Last Update: February 25, 2020
  • amplifarted

    when a fart is amplified when sitting on the toilet bowl, creating a sound that is many times louder in volume than normal. i was taking a sh-t in my girlfriends dorm when i amplifarted and everyone in the next room could clearly hear it.

  • kamaric

    a word used only to describe something that is almost unexplainable. it is to be used very rarely since it is a very special word..it’s almost as important as saying i love you and i want to marry you. “you are sooo kamaric. will you marry me?”

  • triple thumbs up

    the act of holding a thumbs up on either side of your erection, prior to or immediately after the act of s-x, to let a woman know she’s looking good or has done a good job. “she looked so hot laying on the bed when i walked in that i just had to give her […]

  • retirement balls

    when someone working for the government or the military retires from their job and only afterward comes clean about all of the corruption and mistakes that the government makes. “dude, legalization is just around the corner i’m telling you! the former police chief of seattle gave an interview and even he said that the war […]

  • marbel

    a beautiful usually well dressed woman who think about everyone but herself and is very talented wow that’s a marbel

  • The Creeping Cock

    when a man has the woman close her eyes and makes her give him head. takes it out and spins her around till she is disoriented which leaves her confused on where the c-ck is coming from. to give her a extra surprise drag your d-ck across her leg so she thinks so knows where […]

  • horny kid

    a young teen looking for a nice smash but not getting any. normally wanting some from someone older than them. “c-mmon baby, age is just a number” “d-mn ur one h-rny kid, i’m too old for you”

  • Mr Rigid

    a small man almost dwarf like with big muscles. although strong he cant bend for toffee. often known for their inability to put underwear on properly having to flick it onto their foot. make great lovers unless you want them to do the crab. have you seen that mr rigid? i have , he’s so […]

  • white niagra

    when you haven’t nutted in a while and when you finally do it just keeps coming out. bro i jacked off last night for the first time in a while and it was like white niagra.

  • Raw Dee Eye

    liquor, raw marijuana, or the act of unprotected s-x. joey: yo matt what you sippin on tonight? matt: yaready know that raw dee eye! joey: yo millz you got bud? millz: son i got the raw…dee….eye josh: did you wear a condom? joey: nebbbba! i hit it raw dee eye

  • wfbb

    a person who always dates a white girl with a flat b-tt. wfbb or (white flat blonde booty) are girls who arent very attractive. but a boy named ryan hamby has already dated two this year… 2018. and i am sure there will be more to come! “ryan dates a wfbb!!!” “what a f-boy!”

  • sanlon

    someone who is not part of a group and is a spare why is connor mason here?he is a sanlon!

  • belligerent thunder cunt

    1. n. someone who is obnoxious and idiotic at the same time 2.n. someone who is just generally annoying and loud 3. “thunder c-nt” -a noun: a particularly ferocious v-g-n- -a verb: the act of having your hands in a v formation around your crotch and then expelling them forward with a sense of victory […]

  • The Champ is Here

    usually yelled to draw attention and act cool. most people do it just to act like total morons though. guy 1: -walks into a party- the champ is here! guy 2: what the f-ck are you doing you retarted -sshole. -punches guy one in the face for acting like a moron-

  • Sen

    leicestershire slang for self f-ck it i’ll do it me sen. a replacement for “son” for the informed. in a formal situation, senator can be used. wattap, sen!? (greeting/exclamation) h-llo, sennnator. (formal greeting) special educational needs. branch of education in the uk that provides accomadations for pupils with disabilities, problems, and gifts. the american equivalent […]

  • Pap My Smear

    slang for a specific type of doctor appointment for women. i wish i could meet you for coffee, unfortunately i have to meet my doctor and pap my smear.

  • Hairy Kipper

    a hirsute herring that has been split in b-tterfly fashion from tail to head along the dorsal ridge. they feed at the bottom of the deepest ocean (western pacific) and are so rare that they remain undiscovered by man. a popular way for folically challenged druids to express astonishment in public, as in, “well slap […]

  • bmwing

    driving like a total douchebag in traffic. most likely causing more traffic or an accident. did you see that douche cut all those people off. yeah he was bmwing

  • Nibble Pimp

    a father figure – usually old before his time, but experiencing a recent renaissance due to increased s-xual activity – who, in an attempt to woo your girlfriend, pimps around an array of confectionery (nibbles). ‘no way lad, your dad is sound and all, but he was definitely trying to get in me drawers there, […]

  • mas te vale

    it’s spanish for “you better” john:aye wheres my money man?! chris:i’ll pay you tomorrow fosho foo john:mas te vale…

  • yorley

    is a great person and will always care about u is very shy and loving yorley being defined i’m cold will come and bring u a blanket and some chips and turn on the tv for u

  • tight trumpet

    when the lips touch the -n-s, and the recipient farts and the trumpet “player” blows out of their lips creating a trumpet noise. helen is the best tight trumpet player i’ve had, so good that i released my bowels…

  • Hangipants

    someone who has plenty to share around in the pants department as in maori hangi, something for the whole tribe somewhat dirty and smelly scarlett is such a hangipants, bro when a young maori queen(aunties) has put out to 95% of the local rugby team or town, marae or local social clubs. most likey to […]

  • frakpuddle

    the resulting puddle of excretion left behind after a cream pie he tossed her a rag so she could clean the frakpuddle of the sheets

  • y3k

    stands for the year 3000. a jonas brothers song appearing on their first and second alb-ms (its about time and jonas brothers) this was first introduced by band member, nick jonas, when writing in order what songs were going to be played for a venue. ironically enough, nick doesn’t like it when people abreviate the […]

  • Slurpeed

    a very cold bl-wj-b, usually after the person eats ice cream or drinks a slurpee what i thought was going to be a fun and exciting night was ruined when my girlfriend slurpeed me

  • Guyday

    the day that comes after thursday and before sat-rday. as the name suggests, this is the day of the week when guys hang out and don’t have to listen to their girlfriends. girl: “do you want to have some s-x tonight?” boy “cant’t. guyday”

  • mo chucker

    n. the preferred less-vulgar, more humorous way of saying “motherf-cker.” “stupid mo chucker…”

  • fudderstick

    stick of which to fudder with. flesh coloured stick that arouses pleasure in the fudderee long hard stick used to stimulate flap region bobbie i’d love a good fuddering with your long hard (preferrably used) fudderstick

  • Fog Dart

    black chick, white d-ck. my favorite kind of p-rn is fog dart.

  • as camp as a row of tents

    someone who is so gay they are flamming! he’s as camp as a row of tents!

  • flooky

    to be beyond facebook creepy. you’re so flooky, you’re looking at his aunt’s new year’s alb-m and deciding if you like his family! 1. a word that could mean anything at all. 2. the nick name given to me for i make many flooks(mistakes). 1. oh man! last night was so f-cking flooky. 2. hey […]

  • trampism

    it’s basically the word tramp, but with a suffix which is “ism” it would also mean there is some trampy business going on! “there is some trampism going on!” said kendra

  • ancient dankloft

    a *higher* being from the beginning of time. praised demi-god, the ancient dankloft, is the first established deity and dankastru is the first organized religion on ark: survival evolved. the ancient dankloft promotes community in an otherwise hostile game. the ancient dankloft is said to have handed down the eight, a list of inclinations, to […]

  • Other-Gender

    a man’s word invented by the rad meaning d-mn female; a feisty female; the once upon a time rib of adam that was transformed into eve; only listen to an other-gender if she starts her sentence with “a man once told me….” “man that other-gender wont shut up!” “i bet that other-gender could do the […]

  • rayna george

    a retarted human being. sometimes you may wonder how she became so stupid. spending too much time with her may cause -headache -nausea -vomiting -death by suicide (most common) #stoprayna2k17 “omg i see rayna george!!” “quick hide if you want to live another day!!!”

  • sexish

    the dialect/language of english belonging to wess-x. in s-xish known as zeaxysch.wess-x is defined by the wess-x society as comprising the english counties of wiltshire, somerset, dorset, hampshire, berkshire,isle of wight, gloucestershire, and devon. dost sbeke zeaxysch? er be comycal, er be. c-ssn’t c-sst? dhy say “thee” byst. dhy’s’novp. =/w/ = do you speake s-xish. […]

  • pull a doyle

    p–ping your skirt while sitting on a leather chair, after throwing up on the carpet and p-ssing out—thus someone else is forced to clean the mess up, with some tangible items, such as a tee shirt. dude, i was at this party last weekend and this chick began to pull a doyle, for real, real […]

  • chxn

    an herbed rotisserie chicken purchased from whole foods. hey db want to come over for chxn tonight? yum yum yum yum. giant babies love chxn!!!!

  • eye douche

    a term used for saline solution or contact solution. my contacts are dried out, i need to get some eye douche.

  • pedball

    function: noun : one affected with pedophilia inflected forms: pedballing, pedballed 1 : to have the stereotypical appearance or general characteristics of a pedophile. 2 : to be of questionable character, morality, or authenticity. with the beady eyes, greasy lanky hair, and creepy pedosmile, i wouldn’t let that guy anywhere near my daughter. he’s a […]

  • Sharking for Parking

    the act of driving around over and over in the same overfilled parking lot to find a spot. if you find your self getting really p-ssed off and driving recklessly to beat others to a open spot and/or stalking a person walking to their car to imminently take their spot, then your sharking the parking […]

  • asuma kousuke

    stage actor for oikawa tooru, he is a certified softie and loves his friends, food, and his girlfriend lexi 🙂 “asuma kousuke is the sweetest human being on this planet and deserves the world”

  • bosnian

    1) a person of the bosnian heritage or descent; one who is from bosnia or has roots in bosnia. 2) an object manufactured in bosnia. 1) his parents were born in bosnia, therefore he must be bosnian. 2) that cheese is bosnian. i am bosnian, i dont understand why serbs and croats has so much […]

  • rambo up

    to stand up for yourself, and not let people push you; to be willing to fight until your death for something or someone you believe in when he realized many elected officials were trashing the bill of rights, he wanted to rambo up against them.

  • Overjorts

    a combination of the words overalls and jorts. overjorts can be either cl-ssy or trashy, have it your way. it all depends on what you are, or aren’t, wearing underneath. overjorts wearer 1: way to rock them overjorts, girl! overjorts wearer 2: thanks, i like to look my best.

  • aeclebert

    an old guy selling cd’s in a bikini karen:you are too old to sell cd’s and wear a bikini. old guy: so? karen: (muttering)aeclebert.

  • wafwa

    commonly used as an interjection in an intense or heated argument. will: i’m tired of you guys always bustin my b-lls about everything and all the…well…wafwa!!! chris: wafwa?? matt: n-gg-, what is wafwa?! josh: wtf..

  • Bakey Ratio

    achieving a kill to death ratio of less than 0.44 on a first person shooter whilst playing over xbox live. i got a bakey ratio!

  • cumstation

    k-m-steigh-shun; noun; similar to a b-tch that just likes the c-m or even if a girl is just a big sl-t or a c-ck gobbler. should i got to hannah or mandi’s house and unload a j-zm glaze (spooge)on her face cuz she’s such a c-mstation?