, and you’ve got a c-ke & palmer. usually drank by pr-cks at golf tournaments. dude: what’s that? pr-ck: it’s a c-ke & palmer. now f-ck off.

  • ayytoro

    the name jewish men give to their children when they aren’t doing their religious duties of being dank. originally in hebrew but god said h-ll no nigha hey man stop being such an ayytoro that ain’t cool

  • Internet maori

    an ‘internet maori’ is someone who commits cyber crimes such as ddosing or hacking. the term originated from new zealand. adrian: dude! my account was hijacked by some internet maoris! dylan: gf

  • Co-ordination enhancer

    n. term for a jazz cigarette enjoyed whilst involved in sports activities. 1″hhmmm my scrabble playing will be greatly improved after a toke on my jazz cigerette” 2″hullet thats not a word” 1″yeah like rude hullet” 2″thats not even how you spell it” 1″it is man” 2″what no way you just made that up” 1″nah […]