Last Update: February 25, 2021
  • purple square

    reference or slang to a trojan condom yo anthony, let me cop a purple square tomorow. i think me and gabby are going to f-ck.

  • samurai slap

    when a guy whips out his soft d-ck, slaps someone across the face, and quickly pulls his pants back up i samurai slapped her last night

  • Bootyversary

    when someone has had the same booty call for a year bro 1: “dude it’s my bootyversary today. wanna go for a beer?” bro 2: “it’s been a year already?! you gotta renew your pathetic life, bro”

  • pwnerer

    a person who pwns people at something. there is no true pwnerer,one may be close to the t-tle but to truly pwn,one must pwn at all games. and when you meet him/her, you will only know him/her as “the pwnerer” “a true pwnerer pwns at all games” he/she is the pwnerer of n00bs around the […]

  • Stay Edge

    some one who stay’s positive, and true to themself. they’re all against drugs, drinking and s-x. also known as: stay postive, stay true, and straight edge (sxe) jenny: wanna have s-x and get drunk? sxe kid: no, i stay edge.

  • neepawagan

    a native boy named troy taylor that lives in a tee pee and eats bannick. neepawagon, quit making out with drunk boys

  • Christmas miracle

    the single wipe p–p i.e. one wipe and it comes up clean. called the christmas miracle because it’s a rare and miraculous event. synonym for ghostie dude, i don’t know what i’ve been eating, but i’ve had like three christmas miracles this week.

  • Farah

    one of the hottest girls farah the most sweetest and beautiful girl ive ever met in my entire life! you’re such a farah why are you such a farah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! probably one of the best people you will ever meet. they are awesome and unique and add spice to your life. jim: “farah you’re so […]

  • cash toilet

    a modern alternative name for one’s car or it’s fuel tank. a: yo, your car’s empty. b: man, i gotta flush more money down the cash toilet?!

  • Boxdigity

    a slang word meaning super awesome wow awesome site. boxdigity!

  • Choke-Nasty-Foos

    to choke-nasty-foos is to partic-p-te in a highly compet-tive match of inebriated foosball. this term is usually used in combination with the word “what” to signify a rhetorical question posed by one excited and inebriated player to another. oohhhhh sup bud? you ready for this choke-nasty-foos what?!?!

  • Roopdogg

    a type of guy who is allergic to sunblock but is uber white. he is very outgoing and has many friends. not only does roopdogg have a wingwoman of a bestie, but also an award for his insane style. roopdogg busts out in random moves, be it dance or hilarious obscene gestures. zabiegalski tries to […]

  • Battledore and shuttlecock

    also called battledore and shuttlec-ck. a game from which badminton was developed, played since ancient times in india and other asian countries. a light racket for striking the shuttlec-ck in this game. a 17th- and 18th-century hornbook of wood or cardboard, used as a child’s primer. to toss or fly back and forth: to battledore […]

  • Muita

    an overly bitter, “thirsty”, black male, who profusely hates for no reason, and has bad luck with girls at christian boarding schools. dude you’re such a muita sometimes

  • home safety monitoring

    time people spend at other people’s houses chasing after their runny nosed bratty kidz while they are out having a good time. your also expected to feed, entertain, play with, tell lies to, and read bedtime stories to their demon children. but it is a lucrative business and easy to get into. n-body likes to […]

  • lawrence trujillo

    the coolest mother f-cker youll meet, the kind of guy who has a huge c-ck. and is way cooler then lucas gallegos. did you see s-xy lawrence trujillo over there. yea he looks way better then that fellow hes standing by (lucas)

  • naytheist

    someone who claims no affliation with any religion. this does not preclude the belief in god. naytheists are -not- atheists. missionary: do you believe in god? person: yeah, but i’m a naytheist – please don’t preach to me.

  • marciano

    another word for nerd is commonly found in a habitat which contains memorabilia, merchandise, and other displays of worship towards the following: star wars, harry potter, megaman. has been spotted engaging in a peculiar form of cannibalism (i.e, eating large pieces of skin off of the surface of his own face). dude1: “so what have […]

  • ms. burt

    ms. burt is not a nice woman. she yells and makes children read. she has banned people from her cl-ss. she is the defintion of sh-t. she is a b!tch. that teacher is a ms. burt

  • tifferneria

    something blue that comes out of your -ss. anthony has really bad tifferneria!

  • Ming Sung

    sl-t, often asian,sleeps with lots of guys/girls. wh-r-. bit of a prost-tute. “katy’s such a dirty little ming sung.” “dayum thats one hot ming sung”

  • wraveled

    when one mispr-nounces a word or words in a formal setting. once you wraveled it may never be forgotten and be brought up in following meetings until the end of time. “dang dog, you really wraveled in the board meeting today” buy the domain for your foodie vlog

  • fettlin`

    fettlin`…to engage in a s-xual act with another person. to fettlesomebody to give somebody a right good fettlin` to watch two fettlers-a-fettlin` in a car up a dark country lane.

  • Rani

    saudi arabian for king a smart, charming, charismatic, kind, generous, supportive and loving friend. a rani is happiest when making other people laugh with his expert impressions and spontaneous dialogues. he has a keen ability to connect with others and sense their moods. a rani is always there with open arms when you need a […]

  • Dilly-bash

    a d-ld- used at high intensity to acheive required results. 1 – last night i caught the misses dilly-bashing herself 2 – i’d love to watch the two girls upstairs dilly-bash each other 3 – for a more intense dilly-bash, my boyfriend attached my d-ld- to his reciprocating saw and went to pound-town on me.

  • cicko

    a ghetto farm that is usually located on the roof of a unused mcdonalds run by gangster farmers. gangsta tony: “hey gansta john have you gone to the cicko lately to feed the cows” gangsta john: “yea and i even gave them a bandana with our crew name on them” gangsta tony: “nice nice”

  • Brent Barry

    the only white guy to ever dunk from the free throw line. son of one of the greatest basketball players of all time, brother to detroit legend jon barry. “brent barry is not a clutch shooter like his brother jon.”

  • ina bosh

    we think it means see ya later but after spending mounths in the company of chavs their basic knowledge of english means it is never used in the right format. mate: i am of see yaz later mate 2: ina bosh ya minge

  • rebosible

    you idiot, brettlyn….its not really a word…..i can’t believe you actually looked it up. guy 1: i’m being rebosible now. guy 2: that’s not a word. guy 1: look it up.

  • Trash Fairy

    a work-mate who uses your stuff and leaves his trash on your desk on a daily basis. he is usually short in height, a closet queen and obnoxiously all over the place, catching everyone’s attention. “what the f-ck! who used my desk?! ah sh-t! the trash fairy strikes again!”

  • Das Nooben

    a term used in anger to yell at a noob for doing something distasteful. usually used when hitler rageing, due to its germanic sound. also a crafty way to avoid conforming to the general population of people who overuse noob. online video gamer: -obviously losing- das nooben, i sheizen un der facen! das cheapen moves […]

  • bache

    when your b-lls ache d-mn, this b-tch dun kicked me in the nuts. ahhh i hate baches!

  • BLTH

    a gluten-free sandwich consisting of one strip of bacon, two jalapeño slices, a pinch of lettuce, and the optional mayonnaise folded in a tomato slice. also the staple food of all five guys employees. hey, i forgot breakfast. i’m just gonna have a blth.

  • bloved

    the state of being blinded from love. thinking that your partner is more attractive then he/she really is because you love him/her. dude, my gf is soo s-xy. no dude, ur just bloved.

  • Sexual Barbie

    when a girl is hot, blond, and acts sweet and innocent but when played with propperly can make all your dreams come true. she also comes with many fun accessories, such as “barbies dream labomb” and “barbies usb powered pocket rocket”. barbie has batteries included. dude 1: hey man i’m gonna ask that chick if […]

  • anti-other

    finding someone that is the complete opposite of the person you are married to. you are everything i have been looking for. you are the complete opposite of my significant other; you are my anti-other and i love you with all my heart.

  • dingdrop

    the act of asking someone for a dollar then punching them in the face and kicking them in the nuts and ending with farting on their face and running away. the man asking for money dingdropped me it hurt!

  • zambrana

    a person who stalks or attempts to stalk a young unsuspecting victim, very obese and feared by males and females, in fear of being raped. also distinguished by the sound bwah!!! oh my god is zambrana following us? yah he totally is, freaking zambrana’s.

  • cat god

    he’s real and cool always wears a blue sweatshirt it’s a bird it’s a plane …it’s cat god

  • Epictrocity

    epictrocity is even greater then epic. used when great things happen with a group of people. 1) that is an epictrocity move, i wish i had that skill. 2) (used in online games) yo, check out this epictrocity move. or sick man that was epictrocity. something so monstrous and epic that it gives off an […]

  • house crowns

    (v.) to bring home a crown, i.e., win a championship. ascend to the throne. reign victorious. ( insert sports team ) is in the business of housing crowns, pal. all i do is house crowns.

  • GashWipe

    the piece of toilet paper a girl wipes her gash with! xmpl 1: man one: dude your all over that girl man two: whatever … man one: your like her gashwipe xmpl 2: man one: dude your a tw-t! man two: well atleast i aint a gashwipe

  • Cyclown

    a perjorative term pertaining to a student or athletic team member of the pathetic inst-tution that is iowa state university. note the similarity to the term “-ssclown”. the term is in reality a combination of isu’s mascot, the cyclone and “-ssclown.” one might say that a cyclown is the skidmark on the proverbial underwear of […]

  • Laullie

    a gangster device, usually worn in bandannas. you’ll never see a true homie without their laullie. gangster 1: “yo g, you got your laullie?” gangster 2: “man, of course i got my laulie!”

  • shemima

    strapping knives to your d-cks and knife fighting. works best when you are flaccid because you can helicopter with a f-cking knife on your d-ck. dude wanna play shemima? sure bro how do you play shemima? -stabs him in the gut with his knife-d-ck- sh-t dude thats sick!

  • Fryologist

    1.a person of any age with a large amount of knowledge and experience pertaining to working in fast food resturants making fries and the sort. 2. a person who is dedicated to the making of french fries for a fast food resturant usually having a large array of hair nets and name tags. fryologist : […]

  • little black man

    your friend or homie ( must be black, unless ur part of the spongebob club then yellow) what’s up little black man yooo.. u my little black man

  • bannondorf

    bannondorf is a powerful sorcerer who seeks to rule freeworld by acquiring all three branches of government. he already possesses the tribranch of execution which grants him frightening powers, is closing in on the tribranch of legislature, and is chipping away at the current possessors of the tribranch of judiciary. it is said that his […]

  • lazyriver

    when a man, during the act of copulation, releases his “man spirit” onto the bridge of his female companion’s nose. the stream will slowly flow downwards towards her chin, creating the mental image of a fat white man in a inner tube floating down the lazy river at disney land. oh man, you should have […]

  • drag racing

    in the street racing hangout, two cars start to race at the same time in a straight line, and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first. nissan skyline and ford cobra was drag racing in the deserted parking lot. kicks f-ck all over nascar,irl,all that sh-t lets h-t the town for […]