Last Update: February 20, 2019
  • false crowd

    when the human line up in the surf zone is full of non-surfers. it may appear as though the peak or surf spot is crowded when in reality its full of kooks, posers and beginners. in this situation an experienced surfer will be able to catch as many waves as they want. hey johnny, there’s […]

  • Gumbler

    a word that can also take the place of saying d-ck. i got my gumbler sucked last night.

  • trolled like a fucking pookar

    it’s when you get trolled so hard that you don’t know what hit you slipknot, nickelback and metallica’s latter alb-ms are all pretty solid nickelback? what are you stupid haha drcossack got trolled like a f-cking pookar

  • Jodiemas

    the celebration of the birth of our lord and savior, and also the birth of christ. usually accompanied by dramatic readings of urban dictionary definitions, copious amount of food and cookies, and some intense froggering. jodiemas was crazy last night! we all got wasted and froggered.

  • Gene Syndrome

    an affliction characterized by the subjects lack of ability to get action from girls hey, guys! how do you meet girls? i must have gene syndrome.

  • luckyaura

    a sh-tty place man what a(n) luckyaura buy the domain for your diy vlog

  • Gutter Skank

    the gutter sk-nk, as previously pre-supposed is an unfortunate individual whose actions/beliefs/appearance has forced them into the status of said t-tle. these folk generally take abode in gutters; although some have been found lurking in enclosures such as the open garage or broken dustbin. the gutter sk-nk professes a love for metal tasting objects, and […]

  • alabhaya

    a brainless guy or a sh-tty guy he is an alabhaya

  • hannah petty

    she so beautiful, inside and out i wish every female could be hannah petty

  • Whiskey Walk

    all the actions you you don’t remember and later regret after a night of fun. popularized in song by american bang. we went on a whiskey walk after the game last night

  • yopburger

    used to describe someone who wears all the cool clothes and tries to talk cool and listen to cool muscic, but is still really a loser or nerd joanna: look at the dummy over there in all the dior! jane: yeah i know. what a yopburger

  • The Book of Twat

    noun: a v-g-n- that has many wrinkles, or flaps, usually due to s-xual promiscuity or repet-tive rape of a female. i ate that b-tch out for 2 hours! it was like reading 2 chapters of the book of tw-t!

  • smyticus

    based off of the roman caesar smyticus “the jew” (ruled from 350-300 bc)/one who appears to have extremely small appendages and a large curly, clown-like hairstyle/often mistaken for a trollish fellow turn away bobby, we dont want to upset the smyticus. a boy that looks like he is jewish. dang- look at that boy. it […]

  • yee or nee

    used like yay or nay?, but yee means no and nee means yes guy 1: fatties, yee or nee? guy 2: nee. guy 1: what the f-ck? you like fatties? you sick f-ck! guy 2: wait i thought nee meant no. guy 1: dumb-ss!

  • craz

    from the word crazy meaning: madness, insane that’s craz abbreviation for the word “crazy”. may also be used in conjunction with the suffix -tastic. d-mn! that lady is craz! holy canoly! you’re acting craztastic! derivitive of crazy; craze. in harvest moon, a man found fishing declares “i’m craz about fishing!”

  • Anti-historical

    of, pertaining to, treating, or characteristic of or past events: historical records; historical research. based on or reconstructed from an event, custom, style, etc., in the past: a historical reenactment of the battle of gettysburg. having once existed or lived in the real world, as opposed to being part of legend or fiction or as […]

  • chode-tastic

    when sumone has a chode that is so wide that it would please a man or woman no matter what. dude his d-ck is soooo chode-tastic it ripped my -ssp-ssy in half.

  • Whinnisper

    whinnisper is a non fictional person in real life that is obsessed with the internet. a whinnisper is a girl who cries when she has her characters killed. it is a girl that is over obsessed with everything. she will fake her death and plan internet relationships.

  • Agostina

    a girl named agos meaning a woman slash girl with reall big b–bs for her size, has big lips, but it very very pretty. possibly the best friend someone could ask for. you could joke around with her and make fun of her but she knows that you love her and you know that she […]

  • Emotionally U-Hauling

    a term referring to the almost immediate emotional attachment or bond formed by two women in a lesbian relationship, most commonly in a ldr which was instigated by tumblr or some similar blogging site. usually they have never met in person. everything is the same as regular u-haul syndrome except for circ-mstances that make moving […]

  • The Hallway Shuffle

    the hallway shuffle occurs when you are walking down the hallway at school directly towards someone, and when you go to step around them, they step the same way, resulting in a shuffle until you can finally get around each other. jim: dude, yesterday i was doing the hallway shuffle for like, 10 minutes.

  • Udy

    a kick–ss last name that involves people to actually know how to pr-nounce the name (you-dee). often mispr-nounced but is put up with because it is so common to mispr-nounce that little udy kid sure can put up with all those people saying his name wrong. a u-turn (pr-nounced you-dee) i missed the house so […]

  • alahwipe

    when you scr-pe the t-rds out of your -ss with bare hands dude i had no wipes so i had to alahwipe the sh-t right outta my hole

  • Falshback

    when something sparks a drunken memory, but the person telling the story tells it wrong and has to be corrected by someone sober enough to remember. brah 1: i got a ride home from one of the bartenders. she was hot. brah 2: nope, you’re having another falshback. you drove yourself home, slid into the […]

  • Bam Bam Bam!!!

    this expression/saying originated in the bahamas. it is another jungaless term used to show excitement and agreeance over a particular thing or event. it can be said while simultaneously hitting the wall or any solid surface nearby. apparently, it’s the successor of “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!” seems like saying things three times is […]

  • two-zie

    a two-zie is basically a number two…mostly used in new jersey but multiple examples in the show “scrubs” just a quick two-zie and ill be ready to go the movies.

  • Backcloth

    backdrop (def 1). historical examples in marius the background is merely a backcloth for mental poses plastiques. masques & phases robert ross requires a dab of red in all that backcloth of green and black, doesnt it? twos and threes g. b. stern noun a large painted curtain hanging at the back of a stage […]

  • fun fur

    fake fur, worn by those who either want to keep warm or maintain that hollywood glamour-slave look without burdening their consciences with the blood of poor defenseless minks. hippie: are you wearing fur? you’re worse than hitler! cameron diaz: hey, chill, betty white. it’s only fun fur.

  • Deathbed Relationship

    a phrase used to describe a happy couple whose relationship you believe will only end when they’re both old, grey, and one of them is dead. ryan and kiley are so happy together, that’s a deathbed relationship right there.

  • stweet

    a slang noun used to describe a situation where information learned from twitter first. world on the stweet is that the party is epic! stong and sweet. gurrrl, my man is stweet

  • sex vampire

    a man/woman who becomes addicted to s-x similar to how a vampire craves blood. dude: my new girlfriend is such a s-x vampire. she can’t get enough of this c-ck. chic: my boyfriend is such a s-x vampire…kind of a reverse edward cullen…but i can dig.

  • sydnee templer

    the coolest person in the world, nuff said. sydnee templer is so amazing and cool. i wish i was her…

  • Ciesta

    code word for humping during the work day, to keep it on the down low. usually but not always occurs in sleazy motels where you can book a room without id “you ready for a ciesta (wink)” – married man to his secret mistress

  • Italian Hand Job

    giving yourself a handjob using the hand of either a p-ssed out or sleeping girl/guy. “sara p-ssed out early last night so i had to give myself an italian handjob” italian hand job italian hand job, or commonly referred to as ihj, is the ultimate test of a woman’s endurance.the challenge is to sit through […]

  • shtoopid

    it meanz stupid…but it looks bettah if ya type it like dat 🙂 dang…ima so shtoopid!

  • Bad Badger

    bad badger: a) in abstract terms, to bad badger is to receive a piggyback ride from someone while yelling “i am bad badger” – meant to be an insult. why? because the person getting the piggyback ride cannot afford a real ride yet still wants the attention. in practical terms, it’s the equivalent of renting […]

  • Ishra

    a beautiful women as gracious as the night flower from the heavens above. ishra you are looking as beautiful as ever.

  • aalisa

    aalisa’s are awesome advice givers, and they are great listeners. aalisa’s are amazing at being friends. they are real easy to befriend, but very hard to forget. aalisa’s are great person. aalisa are usually very cute. if an aalisa comes into you life never ever let them go, they will make your life happy and […]

  • karl malonism

    anything said by karl malone that has any useful information which is not much. “don’t eat the beanie baby/tomagochi.” “ghosts are spooky but don’t bite.” “they call it the bayou because every time it rains you got to bayou a new rug.”

  • Daniyal

    daniyal is the loveliest guy you will meet. he will steal your heart, make you laugh, and you’ll always smile when you think about him. he will laugh at himself and is not at all c-cky… his eyes are magnetic and you won’t be able to stop looking at him. guy : oh who’s that […]

  • aleiza

    she’s smart she is pretty but she’s not as funny as yvette and karen she loves to lick her armpits just before she goes to bed she is really hyper but is very cute aleiza loves to eat chicken wings and legs if she’s lucky she’s a puki soogie

  • Philly Twofer

    having to puke and diarrhea at the same time billy: dude i’m not feeling too well. mason: what’s wrong? billy: i feel i’m about to puke and diarrhea at the same time. mason: ah, the philly twofer, that sucks.

  • dicked yuh

    wen sumone plays yuh or try tu play yuh teacher:do yuh eva do yuhr qork or r yuh jus not capable of doin work?? student:no..i jus dnt liq tu work all dha time student #2:ayo she jus d-cked yuh!!!…haha student #1:she did jus d-ck meh tu

  • chardonnay socialist

    a chardonnay socialist is the middle-cl-ss equivalent of a champagne socialist or limousine liberal. the distinction is significant – they are comfortable rather than rich, more likely to watch tv than be on it, and are much, much more numerous. chardonnay socialists are characterised by having wonderfully admirable left-wing ideals…which they never act on. it’s […]

  • soft girl

    a lesbian who wears oversized knitted jumpers and drinks herbal tea, she lies is bed with you all day and gives you small hugs when you’re working, pretty much a persian cat. “all laura wants is a soft girl, she’s so g-y!”

  • Banterific

    an adjective similar to fantastic or brilliant. used to describe a main event or heavy achievement with enthusiasm and swagg. that party last night was banterific guy! what are you talking about? sounds banterific mate.

  • is it this one?

    phrase used solely to annoy people, made famous by tim see food and rabie a: p-ss the eraser. b: (holding it, repeats over again and again, not p-ssing it) is it this one??????????? this one???????? this one?????????

  • popti ping

    the welsh ‘slang’ name for a microwave can also mean hot as f-ck i want to use the popti ping d-mn that girl make me popti ping

  • shazball

    big b–bs. jack: omg look at that chick! jerry: h-ll yeah.. she has shazball jack: i agree! i like me some shazball

  • dickmop

    a person that is completely incompetent, lacks the common knowledge to succeed in daily life, and does not have a microphone on call of duty: n-z- zombies. a big mop with a handle shaped like a d-ck. a miniature mop, kind of like a barbecue mop, used to swab one’s d-ck. holy sh-t look, look […]