Last Update: January 21, 2020
  • enfant de putain

    son of a prost-tute, son of a b-tch “c-sse toi de la, enfant de putain” (victor hugo, les miserables)

  • throw my hat

    to throw one’s hat in (as “in the ring”) is to: 1) to challenge or contend for something. 2) nominate someone or oneself for something. to volunteer. a boxing metaphor that originated in the early 19th century when one who wished to challenge a boxer would throw his hat into the ring as a way […]

  • liblit

    the motherf-ckin’ definition of all you mof-ckas. liblit = yitch, yitch = b-tch, b-tch = female dog, female dog = v-g-n-, v-g-n- = s-x, s-x = human, human = earth, earth = universe, universe = god, god = creator of everything. so in short saying liblit gives you control over everything if yo teachah asks […]

  • creeping tom

    while stopped at a stoplight, something in a nearby car catches your eye (sorority b-mper sticker, etc) and in order to ascertain the nailablilty of the driver you let off the brake and idle into a position where you could reach ideal creeping angle. also, known as a creeping jane for females. “look, that isuzu […]

  • Shamocracy

    a sham democracy. it is commonplace in north africa and the middle east to establish irremovable autocracies through the medium of shamocracy. dictatorship autocratic autocracies sham democracy

  • O’Reilly’d

    to be taken in by false propaganda disguised as legitimate news or information. to be outfoxed by an untrusted source. my “friend” jim really o’reilly’d me. he told the me the exam had beem moved back to thursday when he knew it was really scheduled for today.

  • Dike Wazowski

    an ugly lesbian b-tch who has one eye i was in the club yesterday with my friends and i asked out this girl jokingly and she said she was lesbian. i answered her with ah okay bye dike wazowski.

  • Yerrp

    (ye-er-p) can be written with any amount of r’s or p’s. is another word for yes, or yea, used for spontaneousness to liven up a conversation more than a typical yea. yerrp..

  • matco

    matco is one of the worst isp in romania, due the fact it offers very fast ping (20 ms), it offers a great speed (something like 1.5 kb/s) for 100$/month through adsl. the tehnical support is the worst thing possible, taking into account that some f-cking f-g0ts are ruling this company and if you don’t […]

  • beating the dead horse

    coming from many game forum boards, beating the dead horse is a term used to describe a topic that has been debated/discussed to death. ffxigamer1: which job is better, pld or ninja??!? ffxigamer2: stop beating the f-cking dead horse….

  • Analogously

    having ; corresponding in some particular: a brain and a computer are -n-logous. biology. corresponding in function, but not evolved from corresponding organs, as the wings of a bee and those of a hummingbird. historical examples -n-logously we may speak of the seven seven-rishis, where again the compound denotes a cl-ss of beings merely, not […]

  • Fuck glue

    f-ck sperm is created when the sprem from a male and female mixes and hardens to the wall of of the females uteris hey hunny i cant sh-t . well thats because your -ss is clogged with f-ck glue.

  • Antiavocadite

    a person(man or woman) prejudiced against the avocado fruit without ever tasting them. person 1: “hey, i really don’t like avocados.” person 2: “ever had one?” person 1: “no, they just look kinda gross.” person 2: “your being an antiavocadite.”

  • human rolling pin

    the act of deficating, -j-c-l-t-ng and have the female period on the ground and then rolling the female back and forth through the pile of stuff then rubbing it all over herself until she resembles the egyptian flag. dude you better clean this place up after you finish human rolling pin-ing your b-tch.

  • half pump

    apparently, a half insertion enough to not break the hymen so you’r a virgin? naah, have half pumped 😉

  • dick shadowing

    when a girl follows a guy around as if she is his shadow. usually a ugly b-tch, or a creepy girl who wants to rape you. doesn’t talk just stands there and follows. guy 1: hey lets go to the club guy 2: h-ll nah theres gonna be d-ck shadowing going on there guy 1: […]

  • Bumbasquat

    used by trisha in the tv series of bo selecta! this word is taken from a jamaican word, “b-mbaclat”, the english equivalent of our most violent insult 😉 tell me your problem, b-mbasquat! a word that can literally mean anything you want. it was created by avid merrion in the tv series of bo selecta!, […]

  • Shawty is a ten

    she/he is just so fly that all they are is a ten ya;ll look at that bun over there. shawty is a ten

  • Clapping Radius

    the distance on either side of your body that is needed in order for you to applaud. jeff, i am unable to applaud this spokesman because you’re standing within my clapping radius!

  • laffyhahas

    the giggles. sharon is watching a sitcon. it is giving her the laffyhahas.

  • speaking to my girlfriend

    when you should be speaking to your girlfriend but your off playing cod with your idiot mates another way of being a d-ck his mates – dude lets play cod! boyfriend – i should be speaking to my girlfriend but sure! his mates – f-ck her man, bros before hoes boyfriend – ehhhh ken

  • breakup buddy

    a person who helps you make the right decision of breaking up with the person you are dating by giving you an objective opinion of how bad they are for you and by giving post breakup support. i was thinking of getting back together with laura but luckily i had michele as a breakup buddy […]

  • litterature

    religious tracts, coupons, and “special offers” placed between one’s windshield wiper and windshield. these are either balled up by the vehicle’s owner and thrown on the ground, or are not noticed until the vehicle is in motion, whereupon they eventually blow off on the highway. if you work at a mall, or any other place […]

  • high mother

    the more experienced high person who is tasked with watching over the r-t-rded weed virgin. f-ck i have to be alex’s high mother tonight because he’s r-t-rded.

  • Naked Olympics movement

    a movement that seeks to have athletes compete at the olympics naked like they did in ancent greece. support the naked olympics movement.

  • chesterfester

    being lazy as f-ck, lying on a chesterfield for endless hours, festering doing nothing but watching netflix or any type of tv/video games look at kyle being a huge chesterfester, never got up all day yeah i’m in a frat and im kind of a big deal, i can lick a girls -n-l p-ssage and […]

  • a dirty lewis

    when two hairy men wrap their genitals together and thrust aggressively. if done correctly, it will look like a hairy cyclone ice block. hey nath, let’s go make a dirty lewis.

  • Diamond-studded cactus

    an item that is painful to start with, became even more painful. normally thrown into a sentence as a threat. guy: hey babe, how about you and i– girl: touch me or even finish that sentence and i will f-ck you with a diamond-studded cactus.

  • Frongle

    vrb. to make tea. “i’m gonna frongle some earl grey, b-tches!” a mixture of french/english used in an english conversation typically so one can sound more jazzy. i love using fronglé, it’s best dans le matin!

  • bashica

    short for bat sh-t crazy. that girl is bashica! or, that girl is bashica-ra-zy!

  • big mook

    a real cool dude, who always chilling, minds his business and keeps away from the bullsh-t, it’s safe to say that big mook is the best person you’ll ever meet. if big mook says it’s okay then why not do it. you feel me?

  • whiney winkle

    a bas-m-nt-dwelling adult still dependent upon their parent(s) who spends their day playing video games and protesting against things they do not understand and do not want to understand. aka “snowflakes.” less than a dozen whiney winkles protested outside the trump rally attended by 15,000 people with another 4,000 left outside because they were unable […]

  • brandon lu

    a hot guy who you would like wow its brandon lu…

  • ballrash

    ballrash normally occurs after rubbing your scr-t-m against your s-x partners partly shaved bearded dragon. this practise is a result of not wanting to shoot a load into your partners v-g-n-l area but rather pull out rub your srotum along the partly shaved hairy bicycle rack to shoot your load over the stomach and breast […]

  • fellacamper

    a unique username, handsome, kind wow! he is such a fellacamper!

  • Goon brigade

    a fat crew of cheap -ss m-th-f-ckers who like to get h-ll wasted for the least amount of money possible… buy drinking goon. person 1:hey look its the goon brigade. person 2: f-ck they are gonna destroy my dardy home!

  • Sumption

    ridiculous and vainglorious beard topiary, suggesting the wearer has a m-ssive sense of humour and very little time for anything in life other than tonsorial tr-mm-ng, this suggestion is however red herring of m-ssive proportions as wearers of such idiotic facial adornment are without exception hugely self-absorbed and self-promoting ‘nathan barley’ types. usually working in […]

  • inteligence

    often a word that people mispell when trying to spell ‘intelligence’ wow did he really not comprehend that? he must have the inteligence of a michaelbradd.

  • yanniveth

    a amazing, extraordinary, phenomenal girl with a great personality,heart and soul who can have your back no matter what happens. d-mn she acting like a total yanniveth

  • Amanda

    the biggest b-tch you will ever meet. her hair is sh-tty and her personality makes you want to cringe amanda is such a c-nt i heard she sucks d-ck for money a women named amanda is typically very beautiful with an incredible body and nice eyes. they are known to be very loveable. amandas are […]

  • jaivee

    a h-lla smart boy who thinks he is boss. he can sometimes be a bit mean to girls but that is because he may like them and he knows he is a beast when he needs to be boy 1: that boy is so beast but kind of c-cky girl1: his must be a jaivee […]

  • Crystal Cape

    awesome. “i had a crystal cape night last night”

  • peachqueening

    the act of attaching weapons-grade drama to mostly meaningless events. it can be related to placing first in the special olympics or winning a flame-war, but it’s more like placing sixth and thinking you won–and then trying to rub it in everyone’s face. the story comes from the “beauty pageant” in the semi-rural utah town […]

  • Noblax disease

    when one tends to seek out friendships or s-xual relations with anyone except african americans (hence “no blacks”) while often claiming to not be racist. commonly infects (but is not exclusive to) caucasian gay males in the southern united states and is often reworded as a “preference” to avoid being labeled as a racist. symptoms […]

  • Shaggy Syndrome

    the so-called “illness” in which someone can consume an astronomical amount of food, and in the process, gain little to no weight to show for it. dude, did you seriously eat that entire pizza? you’re a beanpole! i got a case of sh-ggy syndrome, man.

  • indivaguality

    1. the individual uniqueness among the diversity of possible v-g-n-l compositions. 2. the unique cosmetic appearance of the l-b– and v-lv- on an individual. – there’s much indivaguality between the two sisters. – my girlfriend thinks her v-g-n- is ugly, but i just want her to be comfortable in her indivaguality.

  • reversolution

    reversal of the repeatedly failed new years resolutions meant to fail. this year my reversolution is to be lazy and get fat.

  • Wolm

    a guy who succ-mbs to their girlfriends pressure; someone who forgets “bros before hoes” and is whipped around by their girlfriend. steve: man, clyde is such a f-cking wolm. john: i know, he ditched poker night again for stacey. steve: i bet she pegs him.

  • coolkidhypster

    v. a kid that is cool, some one deserving great praise for being cool, the action of being young and cool in conversation- i’m going to a party oh coolkidhypster do you know mike? yea he is a coolkidhypster

  • potstonian

    one whose preferential high is pot. i’ve flirted with other highs in my life, but at the end of the day, i’m a tried and true potstonian.