Last Update: January 18, 2019

    an abbreviation for percy jackson and the olympians, a series by rick riordan. based in greek mythology, this series is popular among children and young adults. pjato is an abbreviation only used by obsessed fans of the series. dude, do you remember that one pjato quote about…

  • Real Time with Bill Maher

    the hbo original television series with political commentator and comedian, bill maher. in 2002 maher was the subject of controversy when on his original “politically incorrect’s september 17 show, had guest dinesh d’souza disputing the bush’s label of calling the 9-11 terrorists, “cowards”. she said the terrorists were warriors. maher agreed and replied “we have […]

  • King-Kong Pussy

    an extremly overweight womans vaginia. most of the time it is so large it flaps over the womans thighs and sometimes knees. if a woman has a king-kong p-ssy it is impossible for her to see her toes because her king-kong p-ssy is in the way! “that f-cking b-tch has a king-kong p-ssy” “d-mn, there […]

  • Srirachcrotch

    slang for a redhead, whose carpet matches the drapes. though he sunburned easily, dave did surprisingly well in the south, where men loved a good srirachcrotch.

  • portugian

    s-xy, handsome, life of the party guy that is an all around beauty and is always ferda bois look at that guy, must be a portugian

  • white snivelige

    the now common practice of straight caucasian students sniveling about their “privilege to sjws you gonna come with to the blm riot? f-ck no! check your white snivelige

  • spy-hopping

    the behavior that great white sharks often use. it involves a shark popping its head above the water line to see what’s going on. great white sharks are one of the few species of shark to do spy-hopping. spyhopping occurs when a male attempts to hide an erection in his waistband. unfortunately for the more […]

  • soulmate au

    a soulmate au is an alternate universe where the ‘crush’ of reader has a writing written on them from birth. i like to read soulmate au stories.

  • Stranana

    a delicious hybrid fruit stemming from the genetic makeup of strawberries and bananas. its outward appearance is that of a regular banana with a pinkish hue. when you peel back the skin, you are met with an ingenious blend that looks like a strawberry but has the texture of a banana and tastes like both. […]

  • skochie

    a word originating from danville va. it defines a female who has exceded the dirtyness required to be a sk-nk, but lacks the fashion sense and self-richeous demenor of a hoochie mama.also known as a triffalin’ bia ” ugh. i can’t belive that skochie wore that skirt with no panties , you can so see […]

  • cumberbum

    an ancient sport where heteros-xual men armed only with a large lumpy cuc-mber face off against one another. the object of the contest is to insert the cuc-mber into the -n-l hole of the opponent. “i lost a game of c-mberb-m and now i p–p pickles” c-mberb-m consists of two or more males, all completely […]

  • Zombie Stoner Effect

    (n) is a rare occurrence that happens whenever there is large some of people who are on a heavy dose of marijuana. when these groups of people are all drawn to one thing that provides some sort of pleasure at once, whether it be something soft to the touch or something entertaining to watch, they […]

  • remease

    unis-x name. extremely beautiful, funny, smart and overall charmer. beautiful name for a beautiful person. remease went to the shops

  • hoshtog

    a hashtag for the upper cl-ss, which can also act as a colon. hoshtog in action “gumpy, petal, did you bring the vintage claret? “of course i did freddo. here, have a gl-ss. how does it taste, dahling?” “oh my, gumpy #splendid”

  • Quarfed

    when a girl queef’s and fart’s in the past tense. after she quarfed 2 minutes ago, i distinctly smelt vagasil and a carne asada burrito.

  • on the Bono

    understanding the situation, and acting accordingly. “wow, you were really on the bono in cl-ss today.”

  • Power Bottom Meaning

    normally a gay atheist f-ggot with a prolapsed r-ct-m and constipation. a bottom, that is to say the p-ssive partic-p-nt in gay s-x, who takes charge of a s-xual situation, playing a more dominant, aggressive and commanding role in s-x. power bottom meaning: one who takes an aggressive role in -n-l s-x. normally a gay […]

  • Applebet

    the words that apple autocorrect creates from words your are trying to write applebet: you try to write “unbreakable” but it corrects it to “in breakable”

  • Ass Blasting

    a grossly obnoxious overcharging for a product that is worth severely less that what you are paying for it. 5 bucks for this can of arizona ice tea!! what an -ss blasting! 2 more definitions add your own when a peer, friend, coworker, or nearby person deliberately lifts or spreads their -ss cheeks to fart […]

  • Michael Vicking

    cruelty to animals / animal abuse dude, chris was totally michael vicking his dog when he p–ped on the rug.

  • shitting sheets

    the time during which someone is a baby or very young. comes from how babies tend to p–p in their sheets. dinosaurs were around when larry king was sh-tting sheets.

  • screenshot whore

    someone on snapchat who screenshots pictures sent their way excessively. may or may not include intent to blackmail. dude, i sent her nudes and she just screenshotted them! yikes. she must be a screenshot wh-r-.

  • fag-tagged

    to be called derogative terms referencing gay males from a moving vehicle such as an automobile, similar to a drive-by burn. “g-d dammit, i was walking down the street holding hands with my boyfriend and some -ssholes were screaming ‘f-ggots!’ at us when they drove by. i’m a chick, why do i keep getting f-g-tagged?” […]

  • we wazup

    hey, how are you doing and what is happening we wazup yo bro.

  • skipping the monkeys

    “skipping the monkeys” is a metaphor for skipping past the boring stuff to get to the good stuff. 2001: a sp-ce odyssey, the film begins with an instrumental overture that lasts about 5 minutes and then there’s 15 minutes of, for lack of a better word, monkeys. i love 2001: a sp-ce odyssey and would […]

  • Axiom of Choice

    the best axiom in all of mathematics. the axiom states: the infinite cartesian product of non empty sets is non-empty. i used the axiom of choice to prove the banach-tarski paradox last night. 1 more definition a mathematical (and philosophical) theory. introduced in the early 20th century, it states that if you have a bunch […]

  • shivompiss

    a medical condition that consists of the following symptoms of sh-tting, vomiting and p-ssing simultaneously after a late night of white castle and taco bell, i feel a case of shivomp-ss.


    when you’ve got the flu so bad that you’re fubar (f-cked-up beyond all recognition). i am beyond sick, i’m flubar.

  • Deemie

    an exceptionally loving and caring person. if you come across a deemie be sure not to let her go :). she’s sweet, awesome, beautiful, heart-felt, smart, and never gives you anything less than her best.would give her shirt to you if you were freezing (trust me you want her to take her shirt off). all […]

  • Lensfucker

    somebody who loves the camera lens almost as much as they love themselves and the way they look. 1. “amy is such a lensf-cker. just look at her scene picture on mysp-ce. camera wh-r-.” 2. david and victoria beckham are a pair of lensf-ckers.

  • popping a turtle

    sitting on a p-n-s to stop a p–p. my girlfriend had to p–p, so i tried popping a turtle.

  • Dick and bread

    used to describe anger, but is most commonly used to describe the weather. “holy cr-p, it’s cold as d-ck and bread outside!”

  • Bias casual

    corporate america dress code that does not apply to females as it does to males. females can wear sl-tty outfits with skin tight skirts and yoga pants showing off their camel toes and g-strings and stiletto heels while the men have to wear collared shirts and leather clown shoes. “steve, did you see those hot […]

  • short dick

    to fully or partially cut off someone’s p-n-s with a dull b-tter knife to get things going. doing what it takes to light a fire under some dumb c-nt’s -ss. often used as a pedagogical aid on the job. “private pyle, i will motivate you, if i have to short d-ck every cannibal in the […]

  • quatie

    from the term quat, meaning cute. can be used sarcastically to describe someone who is clearly hideous. person 1: holy hack, did you see that beastly lady with the delicious camel toe? person 2: yes, what a quatie!

  • LCG

    the illest crip gang in the mecca town stomp on em slobk -ss n-gg-s ayo i heard that n-gg- from lcg gatted those n-gg-s from toc and sdp. yeah fucc those b-tch made n-gg-s. acronym for “look! celebrity gossip!” “kim kardashian is dating someone new.” cindy: lcg! long-chain girl; a girl wearing a long chain […]

  • womb clincher

    the reaction your womb gets when you hear a baby cry. melissa’s bruschetta was a womb clincher.

  • london stone

    a gang located in the middle of lincoln university “those kids biking look scary mom.” “yes honey that’s because they’re members of london stone.”

  • Xalya

    the name of a particularly -ss-kicking twi’lek in the mmorpg, swg, who makes her home at www.swg-thm.com. see also xal. xalya, a toxin’ tossin’ twi’.

  • inadequacy

    lack of the quant-ty or quality required. “the inadequacy of available resources”

  • arthaso

    a byond.com dm programmer man arthaso from byond.com is so leet

  • Music Laundering

    v: to download music from an illegal source (usually bittorrent) and whitewash it by performing an itunes match in the icloud. pirate: “i totally just downloaded the foo fighters discography on bittorent today”. friend: “yea but aren’t you worried you’ll get sued?” pirate: “nah yo- i’ll just use apple’s music laundering service.” 1 more definition […]

  • pease pudding

    the proper way to spell it (not peese pudding) a typical chick pea dish from newcastle-upon-tyne. usually eaten with ham inside a stottie “howay man, p-ss us the pease puddin’!”

  • Mansexual

    adjective; when men perform activites together that inspire compet-tion, entirely ruled by testosterone. i asked john if he was coming over, but he’s out with his friends doing something mans-xual.

  • doing bumps

    doing hits of cocaine; a/k/a snorting rails. there was so much c-ke on the sinks in the club bathroom that you could get a contact high without doing b-mps.

  • donck

    she likes to hit hard, (that’s what she said.) nice, fun, and trustworthy 🙂 easy to get along with. likes dinosaurs 🙂 eats more than a 500 pound fat man, yet she is still skinny loves beef jerky! and i love her! alpaka: 0:) sloth: thats me! alpaka: obviously you donck!

  • brandable

    pr-nunciation: ‘brand’&-b&l function: adjective etymology: middle english, torch, sword, from old english; akin to old english bærnan to burn a name or mark which is fit to be used to market a product or service to a wide audience. that company name is very brandable. jacknames.com is a very brandable domain name.

  • scrapenuts

    scr-penuts- n. (not to be confused with the popular breakfast cereal) a condition in which, despite the cold weather and the common belief that the scrotal sac contracts into a tighter position, the t-st-cl-s of an individual bounce back and forth hitting the inner thighs of the individual while he is scr-ping ice of off […]

  • galomp

    a sort of “tackle” of another person. typically from the side or back. characteristically the person being galomped is unsuspecting of this. he missed sarah so much he galomped her as soon as he saw her.

  • hella emo

    coming from h-lla and emo to create h-lla emo extremely emo. omg! i am so h-lla emo! -slits wrists-