Last Update: April 22, 2018
  • Grubby Chubby

    masturbating while eating a greasy cheeseburger using the excess grease and condiments as lubrication. tj: yo! going down to mickey d’s, you want something? travis: quarter pounder extra catsup, i’m gonna grubby chubby on down tonight!

  • Beddy

    a spliff specially saved for right before you go to sleep so you can drift off into dreamland high as a kite. usually consisting of the finest bud acquired that day, a beddy must be a fatty so you when u put ur head back you just start spinning and go into a lovely deep […]

  • Banigga

    b-tch -ss n-gg- sounds like be-ahh-niga get over her you little ban-gg- 1 more definition add your own 1: an -n-logous word for the common fruit ‘banana.’ often used in lunch lines or for occasions where a slight, demeaning racial undertone is desired for a good laugh. matt: “yo, hold up dawg. i’m gonna grab […]

  • Reversed Oreo Cookie Girl

    an african american female who enjoys being sandwiched or double penetrated by two white males. did you see that p-rn- flick that had that reversed oreo cookie girl taking two white d-cks in her at the same time? that was cool.

  • Joe Wilson

    a name that will live in infamy, when on 9/9/09, this man (republican congressman at the time) decided to put down barack obama during his publicized speech to congress, using the now all to famous term you lie! barack obama: the reforms i’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. joe wilson: […]

  • Pone phone

    another way of saying, that was a fail. (say to friend who just screwed something up) ring ring, ring ring pick up the pone phone

  • Sex Abuse

    1) abusing one s-xually or during a s-x act. see s-xual abuse 2) use of s-xuality as a distraction or escape from real life problems much like alcohol abuse (see alcoholism). often these include s-xual disorders such as erotophobia, h-m-phobia, philophobia, necrophilia, pedophilia, h-m-philia, h-m-s-xuality, fecophilia, nymphomania/satyriasis, queer s-xuality (see queer) and so on. these […]

  • Schizont

    1. a medical term referring to a red blood cell infected with so many malaria parasites that it is about to burst. 2. a ghetto way of saying “sh-t”. “the initial blood smear of miss m shows a malaria parasitemia of more than 5%. i was also able to see plenty of schizonts.” “are you […]

  • You’re a great friend

    the four worst words that a guy can hear. guy: i really like you. girl: aww, thanks. i think that you’re a great friend. guy: ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuu- -head explodes-

  • uh my god

    when u walk down the hallway and someone says “can i get a o ya” which means a saying u say during any pain or anything tragically happening uh my god u drunk my juice

  • Acth

    biochemistry. a polypeptide hormone, produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, that stimulates the cortex of adrenal glands. pharmacology. this substance, extracted from the pituitary glands of hogs and other species, in the form of its white, water-soluble powder, used for the diagnosis of diseases that impair the adrenal glands. noun adrenocorticotrophic hormone; […]

  • russian skidmark

    drag someone behind the car after having s-x with him or her. a russian skidmark is over the line

  • Christy Clark

    the mentally challenged premier of british columbia canada, known to make terrible decisions without listening to the general population christy clark wants to raise medical services premiums again, need to find a way to afford shutting down an bridge in vancouver to do a giant yoga party on.

  • Atrophoderma

    atrophoderma atrophoderma at·ro·pho·der·ma (āt’rə-fō-dûr’mə) n. atrophy of the skin occurring in localized or widespread areas.

  • Xplox

    a commonly used word meaning xbox, many leet gamers use this term. guy 1: lets go play xplox guy 2: keke! w00t, i’ma kill some zombies!

  • links academy

    the school where glastonbury, ct residents go to when they have been expelled from glastonbury public schools, or can’t handle themselves in a normal environment. usually students who attend this school have serious problems and end up working at mcdonald’s or wal-mart. if u end up at links, you need to rethink your life and […]

  • cumbersome dump

    the result of a heavy buildup of excrement after binge eating. from the italian gigunda sh-t. grandpa there ate so much last night and had to take a c-mbersome dump in the morning. he didn;t make it to the toilet.

  • Cameo (name)

    outgoing, diffrent, selfish at times. but you have a hudge heart and care about everything and everyone around you. you are not a quitter, but a fighter. you also have alot of p-ssion for life. very unique name for a very unique person. love the spelling and the way the name rolls off the tunge! […]

  • bullbit

    bullbit is an exaggeration, or outright lie that somebody puts right in the middle of a true story, a bullbit is usually used as an attempt to make the storyteller appear to be cool. a bullbit is a tiny bit of bullsh-t that can change a story drastically or just slightly, depending on where, in […]

  • fishcrimination

    discriminating against fish…nuff said. ‘this clothing shop supplies clothes for turtles’ ‘what about fish? thats such fishcrimination man’

  • Patulan

    heading over to the pub after working night shift are you going patulan today?

  • Pushin’ and pullin’

    when you are taking a dump and jerking off. hence, pushing out a t-rd and pulling your junk. earlier today i was in the bathroom, pushin’ and pullin’, when the power went out. ruined the whole event.

  • Mathafucken

    h-lla i’m mathaf-cken tired. you’re mathaf-cken cute.

  • swectum

    a sweaty -ss. also, see sw-n-s. it’s so d-mn hot out here i got a mean case of swectum.

  • ride on these fools

    1. to put words into action. 2. to operate without restraint. 3. retaliate or make an example of i had already done the research so i was ready. i stood up in that meeting and proceeded to ride on these fools! i had doc-mented examples, case studies and a team already lined up! we were […]

  • delaware canal

    when you -j-c-l-t- into someone’s ear, causing them to lose their ear virginity, and then you suck the -j-c-l-t- and other ear fluids out to clean it. my ears were dirty and we were h-rny, so we tried the delaware c-n-l.

  • slop

    a term used to describe someone who is in an extreme state of inebriation, usually due to excessive alcohol intake. characteristics of slops include slurring of speech, spilling of alcohol, stumbling over feet, breaking things, falling and being inappropriate with strangers. reia was so slops she fell on her -ss three times, and on her […]

  • Seattle Area Marijuana Prices

    the prices for marijuana within the seattle area (pierce county, king county, etc). $200.00 for 28 grams of really dank weed. $220.00 for 28 grams of medical weed. everywhere else people get ripped off. everywhere else (in the us) people have sh-tty weed and aren’t generous. gotta love the west-side weight. puyallup resident – “i […]

  • booty spam

    any spam for p-rn dating services, “any time i check my e-mail i get booty spam!”

  • BCIT-West

    burlington county inst-tute of technology.it has it’s cliques stoners,nerds,posers,ghetto kids,metal heads,skaters,and preps. has cameras practically every 2 feet. if your caught out of uniform of without i.d. automatic detention. it’s pretty big and probably gets a lot of funding. occasionally there’s a good fight but there’s always drama. r.i.p muriah. she was a senior 09-10 […]

  • chode lorde

    a person or persons that are acting annoying or ridiculous larry is being a real chode lorde about this situation.

  • megalopenis

    what a microsoft spell checker suggests you change a name to whenever you type in the greek surname “megalogenis” man, on tuesday i sent everyone an invite to go see a talk given by george megalogenis and outlook changed his surname to megalop-n-s! wtf is a “meglop-n-s” anyway and what’s it doing in my spellchecker???

  • elephant faced

    picturing an elephant in your mind, having the tusks being your legs and the trunk of the elephant being your p-n-s, letting it all hang out “yesterday i went elephant faced all around my house”

  • mis-wave

    to return a wave to someone you think is waving at you, but is actually waving to the person behind you. usually results in embarr-ssment and introversion. d-mn…i thought that girl was waving at me 🙁 hhahahaha mis-wave!!!!!! to wave to somebody you thought was someone you knew but really you just waved to a […]

  • Jocha

    a hot beverage served in queensland (australia) which combines the caffiene hit from coffee with the chocolately goodness of milo. named a jocha as its creator (jamie) considered it a form of ‘mocha’ and therefore dubbed it ‘a jocha: mocha by jamie’. this drink has fast become one of the most popular hot beverages in […]

  • bearders tongue

    when giving oral s-x to a female, the piece of skin connecting your tongue to your mouth splits. i went down on her for at least four hours before bearders tongue set in.

  • kurim

    area where people too pov to get jobs live in housing commision houses hey man lets go to kurim

  • Pitytwitty

    when you follow and reply or retweet people or celebrities(mostly has-been ones) tweets cuz you feel sorry for them. richard_grieco richard grieco at pet-t ermitage on the roof talking about …. 10 minutes ago reply hi richard! miss u & 21 jump street! #pitytwitty

  • Red Anus Licking Toads

    red -n-s licking toads are extremly dangerous,they can lick your entire -ss of with there sand paper like tounge or they can just give you a bad case of hemeroids. red -n-s licking toads have been known to lick their way though crowds of animals or people and shoot a kind of vemon through their […]

  • triso

    a cool rugby star who is always throwing innocence has a small p-n-s but that doesn’t stop him from attracting people that ride john person: oi triso triso: ill hit you

  • Fishpoop

    a clingy person who follows you around incessantly. often used to describe someone mildly annoying or irritating that won’t go away. named after the long string of fecal matter sometimes seen still attached to a fish’s r-ct-m as they swim. origin: j-panese i was wanted to be alone with my girlfriend, but my little brother […]

  • butt patties

    when yo booty so flat it turns into a patty yo margaret! i think you got b-tt patties.

  • Divine Forces

    the epitome of forfeiture. these people are completely void of any common sense and contradict each others ideas/actions on a daily basis despite having “divine” in their name. some of these people have been abused mentally or physically and need to vent their frustration on others with extreme tunnel vision or by being severely biased. […]

  • pimp slapping

    the act of smacking a n-gg-r b-tch in her face, really hard. did you hear that chris brown was pimp slapping, that n-gg-r b-tch, rhianna.

  • Dresiarz

    dresiarz, plural dresiarze,literally tracksuiters, is a polish word for “casuals”, named for eponymous tracksuits (dres, plural dresy) they are wearing. they are usually portrayed as agressive, dumb people living in tenement blocks. the stereotypical dresiarz’s vehicle is the fiat “maluch” 126p, and the most common words said by them are in the common opinion “czy […]

  • Fastball Slammer

    when playing the game “cup hawk” you yell “fastball slammer” then throw the ball as hard as you can at the cup. usually ends with drilling the guy standing behind the cup. aaron – “you know what, fastball slammer!” coleman – “wow dude ok.. that hurt what the heck” aaron – “yolo”

  • Possle

    y’know when you get that random shiver in a perfectly warm environment for no apparent reason. that’s possling. -two friends are sitting in their living room- friend 1: -shivers for no reason- friend 2: you just possled. friend 1: it feels weird to possle. friend 2: oh, i quite enjoy possling friend 1: …

  • deat meat weekend

    weekend before/during finals or some other h-llish and crucial time period. during deat meat weekend, people chug so much caffeine that the vending machines are always out of mountain dew.

  • The Toddler Effect

    when someone is crying for whatever reason, and you begin to cry without knowing why. its just the reaction to them crying. when i walked in the room and they were crying, i found myself being overpowered by the toddler effect, and i have no clue why.

  • barry farms

    a public housing facility in southeast d.c. man dont f-ck with tha oye boys, because then all of barry farms will come after yo -ss.